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Sex Studio Secrets #18:: Sasha and Ashtyn-1

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Sex Studio Secrets #18:: Sasha and Ashtyn-1Sasha is as sexy as tall towering an inch over me, she introduces attractive Ashtyn tasty teen to meAshtyn is still a virgin till one evening suddenly something very sexy hot happens to the tasty teenHer first erotic experience is a triple tongue fuck from sexy Sasha after her baby-sitting evening!She is too amazed to repay that debt the same night but she soon plans to even their mutual accountAshtyn invites Sasha for a common coffee to seduce her further and get her first fuck from strap-onSwedish Sasha is a fine friend, a cunning colleague writing tasty true sexy stories from her love lifeAshtyn is unexpectedly her last conquer, whom she met as dod of a dear friend, hired her as babysitterSasha comes home one night a bit tipsy from an evening out with friends, notices Ashtyns awesome bumsHer heated hormones do the rest which goes fast from kissing to pulling her jeans down to tongue fuckAshtyn enjoys three orgasms from her experienced tongue as a tip on top of her normal fee that night!Time to tell some more about these two lovely looking lesbian lovers in all their cunning contrastsEverything is very impressive at Sasha: raven black long hair, very tall and big firm boobs D-size Ashtyn is a petite pretty blonde beauty and completely inexperienced in making love with someone yetCute little tits, shaven slit looking like the virgin she is until Sasha intimate initiates the teenHer hot first female lover is almost eight year older, soon she shall reach her number twenty-sevenExperienced Sasha is amazed by herself as she normally dislikes teens for being too emotional at sexStill she accepts the invitation from Ashtyn to have a coffee together in downtown Malmö very soon Ashtyn really dressed up for the occasion in white while wearing lots of black make-up as a tributeShe looks very seductive and indeed they soon start to tongue in front of the window of the shopHer driving back Ashtyn is like a dirty dream as the teen starts to finger her wet twat on the rideTakes less than a mile driving before Sasha comes and starts to pull her pants down to offer accessYoung and inexperienced as Ashtyn is, she gets the message and tries to lick the love lips of SashaNot much later Sasha has to pull over and park to be able to come hard once more from the tasty teen Every next step in kurtköy escort the right order and proper way, is a lesson Sasha knows well and applies to AshtynVery carefully and sweet were her first three tongue fucks, now it is time for her favourite positionErotically slowly undressing Ashtyn first time, hardly arrived at home she rips down the teens jeansRight in front of me, on your knees at the couch! Ashtyn willingly obeys for a few tongue fucksYou will be surprised by my next move Sasha thinks stepping into her strap-on with a 6-incherThe teen squeeks as Sasha puts it all inside that tight twat in one move and tears appear in her eyesHaving mercy with a virgin she slowly starts to fuck her blonde beautiful baby petite pretty PrincessImmediately Ashtyn starts to moan under her expert thrusts increasing in speed almost unnoticed by herNot long it takes the teen to orgasm from being penetrated by a plastic penis for the very first timeGushes of hot fluids flow and the teen feels in seventh heaven from her sexy initiation by sexy SashaAll this can be read better in the original two stories about Ashtyn by my foxy sexy Sasha of courseShe is delighted by my idea to do the next sexy step of the initiation of Ashtyn at my sexy studio! His mirrors in a red velvet studio appeal to me as a sexy setting to make love to you, my AshtynEveryone would want to watch the cunning contrast between the two of us in making love, isn’t it?Ready to fly with me to Amsterdam, where we can stay safely for free at my younger s1ster there?Fly to the moon with you if we can kiss there without masks to breath beautiful black Mistress!I do like the title and style in which you address me my dear! I invite you along, be my guestReally I think we will have a lot of fun there as this Professor Peter has an interesting ideaStill I will keep it as a sexy secret for you, as being taken by surpise can be the finest funThat is true my Mistress! I will never ever in my life forget how you tongued and took my twat!Later that same day Sasha calls Cecilia, another colleague writer here, a Swedish ex-stewardessOf course Cecilia is very aroused by the account, she recommends me as a host for teasing teensVery fast Cecilia uses her contacts to book two seats at SAS daily services to Schiphol airportEven experienced Professor Peter almost loses aydıntepe escort his head as tantra teacher imagining their visitAshtyn is indeed an awesome attractively looking lovely blonde B-cup beauty as from fairy talesShe looks like my dirty day dreams about tasty tiny tit tight teens I would like to meet my meatHot looks and almost unexperienced yet! I wonder whether she is as well bi-curious as Sasha is?The tasty teen is about to enjoy erotics in her anal canal for the very first time as we plannedYummy young and enormously eager to new experiences after her initiation into sex she seems keenNew nice naughty erotic experiences Ashtyn will have indeed during her love long weekend at me!Sasha learns from Professor Peter from messaging she’d better prepare Ashtyn for anal by an enemaAlways helps to off-set any initial embarrassement about being anally taken for the first time!She wonders whether we can do this at me as she doesn’t have any equipment for it at her or A’damHave all you will need at my place! Leave it all up to me! You two will be relieved, I am sure!At that time Sasha doesn’t get the true meaning of my words and my private pretty plans for them The teen is indeed a blonde beauty to my taste although sexy Sasha’s cleavage also arouses me a lotAs we sit down to talk over a glass of great white wine we discuss our plans for our sexy sessionsKind of got some crush on you from reading Sasha’s sexy stories about you two, so we soon agreedErotic start shall be a sexy show for you how Sasha will make love to me, as you know she is bisexualShe will show you how she likes to suck my manhood, how she prepares herself for more intimate visitsAwesome enigmatic you sound dear Professor Peter, I am curious what you exactly mean by preparation?Lovely looking sexy Sasha has all the bodily qualities to satisfy a man, which she likes to teach youSee her beautiful big breasts! Any man will long to ride his prick proudly between those tasty tits!Open mouth for pleasing my pole, open orifices also down below! You will be surprised by possiblitiesAshtyns eyebrows rise, she gets large eyes by imaginating interesting new things to see in sex at meSasha smiles at her enthousiasm and gives her a big kiss, an offer Ashtyn does not refuse any momentHotly they hug and soon their fingers start to unbotton each tuzla içmeler escort others blouses to kiss breasts mutuallyThe tasty teen grabs for the crotch of sexy Sasha who fingers Ashtyn under her schoolgirl short skirtYou two are turned on being abroad, coming on camera already! I tell myself silently in secretNeedless to say the two tasty sexy Swedish sweetheats are soon nude and make love, unaware on-screen Sexy studio for initiation as all my cameras are hidden behind my see-through life-size big mirrors!Right after that first mutual orgasm at me Sasha takes the sexy scenario in her hot hands as we agreeOpen orifices shall be clean before we start something serious in this tasty sex studio my dear!Share my proper preparation as another lovely love-lesson for you, my dear darling awesome AshtynEnormously excited the teen follows orders fully nude in my bathroom, having hidden cameras as wellOn themselves again in the bathroom Ashtyn is completely relaxed while being also enormously excitedNow she will watch first time from close how a man and a women will make love, right in front of herComing up a sexy show of the powers of sexy Sasha over a man using her mental and physical prowessAwesome well she sucks my brown banana into sexy shape and invites it to ride between her breastsMy manhood stands stiff enough for doing her doggy-style, Sasha decides and offers me her snatch!Eagerly she comes fast first time and asks me to take the stairs upstairs to her awesome assholeReally in the style she took the cherry of Ashtyn only last week, I enter all seven inches at onceAttractive ass to grab and spank, so I alternate grabbing her hot hips and hitting her hot cheeks At the corner of my eye I see Ashtyn furiously fingering her teen twat while she watches our actionThe tasty teen has hard nice nipples indicating her state of sexy arousal and longing for her turn Professor Peters balls bang the mount of sexy Sasha who comes so hard she milks his member fully!Energised by her orgasm, Sasha makes Ashtyn bend over and take her first by a dildo about my sizeThe tasty teen comes and as soon as her waves recede, Sasha enters her again by some small 5 inchEnter next heaven hottie! Sasha slowly adds pressure at the little prick at Ashtyns sphincterReady to offer me your rosette on camera cutie? Will my blonde beauty come again for me on screen?Name-game compilation of opening letters of my lines reads:SASHA – SASHA TEACHES ASHTYN EVERYTHING AS HER FIRST LOVEASHTYN – SASHA TAKES ALSO ASHTYNS ROSE ON CAMERA AT PETERCopyright by Poet Peter, who welcomes any comments and likes

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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