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“Secrets In Home” Part 1

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“Secrets In Home” Part 1It was august,hot weather outside.My dad told me that day that tomorrow uncle Jacob will stay at our place with his wife and daughter for the weekend.I was not happy because we had a very small house,just two bedrooms,but he was my dad’s first cousin and i couldn’t say anything.After i ate lunch,i went to my room to listen some music.Three hours went by,my girlfriend was coming over to finish some homeworks for tomorrow,i was bored,maybe she was in the mood to suck my dick,after all she was a real bitch in sex.When she came over she was wearing a close miniskirt,and a sleeveless shirt…she liked people seeing her,she loved that.I sat in the chair and opened the book,she sat on my lap,all i was seeing was her white and thick thighs betsobet yeni giriş (she was a little chubby),she moved around and her miniskirt was getting up and up,and her body was all sweaty,she continued to tease me,moving her ass like a zig – zag snake,touching my arms,moaning with desire.My dick felt her big ass,and her ass was feeling my cock,she stood up,removed her blouse,i could see her breasts soaked with sweat…she turned back,removed her pink thongs,and sat on the ground like a dog,showing me her ass,shaking her ass,touching her ass,she beg me to take out my cock and start masturbating looking at her big and round ass,as i sad she loved being watched.She started to touch her pussy,i stood up and spanked her ass,she loved betsobet güvenilirmi that.She grabed my cock like a hungry whore,and started to suck,she was great giving blowjobs,she sucked my cock while touching my balls,she licked my balls while stroking my cock,as i said she was a pro at this,when i was ready to cum she turned around,and i sticked my dick in her ashhole,shooting my big load inside her anus.We washed up and started to study..for real this time.Dinner was ready,my dad and step – mom had begun to eat before me.Dinner was the usual as always,dad asking me about school,asking Edna (stepmom) about work,family conversations.Edna was a beautiful woman,very attractive,and she didn’t look for 41 years old,she looked betsobet giriş like 35 really.she always knew how to be provocative.After school,when i got home uncle jacob was already there,with her wife and daugher Jamie,she was my age 18 years old,we go well with each other.After dinner my dad told me that jamie and her mom will sleep in my room,jamie in my bed and her mom in the other.That was bad news,outside was really hot,and i was sharing bed with my cousin.2 after midnight,everybody was sleeping,i was just about to sleep when suddenly,i hear edna moaning with pleasure from the other room,she moaned like a teenage,omg this was so hot!i closed my eyes and started to imagine the scene,i pulled down my undies,my dick was hard.She was ordering my dad to cum in her mouth,that was really dirty,i imagined her meaty lips covered in hot cum,my thoughts were interupted by jamie’s legs touching me,she moved a lot while sleeping…she turned her back to me!This story has 4 parts,i will continue the story based on your coments..thanks for reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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