Eyl 13

Second Time Around

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After my initiation by Joanna I was hot to expand my experience but the problem was to do it without my parent’s knowledge since even the faintest scent of impropriety (to say the least) would have resulted in some penalty so dreadful I did not dare think about it. The Friday after we had our encounter, I had an everlasting hard on and needed to relive it several times on my own – a feeble substitute for the real thing as I had come to know it, even a standing up “quickie” as we had had. Saturday passed similarly and I was beginning to despair of renewing our new acquaintance but all along I was wondering if she might have changed her mind about dong it again. The other thing that was more annoying was that I knew I could never tell anyone what I had done. There was just no way I could get some bragging rights from it. It would get me any respect nor would it put me into the same group as “Shagger” Stevens of the lower Sixth (Eleventh grade) who was known to be passing the time and bodily fluids with an army wife when her husband, a sergeant in the BAOR, was away in Germany, or even with Billy “Bruiser” Briggs of the Fifth (10th grade) who claimed to have gone all the way with the girl behind the hardware counter at Woolworth’s. Just could not do it. For one thing, a connection with Joanna would have been regarded as a suitable subject for derision and ribaldry and second, news of it might get back to the family and then the fat would be in the fire. I might even end up facing the kind of laughter that Terry Franks earned after his encounter with one of the girls on the travelling fun fair which resulted in a course of injections from the doctor and the everlasting nickname “Clapper”. No way. Just keep quiet and enjoy it in silence.

On Sunday, the older members of the family went to have their customary long naps after consuming the roast beef of old Argentina, father and mother upstairs and grandfather inert and snoring under an open copy of the “News of the World” with its coy tales of the escapades of vicars, scoutmasters, company directors and used car salesmen. I was left to my own devices; the opportunity was open and I took it. I headed up to Joanna’s cottage and knocked on the door, hoping that she, too, would not be into the pastoral torpor of the Sabbath. Up to that point, however, I wondered it she might have regretted the whole incident and would turn me away. Such doubts were quickly dispelled when she opened the door. Her face lit up when she saw me. “I’ve been waiting for you”, she said, “Two days I’ve needed you and I heard nothing.” I apologized and explained. “Never mind” she replied, “Come on in. How long have we got?” I thought and said about two hours. “Enough”, she said, and wrapped her arms around me and held me close to her body. I felt myself hardening right away and thought that this time I would take things in the right order. I leaned forward to kiss her and she responded eagerly. Her lips were soft but firm and after a few seconds, her tongue came out and pushed insistently between my lips and into my mouth. A French kiss! A real French kiss! No doubt that she wanted more!

I clasped her tightly and then ran my hands down her back over onto her rear, where I had started just two days before and caressed the curves of her bottom and ran my finger along her ass crack. She straddled as she had previously to let me explore as much as I could in her jeans before she pulled away and bent her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Let’s do it in comfort. Come on”.

She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs from the hallway, and then to the left into her bedroom and across the floor to her large, unmade bed, the sheets and covers thrown back just as she had got up. Like I said, a rural hippie. She reached the bed first and then turned round and embraced me again, saying, “Now we can do what we want”. She pulled her shirt up over her head to reveal her skin paling from the tan around her neck to the snowy white of her breasts where the disappeared into their silken armor. She seized me again and right away a large amount of and her tongue resumed its entry into my mouth while her hand worked their way round to my groin and started rubbing the lump on the front of my jeans. Up and down she worked her hand; her lips rotated and pressed against mine and her breasts flattened against my chest. I was both amazed and excited izmit escort bayan at her ardor and pulled back enough to remove my shirt before I embraced her again. I ran my hand around from her rear until I found the zipper on the side of her jeans and pulled it straight down and loosened the waist and loosened her jeans so that they fell down partway. Both hands followed down the back of her panties – still the same kind of comfortable, capacious ones that she had worn before but just as exciting as they were then – but this time, without waiting more, I ran my hand round to the hairy mound that I knew was waiting there and found it wet and waiting. She was not to be second in this race and I felt her fingers flicking at my belt before she knelt down in front of me and pulled my jeans and underpants down around my ankles and pulled my shoes and socks off. My cock had sprung up out as soon as she uncovered it and rocked back on her heels and sighed slightly. I rested my hands on her shoulders, enjoying the touch of her skin. I was not prepared for her next move however – she dived forward and I saw the end of my engorged member disappear between her lips and into her mouth. As a sexual activity, this was something that I just had not heard of up until that time – these kinds of things were not prattled about endlessly everywhere, as they are today and besides in a country area, ideas about sex are well, definitely barnyard – but that did not diminish the utter enjoyment as I saw several inches pass repeatedly in and out of her mouth until she sat back again and released my aching cock. “You’re too thick for me to keep that up too long,“ she said and stood up, held me round the waist, fell back onto the bed, taking me with her. The only thing she had on was her bra which looked rather odd and as soon as I sorted myself out from the tangle of limbs, I encouraged its removal by pushing my fingers under the edge towards the nipple area on one side before moving down and kissing the soft flesh bulging out from the garment. She laughed, “All right, all right, off with it. Ugly old thing anyway.” She pushed me back and reached behind her to fumble with the fasteners and then, in that movement that women do so well, slipped it down her arms, letting the globes of flesh with their large areole and erect nipples fall free of the prison that had held them.

It was the first time that I had seen a naked woman, apart that is, from once a couple of years before when I had burst into the bathroom and found mother in there, fresh from an afternoon bath, with one foot up on the stool, drying her foot so that she was turned partly towards me. Then, I had been entranced by the beauty of her body, the pendulous breasts hanging down with their dark areole and the dark shadow at the top of her thighs but that vision only lasted for an instant as mother gasped and turned away so that all I was left with was a view of her derriere. I knew anyway that the sight was not for me, retreated back through the door as quickly as I could with an apology and ran. The vision had stayed with me, however, and although I desperately wanted it again, I was always careful to knock on the door when it was shut. It provided a memorable bedtime thought for years afterwards. This time, however, the body was sprawled right across the bed in front of me with no effort at concealment: her breasts were thrust up at me, her arms up behind her head so that I could see the hair in her armpits, bush started below her navel and was a luxuriant thick tangle that only just hid her labia. I was transfixed by this and it took me some time to lean forward and take a nipple in my mouth and kiss it before moving across to the other one and giving it the same oral caress. “Do you like my breasts?” came the query. “They’re lovely,” I replied. “Good. Kiss them. Bite my nipples”. Obedient to this call, I ran my tongue around the soft lower edges of her breasts where a slight taste of salt lingered and then up into the cleavage before taking first one nipple and then the other between my lower lip and my teeth and biting gently on it, marveling at its solidity and firmness as she moved to thrust them one by one into my mouth, breathing more heavily all the time.

My hand crept down over the slight curve of her belly to her wet and hairy handful. Remembering the injunctions from the pages of my mother’s medical book izmit eve gelen escort that I had found in a dark corner of a cupboard, I was anxious to find her clitoris since the book, in a spirit of forward thinking for its era firmly stated that “during the foreplay, the man should give special attention to the clitoris” which it described as being about the size of a pea and located between the labia. By this time, everything down there was wet and slippery but it took little to find that vital spot as the instant I sensed it under my finger, she gave a great sigh and opened her legs further apart, giving me a grandstand (grand stand is closer to it) view of things. Thinking back to her initial attack on my cock, I decided that I ought to respond in kind and knelt by her side to run kisses down over her belly until I got to the top of her bush. At that point, my nerve almost failed me: her vulva looked something like some deep sea creature with its complicated slithery red folds surrounded by that thick growth of curly hairs, extending down from her belly, over her mound and down into the cleft between her ass cheeks to the darker colored skin around the tiny puckered entrance to her anus with its own wisps of silky surrounding hairs. They say it must have been a brave man who first eat a live oyster and that was just how I felt then. But thinking that “faint heart never won fair lady” and by now attracted by the heavy musky scent that wafted up to me, I knelt over further and planted a kiss at the top of her labia. The taste was salty and fishy but the sigh I heard urged me on to extend my tongue and seek again that little pea-sized lump and give it “special attention”. This time, when I felt it pass under my tongue it was not just a sigh I produced but a low moan and an upward thrust of her groin into my face. By now I was really into it and enjoying the sensation, especially when she began to thrust up again and again and ever more frenziedly onto my tongue. For variety, I ran my tongue along the sopping insides of her labia, almost down between her cheeks (thinking then that that was far enough) and then back up and into her slit. That resulted in a great heave of her body upwards and she held it there so long I thought that I would run out of air until she relaxed and I went back to her clit. Her movement in itself was a tremendous aphrodisiac and I felt myself getting wilder and wilder as she humped up against my face. I heard her dimly as from a distance: “Teddy, Teddy, take me take me. Take me now.” I hefted myself between her legs and found myself facing three bushes, the one I had just serviced orally, red and dripping with her juices and my spit and two smaller bushes under her arms. No doubt which one wanted my cock though. She reached forward to take me and guide me once more into her quivering slit. With all the juice and spit it slid right in all the way as I remembered the medical book once more, instructing that the “man should ensure that at the end of each inward thrust, the root of the penis should press against the clitoris to maintain stimulation and increase the woman’s pleasure”. My pleasure too as I felt our hairy genitals grind against one another, my balls clash against her ass cheeks and her muscles hold mine snugly. She wrapped her arms around me and said, “Don’t move. I just want to feel you in me for a while”. Then she relaxed and let me move, “Slow,” she said, “And deep” and I started just that way but it was not long before she thrust up more and more quickly and vigorously against me; I couldn’t even think that about the root of my penis or anything at all coming into contact with her anywhere, it was all a vast heaving mass of flesh and gland and I gave myself over to just enjoying the sheer lustful, beautiful sensation. She flung her head from side to side and then brought her legs up behind me to urge me forward and on, on into her again and again; there was no escaping their grasp. Then, just when I thought I could do no more, hold on no longer, she gave one final convulsive heave and a great sigh as I felt my own orgasm trickling up from inside me, up the length of my shaft and then into her in spurts, splattering all over the inside of slippery hole as I gave a groan of pleasure and fulfillment.

Afterwards we flopped onto our backs to breathe before she turned over onto her belly, rested izmit otele gelen escort her chin on her hands and then said, slowly and thoughtfully, “This is madness, you know.” My spirits dropped down like my cock; I expected a refusal to go on was coming. She reinforced the thought, “It’s madness and we’re crazy”. Not good. But then, after further thought, she added, “Its madness, were crazy and I love it”. All right, breathe again. Then in a brighter mood, she continued, her chin still atop the backs of her hands, “Was I your first? Have you had another woman?”
“Does it show?” I asked, “Yes, you’re my first.”
“Oh, good. I wanted to be. I wanted to give myself to you. I thought you’d remember me as long as you lived then”. A pause, then, “It was last summer when we used to go to the beach. I saw the way you looked at me. It wasn’t like you’d looked at me before and I knew what you wanted. At first, you know, I thought I shouldn’t but then I realized I wanted it that way too and I thought I’d give you an opportunity to have me. I wouldn’t do anything to drag you to it, just give you a chance and see if the hormones would take over. Well, they did. Didn’t expect it then but sometimes you take your chances when they come. And, well, it shows a little but you were good. I wondered for a while if you were going to go down on me and I wouldn’t have minded if you hadn’t but ohhh… it was good when you did. Don’t worry about early days, we all have to learn. Can I be your teacher?”
“You’re doing pretty well so far. I didn’t expect you to suck my cock”.
“To show my admiration” she said simply.
“And after that, I wasn’t going to be left behind on that kind of thing.”
“That’s the attitude. And come to that, how is your attitude now?” She reached across me and down and cupped my still flaccid prick. “Your attitude is faltering. I must rouse the troops to battle.” With that, she pushed herself up onto one arm and once more dived onto my member and took it into her mouth, this time succeeding in taking it all in. Squishy sounds emerged from that area as her head bobbed up and down and I felt life returning as a result of her ministrations. This was a totally unexpected experience and its sensuality was matched by the thrill. Soon, my cock was back in business and she straddled me with her bush on top of my prick which emerged from a mixture of our hair. “Look!” she cooed, “I’ve got a cock too and it’s as big as yours.” “I just lent it to you” I replied. “All right then, I’ll use it just when I want to.” She bent over and dangled her breasts in front of my face and dropped first one, then the other nipple into my mouth until I sucked them, nuzzled them and bit them into hardness again. “My turn this time” she said and slid back so that my cock slid up the crack in her rear. “Mmm, nice and snugly there but don’t get any ideas today”. I didn’t have time to think what she meant as she raised herself up and then impaled herself on my rod, sliding it up her wet, slippery hole in one movement. Her weight kept me pinned down but it made no difference, she started a slow, deeply penetrating rhythm and I held her hips as they moved sinuously; I picked up her movement and started thrusting into her feeling myself engulfed by her body as we moved faster and faster. She gasped, “Play with my nipples, play with them. Squeeze them. Hard.” I complied and was rewarded by a heavy intake of air, a frenzied increase in her jigging on me and finally, a long, heavy sign as she flopped down on me before I had finished. The feel of so much bodily contact was wonderful, slippery, sweaty skin against skin and the heavy, musky smell of sex wafting up into the afternoon air.

She came to after a while. “Oh, you’re not there yet. I’ll soon fix that,” and she tucked my cock once more up between her ass cheeks and held it there with her had behind her as she started moving up and down, rubbing the engorged tip against the silky anal hairs in that slippery canyon. It was more than I could stand at that point and with just a few bounces, I whitewashed her crack with great creamy spurts.

“Good?” she inquired while still dominating me from above.
“Mmmmm. You betcha sweet …..something or another”.
“Well, we’ll have to try again some day, won’t we?” was the bright reply and I wondered what else might feature in my education.

She climbed off me and kissed me lightly on the lips. “But now, my lover, you have to have a quick bath to wash the smell off. We don’t want anyone sniffing around at tea time, do we?”

We didn’t, n-one did and so I survived for another day.

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