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Seduced by Stewart

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Seduced by StewartI’m going to tell you my real story in hopes that I’ll catch the attention of someone in the Oklahoma area who’s looking for a non-passable sissy to transform into the girl of his design. I’m looking for a well hung top, one with at least 10 inches of length because I love the feel of a dildo up inside my signoid colon. I have a 9.5 inch dildo and I take all of it inside me. One day I’m probably going to lose that thing in my abdomen and if that happens, well, I guess it’ll be time to come out. But, I’d rather do that via a long video, one over an hour, one where I scream myself hoarse, where I am rabaged brutally, pounded fiercely, kissed loudly, wetly, deeply and passionately. A video showing my neck being covered ear to ear in huge black and blue hickeys. I want viewers to see me deep throat the 11 inches and swallow cum while being rimmed out and hershey’s kisses sucked and tongued out of my tight, alum treated pussy. I want to have my legs supported by securing bindings around my knees, looping the cable or rope behind my neck in order to keep my legs in the air and then I want to make love with my boyfriend from sundown to sunrise, able to buck and thrust and move beneath him while clinging to him with desperation and need. I want a boyfriend who’ll enter kadıköy escort me in the morning and fill me with his piss. One who’ll bind my wrists and ankles, run a choker from my neck, down between my legs and connected with the bindings that restrict my gait and limit me to baby steps. I want to be choked hard by this device. I want to be wrapped tightly in cyram wrap so that it tightly seals the opening of my crack and runs from my y up my entire body to my throat so that I feel the plastic tightly on my skin. I want to wear jumpsuits, one piece bikini’s, all kinds of lingerie, I want to sometimes wrap our bodies together in duct tape or perhaps even glue our bodies together from crotch to upper chest. Maybe get a sleeping bag for one, force ourselves inside it and spend an entire night rolling together in a field under the stars. I want to skinny dip in the day time, his cock inside me as I rest on his crotch in lotus position or perhaps Suspended Congress. I want to go to a gay bar and sit with him on a bar stool, reverse straddling, my see through dress showing my hot pink pantied bottom resting on the flaps of his open fly and though it’s not seen, everyone will know that he’s üsküdar escort inside me.I want to make love together in a fr’s home, we spending the night in the guest room and keeping everyone awake with our loud love making. I want to kiss in Walmart checkout lines, shop for panties, dresses, girlie things together, you helping me pick out more appropriate things. I want a boyfriend who’ll send me flowers, chocolates, cards, gifts. I want to go to a movie theater and watch a romantic movie except that from beginning to end I want to be in his arms, making out. I want to enter into one of those kissing marathon contests and see if we can win.I want to get pregnant some day if possible.I want more than anything to be the girl, girlfriend, fiance and someday wife to a man who’ll record our life and upload it to porn sites and drive all kinds of people crazy with the knowledge that they can look but that I’m a one man girl.I love writing erotic stories and I’d love to write my baby one and send it to him as he starts home to me so that when he arrives, he’ll already be rock hard and I can run out of the house to the car, jump inside, throw myself into his arms, makeout without caring wh sees and then … give him head while he drives tuzla escort around populated areas so people can see me sucking cock.I want to make love in the front seat of a truck with full bench seat, my ankles and feet out the barely cracked window, my head on the armrest of the other door and make love so that the truck moves and groans on its shocks, my screams heard through the craced windows the dome light on and bright so people can see my huge boyfriend fucking me savagely.What I would love more than anything would be for some producer to create a kind of reality tv program where I’d transition into a passable girl, get breast implants, hair removal, voice feminization and face feminization, take hormones and get help in becoming a girl while also being pursued by 20 or so men like the bachelor. However, I’d like to have two sections to the show, the daytime view which would show me becoming a girl and then a nighttime episode that would show as much footage as possible of me and my potential partner making love for an entire week. Another dream would be to have someone in the porn industry and ready to retire, pursue something long term and public, take an interest in me and make me his. Make no mistake. I am not looking for just anyone. I want someone like Rocco Steele. If I could be his girl, I would come out of the closet today and never look back.A long time ago I lived in Madill, OK and I met a guy named Greg Dominator. He was looking for exactly what I am and I think we might have gotten together but I had to move before that happened. I know if there is one such person out here, there has to be others.Make me yoouw girl?????

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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