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Sexy teen girl at workImagine you work in an office where 80% of the staff are horny woman!! Well I am the lucky guy who does.I am an average guy, not bad looking and look after myself, so what is this amazing job? I manage a team in a call centre!! It might not sound so exciting but with so many sexy woman around my cock is always twitching.This story is about me and a very hot girl called Kate, imagine a sexy 19 year old, about 5’3, blond, deep blue eyes, great smile, lovely curves, big firm D cup boobs, and an arse which is just slightly overweight making it really juicy and a personality which is very bubbly and full of funWe flirted on a daily basis, I away made sure I spend more time with her than other girls on the team. She was a real tease and knew I fancied her, the only problem was she had a boyfriend. I was always saying “come out for a drink with me” but I always got “I have a boyfriend”. This flirting went on for months. I had pretty much given up on getting with her when one night I was out for a friends leaving party when she walked in the bar. She looked amazin that night, sexier than ever. She was wearing tight blue jeans showing her curvy arse, low cup black lacy top showing her boobs, hair down over her shoulders, lovely make up, and red lip stick on her sexy lips showing her big smile. We spent the night drinking and chatting, I did my usual flirting with her, telling her she looked hot and should leave her boyfriend.As the night went on we all got more drunk, by about 1am there were only me kate and a few others left. I was about to leave when she said “Iv missed my last bus and can’t get home, any chance I could stay at yours”, my cock nearly jumped out my pants. I played it cool and said ” yeah, you can have the spare room if you like”, we had another shot and left to get a taxi.On the way back in the taxi she sat very close to me, we chatted and laughted all the way back to my place.We got back and had a few more drinks and chatted in the canlı bahis kitchen, she looked so sexy with her hair down and that cute smile, I decided I needed to make a move, I said “I’m off to bed, let me show you the spare room”, luckily she followed me, I got to the spare room and said “here it is, if anybody asks this is where you slept tonight, but your coming to my room”, she stared at me, I held by breath waiting for an answer, then she said “come on then”. I was ecstatic but just managed to keep my cool.I lead the way to my room, she followed me in and shut the door, the booze had me feeling powerful so I jumped on the bed and said “come over here” normally at work she would argue with everything I said but tonight she did exactly as I told her. She came and layed next to me on the bed. I decided to go straight in for a kiss, she responded and we slipped our tougnes into each other’s mouths, I moved my hand down over her hot young body, her breast felt so firm and ripe. She responded by running her hand up my thights and over my croch, my cock was already springing into life. Next I slipped my hand up her top and into her bra, her breast felt so good, her skin was so smooth and fresh. Her mouth was so hot as we kissed deeply, she started to unbutton my jeans, one by one then pulled them open, her hand slipped insider boxers. The touch of her soft small hand on my cock felt so amazing, by now it was throbbing in her hand. She grabbed my rock hard cock and gentally and slowly started to rub it, I felt so horny, I could have exploded right then.I desperately needed to see her body so whispered “take your clothes off” by now she seemed under my spell and was doing everything I asked, she stopped running her hand over my cock and knelt up on the bed, she give me a big smile and slowly pulled her top over her head, she then put her hand behind her back and unclipped her bra, this fell down to show the most amazin breasts Iv ever seen, D cups and so firm and round, bahis siteleri I moved my hand up to squeeze one, they felt increadable , By now I was feeling so excited, I pulled her back onto the bed and pushed her into her back, I move my body between her legs and unzipped her jeans, she helped by pushing them down and wriggling out of them, I pulled them off and slung them on on the floor. She layed in front of me naked except for a black g string. Her body was so incredible. I moved my head down and started to kiss up and down her hot skin, licking and kissing every part, i finnally moved between her legs and pushed the g string to one side, I slid my tonge over her already wet pussy, it tasted so good, I licked up and down and around her clit, “more” she whispered as she grabbed my hair. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit, I then moved my finger to her wet hole and sliped it inside. Her pussy was so tight, the tightest Iv been inside for a long time, I felt her body tence as I slipped my finger into her, still licking her pussy at the same time. I fingered and licked her for a few minuets, she grinided against me moaning she said “I love it, give me more, more”. By now my cock was bursting out of my jeans, I needed to get inside her. I stood up, pulled down my jeans and kicked them off, I lifted my shirt off and stood in front of her with my cock in my hand looking at her. She smiled and said” you ready for this”. Without saying a word I moved between her legs, I held my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed my cock up and down her wet entrance, she pushed herself towards me” give me it” she said. I should have put a condon on but was so excited I couldn’t wait, I slowly pushed my throbbing cock inside her hot wet pussy, it was so tight, I could feel it stretch as I forced myself in, she moaned and groaned “fuck yes”, I pushed in deep, filling her, I held my cock inside for a moment then pulled back out then back in, I started to thrust into her, speading güvenilir bahis up, I push her legs up and really started to pump. She was moaning” this is so good, give me more”. I thrusted into her hard and fast, she was so wet and tight. I rubbed her clit as I banged into her. It felt so good, “more, more” she screamed, “this is so fucking good”. I pulled out my cock and told her to turn over and get on all fours, she did as she was told, she pushed her arse out towards me, i grab her and pushed my cock deep back into her from behind. I fucked her hard and fast, she moaned and screamed, “more, more, I need more”. I thrusted harder and faster, I suddenly felt a massive orgasm explode through her body as she screamed out, she fell forward flat onto the bed, my cock still buried deep in her. “Your so fucking good”, I carried on thrusting but could feel my balls getting tight ready to unload, I pulled out and told her to roll over and look up me. I started to rub my cock close to her face, “give me it” she said. She started to squeae you balls her big sexy eyes looked up me. I was desperate to shoot but wanted you cum in her, I pushedy cock deep back in her pussy, she wasn’t expected it and let out a scream, a few more thrusts and I exploded inside her, filling her tight young pussy with hot cum. It felt so good my head nearly blow off. I left my cock in her for a minute then pulled it out leave my spunk and juice flowing out of her pussy. It smelt and looked amazin. I bent down and we had a long lingering kiss, our tongues in each other’s mouths. I finally laid back on the bed” that was the best ever, I feel so fucking good” she said. We relaxed and chated for while then driffed off to sleep. We fucked again in the morning, I cum in her again, she left to go home to her boyfriend with 2 loads of my cum deep inside her. She texted me later in the day saying “that was so good, I need more from you”. I replied saying “there’s plenty more where that came from”‘We’ve had none stop fun and excitement for months, she loved to contact me by text and email with sexy pictures. We are friends now and still like to have some fun whenever we can, that young pussy is still so tight!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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