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I sat at the bar, stabbing the ice in my drink with my straw. I wasn’t sure I wanted another, but wasn’t sure I wanted to leave. A hand dropped on my shoulder and a whisper, low and smooth said, “I tabbed us out, we’ll pick up a bottle from Faletti’s on the way home.”

I nodded, and followed him out of the bar. I lagged a few steps behind him on the street, wobbly on my stiletto heels, and lost in my own gin soaked musings. He took me by surprise when he turned and caught my shoulders, pushing me backward into the shadow of an alley. His body pressed mine roughly against a brick wall. I closed my eyes, inhaling the mingled scent of cigarettes and cologne that rose from him; waiting.

He shifted; bringing his face close to mine. Unbidden, I leaned forward to kiss him. As my lips brushed his, he moved away, and brought his hand to my throat; pinning my head against the bricks. I stood still in anticipation, palms flat on the stony wall, my eyes closed and lips parted. My breath was heavy and ragged.

He observed me for a long moment; then leaned in again, letting me feel his breath on my lips. I remained still, acknowledging his ascendency. His kiss, arduous when it came, tasted of whiskey, and I drank as thirstily escort kartal as a drunkard. It intoxicated me as much as liquor; dulling my inhibitions, and igniting my blood.

His hand caressed my neck slowly, found the neckline of my dress and slipped underneath; into my bra. He worked my nipple to a sensitive bud; then crushed it in the vice of his thumb and forefinger. I moaned, “Oh, God,” but my voice was lost in the assault of his kiss. His knee forced my legs apart and his free hand slid behind my ass, urging me forward into his leg. Wantonly I ground my crotch against the top of his thigh as he pressed himself tighter against me.

I heard people in the street, their intrusive laughter made me pause, estimating how well the shadows cloaked us. He felt my hesitation, and broke the kiss.”Look at me,” his blue eyes held me, bringing me back to him. “I am going to fuck right you here,” he stated simply, suggesting no compromise.

I nodded, in consent, or resignation, or both, and sank to my knees. I ran the palm of my hand against his rock hard cock confined inside his pants. His breath came raspy and uneven at my touch, as I pulled at the buttons on his jeans to release his erection. maltepe escort I ran my tongue along the tip of it, tasting the pre-cum, slipping the head into my mouth. I steadied myself to take more, but his hand gripped my shoulders, and pulled me to my feet.

He read the disappointment on my face, and brushed back a stray tendril of hair. “Later,” he said, “Right now I want to fuck you.” He reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them as he rose and kissed me again.

My hand found his cock and I ran the tips of my nails lightly over the taut skin. He pushed me hard against the wall, pulled out of the kiss and shoved my panties into my mouth. “Lift your skirt up,” he ordered. I gathered up my skirt. “Spread your legs,” was his next command. I moved my feet to just farther than shoulders length apart. He bent his knees, and impaled me on his cock, lifting me off the ground with his upward thrust. His body pinned me against the wall, hands under my thighs, his movements slow and controlled. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes, allowing myself to respond with abandon. I writhed against him, each thrust of his cock driving me further towards the edge.

Again pendik escort bayan the conversation of pedestrians passed us by, but this time I did not take let them break into the moment, and they moved past without concern for us. He began fucking me harder, as he whispered hoarsely in my ear, “I’m gonna cum baby, I want you to cum with me…cum with me…”

I opened my eyes to the shadows, and laid my head against the hard brick wall, allowed the sublime absurdity that I was fucking in an alley with my panties in my mouth to curl around my consciousness. I began laughing, I felt myself slip over the edge, twining my fingers in his hair and pulling him closer to me. He must have been waiting, because as soon as he felt me orgasm, he sank his teeth into the nape of my neck to muffle his groan as he came.

He held me suspended for a minute, while our heads cleared and our breathing slowed. He untangled himself, and settled me back on the ground. As he buttoned his jeans, I smoothed my dress and removed my panties from my mouth. I prepared to step back into my panties, but he interrupted, “Uhn-uh…those are mine, my birthday present, hand them over.”

“It’s my birthday, why do you get a birthday present?” I asked.

“Because you love me,” he replied, snatching them from me. He put them in his pocket, and strolled out of the alley.

*I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of my ghost editors who found my story more entertaining then their nine to five…*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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