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Sharing Karen Again and Again

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Sharing Karen Again and AgainMy wife Karen is the sexiest lady I know. Just looking at her is enough to make any mans dick harder than hell. Even if she has clothes on, she is one sexy lady. Karen is the type of lady that when it comes to sex, she wants to do it all and have as much fun as she can. We have shared our sex lives with alot of couple and alot of single men and ladies. But I have to be honest, the last time I shared her was the best. I had taken advantage of Karen when she was out cold on sleeping pills and allowed the teenager from down the street to have his way with her sexy body. And best of all, Karen to this day has no idea it ever took place. Paul is the teenager that had his way with Karen. Let me tell you men out there something. Watching another couple of single male or female have their way with your wife is so much of a turn on. But watching a teenager have his way with your wife as she is out cold, wow was that ever a huge turn on. Watching this young man touching her and then mounting her was out of this world. Since that night, I haven’t seen that much of Paul. That is until today when he stopped by. I was outside when he pulled into our driveway with his new car. He had two of his friends with him. Paul got out of his car and walked towards me. We stook hands and I aksed him how he was doing. I am doing great he said. He then told me how he has been away for the last few weeks. He asked if Karen and I were going to the fair. I told him that I would have to check with Karen and that she was inside the house. I then asked him is him and his friends wanted a beer. Of course he asked his friends and they all said sure. His friends slowly go out of his car and made their way towards us at the front door. I got them some beers and they all sat down in the livingroom as I went down the hall to find Karen. Karen had just gotten out of the shower and was dressing in our bedroom. Of course my dick went hard just seeing her naked in the bedroom dressing. I told her that Paul was her with some of friends and that they wanted to know if we were going to the fair. Karen asked if I wanted to go and I said sure, why not, it could be fun. Karen said that she had the next day off from work and that she could be ready in a half hour or so. I kissed her and returned to our livingroom to tell Paul. Paul was in the kitchen and I walked up to him. I told him how Karen said yes and a big smile came over his face. I was dying to know one thing. I asked Paul if he has ever told anyone about what took place that night with Karen. He stook his head no and said no way. I would never do that. He said that he has never even told his best friend out in the living with this other friend. I thanked him for keeping it our secret. Then he said something that surprised me. I know better the to wreck things for myself. You would never talk to me again and Karen would be off limits. Well to begin with, I never told this teenager he could have another shot at my wife. So it just took me off guard. Without thinking I said thats right. We returned to the living room where his friends were watching our big screen TV. We all sat there watching the TV when heads began to turn as Karen walked into the livingroom. Paul tried not to look at Karen. But the other two guys could not take their eyes off of Karen as she walked into the livingroom and sat on my lap. Karen was wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top that really showed off her tits big time. She sat on my lap and aksed how long before we go. I told her when she was ready we were too. Karen gave me a big hug and said give me two minutes and I will be ready. As she sat up, she leaned over to grab her tennis shoes. When she did, her damn tits just about fell out. I was sure Pauls two friends got a good show of Karen’s tits. Within mintues we were all headed out the door. We have a SUV and every one decided to ride with us. Karen and I sat in front and the three guys sat in the back. Once at the fair, Karen said that she had to used the girls room. She went her way and Paul and I got some tickets. The other two guys went off to get some more beers. While standing in line for our tickets, Paul starting talking to me about Karen. You know Bob, that night was the best sex I have ever had, he said. All of friends date other chicks, but none of them really know what sex is about. Then he said something about the two friends he was with tonight. He said that one of his friends named Mike has never had sex yet. And his other friend named Sam has only gotten one hand job from his old girlfriend. I just laughed. We finally got our tickets and headed back to find Karen and the other two guys. The other guys were standing with Karen outside of the ladies room waiting for us. Karen was talking to them as we walked up. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. But I did notice how Mike couldn’t take his eyes off of Karen tits and he kept turning and adjusting his dick in his shorts. I just laughed to myself, knowing how Karen does have that effect on men. We all started to walk around the fair. The guys went one a few of the rides. But I anadolu yakası escort have gt dizzy on rides, so I pretty much stay right on the ground. Mike and Sam came up to Karen and asked her if she wanted to go n this one ride called the zipper. It is one wild ride.They put you in this cage and it goes upside down and all over. Not a ride I would ever go on, thats for sure. Karen loves those kinds of rides and of course she looked at me. I told her to go ahead and to have a good time. Paul decided that he would stay here and talk to me as the three of them went off to the ride. We watch as Sam got in first, then Karen and then Mike. Karen was in the middle. The cage was closed up and other people got their cages. Soon the ride was up and away. I couldn’t help myself but to wonder how Karen top was doing on this ride. I laughed to myself. Paul turned towards me and said whats so funny. I told him how I hope Karens top stays on. He started to laugh as well. If not he said, Mike and Sam will get the show of their lives. I then told him how I caught Sam looking at Karens tits. Paul said he was sorry and that he would say something to Sam. I told him not to say anything to Sam. That Sam was just doing what all other men do. I watched as the ride started going like crazy. Their cage kept going upside down like mad. I was sure that Karens top was bouncing all over the place. Mike was busy watching straight out the cage. But I could clearly see Sam watching Karens tits. Karen sometimes had her eyes closes as she stayed back and held on for dear life. And everytime she would close her eyes, thats when Sam would look over at her tits. The ride lasted for a few minutes and then their cage was opened up for them to get out. Mike got out first. And then I noticed that Karen had her hand on Sams leg and he had his hand on hers. Nothing had happened. But Sam had to adjust himself before he got out of the cage. During the time we were there, they must of gone on 50 rides. It was around 12:00pm now and every one was getting tried. So I told Karen, lets head back to the house. I aksed Paul if he and his friends wanted to come back to the house to watch a movie on HBO about racing. Paul said sure and so did the other guys. When we got the car, Paul asked Karen if he could sit up front because of his long legs. Karen said no problem . Mike got in first, then Karen and then Sam. On the ride home we all talked about the rides we had gone on. I kept looking in the mirror and I noticed Sam checking out Karens tits again and again. God this teenager was having a field day looking at her tits. Once inside we all sat around in the living room watching the movie. Karen asked if I would make her a tea to help keep her awake. Sure I said to her and off I went to the kitchen. Paul joined me when he went to grab another beer. I see what you mean about Sam checking out Karens tits. God! Karen joined us in the kitchen. She said that she was going into the bedroom to change into her night clothes. I took her tea and went back out to the living room with the other guys. Karen came back out wearing her housecoat. I am sure Sam hated that. She sat next to me and cuddled up to me. Mike and Sam where on the floor in front of us. I went to hand Karen her tea and she told me never mind. That she had changed her mind about staying up after all. She told me that she just took two of her sleeping pills and that she would sit with us for a while. Every one was watching the TV. The movie was a good one. Then about 30 minutes later I noticed that Karen was starting to fall alseep. I hugged her and told her to go up to bed. No she said, I’ll lay here on the couch with you until you go to bed. About 15 minutes later. I softly said in her ear, Karen are you awake. I got no answer. The guys were watching the movie. I carefully took one of my hands and pulled back Karen house coat some. To my surprise, Karen was naked under it. Karen was out cold and I had to pee. So carefully I got out from uder Karen. When I did, Karen let out a soft moan and went to turn over some. When she did, her housecoat came open just a little bit. Her tits were showing just a little bit. As I made my way towards the bathroom I again noticed Sam looking back at Karen. Only this time he was getting a nice shot of Karen’s tits and one of her legs. When I came back, I noticed that Sam was now facing towards the couch talking. But he was looking like crazy at Karen. I sat on the end of the couch. Then I shocked the hell out of Sam. She is fucking hot, isn’t she I told him. It shocked the hell out of him. He knew he had been caught. But before he could say anything in his defense, I said you should see the rest of her body, wow. All of the guys just laughed. But Sam said, sure I wish. I laughed and I worked my way up sitting next to Karen. I looked right at Sam and asked him if he has ever seen a real women before. He said sure, in movies. I said no, in real life. He said once his girlfriend showed him her tits. But they where small.With that I asked him if he wanted to see Karen tits. Stop ataşehir escort teasing like that he said. There is no way you would show us her tits he said. Paul laughed and looked at me. I grabbed Karen and tried to wake her. But she was out cold. I knew this was now or never. I took her housecoat and peeled it back exposing both of her tits. Sam sat there in shock licking his lips. Aren’t they better then some high school girls tits I asked him. My next words shocked Sam even more. Do you want to touch them Sam I asked. Sure he said and moved closer to the couch. Sam reached out and softly took one of Karen tits into his hand and carefully played with it. Pinching her nipple would cause Karen to let out a soft moan and that scared him some. I told him to relax, that she would be out for the whole night. Without warning or asking, Sam lower his face right to Karen one tit and took her nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. But it was Sam that got the surprise when milk came out of it. One mouthful and he pulled up. Oh my god, she has milk in her tits. Do you like the taste of it I asked him. God yes, he said. Can I suck on it some more he asked. Sure go ahead I told him. But be gentle. Thats when Mike moved up for a closer view too. There was Sam sucking on Karen’s tit like a newborn baby. As he did, I pulled open Karen housecoat exposing the rest of her body to Mike. Karen keeps her pussy hairs really short. Almost bald to that point. Mike looked at me and asked if he could touch her pussy. Sure I said, but be gentle. No sooner then my words came out and his one hand was on her pussy rubbing it softly. I noticed that his fingers went right for her clit. And every once in a while one of his fingers would slip inside of Karen pussy hole. Between Sam sucking on Karen’s tit and Mike finger going in and out of Karen pussy, I worried about her waking up. But she was out cold. Every once in a while she would let out a soft moan. I told them not to worry, that she was dreaming of something. Sam had sucked Karen one tit dry. I told him that she has two of them and he went straight for the other one. I looked back at Mike and he was trying to put two of his fingers into Karen pussy now. I tapped his should and told him to slow down. He pulled his fingers to his mouth and licked off Karen juices. Thats when he asked if he could suck on Karen tit. Sure I said, trade places with Sam. Sam almost jumped when he heard it was his turn to play with Karen’s pussy. They traded spots and Mike went wild on Karen’s tit. I was paying so much attention to them I forgot about Paul. I looked behind me and there was Paul with his pants down and pulling on his cock like crazy.I just laughed and looked back at Sam. Sam put one of his fingers deep into Karen pussy. He pulled it out and licked it. God that taste so good. Can I lick her pussy he asked. Sure as long as you don’t bite her. Sams head went right for her pussy, spread her legs and he was licking like a wild man. Surely it was his first taste of pussy ever. Within mintues I noticed Karen was arching her back every once in a while. And that her breathing was alot heavier. Thats when I made a noise and motioned for the boys to follow me into the kitchen. Once there I told them all that things had to slow down some. That all three of them could not work on Karen at once. Because she would surely wake up for sure. I then told them that it would only be fair if Sam went first. After all this would be his first time with a lady. The other two agreed. Then I said it would be Mikes turn and then Paul. Paul said he had no problem with it and either did Mike.No sooner than we were back in the livingroom, and Sam started ripping his clothes off. I sort of laughed saying to myself, this guy going to get the head of his cock inside of Karen’s pussy and blow off. Then he dropped his jeans and oh my god. This guy had a cock 12 inches long and 3 inches fat. The gods were good to him. I told him to hold on a second and I raced out to the kitchen to get some kind of oil. All that I could find in such a hurry was peanut oil. That would do the trick. I got back next to Karen and sat next to her sleeping body. I poured the oil right onto her pussy and carefully rubbed it in good. I made sure to get enough oil on the inside of her pussy as well. But she was pretty wet already. I told Sam she was already for him and he kneeled between Karens legs with his cock in one hand. No fore play or anything. He just slowly worked his cock inch by inch. As soon as he had half of it deep inside of her, he rammed the rest of it deep inside of her. When he did, Karen let out a deep moan, but her eyes were still closed. Just to be safe I softly told Sam not to lay down on top of her. I took another pillow and worked it under Karens ass. And believe me, not one inch of that guys cock moved out of her pussy. It was in there tight. No sooner than the pillow was there, he started pumping faster and faster. This guy was really raming his massive cock in hard. I had to hold her hip down some to keep her from moving. After ten ümraniye escort mintues of pumping like this, he started to ram harder and harder. I knew he was getting close. No sooner I was thinking it, he was cuming deep inside of my wife sexy fertile pussy. He must of pumped two gallons of his juice deep inside of her pussy. When he was finally done, Mike jumped in his spot. Mikes cock was not that big. Maybe 6 inches at best. But he rammed it in hard and fast. As he did, Sam juices came flying out with each raming. Sam was laying on the floor watching. The nice thing about sitting next to Karen was that I could see everthing. Mike was raming away. It took him a lot longer, but after maybe 15 minutes of fucking, he also shot his load deep inside of Karen’s pussy as well. Sam surely came a lot more than Mike.But that was the second guy to get his rocks off in my wifes pussy tonight. Sam stood up and said that he and Mike had to get home. Paul said, hey I am not missing my turn to give you guys a ride home. Don’t worry Sam said, Mike and I can walk home from here. They said their goodbyes and thanked me. I made sure to tell them that this must stay a secret and they promised. Paul looked at me and said thanks for letting my friends have some of Karen’s pussy tonight. I said no problem. I then asked him if he was going to fuck Karen now. He said, sure if you don’t mind, I have to use your bathroom first. I said sure, go ahead, you know where it is. Off Paul went to the bathroom. I sat there looking at Karen sexy body. She had cum pouring out of her pussy. I went to touch her tit to wipe off some oil and I got the shock of my life. Karens eyes went wide open and she was looking right at me. So this is what you do in your spare time when I am sleeping, she said. I was shocked big time. Don’t worry she said, I didn’t take my sleeping pills on purpose. I saw how many times those boys were looking at me tonight and it got me just as hot as it did you. She reached up and grabbed my face bringing it down to hers. Karen kissed me wildly. And then she stopped suddenly. I want to do this next guy upstair on our bed and I want you to join in with us. I said sure baby, anything that you want. We heard the bathroom door open and she closed her eyes again, pretending like she was still asleep. Once Paul was there, I told him, hey lets carry her up stairs to the bedroom onto the bed. Paul agreed and carefully we picked her up. We laid her onto the center of the bed. Paul started taking his clothes all the way off. Can I lay on top of her he asked. Sure go ahead I told him. She is out cold. He pulled on his cock a few times and made his way between Karen legs. Carefully he aimed his cock right into her pussy and with a few pushes he was all the way inside of her pussy. I think he ramed in and out of her like twenty times and then it happened. Karen lifted her legs over his shoulders letting him go him even deeper inside her pussy. Paul tried to stop, he looked my way and then right at Karens face. If you are going to fuck me right, then do it now she told him. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Again he looked back at me as to ask for my help. I looked back and told him, you better do what she wants. Paul slowly began to smile. Again he started raming in and out of her wet pussy. Only now Karen and was pushing back harder. Karen reached up and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips went crazy. Their toungs were racing in and out of each others mouths. Paul was really fucking her hard now. And suddenly Karen broke the kiss and said stop, please stop. Paul did and asked whats wrong. I want Bob in my ass as you fuck my pussy, Karen said out loud. Karen release her legs from Paul’s shoulders and turned over on her side. Karen raised up her one leg high into the air. You lay in front of me Paul and Bob you get behind me Karen said. You didn’t have to tell this guy twice. Again he laid in front of her and started kissing her wildly. As they kissed, Karen hand grabbed his cock and pushed it deep inside of her pussy again. Karen let out a loud moan this time as she kept kissing Paul. That one thing Karen loves to do when getting fucked hard, and that kiss like crazy. Thats how I know when she is really excited. Paul started pushing his cock in and out of her wet pussy again. I laid down behind Karen and she grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled it closer to her asshole. I had the peanut oil and I poured tons of it all over my cock and her asshole. No sooner than I did, Karen pushed her sexy ass hard and my cock slipped deep inside of her. Karen moaned louder and louder. Now this is how you please a lady she told Paul. Paul was still pushing hard and deep into Karens pussy. I swear I could feel his cock press up against mine each time we both pushed inside of her.After several minutes of this i came deep in her ass. I pulled my cock out and Paul once again rolled karen onto her back, this time he pushed her legs up until her knees were beside her ears, he then started fucking her as fast as he could and within minutes he slammed balls deep in her pussy and let a loud moan out as he emptied his balls in her now overflowing pussy. shortly after he got up and she escorted him downstairs, as he dressed, she kissed him and said for him and his friends that we are going to the lake next weekend and they should join us….Paul smiled and said he would call his buddies tomorrow and let us know….more to follow…..rt

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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