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Seducing the Babysitter by loyalsock

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Seducing the Babysitter by loyalsockErika was smitten with Jamie from the first moment she had seen the girl. Over the next few weeks the two women became inseparable as Erika invited her out to dinner and then back to her home. Some evenings were filled with concerts, plays, and the symphony as Jamie was exposed to Erika’s more cultured environment.While Jamie enjoyed the social excursions, and her relationship with Erika became deeper and deeper, something was still missing. Jamie knew her feelings for Erika were growing stronger each day but she wondered if this was the right thing -falling in love with the first woman she had really met since she broke up with Dave.As Jamie sat outside at the wine bar with Kat and Taylor, her thoughts were of Erika as she lay next to her in bed. The older woman’s hands lovingly strolling Jamie’s soft skin as they would kiss, slowly, softly.”Hey, have you heard a word I have said,” Kat teased staring into Jamie’s ice blue eyes.”I’m sorry,” Jamie apologized, blushing a bit at being caught day dreaming.”I was asking if you can attend a reception that Claire is giving Thursday evening. After all, you are the guest of honor,” Kat smiled.Jamie knew that Kat was referring to the unveiling of a couple of black and white prints that Claire Duncan had commissioned Kat to shoot with her and Tiffany.”Invite Erika along,” Kat added.Taylor studied the look on Jamie’s face. A look of concern and trepidation.”She doesn’t know does she?” Taylor remarked. “Erika doesn’t know about your modeling does she?” she pressed softly.”No,” Jamie responded as she took a sip of her merlot.”You’re shitting me,” Kat chuckled. “Your lover doesn’t know you have a dark side? That you’re into S&M. Are you serious?” She teased.”It just hasn’t come up,” Jamie responded defensively.”You guys have been going out for about six weeks now haven’t you. In all that time you’ve never explored that?” Kat inquired.”Erika’s not really into that. She’s, well… she’s more conservative,” Jamie reasoned.”How do you know unless you go there? I bet she’d love to tie you up and do naughty things to you,” Kat teased as Jamie felt herself blush. “Look, you’re going to have to go there some time. I mean you spend a lot of time with her. Hell, you’re practically living over there. Ask her to Claire’s. You have to let her know some time,” Kat instructed more than encouraged.Jamie did exactly that asking Erika if she would attend a drop in for a friend. Erika said she’d be delighted as the two dressed for the evening. Erika wore a backless black dress and looked gorgeous as Jamie slipped on a beige cocktail dress which slit down the side exposing her leg and like Erika’s dress plunged both in the back and front.It had been months since Jamie had worn a bra and her breasts were really on display in the dress but Erika approved of her choice and encouraged her. Jamie also knew the lesbian pride tat on her shoulder would really stand out.She thought about telling Erika several times about the prints. That the party was Claire’s first chance to show off her new pieces — pictures of she and Tiffany engaged in their afternoon of S&M. She wasn’t sure which two photos Claire had selected but Jamie had seen them all and they were very sexually graphic. Photos in black and white with Tiffany, a beautiful African American woman, as Tiffany dominated her.Each time she started to confess, she lost her nerve. She just could not tell Erika about her dark side. Her need to be used, to submit to a strong willed woman. To be forced to do things that might seem perverse to others… but something Jamie craved deep down inside.Claire lived in a beautiful home and Jamie was surprised at the cars outside and the people already there when they arrived. The reception was very upscale as a young lady took their wraps and led them to Claire. Jamie had never met the woman who had paid a considerable amount for her photos. “Jamie,” Claire gushed as she kissed the woman on the cheek at their first meeting. Almost as if they had been old friends as Claire, her eyes sparkling, then turned toward Erika. “And you must be Erika. Katherine has told me so much about you. I’m glad you both could come.”Jamie looked around the room to see who she knew. She eyed Kat and Taylor in the corner talking to a couple of women but outside of them she didn’t recognize anyone.It was her first trip to Claire’s and she let her eyes wander around the expensive trappings. The furniture seemed mostly modern and she noticed the prints and paintings on the wall. All of them of women, mostly with other women in some sexual act. She quickly scanned the room for her picture but didn’t see it as the waitress brought over a tray of Champagne. Both she and Erika took a glass as the bubbling liquid steadied her nerves Erika recognized someone and asked if Jamie would mind if she approached her. “Don’t go anywhere, I want to introduce you,” bahis siteleri Erika said as her fingers trailed over Jamie’s as they parted.Jamie continued to walk around the room, the den, an expansive dining room filled with all kinds of delectable goodies, and then into a gorgeous living room when she spotted it. Actually there were two pints, and she was drawn to it right away. A couple of women were standing in front of the prints admiring them as Jamie tried to hold her ground just a short distance away.The black and white pictures were framed and matted and were about 24″ x 36″ and while small, did not lack detail. One had Jamie on her knees nude except for the black leather collar and restraints around her wrists and ankles. Towering over her was Tiffany who tilted her head down as she allowed a strand of saliva to dangle over Jamie’s open mouth in an act of ultimate submission.The contrast of Tiffany’s dark brown skin and Jamie’s white features encased in black leather really set the picture off. She could overhear the women talking about how erotic the photo was as they were drawn to a second photo of Jamie tied down to a bed, her wrists tied to the headboard by the leather restraints as Tiffany, wearing a black strapon, drove a long dildo into her pussy.Jamie was lost in the moment when she realized one of the women had turned on seeing her and was subtly pointed her out to the other woman. They both smiled in recognition of her as they moved on allowing Jamie to look upon the pictures herself. She felt no guilt or embarrassment. Instead she felt the wetness of her pussy and a warmth take over her body.As much as she knew she cared about Erika, she knew that was the part of their life that was missing. Jamie knew she wasn’t ever going to be satisfied with romance, tenderness, and affection. She needed to submit to a strong willed woman who would use her. Jamie liked giving herself to another woman – to be her slave.Jamie looked at the picture of her tied to the bed, the nipple clamps covered in candle wax that had coated her delicate and sensitive buds. The eleven inch cock that Tiffany had used on her that day. It probed and stretched her vagina, exploring her pussy, and filling her in a way she had never felt before.After she was well fucked, Kat had come into the bathroom as Jamie prepared to clean up from the afternoon. Kat had a dark side too and had the girl kneel in Tiffany’s tub as she took off her jeans and then standing astride her in the tub sprayed Jamie’s chest, pussy, and face with her warm golden nectar.She recalled how horrified she was that afternoon in the mountains when Kat had first urinated on her. How disgusting she thought that was. How could anyone ever get turned on having a woman pee on them? But now she loved it. She loved having her mistress use her that way. The warm liquid on her face, running down her breasts, streaming down on her own throbbing pussy.She also loved the taste and no longer gagged at the thought. She savored the delectable liquid, salty and pungent, almost like a fine white wine. Kat had tapped into a deep dark place that Jamie never knew about but now found, had to be filled. Jamie made her way back to Erika who introduced her to an old friend. Jamie quickly learned that the woman, Beth, had been a former lover, but was involved now with someone else. She listened to the conversation politely but her thoughts were back on the afternoon Tiffany and Katherine had used her and she could still feel the dampness between her legs.It was later in the evening that Erika had excused herself to go to the restroom and it had been a while for her to return. Jamie wondered, and made her way back to the hallway, just in eyesight of the living room and there she was. Erika stood transfixed in front of the photos, simply staring.Jamie felt her heart pounding in her chest. Now she knew. Erika knew Jamie had a dark side — a hunger that needed to be quenched. Jamie looked on as Erika seemed frozen in place. Her champagne glass at her side as she stood motionless in front of the pictures of her young lover, submitting herself to the black woman.Shortly after, Erika rejoined Jamie and made no mention of the photos. It was almost as if nothing had happened as the two stayed for a few minutes before leaving to go back to Erika’s.It was pretty common for Jamie to spend the night at Erika’s. It had become almost a second home as she had brought over several change of clothes and other accessories. The two spent the ride home in idle chit chat about the evening and as was customary, Erika and she retired to the shower.The older woman hated the smell of the smoke and evening on her person and liked to relax under the warm water before she prepared for bed. Most evenings Erika would shampoo Jamie’s hair, stroking the soft strands between her fingers. As she soaped Jamie’s back, she gazed at the colorful pride tattoo canlı bahis on her shoulder and the bold ‘Cunt Lapper’ tat on her lower back.Erika allowed her hands to wrap around Jamie’s breasts as she tweaked the girl’s hardening nipples. Holding her right breast in her hand, her left softly danced along her abdomen and down to the soft lips of her pussy. Her fingers parted Jamie’s folds as Jamie tilted her head back resting it on Erika’s shoulder as the older women tilted her head down and placed her lips to Jamie’s.Jamie wasted no time as her tongue pushed into Erika’s anxious mouth as their lips slid together. Jamie longed to be taken by her lover as Erika probed her already wet cunt with her slender fingers.Erika had never felt as strongly about a woman as she did this girl who was nearly ten years younger. But she knew Jamie was different. They had only known each other for a couple of months but already she knew she had fallen for her. She loved her, she wanted her, now more than ever before.The older woman cut off the water and took up a position between Jamie’s legs. Her mouth covered Jamie’s pussy as her hot tongue probed her cunt. “Oh yeaaaa, eat me. Eat me baby,” Jamie moaned as the older woman snaked her tongue up her twat, stopping only to lightly nibble on her clit.”Fuck, I love it when you eat my pussy. That feeeels so fucking good,” Jamie chanted as Erika drove her fingers into her canal while sucking on her little button.””C’mon, I want to fuck that hot pussy of yours,” Erika replied as she stood up and wiped them both off with a soft fluffy towel, getting the dampness out of their hair before Erika laid a dry towel across her bed, positioning Jamie astride it.She then removed a bottle of lube from her side bed stand as she took up a position between Jamie’s outstretched legs. Jamie was so very pretty and she loved looking at the young woman’s shaved pussy.”Play with your nipples baby. Play with them for me,” Erika urged as she coated Jamie’s pussy with lube as she moved her fingers along the folds allowing several to enter the young girl’s cunt.Erika loved to keep her nails long and manicured but she had found she loved playing with Jamie’s pussy and preferred her touch to the rubber gloves so she now kept her nails intentionally short as to not damage Jamie’s vagina.She moved four, then five fingers inside Jamie’s slippery hole as her hand moved further and further inside until her small hand was enveloped in Jamie’s box. Jamie loved being fisted by Erika as the woman moved slower, more deliberate, as her hand disappeared to the wrist.Jamie was accustomed to it now as she could take a 12″ cock easily into her stretched vagina. “Oh yea, fuck me, fuck me baby,” Jamie cried. “That feels so good. God I love you fucking me, yea!” she cried out as her hand reached down and grabbed Erika’s arm as she guided it deeper and deeper.Erika loved how it felt to probe Jamie’s hot cunt. Her arm buried in her lover as Jamie slid up and down on it. “You look like such a slut laying there playing with your titties as I fuck you,” Erika chided.”You like having me do this to you don’t you sweets? Fucking you with my fist, driving my hand deep inside your pussy. You like that don’t you sugar?” Erika kept on.”Yeeess, oh yes. Fuck me! Do me baby!” Jamie groaned as she thrashed her head to the side.”I saw your pictures tonight angel. The pictures of you and that woman…. a black woman….. you never told me about that,” Erika informed her.Jamie just lay there, moving her hips up and down, against Erika’s probing fist which moved inside her person.”You’re a naughty girl,” Erika went on. “I didn’t know about that side of you. But you really are… aren’t you honey? You like being a slut, whored out. Don’t you sweetie?”Jamie’s pussy was on fire as she pulled on a nipple and guided Erika’s arm. “Fuck yes, I am. I’m a little slut. I like it. I like it when you take me like this. I like giving myselllllf, oh fuck, giving myself to another woman,” she finished.”Yea, I see that,” Erika agreed as she moved her whole arm in and out of Jamie’s stretched pussy which accommodated her movements. “Maybe it’s time we explore that side of you. Maybe its time for you to be my little slut,” Erika said. “Would you like that? Would you like to be my little slut, my little whore?””Yes, ohhh fucking yes,” Jamie cried out as her hips lifted off the bed. Her whole body felt as if it were on fire.”Then show me. Cum for me,” Erika demanded. “Show me you’re my slut. My naughty little dyke.”Jamie didn’t need to be encouraged as she felt the wave envelope her body as she bucked up and down on Erika’s arm which she gripped tightly. She felt her vagina clamp down on Erika’s hand as she removed it ever so slowly and then slip out as the older woman leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.Jamie drifted off to sleep with her head on Erika’s chest. She felt the older woman’s nipple güvenilir bahis at her lips and she kissed it. She let it slip between her lips as she sucked just a little as she fell fast asleep. She was spent but more importantly she felt a huge weight lifted from her. Erika knew about her other side. Her lover now knew her secrets, her longings. Now she was free to love honestly and totally in a way she had not since she had met this woman. A woman who had captured her heart and now wanted her body.Jamie spent most of the next day at State registering for classes. She was still pursuing her masters and she and Taylor spent the better part of the day getting acclimated to another semester. Taylor had decided to live off campus in the apartment she shared with Kat and would finish up her remaining senior year there.Erika had encouraged Jamie to spend that first week at her house and when she arrived she was surprised to find Erika waiting for her in the den. Erika was wearing a house coat but what was surprising was she had a pair of high heeled boots on under the garment.”Come in angel. How was school?” Erika asked as Jamie shared some of her day, all the while taking in Erika’s strange attire.”Well I’ve had a busy day myself,” she began. “First, I need to know something and there’s no use in being coy about it, so I’ll just be direct. I know how I feel about you and I think I know how you feel… but we’ve never said it. I love you angel. I love you very much. Do you love me?” Erika asked.Jamie was startled. She hadn’t really been prepared for that as she sat down in a chair staring back at Erika. There was a slight pause and then Jamie heard the words roll off her tongue, “Yes, yes I do. It’s all been kind of fast, but yes, I love you,” Jamie said.It was honest. Jamie had known for some time she felt something immense when she was around Erika. A feeling she had never felt with any other man or woman.”That’s good baby. I’m so happy,” Erika smiled as she stood up slowly approaching the young girl. “There’s only one thing…”Jamie was perplexed. ‘One thing?’ What did Erika mean? She didn’t have to wait long as Erika responded filling in the blanks.”I want more than love. I need your devotion. I want more than your heart baby. I want you… all of you,” she began. “I went by to see Kat yesterday and she gave me this.” Erika pulled out a flash drive out of her pocket.”You know what this is?” Erika asked as Jamie shook her head – no.”It’s your pictures baby. Kat gave it to me as long as I told you I had it. It’s the pictures of your journey. From that first trip you made with her and Taylor in the mountains. Your first photos nude and then with another woman. I watched it yesterday alone while you were shopping with Taylor. The pictures of you with a woman for the first time and then the pictures of Tiffany. They were so sexy, so erotic,” Erika admitted.”I watched your transformation from this straight, I guess naïve girl, to the blossoming little lesbian I have sitting before me now. God how you changed!” Erika beamed.”But I realized I want more than being your lover. I want all of you,” Erika informed her. “I made a deal with Kat. Just as photos are intellectual property, when she was your mistress you yourself were her property. Well I bought you baby!” Erika purred. Her eyes now sparkling as she walked closer to Jamie.”I bought the photos, all the one’s you have shot… and even contracted for some more. It turned me on so much to see those photos of Tiffany. You kneeling before a black woman. Those pictures of you sucking her titties and licking her pussy. Seeing your face buried between her dark legs, her fucking you. I never thought I would get off seeing you with another woman but I did. I came yesterday playing with myself imagining her fucking you in front of me. Maybe going down on me as she fucked that hot pussy of yours,” Erika admitted.”Yes, little one. I paid Katherine to shoot some more like that. More scenes with Tiffany and maybe some of her friends. Would you like that? Would you like a couple of black women to have their way with you?” Erika smirked.Jamie was transfixed but she could feel her head involuntarily moving up and down. Yes she wanted it. She needed it.”That’s good, because you will be. What’s more, Katherine sold you to me. The rights to me sweets. I’m your mistress now. You belong solely to me, to do whatever I want. From this moment forward your heart…your body… your soul belongs to me. Do you understand?” Erika demanded.”Yes..” she started to say Erika but quickly corrected herself “… Mistress.””Very good,” Erika said as she slipped off the housecoat revealing a black leather corset which pushed out her breasts. Her high heeled black leather booths traveled up her legs and ended just below her knees. With her jet black hair, Erika looked like a true dominatrix. Jamie gasped in awe at seeing Erika this way.”Then our first rule is in our home, you are forbidden to wear anything except what I give you. Strip off those clothes immediately,” she barked.Jamie stood and did as directed removing her shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt until she was nude.

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