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Seven Palms Nudist Resort

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This one is fast. In this story, men have sex with each other, women have sex with each other, family members have sex with each other. You have been notified. Nobody in this story has any sort of sexual thoughts or activities of any kind until they magically become eighteen.


Jill and I stood on a grass volleyball court under a blue sky streaked with shreds of clouds. This was the opening ceremony for Seven Palms naturalist campground. A light, almost hot, breeze drifted through the group of about two hundred people, all without clothing, talking, joking. Old friends reacquainted; new friends being made. We were long-time members, along with my parents and Jill’s brother and sister. The six of us meet here at least once a year.

Jill squeezed my hand.



“Over there, by the food table. Isn’t that your Uncle and Aunt?”

I stared and we moved a little closer.

“It is. What the fuck?”

Jill pulled me away, “Why are they here?”

“Well, baby, maybe they like being nude.”

“Not funny, buster. Your Aunt drinks too much, talks too much and is an obnoxious moron.”

I laughed, yeah, that was my Aunt.

“She speaks highly of you.”

“She does not. She thinks the world revolves around you and I’m a loser.”

That was true. When Aunt Flo got drunk, it all came out.

“It’s a big place, baby. We’ll just avoid them. Besides, I heard she was going to AA.”

Jill kept dragging me. “Something else I don’t need to hear about.”

My Aunt was tall and big shouldered with large breasts. Her brunette hair, with a few streaks of gray, hung to her shoulders. She shaved her sex. I had to admit she was a handsome woman.

“Hey babe, you know a lot goes on here that’s under the radar. Maybe Aunt Flo and Uncle Ralph are swingers.

Jill dragged me further away, “Also not funny buster. We need a plan. They cannot see your parents or my brother and sister. I am not interested in some lame family reunion that will spoil our trip.”

Let me back up. I’m Ryan, forty-one, my wife Jill, the same age. We’re swimmers and runners so you can figure how we’re built. Jill’s a brunette, tall, short-cropped hair, blue eyes, not so big on top, a nice handful. Me, taller, blond, and blue, shaved head. Neither of us has any body hair except eyelashes and eyebrows. Easier to swim. Everybody asks, so I’ll say, thick, not massive, about eight inches, cut with a big fat head. Well above average. Now you know it all.

We were married for a year when we had kids, twins, Mike and Molly. At the time Jill and I were nudists in our home. Following the tradition from both our familys. We did that till the kids asked questions and then reverted to a normal home. The naturalist life had caused problems in Jill’s family, so we thought it best to be ‘normal’ at home and when the families got together. Everybody was very supportive.

Missing the naturalist lifestyle, the six of us set up an annual naturalist vacation. Sounds weird, but if you’re brought up in the lifestyle, you’d understand. We love Seven Palms. It’s a great group of people.

After a couple of years, we noticed that there was a lot of sex going on at Seven Palms. We had struggled to keep our sucking and fucking quiet. Don’t let the nudists fool you. Walk around looking at naked people all day and you do get horny. The campground is nudist not Hedo, so it’s not out in the open, but we caught a few people and there was a bit of muffled joy emanating from the cabins. We got the impression that this place, for some reason, had developed a sub-cult of discrete swingers.

During the year, we chat online with our fellow Seven Palms members. It’s not sex talk, just folks with a similar interest. A rumor started that the management was not ignorant about the swinging that was going on. The rumor continued, saying that the campground had figured out a way to profit from it. We all laughed and assumed it was idle talk.

At the meeting, which is attended by families, with kids, young kids, the leader mentioned that adults could pick up a newsletter at the office. This piqued our curiosity, wondering if it was related to the well-disguised fence that had gone up behind the office.

The ‘newsletter’ was more of a notice that the fenced in area was an “adults only” area and that the usual rules for the campground did not apply. We were all smart enough to figure that out, plus the robust membership fee and STD test requirement made it clear that this was the new Hedo area, accessible only through the office.

Jill and I enjoy a very robust and adventurous sex life. Jill looked at my cock, which was on its way to violating one of the rules, ‘hmmm I think you’re thinking what I’m thinking.” My parent’s RV had developed some expensive electrical problem on the way here and they would be delayed for an indeterminate amount of time. But then there was the other thing

“I don’t think your Aunt and Uncle will be interested in this.”

I laughed, “I don’t know. güvenilir bahis They talked once about vacations they took to the nude beaches in France, and Ibiza, in Spain. I know there is a lot of sex on those beaches. We just assumed they didn’t participate. Maybe I was wrong.”

“Well, let’s not find out, okay? We need to be in the new zone before they see us.”

The new area had accommodations, a few spots for RV’s and an ironclad ‘no electronics’ rule. Nobody wants to be on the internet and that’s the only way to prevent it. All that stuff stayed in the office and you could stop by and use it anytime. Just not in the ‘fun zone’.

Jill and I are not swingers, well, yet. We’re pretty sexual people, no surprise there, so we were now presented with an opportunity. Jill’s sibs were supposed to be in tomorrow or tomorrow night, so we had some time to kill. We moved into a tent in the new zone. It was all tents; cabins would be next year. The tent was glamping. Rug on the floor, nice king bed with tables. An overhead light, fridge, table, chairs. Very comfortable.

In spite of our adventurous nature, we were nervous. There weren’t that many people there yet, and they all were not bad looking. I think there’s a screening process. Nudist parks are interesting. Some people have no hair, others just let it go, and everything in between.

On our walk we saw and heard folks that were already hooking up. The tent flaps had zippers but only a few were zipped, and the rest blew in the breeze, allowing a clear view of the action. We walked slowly by a few and Jill fondled my hard cock. We didn’t ask to join.

We found an interesting feature. There was one eight by ten tent. Dark green material. A tarp wall, attached halfway down the side, ran some distance out on each side so you couldn’t see the other end of the tent. A bulletin board had the guidelines. This was an anonymous assignation tent. One person went in one end, their anonymous partner entered in the other. A sort of anteroom at each entrance with thick blankets kept the inside in total darkness. You went in, flipped a switch, turning on a light at the other end. That indicated somebody was in there. A second light gave your gender and third your preference. Lights at both ends etc. There was a double bed on a soft platform inside and no lights. Obviously, no talking was permitted either. It was a game thing but also a nice way for nervous neophytes to try something new.

Jill and I found the idea fascinating. We’ve never done anything like this. We walked back to our tent discussing the idea while my cock stayed hard. Jill zipped the flap closed.

“Don’t want to have an audience?” I asked, my cock twitching.

Jill dropped to her knees and took my cock in her delicate hand and gave me a wicked smile, “maybe I should leave it open. Aunt Flo might walk by.”

I kinda wanted to be watched. Having my Aunt see me with my cock in my wife’s mouth was an amusing and horny thought. I talked it up, knowing that tents have all the sound-deadening qualities of a public address system.

“Suck my cock baby. Your mouth feels so good.”

Jill looked up and glared, tough to do with a mouthful of hard penis. I smiled.

“Suck my cock, Auntie.”

That got me a slap on my thigh as she dropped my dick.

“Stop that! That’s too far.”

She was right and I held her head, running my fingers through her short hair as she took all of me in. She’d had to train for a while to do it and she still gags from time to time. I’ve told her she doesn’t have to, but she does it to show what a sex perv she is.

Her mouth felt great. Hearing other people fucking made it even more exciting. I let go of her hair and reached down.

Jill’s breasts are small. I don’t care, I love them. But her nipples get wicked long and are very sensitive.

I rolled them in my fingers. Jill gasped around my cock. I just held them as she sucked me. Then I rolled them again, squeezing harder. Jill knows this game. She started panting around my cock. I paused, she paused. Then I pinched her nipples hard and pulled them. Jill gasped, groaned and I watched as a flood of her sex juice poured out of her, splashing on the wooden tent deck. That did it.

“Cumming baby.”

Jill went back to sucking me and in seconds, I gripped her head and filled her mouth with cum. She gulped and gulped, her hands on my thighs to steady her. I touched her head and she released me.

“Fuck you made me cum so fucking hard.”

I laughed, “You cum hard anyway. You love nipple play.”

“I think it was hearing others too.”

“I know it was.”

Having worked off a bit of lust, we decided to stay in the ‘hedo’ section. There was a concierge service for meals, so we didn’t have to go to the dining room in the ‘normal’ section. We also kept the flaps zipped. The sex sounds around us faded. We took a walk, but nobody seemed to be doing anything. The anonymous tent was unoccupied. We assumed everybody was waiting for the security of darkness. türkçe bahis We stopped by the office and checked our phones. My mom and dad were still stuck at the repair garage.

Her siblings said they were on schedule and would in after dark. We had the green light. We sent back our tent number.

It was late afternoon by then and people were walking around. It was a pretty good-looking crowd, age between twenty-something up to maybe sixty? My cock was hard, and I didn’t care. I was finding it exciting to be on display. I noticed that I was in better shape than most of the men and I definitely had the biggest cock. I got a lot of looks from the women and a few from the men too. Jill noticed.

“Hmmm, I want you to fuck me but maybe I should share.”


She steered me towards the anonymous tent, slowing our pace to make our destination clear. We did not go unobserved.

“You sure about this?” I asked.

Jill stopped and took my hand. She spread her legs and pressed my hand on her drenched pussy.

“I am so fucking wet thinking of you fucking other women in secret.”

We stood in the middle of the tent area as I fingered my wife. My hand was covered in her spend and she quickly came, groaning and gripping my shoulders as she drenched my hand. One couple actually applauded. This was fucked up, but very exciting.

“I will if you will.”

Jill smiled, “You sure?”

My fingers played in the wetness between her legs, “Very. Let’s have some fun.”

I watched as Jill slipped in the doorway and soon lights flicked on. She was ready. I heard rustling at the far end. My cock surged at the thought of my wife putting a stranger’s cock in her mouth and pussy. I stepped into the other tent and set up my lights. Click, I’m here. Click, I’m a man. Click, I want a woman.

I lay on the bed. It was soft, the tent warm. Total darkness. It’s true, it makes your other senses work harder. I heard the movement of the blanket on the other end. Soft footfalls on the wooden floor. A bump as she found the bed.

Hands, small hands, exploring. My belly, then up to caress my face. Gentle, soft. Her breathing deep and regular. Now I could smell her excitement. I reached out. A thigh, trim and small, but muscular. The skin smooth and hot. Moving my hand, I found a hard round little ass, tight waist and grapefruit sized breasts with small nipples that made her gasp when I pinched them. She was petite, but curvy, maybe five feet tall. My hand moved to her front. She opened her legs. Her pussy was shaved smooth, the lips big and she was soaked. Her clit small, tough to find, but sensitive. She could have been twenty or fifty. Her skin said more like thirty.

As she leaned over and took me into her mouth, I gently slid two fingers into her pussy. She groaned around my cock as I found her G-spot. She was good. She liked sucking cock, but she wasn’t as good as Jill and the other two women, dad was the best.

After a minute or so, she released me and stepped back, my hand dropping out of her. She swung herself over me and settled her pussy on my mouth as she put my cock back in hers. This was so intense to be doing this in total darkness. She came, her cum flowing into my mouth, panting. She climbed off. I heard her moving.

She got back on the bed from the end, straddling me. Over my hips, she took my cock and held it as she lowered her pussy and took me in. The third woman I’ve ever had sex with, and I don’t even know what she looks like.

She knew how to fuck. Shifting back and forth on my cock, rubbing her little clit on my abdomen. I was deep inside her. I could feel her cervix. She gasped and worked harder. I felt her tense and cum. Warmth flowing over my cock and balls. She kept going, came again.

I was close to cumming. I whispered, “gonna cum.”

She stopped and got off. It’s funny, when she wasn’t touching me, it was weird. Where is she? What’s she doing? Then I felt her lips on my ear. Barely a whisper.

“You can’t cum yet. There’s a line. Four of us.”

She was gone. A line? FOUR?

Nobody came in right away. I got off the bed. I’d felt a towel. I found it and wiped the sweat and girl juice off my body. I found my water bottle and emptied it. Fucking is thirsty work. This was fun. I was hoping Jill was liking it too.

I was standing when the blankets moved. She bumped into me, not expecting me to be standing.

Tall and thin, young, maybe? Her hands touched my waist and moved up over my shoulders, slowly, exploring, her touch seemed needy. Well, she has been waiting in line and had to hear what went on. I rested my hands on her waist. She moved to me and put her arms around me. I wrapped my arms around her. She kissed me. My hands fell to her hard round ass. Her modest breasts felt good on my chest. She pressed against me, her furry untamed sex caressing my needy cock. My fingers slipped lower, massaging her rosebud as she gasped. She kissed me like she wanted to climb in my mouth. This girl was a passion explosion.

Two güvenilir bahis siteleri soft hands on my chest, steering pushing, till my legs felt the bed. I sat. Her between my legs. Soft hands held my cock and then her mouth took me in, uncaring that she was sampling the pussy of another women.

She sucked me clean and then stood. She lifted my legs and I got on the bed. She moved over me. I could smell her sex. Her thighs next to my shoulders. I guided her down till her pussy settled on my lips.

She tasted good. Not real musky, but I sensed something extra. I didn’t care, I’d done that before too. It had been a long time since I licked an unshaved pussy. She rode my face, cumming in a surprising rush that made me choke briefly before I swallowed.

She moved down, held my cock and sat, taking me all with no effort. She was good. She could clench her pussy while sliding back and forth, rubbing her clit on me. She came, quivering, a deluge of her orgasm flowed over our union, pouring off my thighs, flooding me.

She lay on me, unmoving, my cock still in her, panting, her juices still flowing.

She took a breath. I felt her shift, get off me. Gone.

The blanket sounds. A hand touched me. Long thin fingers. I reached out. A thin leg. The skin felt like she was in the sun, a lot. Good muscles underneath. Her ass, a little soft. This was an older woman, but rail thin. She got on the bed and I felt her long fingers take my cock. A leg, moving over mine, the hand still holding me. My hands touched her belly then lower. Her vagina hair was trimmed and cut very short. I felt her lips, still tight and dry. She needed time to get wet. I moved my hand up, over a flat, toned belly, searching. They were tiny, barely there, but her nipples were rock hard, and she gasped when I pinched them.

I felt the head of my cock being pushed around in her vagina lips. They were still a little dry. Yes, an older woman. Soon I felt the wetness come. Her lips slick now. The head of my cock slippery as she lowered herself, savoring the feel of my erection opening her. She gasped, paused. I felt her finger rubbing her clit. Then she took more of me.

She touched my arms, moving down to my hands, lifting them to her chest. I found those hard nipples and played, flicking, squeezing, pinching pulling.

She came, panting, quivering. A small bit of wetness seeped out.

She lay on top of me. Resting on me, regaining her breath. I felt her lips on my cheek, moving closer, asking. I turned into the kiss. She was an experienced kisser. She undulated her skinny body on mine as we explored our mouths. My hands massaged her lean soft ass. I wanted to fuck her some more. She gently disengaged. Two hands on my chest, pushing off me. Gone.

I knew this woman was big. Not fat, just big. Something about the way the blanket moved and the sound of her bare feet on the plywood floor.

She was all business. Got on the bed next to me. Nudged me. Whispered in an effected raspy voice, “I’m last. You can cum in me.” I reached out. She was tall and big framed. Her breasts, very big and swinging under her as she rested in the doggy position, waiting. I’d never felt big tits. I spent a few seconds exploring her soft full breasts. Her nipples were sort of average. Not huge, not small, they got hard, and she moaned when I pinched them. I ran my hand over her ass. Jill is thin, like her sister and my mom. I smiled, her ass was like my dad’s, which I’ve touched a few times.

Her pussy was big and smooth. Long lush lips, big fat clit. And wet, wet like the ocean. She was moving her hips. She wanted my cock. I got up behind her and lined up. She shoved back and took me all. She was slamming into me, her actions said, ‘fuck me hard.’

I grabbed her full hips and pillaged her pussy. Our bodies slapped as we collided. Wetness poured out of her. When she came, a flood came out, she stopped breathing for a few seconds and then shoved back, wanting more.

As I was pummeling her pussy, I tried to make a mental picture. Then a picture came to me. From not too long ago. Can’t be. She came, stopped breathing and went for more. The tent reeked of her lust.

I felt her tunnel massage my cock. I knew she was milking me. She wanted my cum. I didn’t hold back.

She rode me hard for a few more minutes till I couldn’t hold back anymore. I broke the rule.

“Gonna cum.”

She picked up her pace. Her finger found her clit. We crested together. My cum jetting deep inside her, fighting the wave of her orgasm flooding out. It was a great finish to an awesome day.

I moved back and she got off the bed. Then leaned down to me, as if to speak. She paused, pulled back and left.

Was she going to say something? I ran the last few minutes back, analyzing each touch and feel. I think I just fucked my Aunt. No? No.

I lay there, resting. I heard the blanket move. Quick footfalls. Hands touched the bed. Was one of them back for more? I felt her breath on my ear.

“We found the book.”

The slap of feet on plywood. Gone.

I was confused for a few seconds and then it hit me like a wet towel in the face. I jumped up and shoved through the blanket anteroom ignoring the lights I was supposed to reset.

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