Oca 14

Sex Starved Zombie Women Ch. 03

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Blood dripping from her mouth, the sex-starved zombie girl Melisa hadn’t taken a chunk of his manhood, Joe realised with a sigh of relief! It made sense if these things lived to be sexually gratified there was little reason that they would take a chunk out of that first.

With all his strength Joe grabbed the girl and threw her off of him. He needed to get away from her and out of there as quick as he could. He needed to get back upstairs to the safety of his room. All the other women seemingly satisfied, it was only Melisa that was hungry for his hefty cock.

Heading to the stairs and to his room he was halfway to the top when Melissa grabbed hold of him from behind causing him to fall over onto the stairs. Kicking at her, he managed to free his legs from her grip and get to the top of the stairs and into his room.

Hiding behind the door and waiting for her to come inside Joe was ready for her. Almost in an instant, he slapped handcuffs onto both of her wrists. Pushing her onto his bed he then quickly cuffed each wrist to each end of his bed.

Now, this bitch was gonna get fucked, joe thought. Handcuffed to his bed the whole situation erotik film izle became a whole lot sexier and joes cock was as hard as it ever was.

Grabbing Her neck and forcing her backwards onto his bed Joe then grabbed onto her waist and dragged her pussy onto his hard cock and began fucking her just as she’d wanted. Now the pretty little teen was way more submissive and a lot less bitey!

Still feeling the stinging pain from his side where she had bitten him before, Joe was still filled with anger for Melissa even though she had once been his dream girlfriend. He was gonna make him pay not only for taking a chunk out of his side but for all her rejections to his advances.

Pulling out his cock Joe had something special in mind for this wild one. Hocking up a mouth full of spit he spat it all over the young girls’ asshole and then proceeded to rub it int9 her anus before injected his thumb all the way inside.

As the pain registered on the chined up sub slave zombie, she let out a squeal of pain. If she thought that was painful, Joe thought, what he was gonna do to her next would feel like hell.

After roughly massaging her asshole film izle with his thumb Joe was ready to insert the real deal, his oversized cock. Adding another spit load to the palm of his hand which he rubbed into the end of his cock he then proceeded to penetrate the virgin teens’ ass.

Joe had dreamed of taking Melisa’s virginity many times, loved up, he’d never thought about fucking her in her ass as he was about to. But his loving feelings were history now, with all his force he ploughed his cock deep into Melisa’s asshole forcing her to let out a hellish scream that every zombie girl in the neighbourhood must have heard.

Without any care for the pain that it was obviously giving the girl, Joe just fucked her harder and harder in her ass. Screaming all the time he simply figured after what she’d done, she deserved it! Plus, she was a zombie, of course, a sex-starved zombie, this pleasurable pain was what she lived for.

Fucking her with all his might, Melisa’s tight hole finally started to bring him to climax. Joe could feel that t8 going sensation from within that meant he was ready to blow and shoot even more cum out of his hefty cock. Knowing seks filmi izle that he was setting close he knew he wanted to humiliate this devil woman even more.

Pulling out his shit covered cock from her ass he then rammed it as deep as he could into her mouth. And continued to face fuck the poor teen zombie as hard as he could until eventually the cum he still had left in his shaft shot into her gagging mouth.

“Take that bitch!” He said as he shot his load into her mouth.

Pulling out of her mouth Joe felt he had been paid some kind of justice for the blood leaking damage she’d inflicted 9n him. Now she was cuffed to the bed he’d keep her as his anus slave and whenever he wanted to relieve some aggression he would return to take it out on her.

Heading back out his bedroom door Joe needed to figure out his next move. Judging by the now sedate status of his mom, and the other woman he’d already fucked, sex seemed to have a calming effect on these sex zombies. He wondered how long that would last for!

“Joe,” Melisa whispered as he whisked out of the room. “Joe is that you?” She asked. “You saved me. Joe. It’s me, Melisa.” Melisa gasped as she seemed somehow to have broken through the zombie spell that had captured her and all the women. “Joe, Joe.” She cried. But it was too late, Joe was already downstairs and out of the house.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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