Mar 14

Sex with Grandma Evelyn

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Sex with Grandma EvelynI had been having sex since I was 13 years old. After my first time I had sex with various girls, typically it was girls who talked to other girls about sex with me. Up until I was a legal adult at the age of 18 I only ever had sex with two women over the age of 18. One was my girlfriend’s mother, (I posted another story about this earlier). The other woman was before her. The first one was my step grandmother Evelyn. I never knew my maternal grandmother, she died long before my mom met my dad. I do not know when my grandfather met and married Evelyn.I am the third oldest grandc***d and the second oldest grandson on my mother’s side. Sex with her did not start until after my grandfather retired and they became snow birds. My grandfather had a truck with a fifth wheel and travel trailer for as long as I can remember. When he retired they sold their home and lived in their camper. For the first half of the year they would stay in the state they lived in and the second part of the year they would travel to and stay in Texas. During the summer months us grandc***dren would go visit and stay at the campground our grandparents were living at. Sometimes my younger brother would be with me, sometimes I would be there by myself. When my brother was with me we used a tent to sleep in as our grandparents thought we would be too noisy at night. They were right, as my brother and I would often have gay sex with each other, but that is another story for another time. When I was there by myself I slept in the camper with my grandparents. Sometimes I would hear sounds of them having sex. Whenever this happened I would jerk my cock and try to time my cumming with my grandfathers to pretend like I was cumming in ağrı rus escort bayan my step grandmother Evelyn’s pussy. One night I did not cum right away and they heard me finish myself after they had finished. I heard them whispering about it. They never said anything to me about it. After that I started to notice they had sex every night I would stay in the camper. When I would stay multiple nights they had sex every night and I would jerk off. I also noticed they would make it a point to finish and cum when I did. They knew I had a girlfriend and my grandfather knew I had sex with her.Along with the rule of my brother and I not sleeping in the camper at night when both of us were there a couple of other rules were when we have to sit to use the bathroom we have to go up to the shower house, if one of our grandparents was in the camper we had to knock before entering, and one of us had to stay and help with dinner prep even if the other is out fishing or doing something else. My brother and I took turns staying with grandma Evelyn to help with dinner prep. Another thing about grandma Evelyn is she always wore what I came to find out were colored nylon stockings that did not require a garter belt. She had green, yellow, blue, red, black, beige, etc. She also always used perfume and always smelled sweet and almost always used red bright red lipstick. She also dyed her hair various colors. One was a blue. Not quit Marge Simpson blue but pretty close. She was a chubby to large voluptuous woman with very large DD tits as I found out later with a very hairy pussy. Even though they were very active sexually my grandfather never liked Evelyn wearing the red stockings. He thought ağrı rus escort they made her look like a hooker, especially when she had her red lipstick on with them.One weekend both my brother were there so we stayed in the tent. We had some hot mind blowing sex with each other just as the sun was starting to rise. We sucked each others cock and swallowed each others cum and then fucked each other bareback and came in each others ass. My brother was going fishing with our grandfather so I had to stay and help grandma. My brother and grandfather got ready and went fishing. My grandfather told me grandma would be out in a little bit but if I need anything to just knock. Shortly after they left I needed to use the bathroom and needed something from the camper to help get ready for meal prep.I knocked on the camper door and grandma Evelyn told me to enter. I did so and used the bathroom. When I walked out of the bathroom to get what I needed for the meal I saw something I’ll never forget to this day.Grandma Evelyn was naked, laying back on her bed, facing me with her legs spread wide open. I could see very her hairy pussy and smell how horny she was. All she had on were her red stockings and bright red lipstick with a smile. She told me to get naked and join her. I did so. She knew I had sexual assault experience and told me to treat her like I am fucking my girlfriend. I immediately began eating her pussy out. Right away she started to cum and I found out she squirts a lot. Her cum was not thin and watery and not as thick as a guys cum but somewhere to in between. After I ate her out she gave me a mind blowing blow job. Seeing her bright red lips slide up and down on my cock was too rus escort ağrı much and without warning I blasted a load down her throat when she went down and deep throated me, she swallowed every drop. After that we lay there for a while to recover. I was 16 at the time and recovered pretty quick. When she saw I was hard again she spread her legs and told me to fuck her. I slammed my cock in her and took my time. I made her cum several.times squirting her hot creamy fluid all over between us. When I finally came I buried my cock deep in her and filled her full. We talked afterward. She said her and grandpa like it when I jerk off in the camper when they have sex. She also told me she has sex with my older male cousin and is going to have sex with my brother the next time grandpa takes me fishing, which was the next day.I don’t know if grandpa ever knew or not. I know my brother knew. There was one time we had sex with her at the same time. It was at night when grandpa went night fishing by himself. After we had sex with Evelyn, my brother and I had sex in our tent with each other. It was the first time I ever tasted a cock coated in pussy juice and cum. But as stated earlier that is a story for another time. Some times it was right after she had sex with my grandfather. I loved fucking her sloppy seconds pussy. There was even one time when I found out my grandfather fucked her, he had to leave right away after to reserve a fishing spot. My male cousin fucked her, and then left to join grandpa and then my brother fucked her and then went to join the both of them. I was the last to fuck her that day as I was the last to show up after spending time with my girlfriend and fucking her. Evelyn sucked the dried pussy juice from my girlfriend off my cock and then I fucked her three times cum filled pussy. Along with dying her hair she also started to dye her pussy hair as well. This was before Marge Simpson did it. Grandma Evelyn and I continued to have sex until I got married. She was the first 60+ year old women I had sex with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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