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Sex and the Theatre Ch. 02

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A highly regarded local actor, Mary was surprised, but pleased, that Peter had agreed to direct her in their next production at their small theater. A popular and well-known director, it was not where he usually directed. He was mainly to be found in the Regional Playhouse, where Mary only acted occasionally. She looked forward to working with him. After rehearsals, it became the regular thing for members of the cast, including the two of them to repair to the local hotel for a couple of drinks and a chat, before turning in for the night. Peter would then give her a lift to her home, where she lived with her widowed mother.

Mary knew he would eventually try to kiss her. Try to feel her up. That was his reputation. But she had other ideas. There was nothing wrong with Peter, she thought, and under other circumstances, she would have been flattered by his attention. But right now, she had no wish to become another of his well-known conquests, or become involved in a sexual intrigue. She would say a brief goodnight and get out as soon as the car stopped. Anyway, she was off sex at the moment.

This was not because there was a regular boy friend in Mary’s life – there wasn’t at the moment. She had finished with Bill some weeks earlier. He had done the dirty on her by arranging for his mates to shag her. Perhaps this was the problem. There had been four of them. At the end of her birthday party, everyone had gone home except Bill and four of his pals who were still drinking.

Mary had had a few drinks and was not really in control of herself. After saying ‘goodnight’ to most of her guests, she’d returned to the sitting room. Bill came across to her, put his arms round her and kissed her. ‘Nice party, birthday girl,’ he said. His hands were stroking her pert bottom, turning her on. Mary was already feeling rather sexy and unsteady. She kissed him back.

‘Get rid of your pals,’ she whispered in his ear, rubbing his crotch, ‘and let’s take advantage of mum being away for the night.’ She could feel the shape of his half-stiff cock inside his trousers.

‘Oh, they won’t mind.’ And he raised the hem of her skirt to stroke her bare thighs. The other men were watching with drinks in hand, and grins on their faces.

‘Want any help, Bill?’ one of them asked, crossing to the embracing couple.

‘Maybe. She’s got too many clothes on.’ His hands were busy caressing her buttocks.

Before Mary could register what was happening, the one called Ralph came up behind her, quickly unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled it from her shoulders, over her arms, complete with bra straps.

‘Hey!’ she remonstrated, turning from Bill to face him. But her arms were trapped in the straps, with her breasts now in full view. They didn’t require much support for they were not all that big. Petite was an apt description, but not so the brown hard nipples. They were stiff and swollen. Ralph gazed at them.

‘Hmm! Quality rather than quantity!’ He laughed, running the palms of his hands over them. ‘Nice, Bill. Nice!’ Mary trembled involuntarily at the touch of hands on her breasts.

From behind her, Mary felt her pants being pushed down her thighs, whilst a third person was now at her side, unzipping the waistband of her skirt. All of a sudden she was surrounded by these five men, stripping the clothes from her. In spite of her struggles, she was powerless to stop them. They pushed her, panting for breath after the struggle, over the arm of the sofa, her bottom fully exposed. It was then she became aware of being prodded between her thighs from behind. Mary stiffened and gasped with shock! It was a stiff cock nudging her!

Before Mary could react, strange hands had parted the thighs, and the cock had found its way between her willing labia, already wet from her earlier thoughts, already beginning to press its way into her hot vagina. There was no resistance from the well-lubricated passage. She was horrified by the way her body was welcoming the intruder.

‘Stop it!’ she croaked, trying to wriggle away, but without too much enthusiasm. She was in the grasp of strong men, and her body was receptive. The cock drove deep into her from behind. She struggled in vain, trying to over her shoulder. But Bill was just standing there, laughing at his mate, trousers round his ankles, shagging his girl friend.

‘Go on Henry. Fuck her man! She loves it!’

Hands grappled with her breasts. Others pressed her thighs, pulling them apart. The cock was now thrusting into her hard and fast. She was exhausted with struggling, utterly bewildered by the speed of events. One minute she was embracing her boyfriend and the next she was being shagged by his friend! Her struggles had proved useless. The cock was being urged on. They were calling out words of encouragement.

Another of the men had sat himself on the sofa, legs apart beneath Mary’s face. She watched with unbelieving fascination as he unzipped his flies, pulling out his hard penis. Oh God! Her eyes opened wide as she kartal escort gazed on the stiff cock before them. Her mouth went dry as she studied the thickly veined shaft, foreskin retracted. His hand was on top of her head, pushing he face towards the cock. Her lips touched the helmet of his cock, mouth opening without her consciously thinking. The cock slid between her lips, filling her cheek, starting to slide in and out. She had only once sucked on a cock, many years ago, so the sensation was quite new to her. Unable to think straight, with a cock now filling the orifices at each end, she was only aware of being fucked in her vagina and her mouth. The guy on the sofa was grunting with pleasure. Mary’s body was responding. Hips jerking and groin fluttering with pleasure.

‘Gosh, Bill! Lovely cunt this!’, she heard from the panting voice behind her, ‘I could fuck it all day.’

‘Well, tough!’ It was Ralph. ‘My turn now! Move over!’

‘A minute,’ gasped Henry. ‘Hang on! I’m coming!’ And his jerks got erratic.

‘Me too,’ cried the guy on the sofa. With a loud gasp, a final lunge, Henry emptied his seed deep inside the welcoming, warm vagina, as the cock in Mary’s mouth exploded, filling her cheeks with hot sperm.

Mary kept the cock in her mouth as she relaxed, feeling Henry withdraw. As the cock in her mouth softened, she had no real option but to swallow the mouth full of sperm, before catching her breath. But Henry’s cock was quickly replaced by another, bigger cock. She gasped out loud, as her vagina was penetrated to the full. The cock began to thud into her with quick urgent thumps, to the sound of grunts of effort.

‘No! No, please,’ she wailed and writhed. But to no avail. The tall man, Billy, had come to the side of her head. He was a colored young man. His trousers were already unfastened, his ebony cock being tugged from the flies. Mary looked at it in dismay. Not yet fully erect, it was at still least eight inches in length.

‘No, not that!’ she howled, as Ralph humped and gasped, thumping into her, approaching his climax, the tension rising in his loins. Her own body was on fire as the black cock approached her face, inviting Mary to kiss and lick it. Her mind was in turmoil with uncertainly. She was eager for cock, yes, but not like this!

‘Aw,’ Bill sighed. ‘You always said you’d like a big black cock. And I’ve brought you one. Go on Billy, give her a taste of your dick. On the floor.’

The cock pounding into her slipped out. Mary felt the warm splash of sperm over her buttocks. In spite of her disgust at the whole episode, her body was responding to the attention it was receiving. She moaned in dismay. Hands pulled her from the arm of the sofa onto her back on the rug. Her ankles were grasped on either side and roughly hoisted over her shoulders to flaunt her defenseless vulva to the greedy eyes of the five men.

‘Wow! Take a look at that lovely peach! A real redhead!’

Ginger pubic hair – now darkened with sperm – covered her groin. The entrance to her secret passage yawned, the labia flapped open, inviting penetration.

‘Ready and willing!’

As she looked down, Billy had dropped his trousers, and was presenting the head of his now fully erect cock to her pussy lips. Accompanied by a cheer from the others, he sank the huge shaft straight into the willing vagina as he fell on top of her. Mary felt a sharp sting as her labia stretched to their limit. She cried out for Bill to stop him. But he just laughed, watching the black shaft split her vagina, toying with his own cock sticking from his open flies. Then, he knelt beside her face, taking her head in his hands, turning it to face his cock, he pushed it between her lips, into her mouth.

Billy was now humping her hard, grunting with each stroke, whilst Henry fucked her mouth, making her gag. The pain in her groin had gone. Only the wonderful feeling of being full of moving cock stuffing her vagina.

Then, with a great lunge, he pulled out from her, and Mary watched from the corner of her eyes as the end of his cock erupted. Several jets of sperm splashed over her face and breasts to the calls of hurrah from the others.

The sight was enough to trigger her boyfriend’s ejaculation into her mouth, filling her cheeks with sticky starch for the second time, with a loud sigh.

‘That was a great birthday present, Mary. Thanks!’

And Mary was forced to agree, in spite of the roughness and lack of tenderness. She was left lying on the floor, trickles of sperm on her breast and chin, her vulva oozing with the sperm trickling over her bottom. The men moved away, wiping their softening cocks with tissues, or whatever came to hand, before fastening up their trousers. They called out their goodnights and left. Including Bill, whilst Mary speculated on her experience of a gang bang. She only wished she could have concentrated more on the sheer excitement of having had four cocks inside her in the space of ten minutes. Though it had felt more like a lifetime!

Still maltepe escort bayan lying on the floor, exhausted, Mary cautiously placed her right hand between her legs, to feel the swollen lips, now covered in the moisture of her copious juices and the sperm. Unable to resist, her fingers explored, beginning to stimulate the erect clitoris. The pent up passion had filled her with an insatiable need. She masturbated hard and fast. Her body flexed and squirmed as the orgasm she had so desperately been craving, now rose to the fore. Groaning loudly, her mind crying out for cock, the orgasm came to the surface and jolted her body in a series of huge orgasmic spasms, the like of which she had never before experienced.

That was the last time she saw her boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend! She had phoned him, leaving a message on his answer phone, to tell him what she thought about him and that he was lucky she didn’t go to the police.


So it was, that a few weeks later, sitting in the car with Peter, Mary was not really ready for more men groping her body – feeling her vulva. At least, that is what she told herself. But, to her surprise, Peter had made no attempt to handle her, after all! Perhaps he doesn’t fancy me, she thought, or maybe his reputation is exaggerated.

For his part, Peter had been pleased and flattered, to be invited to direct Mary in a two-hander at her local theater. Never having worked with her before, he had watched her during rehearsals of a play at his own Theater group some weeks earlier, whilst stage managing. He was impressed by her dedication and ability. Though not a particularly physically attractive person, Peter thought Mary quiet and thoughtful. A new challenge for him!

During the early rehearsals, he became more interested in her, getting to know her better. They fairly soon began going for a drink in the local pub after rehearsals, with the other people involved. After last drinks, he would offer to drive her home. The thought of making passes at Mary crossed his mind, of course, but he was unsure whether or not she would object. She seemed a very private and reserved person. He didn’t want to mess up their relationship, since they had to work together for some weeks yet. And, besides, he always took his time with any new acquaintance, weighing up his chances. Mary certainly had no reputation with men, so far as he knew. And his intelligence of these things was usually pretty good, even though she wasn’t one of the regular Playhouse crowd! Maybe he would try his chances in a few days. Just a goodnight embrace and kiss, to see where it might lead. After all, his sex life was fairly uneventful at the moment, so a new interest would be more than welcome!

Peter drew up in the tree-lined road close to her house, in the shadow between two street lamps. He turned to smile at Mary. ‘Goodnight Mary!’ he said with his usual smile. The same as the several previous occasions.

Her eyes met his in the near darkness, reflecting the street lamp. As usual, she waited a brief moment for him to lean across and kiss her lips. But he had made no move towards her at all, let alone to take her in his arms. Mary was surprised and, to be truthful, a bit disappointed. Was it possible he didn’t fancy her, after all, she wondered? So, okay, Mary was no raving beauty. Quite ordinary looking, in fact, and almost flat-chested. But Peter fancied everything in a skirt! At least, that was his reputation.

A little disappointed, she smiled back at him, and made as if to get out of the car by unfastening the car door handle. She hesitated before opening the door, then suddenly turned to lean across to him, to kiss him goodnight. Her lips lingered on his rather longer than she had intended, though.

Peter was quick to take advantage of the kiss. He read Mary’s invitation in the gesture. Smiling inwardly, it was time to respond firmly, he decided! Before she could break away, his left hand had reached round her head, pressing her face into his. His tongue pushed between her lips, rubbing against her teeth. Almost without thinking, Mary parted her teeth to allow the tip of his tongue to press against her own. Mouths began to grind gently against each other, tasting, exploring. Peter always enjoyed that first kiss with a new woman. Relishing the different texture and taste of her lips, tinged with the taste of gin and tonic!

To her own surprise, Mary was becoming aroused against her inclination, and when she felt his other hand slip inside the top of her dress she had no means of preventing it. By the time she had closed the car door again, it was almost too late for her to put a restraining hand on his wrist. Peter’s fingers had reached their goal. He made no attempt to force his hand any further into her bra. Instead, he gently caressed the stiffening nipple, whilst beginning to fondle her ear lobe as they kissed passionately and long. So he was interested after all. Maybe Mary was more relieved than she expected to be! So, escort pendik she was attractive after all, she decided.

‘Oh, what the hell!’ she thought to herself, loosening the hold on his wrist, ‘let him have a feel. Besides, it’s nice!’ Peter responded by sliding the hand over her small breast until it was cupped in his palm, thumb caressing the hardening nipple, sending ripples of delight through her. Yes! Mary enjoyed having her nipples fondled. Although smallish breasted, her areola swelled up like egg-cups, thrusting the sensitive nipple forward.

Encouraging Peter by returning the passion of his kisses, she pushed her tongue into his mouth. She realized that her body was beginning to respond with enthusiasm. Little shivers trickled through her belly. Mmmmm! Lovely! She knew her juices were starting to flow. It was sometimes an embarrassment to her that they were so copious. They didn’t ooze. They trickled! She had to wear knickers with a specially padded gusset. In spite of earlier misgivings, her curiosity overcame her. Peter’s cock was a legend among her acting friends, though she considered it all wishful thinking on their part! Even so, she couldn’t resist sliding her hand casually across his thigh, reaching into his lap, to test the stiffness there, to squeeze the hardness beneath the fabric. Her fingers rested on the bulge, as though by accident.

My word! Yes! Proud and ready! So engrossed was she in the enjoyment of the sensation of fondling a hard cock again, that she hardly noticed her dress buttons being unfastened down the front. Whilst their mouths were still locked together, Mary felt a hand reach down the elastic top of her knickers, fingers snaking though the tangle of auburn curls below her navel. Even though her slender thighs were tightly closed, hunched up in the front seat of a car, a finger managed to push its way between them, pausing over her sensitive clitoris. An involuntary gasp escaped her at the touch, the muscles relaxing a little, before the finger slipped down to sample the honey dribbling from her aroused sex lips.

Peter can no longer be in any doubt that I’m fully aroused, she thought. Oh god! There’s no way I can refuse this. Oh god! I’m going to come! The thighs convulsed, parting slightly to allow the hand easier admittance to the vulva. Peter could now press his hand between the trembling thighs, palm closing over the warm wetness, gently kneading the soft folds of her slippery vulva. By this time, Mary’s own hand was pressing against the back of Peter’s head, crushing her mouth passionately against his. Christ! I’m coming! Oh no! Her groin clenched and squirmed as the seeping honey washed over the fingers now gently kneading the hot flesh. Her body was suddenly gripped in he throes of an unexpected orgasm, releasing a flood of juices onto Peter’s fingers.

For his part, Peter was pleasantly surprised at the softness of the labia and the unexpected intensity of Mary’s reaction. He felt her body jolt, her eyes screwed up as though in pain, as his fingers were flooded with thick pussy juices. Gosh, he thought, she must have been more than ready for that.

‘Wow, Mary! That was wonderful.’

‘Sorry,’ she muttered between panting breaths. ‘I couldn’t help coming! But this is more ejaculate than usual.’

‘Nonsense! I admire a lady whose enthusiasm is so prolific! Fantastic!’

He took his hand from her groin, lifting it to his face. In the dim light, he could see the glistening coating of juice on his fingers. Curiosity overcoming him, he pushed the fingers into his mouth to lick away the thick coating of vaginal honey, delighting in its distinctive taste. No two women tasted exactly the same. He wanted to share it with Mary, kissing her on the lips, finding her tongue.

Encouraged by the sharing of her juices, Mary felt a desperate need to grasp Peter’s bare cock. Fumbling at the opening of the trouser flies, she found the top of the zip to slide it open. Her eager fingers groped into the opening, urgently, searching for the waistband of Peter’s underwear. Dragging it down, her hand reached the hot stiffness. ‘Oh my God!’ she thought. ‘Oh shit!’ Impatient fingers squeezed the tip, spreading the globule of moisture, which had formed there, before wrapping round the shaft to begin a rapid pumping action. She pressed it in her palm, digging her fingers into the hard flesh. Her fingers and thumb could hardly encircle the girth of the shaft.

She was now so desperate for cock, that from her initial unwillingness, Mary was now like a tigress. The weeks of abstinence since her last sexual encounter, had made her need all the greater. Her passion was roused to the limit. She muttered and gurgled into his mouth thrusting her tongue deep into mouth, darting it in and out as if her tongue was fucking it. Peter spread his thighs wide, thankful for the column-change, giving Mary unimpeded access to his genitals. Having succeeded in unfastening all the buttons of her dress, he pushed the top from her shoulders, revealing the white bra. From the right cup Mary’s breast spilled over, the stiff dark nipple protruding. Peter ended the long intense kiss, transferring his lips to the engorged nipple. As he fastened onto it, Mary’s head fell back in elation, a deep groan escaping her lips.

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