Nis 14

Seducing Kay at the Country Club

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Ah! The small-town Country Club in Colorado on Saturday night! I walked in and gazed around. All the woman members dressed to kill and their husbands fat and happy at the bar discussing golf. Everyone was happy and relaxed.

All except Kay. Her arms crossed over her nice bosom Standing in front of Jodie, her estranged husband, seated at the end of the bar with a smirk on his face.

You had to get close to hear the heated exchange between them. Money as usual. He had it and would not agree to the settlement pending. The lawyers are probably making a killing off these two. They had money.

Now Kay was the club president and looked every bit the position. Medium tall with strawberry-blonde shoulder-length hair, framing a beautiful face. But wait! Her shimmering, mid-thigh green dress covered her amazing body. The dress was strapless and under her arms, barely supporting her sexy chest, say an easy 34C cup with pencil eraser nips that she was trying to cover in her irritation with Jodie.

It was easily noticeable that she was braless and possibly pantie-less, or she had on a tiny thong as her apple-shaped mons swelled ever so nicely under her tits without a wrinkle anywhere on her stunning body. Members were sneaking looks and inhaling deeply at our charming president. Their wives pretended not to notice as Kay made it plain to her friends, she was dressing up to piss off Jodie. It was working.

I am the drone in the club. Never married, approaching forty, tall with the same physique I had in college and available. Tonight, I was wearing docker shorts and a button-down dress shirt with the top buttons open. I thought I looked good.

So, I had no problem wandering up to the bar and ordering my usual. Fred, the bar manager smiled, filled my glass and rolled his eyes at the arguing estranged pair. I heard Jodie.

“Why do you dress up in that skimpy outfit at the club for Christ’s sake?” He was stewed.

“Look around Jodie, every woman is dressed nicely! It’s Saturday night, where else can we dress up nicely?” Kay was pissed.

“Dressed nicely? You call that nice? Y’all look like sluts!” Jodie said to the room. Quietly heads turned, mine especially. And several older members ushered heir wives to the door.

“Jodie, you need to go home and sleep before someone takes major offense! Namely me.” I had heard enough. “These women are mine AND your friends, so pip down or I’ll take you home myself!” I think I got in his space and puffed up my chest.

“Jack, please don’t interfere,” Kay quietly said, I paid no attention.

“What’s it gonna be, Jodie?” I asked in a low voice.

“Aw fuck y’all!” He said raising up off the stool. “I’m outa here! Fred, get me an Uber, I don’t need this shit!”

In a moment, Jodie was out the door, gone to await his transport, probably to another bar.

The room quickly returned to normal. Several members nodded at me and most of the ladies smiling in my direction.

“You didn’t have to do that! But thanks! I could handle it.” Kay touched my hand, Ooh! I got a thrill between my legs from that. “Fred, give me a vodka and water to settle my nerves.”

“Sorry Kay, I couldn’t handle it and I know some guys in here would love to pop Jodie good after he said that. I just didn’t want it to escalate!” I looked at her sincerely. “You owe me a dance! You can’t come here looking so hot and not dance with your knight!”

Kay brightened instantly. “Great! I am serving coffee! Can you wait for it to slow down? I’m still shaking from Jodie.”

“Hell! Let everyone get their own coffee, you look too good to be carrying drinks to everyone! Look, they’re already starting to leave.” And they were.

I took Kay’s arm and said softly, “I’ll meet you outside if you need something to help calm escort bostancı you down and relax,” I was known to be a mellow guy, thanks to my products. Hell, half the members indulged.

“You’re right Jack, give me a few minutes and I’d love to dance with you!” She scurried away, making sure her remaining members were settling down, even as I saw more couples starting to make their get up and go home moves, saying good night, etcetera.

Now, I have a great business in Denver and sell a lot of legal pot. I’m proud of my state and that the state is progressive and responsible to the people. I sell lots of different strains of the weed and always have appropriate samples with me.

I had some ‘Purple Dream’ with me as it is uplifting and euphoric with most of the effect taking place in the limbs and not the brain. Oh! It will get your brain high but keeps you levelheaded. It’s also known for enhancing emotion and sexual stimulation to the point you cum for what seems like ages. Very Nice.

A few couples were dancing to the soft music playing and I looked for Kay. There she was with the cook, having a disagreement.

Walking over, I heard the cook say the dishwasher had broken and she had to be home shortly as her babysitter needed to go home and study. Kay was unconsciously tapping her foot in irritation.

I walked up and said, “I overheard the problem, what’s it doing?”

“Well, the thing is loaded up with tonight’s dishes, but it just won’t start. And I would hand wash them, but I have to go home!” The cook was almost crying.

“What am I going to do now?” Kay wondered aloud. “Just go and I’ll clean them later,” She said with a bit of weariness in your voice.

The cook left and Kay stood there staring into space as I put my hand on her shoulder and said, “Let’s go have a look at the washer.

I quickly saw the code mandated breaker had tripped and I reset it. “Purr,” went the washer and I was instantly a hero to Kay.

Still shaking from the worry of the washer, and Jodie’s nonsense, Kay hugged me and wobblily kissed me. “Oh thank you, baby! I was about to cry.”

“Come outside for a minute, Kay. You’re overwhelmed. I have something that will relax you and not interfere with business.”

Looking at me with twinkle in her eyes, she said, “Sure, why not?” And we snuck out the kitchen door. I didn’t bring enough for everyone!

Seeing no one in sight, I fired up the little cigar and inhaled deeply. Handing it to Kay, she said, “Just blow it in my mouth while I inhale, Jack. I just want a little.” Hmmm, a little what? I thought.

I pressed my mouth to Kay’s and exhaled. My lips locked with hers. I guess she didn’t notice the size of my lungs as I blew a lot of the delicate smoke deep into her mouth.

“Hold it for a second, then exhale.”

I watched her for a moment and saw the look of stress leave her face, replaced by the smiling, lovely lady she was. She stared for a moment and said. “I think I may need a little more, Jack.”

So, I inhaled again and holding her head in my hands, blew all of it into her mouth.

I felt her arms slowly reach around to hug me as we both noticed our mouths were together. We started a wonderful kiss. A wave of pure bliss swept over both of us. I reached behind and massaged her ass cheeks. Getting a sigh, I moved up and started scratching her back.

I felt her wonderful boobs press into my chest, followed by a slight thrust of her hips towards me. Her mons lightly brushed an erection that kinda snuck up on me. I don’t think either of us had been fucked in a while. I knew she had not. I wanted that corrected.

“Oooh Jack! That’s so much better!” You murmured. “I want that dance soon!” Kay tried kissing me again.

“Sure thing Kay, let’s ümraniye escort check out the crowd and see who’s still here.” We walked back inside to an almost empty room.

Waving to the last two couples leaving, we saw the place was almost empty, just Fred and the other waitress remained and they were wiping tables and arranging chairs. “Almost finished Ms. Kay, Okay to head out?” Fred asked.

“Certainly, Fred, you too Marsha, I’ll lock up.” And the employees left waving bye. Kay started turning down the lights.

I walked over and locking the doors asked, “Anything else I can help with Kay?” The chemicals in my bloodstream were screaming, “jump her Jack!” I was hornier than I could ever remember.

“Uh-huh, Jack! I want that dance, maybe two. Will you restart the sound system down low?” I think Kay was greatly aroused also!

“Of course, Kay.” I walked over, selected mood music classics and pressed start. The Bee Gee’s started playing a love song. Perfect!

Finishing her chores, Kay walked over and hugged me as the music played. “Wow, Jack! That stuff is mellow! I’m tingling all over, Umm! That is a nice song, let’s dance.”

So we got to the dance area and holding one another, slowly moved to the slow suggestive beat. Our heads were on each other’s necks and slowly rubbing. I began kissing her neck with my moist mouth. Kay shivered.

“Is that your tongue or the pot, Jack? It is erotic and I haven’t felt erotic in a long time.” Moving her lips to mine, Kay kissed me with a full tongue teasing me. My libido skyrocketed, so did my cock, straight up.

My right hand lowered to her butt, and I suggestively fondled it. I might have pulled her loins closer to my own as sparks were flying between us.

“What are you doing, Jack? I’m still married you know. What will people say?” Kay began a slow rub of her tits on my chest, through my thin shirt. I felt hard nipples enjoying the scratchy sensation that pleasured her body.

Kissing me again, Kay’s arms pulled me into a lover’s embrace. I quivered at the sudden rush of erotic lust pouring into my body. I know the ‘Purple Dream was accenting the exciting exchange, but most of it was that Kay is fucking hot! Her kiss was deep and demanding more from me. I took the hint.

Sliding my hands from her ass and up her sides, I took possession of her braless tits from the side boobs and smoothly began manipulating towards her nipples. Kay moaned softly, her hunger obvious.

I rubbed my thumbs over both nipples and Kay froze in the pleasures flowing straight to her pussy. She eagerly began a slow hump of my dick, which happily aligned with her maneuver. We danced closer, emphasizing the hunger and craving we both were tantalized with. My dick started a slow pulsing that I know signaled an impending ejaculation. By Kay’s body tightening against me, I was certain her cum was edging closer.

We danced towards a large sofa and I gently lay her down on the cushions. Easily pulling the strapless top down, I exposed her breasts and my left hand toyed with her raisin hard nipples. Kay arched her loins upwards, and I pulled her dress up over her pussy.

Her skimpy thong barely covered her vulva. Her natural blond pubic hairs were cut into a landing strip leading to her clitoral hood. It was swollen, red and wet, as was the thong.

Pulling on her thong, I was rewarded with legs raising to facilitate removal. I could not help myself and lowered my mouth to her vulva and licked. Her lubrication was warm and an aphrodisiac to my mouth. I attacked her entire pubic area and grinding her cunt into my face as she began a long pulsing orgasm that ebbed and flowed for several minutes.

Kay was crying from the naughty act and result. “Oh, baby! That was the best orgasm I ever kartal escort bayan had! I want more!”

I dropped my pants and shorts and said. “Can I fuck you now Kay? I’m very close.” I was shaking.

“No Jack, bring it here to me!” Kay reached for my eight-inch, thick erection.

Pulling me into her mouth, Kay began a rhythmic sucking threatening my sanity and control. I lost both as I spasmed violently and ejaculated over and over into her wet mouth. I was completely enveloped in the smoothest, lusty cum ever. She swallowed every drop, continuing to make fiery love to my cock. I slowly came down but her sucking my cock continued a mild spasming that was so fulfilling.

“Oh, Kay.”

“Oh, Jack!” we spoke together.

“Jack! I’m still tremendously horny in a way I can’t describe, please put your wonderful cock in my wanton, ravenous pussy and fuck me till dawn. It’s strange but I can feel many orgasms waiting to be released! It’s like a tidal wave of pleasure wanting to surge through me.” Such a way with words, Kay!

I spread her gorgeous legs apart and she was so wet and dilated, slid all the way to her pubic bone. Euphoria enveloped my cock as her silken, wet pussy covered me like a velvet glove. I held still for a few moments just reveling in the euphoria enveloping me from toes to head. I felt my cock shaking slightly and felt the naughty tickle of lust in my loins, so sweet!

“Just hold still in me, Jack I’ll do the rest,” Kay asked and proceeded rapturously to blow my mind with her incredible pussy.

Kay’s urging and her pussy stroking me slowly brought me back to the present and I wasn’t surprised when her efforts grew more titillating.

Kay began a deep kiss and masterfully controlled my dick. She would take me into her slippery pussy fully, and then slowly withdraw, letting her vulva and inner lips tighten around me. Then repeated the movement, again and again… It was torment, as it took my climax to the edge, and then denied me. I was masterfully controlling my emotions.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Was all I could say as I almost came, and was then pulled away, several times.

“Just relax, Jack! I’m getting so close and I want this to be perfect! I want us to climax together the first time.”

Kay was talking gibberish to me. “Almost there, Jack! Almost there baby! Almost… Ah shit, Jack! Come with me!”

Kay screamed, and finally, forcefully, lewdly, fucked me. I fucked instantly to her rhythm and the universe exploded in both our loins. I came and came, constantly trying to prolong the lusty spasms. I felt my ropes of cum smashing against her cervix. So fucking magnificent!

“Oh, Jack! I felt you cum in me! Ah! It’s making me cum again! Ahhhh! Don’t stop baby! Fuck me good and I’ll be your personal cum slut forever!” Kay yelled loudly.

Whoa, wasn’t expecting that! I could barely visualize that. My own cum slave. When did she come up with that?

It didn’t matter as Kay groaned out another bittersweet, deep orgasm.” Oh, Jack! I’ve read about sex like this but never dreamed we would share it!” Kay continued slowly gliding over my still semi hard dick. “Like that, honey? It still feels fabulous to me.”

I think the pot was still working its sensual magic on our loins as I didn’t want to quit. I joined her in our lovemaking motions and kissed Kay tenderly as she softly moaned over and over. We couldn’t stop. Our sexual scent wafted over us in waves.

“I think I can cum some more, how about you! Want to keep going? My pussy says she needs you! Please, Jack!”

I felt I could go forever. We almost did.

Crap, we were still eating each other and cleaning up all the fluids we had shared when the sun came up, and the early bird golfers were signing in at the office.

I did the only thing left to do, I asked Kay. “Want to get dressed and go to my house for breakfast? Or would you want to stay here and eat at the Y?”

She laughed and started looking for our clothes. “Your house! Now, stud!”

We were gone in less than five minutes.

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