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Selena Gets Some Slaves

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Selena Gets Some SlavesSelena Gets Some SlavesEmily Osment stood to the side, off camera, watching her friend Miley Cyrus do a scene on the set of Hannah Montana.”Hey sexy.” Someone whispered in her ear. She turned and saw Selena Gomez standing there smiling.”I told you not on set!” Emily blushed red and turned quickly to see if anyone heard her. They hadn’t. Selena grabbed Emily’s arm in a not too gentle grip and pulled her back farther from the crew. “Hey! That hurts!” Emily said. Selena let go of her arm and looked intently at her.”Ok Em I don’t think you understand what I told you.” Selena said sternly.”I understood, but if someone found out about us…” Emily responded.”…they’d know what a lezzie you are.” Selena smiled. “The rules were that whomever came first would be the other ones slave for a week. And who came first Em?””I did.” Emily said.”No that’s not right. Say it right.” Selena said impatiently.Emily bowed her head and responded. ” I did mistress.””Correct slave. And don’t worry so much.” Selena lifted Emily’s head, looked around the crew to make sure no one was watching, and gave Em a quick kiss. “You know you love being my slave. You cum first every week.”Emily let out a little giggle. “I know. I cheat…mistress.””How do you…never mind.” Selena said perplexed. She stepped up to Emily where their breasts lightly grazed each other. “Slaves need to be punished, don’t they Em?””Yes mistress.” Emily responded. Her earlier fears of being caught had all but gone away. Her pussy was getting soaked just being near Selena and thinking about her lips on her clit.”After your done shooting here come to my trailer. I’ve got a present for a good slave like you.” And Selena walked away leaving Emily with her panties wet and anticipating the hours ahead. Emily looked around the crew making sure she and Selena weren’t overheard or seen. Everyone seemed oblivious to what had just happened. She smiled and walked off the set, resolving to change her panties before her next scene. Perhaps she would send them to her brother. She knew he still kept her bloody panties from when he took her virginity.The two girls had been content that no one had seen them and that their fun would continue unabated. But someone had seen them. Miley had been concentrating on remembering her lines and hitting her que’s in the scene with her father, when over his shoulder she saw the brief kiss. Miley had nearly flubbed her line when she saw it. She was shocked at what she saw and how close their bodies were to each other. It was almost erotic. She saw both of them walk off before the scene was over and she tried to concentrate on her scene. But it was fruitless. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she had seen and what it meant. Twenty minutes later she had gone through it all in her mind and had laid out all the possibilities. “Good job Mile” Billy Ray said to his daughter after they were done shooting.”What? Oh, thanks dad.” Miley said as she saw Emily come back.”I’m heading over to that crafts table. I think I spotted some jelly doughnuts.” Emily walked up and asked “Where’s your Dad running off to?””The man loves his jelly dough nuts.” Miley said. She was nervous around Emily now and wasn’t sure how to tell her what she saw.”Em I need to talk to you.” Miley began.”Ooh this sounds serious. Its always a guy with you.” Emily responded.”Not this time.””Eep! I love gossip!” Emily said excitedly.At that moment the director came over. “Were probably not gonna shoot anymore today girls so you can take off.””Thanks,” Miley said “Lets go talk Em.””Okay sure” Emily walked off with Miley unaware that everything was about to change for her and Selena.—The door to Selena Gomez’s trailer opened and Emily Osment walked in.”Where have you been?” Selena asked. “I grandbetting giriş heard they stopped shooting early and I’ve been waiting so long.”An unknown but familiar voice answered, “She was busy.” Miley walked in with a huge smile.Selena looked at Emily. “Why is she here?””She knows everything.” Emily paused before adding, “About us.”Selena wasn’t surprised. “So what. We were bound to get caught eventually.” Emily was shocked by her candor.Miley smiled at them both. “Relax Em, I’m not gonna tell anyone. I’m your friend.””You wont? Oh thank you!” Relieved, Emily hugged Miley and after a pause Miley hugged her back.”Sorry to interrupt, but why are you here Miley?” Selena asked.”I just wanted to let you know I’m not going to tell anyone.” Miley answered.”Oh you could’ve done that by just keeping your mouth shut.” Selena said.”Yeah Miley, you could have.” Emily asked.Miley looked at both of them nervously and couldn’t find the words for a response.Selena smiled. “Its because she’s curious Em.” Miley bowed her head in embarrassment and Emily smiled.”Miley you told me you weren’t a virgin.” Emily said.”I’m not” Miley replied lifting her head. Tears had begun to roll down her cheeks. “It’s just before I saw the two of you together, I only thought about guys but…””Its ok Miley.” Emily wiped Miley’s tears away, and kissed her salty cheek. Miley froze at this because it was under a new context after her tiny admission, Emily just responded by hugging her again.”Emily?” Emily turned to look at Selena. “Yeah you forgot your my slave, not Miley’s.””What?” Miley asked.Selena smiled. “And if you want to stay Miley your my slave too.”Miley made no effort to move. Deep down she knew what she wanted, so she smiled and said ” Yes Mistress.”Selena was a little shocked at her but was now completely turned on. “Em take off her clothes. I wanna see Hannah Montana naked.” she said.Miley took off her t-shirt as Emily unfastened and worked off her tight pants and pulled off her shoes. Soon Miley stood there in her underwear and socks. Without hesitating and fully embracing the moment the unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Both Emily and Selena were surprised at her how wonderful her puffy nipples looked and they couldn’t wait to suck on them. They both moved up to Miley almost entranced and each grabbed a breast. As the girls worked their tongue on Miley’s erect nips she slowly worked down her already sticky panties. Within seconds Emily was already working a finger into Miley’s cunt and then added a second.Miley was in heaven when Selena stopped to take off her shirt revealing her braless boobs.”Em stop for a second.” Selena said bring on a sigh of disappointment from Miley. Before Emily could protest she saw Selena holding out a box. “Did you forget the present I promised you?””Oh yeah, what is it? Something naughty I hope.” Emily said.”Go to the bathroom and open it. I want Miley to be surprised.” Selena said. Emily rushed to the bathroom with her gift as Selena said, “Miley why don’t we move to the couch?” And Miley nodded.By the time Emily returned with her present both girls were naked on the couch making out and fingering each others pussy. Miley was much more frantic in her technique but Selena was only gently teasing Miley’s cunt lips with her long fingers.”Hey don’t start without me!” Emily said as she walked over to the two girls. She was completely naked except for an enormous strap-on dildo around her waist.Selena laughed. “It looks like Miley wants a closer look at what you got Em.”Miley’s few sexual experiences had never included such a big dick. “Wow! It must be eight or nine inches.” she said.”Ten” Selena said. “Show Emily what a good little cock sucker you are.”Miley grabbed the base of Emily’s grandbetting yeni giriş fake prick as her tongue snaked out of her full lips to gently brush the underside of the cock head. But suddenly she paused and turned to Selena. “How do you know I’m a good cock sucker?” she asked.”We’ve sucked some of the same dicks, remember?” Selena responded. At this the two girls laughed, but Emily grabbed Miley’s head and shoved her fake cock down the pop stars throat. Miley like the good cock sucker she knew she was responded by bobbing her head up and down like a pro.”This is so great watching Miley do this.” Emily said. Miley was now snaking her tongue around the cock and give Emily a little side blow job action. “You’ll see her do a lot more Em, I promise.” When Selena said this they both shared a naughty smile. They knew now how far they wanted to take this. Selena stood and started licking and sucking on Emily’s already erect nipples. If Miley wasn’t so intent on giving her friend a great blow job she might have guessed at what was in store for her when Selena slipped a finger into Emily’s tight ass hole. At the intrusion Emily let out a moan and came immediately. Miley stopped licking Emily’s cock and watched her friend ride the waves of passion as Emily’s sweet honey trickled down her inner thigh.”I think Em’s a little weak in the knees.” Selena said. “Let her sit on the couch Miley and you can ride that fat cock of hers.”Emily was weak from her orgasm and she flopped down on the couch. Miley positioned herself over her and lowered herself on Emily’s cock as Selena held the fake phallus upright and guided it into the sopping wet cunt. Miley let out a soft moan as it entered her and she gently glided down to get used to its enormous girth. By the time Miley had started bouncing on the dildo, Emily had already recovered and started kneading Miley’s boobs.Selena loved her two little slave fucking each other and moved her own hand down to her cunt. The smell of sex in the room was pungent when she started fingering her aroused pussy. Frantic to get herself off she moved her other hand to her ass and inserted a finger into her tight asshole. The pumping she was giving herself brought her over the edge and she let out a orgasmic scream. Miley, who had been raising her tempo on the cock in her pussy, bent over and snaked her tongue in the cut Mexican girls mouth, cut of her scream to a moan, as she returned the kiss. As both Selena and Emily had come down from their orgasm, they both instinctively knew it was time they put their unspoken plan into action. Selena broke the kiss she shared with Miley and moved behind her as Miley’s sweat covered body once again rode the cock, but this time Emily was thrusting up to meet her pussy. And the it happened. One moment Miley was in bliss and then she was in shock, as Selena’s hands spread open her ass and her tongue licked at the tiny rosebud. But Miley recovered and rode the new wave of pleasure as Selena began lightly darting her tongue into the aperture. The double fucking she was received finally elicited erotic moans from the girl as her cum washed over the plastic cock.”Em I think her ass is ready to be fucked.” Selena said. Miley was about to protest but Selena cut her off. “Don’t argue. Your my slave remember. And I want Em’s cock in your virgin ass.” Selena and Emily smiled. Selena sat down on the couch and spread her legs. “And since we’re just setting all kinds of firsts for you, you can have your first taste of pussy too.”Miley responded with one of her patented pouts and the smiled and said “Yes Mistress.””We got a good slut here Selena.” With that Emily pushed Miley down on her knees and Miley’s face was inches a way from Selena’s pussy. Miley grandbetting güvenilirmi reached out and spread the lush hair around Selena’s teenage cunt and lowered her mouth on to her erect clit. Emily spreads Miley’s ass cheeks and aimed the cock at her tiny hole. For a second Emily was worried the giant dildo would fit but Miley finally relaxed her sweet rosebud enough to allow the giant plastic girth. Miley responded only to the pain with soft moans while munching on Selena’s pussy.”For someone who has never eaten pussy before,” and Selena paused to emit a moan, “you sure learn fast.” Miley only response was to spread Selena’s pussy lips with her fingers and eagerly fuck her with her tongue.Emily picked up speed, driving her dick into Miley’s teen ass. “You have such a hot ass Miley!” she said. Emily thought she might cum again just looking at her friend take it so hard in the ass. Emily had been fucked in the ass before but she had never seen it from the point of view of the boy. And the harder she fucked Miley the more the straps on the dildo seemed to rub against her clit.Miley had just inserted a fourth finger into Selena’s cunt when on a very hard thrust into her ass, Emily came. This erotic wave of pleasure from Emily brought Miley and Selena’s orgasm as well. All three girls screamed in ecstasy and extreme pleasure washed over each of them. But Selena recovered first and wasn’t done. Selena twisted about and reached for Emily’s cock. Pulling it gently out of Miley’s ass she licked the tip of it and then deep throated it. As Selena bobbed her head on the dick, Miley watched in awe. Selena formed a smile around the cock in her mouth and took it out and offered it to Miley. Miley put her mouth on it and tasted everything nasty and erotic that had been done to her. Her cum, her blood, her shit and Selena’s spit mingled to form a precious cocktail that she immediately knew she was addicted to. Emily pressed the back of her head down on the cock, and Miley eagerly deep throated it.The girls could have kept on fucking all night but at that moment there was a knock at the door of the trailer. Miley took her full lips off Emily’s cock and turned to the door. “Selena? Is Miley in there?” a mans voice said. “This is her father.”Each of the girls froze and wondered concurrently if Billy Ray Cyrus would try opening the door and if any of them had bothered to lock it. “Anyone there?” he said.”I’m here dad!” Miley answered.”Well darling get a move on, they want us back on set. They fixed everything.” Billy Ray said though the door.”Okay dad be there in five minutes.” Miley said. A fading “okay” came through the door as her father had already started walking off. Miley turned to the other girls and their anxiety turned to laughter. “That was close.” Miley said. The girls started going through the pile of clothes on the floor and getting dressed in a hurry.”Oops Miley,” Emily said. “I think I put on your panties.” Before Emily could pull them down, Miley said “Leave em on.” And the girls shared a naughty smile.”Miley can wear my panties.” Selena said wanting to share in the naughtiness.”Okay where are they?” Miley asked. But then she remembered as she saw Selena’s smile. “You weren’t wearing any were you?””That’s right.””Okay then I guess I’m done dressed.” Miley said half mocking her own southern accent. “How do I look?””Beautiful,” Emily said pulling down her shirt over her tits. “Like a girl who just got fucked in the ass.” At this they laughed again before Miley asked, “We are gonna do this again right?””Of course Mile” Emily said. And Selena nodded too.”Good!” Miley replied not realizing she was holding her breath. “See yaw later! Gotta go!” And she left so fast she barely heard the girls both say “Bye!”.The two girls both finished getting dressed before Selena broke the silence. “Emily?””Yeah?””You have to tell me how you cheated at our little game.” Selena said.”Why? It’s the one game I like to lose.” Emily replied.”Because,” Selena began, “Next time it might be fun if we let Miley win.””Oh.” Emily suppressed a giggle, “Yes Mistress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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