Mar 03

Sharing the Lust Pt. 02

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Continued from part one.

Scarlet clapped her paws, leaving Ninnin to Yve’s attentions, though her dripping pussy begged a different kind of attention from her husband. Although Ninnin would have been more than happy to dive between her legs and eat her out, it was one of the more difficult activities to enjoy while watching his wife and would likely have to wait until later in the night to take place, considering everything. But they had all the time in the world there, nothing rushing them, nothing at all, though lusts that flared up so stringently, every thrust fanning the flames, had to be accounted for one way or another.

Scarlet deftly freed the moose and her husband, Mason sighing in relief and rubbing the back of his neck. It was obvious how good that felt to have his head freed again, but it could not be helped, not even as his cock slipped, soft, from Maddie’s lips. The bunny coughed and looked up, though there was no fear in her of being bred, fucked bareback, not anymore.

“Still…” She panted, shooting a cheeky wink back to Ethan as he was drawn from her pussy, leaving her feeling gaping and empty, as if she should always have been filled. “You guys…have to wear a condom next time.”

“Of course, Maddie,” Ethan grunted, though Scarlet had pulled him down between her legs, his eager tongue flicking up into her sex. “Mmm… Sorry, Maddie…”

Was that her imagination or was there no real remorse in his voice? Maddie shook her head. No, no… That had to be her imagination. It had to be.

Ninnin let her breathe for a moment, even as Troy took his wife into his arms, cuddling her, letting the hard length of his cock spring up against her backside and lower back. The difference in their heights was exotic and erotic and he didn’t want to break the moment, Yve cooing to him, though she was just as distracted. Her husband might have been free, but the mouse was too into what she had begun to pause, to call a halt to the teasing, lusting for it far, far too much.

Such was the nature of their horny, kinky nights together, the pulse of her warm, slick feet over his cock too intoxicating to set aside. Ninnin’s head rolled back, losing himself in the moment, panting heavily, fur matting lightly where he perspired, though the club was cool, as they had asked it to be. Dimly, the raccoon was aware of Scarlet shrieking in orgasm (always so loud!) but that only fuelled him on to greater heights of passion, need like no other coursing through him with every beat of his heart.

Her toes tickled the head of his shaft, suddenly pressing around, squeezing — and that did it for him. Rather than grip her, for she was placed such that she was too far away for Ninnin to lunge for her, he threw his head back and moaned out his orgasm as he massaged and squeezed and flexed her feet around his cock, letting him paint her hind paws with his seed. It jetted forth impressive, even though it would not be anywhere as thick as that of the most virile studs that he had set his wife up with before — but it was his, all his. It was the carnal embodiment of lust as his fingers curled and gripped the arms of the armchair, the whisky glass thankfully empty, removed by the bartender so that it would not be knocked from the side table.

All he could think was how fucking good it felt to cum, ejaculating hard, cum dripping down his cock, over Yve’s feet. The mouse squeaked and wriggled, murmuring to him.

“There you go… Isn’t that better? You don’t have to be pent up waiting to cum, you know. All you guys…mmm… You’re all the same. Keep going, get off again. We’re all here for fun.”

Breathlessly, Ninnin chuckled. It was as if she had known exactly what had been going on in his head the whole time, though he couldn’t imagine quite how. He didn’t know, didn’t have to know, not as Yve clambered up into his lap and kissed him deeply, passionately. But he was not a one-sided lover by any means, no matter how all of them could flirt and move between one another in such a situation, enjoying every partner that they pleased. His paw slipped between her thighs as she straddled him, the raccoon’s cock half-softening, though not all the way.


She squealed and groaned as he caught her lips in a deep, deep kiss, kissing her passionately, their tongues playfully battling and dancing between their mouths. In that moment, neither one of them was more dominant than the other, enjoying their time together, though Ninnin still eagerly longed to get back to watching Maddie. All in good time, however, enjoying the moment, relaxing into it, fingering the mouse as she squeaked and eryaman rus escort bucked her hips, thrusting into his paw.

Every touch, every squeeze… His free paw squeezed her arse just the way she liked it, so soft and round, Yve’s breath catching, hitching in her throat as she shared breath with him. Yet it was his thumb pressing down urgently on her clit that set the mouse off, pressing in close to him as if she was moulding her body to his, breaking the kiss, her moan not muffled at all in the crook of his neck.

“Ohhhhh, yes!”

There would always be a sense of male pride in getting a lady off, Ninnin grinning widely, loving her cries. He loved a vocal lady, someone who wasn’t’ afraid at all to show their passion in the bedroom, though it could be just as tempting to coax those cries from someone a little demure. It went both ways, he supposed, as the mouse’s juices coated his paw, slick and wet with her arousal. Not a squirter but more than enough to show that Yve would not need any lube at all for what was to come next for her. Perhaps with her husband, perhaps with someone else. Who was to say?

All was fair in the partner swapping games, after all…

As his chest heaved, Yve spent a moment cuddled up to his chest before Salma sashayed up to him with that glint in her eye that promised a special kind of trouble, his eyes drifted back to Maddie.

And the show she gave him there promised to the be best of them all.

“Hey, Maddie…” The Clydesdale, Troy, smirked, his bay coat making her heart turn over, fluttering and leaping about and doing all sorts of weird things. “I think I found a condom to use with you.”

His smirk told her that all was not as it seemed, though Maddie eagerly climbed into his lap as he sat on one of the two-person sofas, his thighs spread for stability. The horse’s huge hooves dug down into the thin but durable carpet, kicking the rug aside, and she moaned in anticipation, her cunny dripping with evidence of their loads already.

“Horses always were a favourite of mine…” She whispered, kissing his neck, loving how his lips quivered and twitched in equine delight. “Get that thick cock in me, stud. Where’s the condom?”

Troy nickered throatily, but it should not have surprised her when he pulled her down on his cock, stretching her pussy around the thickest length of breeding spire that she had taken so far that night. Not to say anything against the other guys, of course, but stallions were very hung as went with the nature of their species, something that their heritage had passed down to them.

She faced him, moaning out loud, but…where was the condom? The horse smirked and held her in place, grazing his gaze with Ninnin, though Maddie was not to know that Ninnin had given the horse a salute in the background, though he would soon have a fresh cocktail, something tailored to his tastes, back in his paw as he relaxed there. All Maddie knew was there was no condom, not as inch after delectable inch of Clydesdale equine cock slipped into her.


She could have stopped it, could have said something…but no. No, she didn’t have to, not when she loved it so much, not when she knew there were so many eyes on her, everyone enjoying the show that the bunny and her body were putting on from them. They all wished that they could take horse cock like her and, against her better judgement, she gave a little roll of her hips, taking a little more into her pussy.

Fuck, she was already climaxing! It had crept up on her with the shock of realising that he was fucking her bareback, just like the others had. Only, Maddie didn’t think that the Clydesdale was about to pull out that time, not like the others had promised to. It was something between them all that was rapidly going down the drain, her breath catching, pulling, hitching, as if she couldn’t get enough air into her lungs.

She was fine though, well and safe, as Troy crushed her passionately to his chest, holding her tight, helping her squirm and wriggle down, inch after delectable inch, on his cock. A horse pole was a hard cock to take and she moaned out loud as she pulled back, only to stroke his bare, muscled chest with unbridled passion.

“Mmm, your pussy is so perfect, bunny,” Troy breathed, though there was a flirty snicker on his lips too, nostrils quivering with breath. “Such a good…mmph…bunny hole…”

She shivered. Oh, how she loved being referred to like that. Dirtier — please! They never had to hold back in their language around her.

“No… Troy…” She panted breathlessly, though with her paws on his shoulders Maddie wasn’t about to ask him to stop. “Where… Where’s the condom?”

The horse grinned widely and winked.

“Maddie — you are the condom. I told you I found one!”

He nickered and laughed and would probably have slapped his own thigh in his amusement if he had not been buried in her, the hilt slopping into her with a lewd slurp of her sexual fluids, the cum that had already been pumped into ankara etimesgut escort bayan her. Maddie shrieked and collapsed against him, consciousness fading from her, though it was not unheard of for her to pass out from pleasure in sex.

Salma and Ninnin paused from where she had been grinding back onto his lap, letting his cock harden up against her slowly, Troy checking on Maddie, though Ninnin was well versed in any warning signs to look out for, if it came to Maddie passing out. She liked her fun on the rougher side and, though it would not have been his thing to enjoy, liked passing out from pleasure. The raccoon shivered and grinned, nodding to the stallion, who of course was not wearing a condom, to carry on.

All would be fine on leaving the encounter, yet the bare length of that thick length of horse meat sliding into his wife had him tipping forward eagerly, letting out a low, lustful growl that was not quite befitting of a raccoon of his stature and control. Salma grinned back at him, though she was just as enraptured by how easily Maddie’s tight pussy took her husband’s dick.

“Damn… Even I can’t take him like that — and we fuck several times a week! I’m on the pill though, so I always get to feel every hot inch of him sliding deep into me, the medial ring tugging at my puss as it pushes back and forth… Back and forth…”

She spread her folds as she said that, grinding her wetness back onto his cock, Ninnin’s pants growing more lustful, meeting her eyes with like-minded passion. The cheetah’s back arched, chest pushed up, making a curve with her body that took some considerable flexibility, though he enjoyed the show. He wondered if that helped her take her husband’s dick — not something that would have been appropriate for them to say or talk about if their friendship was not played out in such a way. But maybe he would ask Salma one day, when they weren’t fucking.

Sex, after all, did not have to be penetration to be sex, to be satisfying, to make his skin prickle in that delightful way. It was like a fine wine, something that he yearned to savour as it slipped down his throat, drawing out the moments more and more, as if he needed to tease out every sensation, every tingle, every catch of breath. There was so much more to sex than mere penetration, the throb of his cock hardening up again, the feel of Salma’s slick folds as they graced his length in a more intimate kind of kiss than he had imagined without his mind swamped with lust.

So much to take in… And all of it was surpassed by his wife being bounced like a living cock sleeve, nothing more than a condom to unload in, by the biggest stallion that he had been so close to in the pursuit of passion. Ninnin gasped, digging his fingers into Salma’s buttocks, squeezing her flesh, sensation getting the better of him. She growled and curled her tail loosely back around his neck, a devilish grin on her lips.

“Mmm… Ninnin, she’s going to be so full of stallion seed… How’s Maddie going to look when she’s pregnant, I wonder?”

He tensed, but it was only because his heart was pounding so much that he could barely think straight, need coursing through him with every beat of his heart, every pump of blood around his body. It shot to the best right place, down to his dick, heaving, grunting, dragging her back to him, her pussy sliding down over his mostly hard cock as it throbbed inside her. The feline cried out, but was not at all opposed to it as he took her, his paw sliding around to her crotch and to her clit.

The effect on the cheetah was electric, her tail stiffening as if she had been shocked, letting out a low, deep, throaty purr. God, he loved that noise, wanted more of it, panting, dragging her hips back on his cock as she easily hilted on his length. With the cock she was fucking most of the time, it was no surprise to Ninnin that his length was no issue for her to take. Yet her folds were so hot and wet all the same, wrapped around him like a silk glove.

“Yes… Mmm… Your wife, her breeding…”

Oh, she had to go there and Ninnin could not resist a delicious little shiver at the image she painted for him of a heavily pregnant Maddie.

Go on…

“Of course, I’m on the pill…” She breathed. “Such a shame… But your wife’s not, is she?”

It could have been dominant behaviour if the cheetah was not shivering and grinding her hips back at him, mewling like a kitten in his arms. Oh, she loved to be controlled and Ninnin knew how to give that to her too, adoring her and her body while the cheetah sucked in what breath she could, teasing him, riling him up more and more.

“Your wife, bred by my husband — any of the guys here,” she moaned. “There’s a risk, Ninnin, oh… Oh, that she’ll be round and thick with a pregnancy that won’t be yours. Mmmph — isn’t that what you want?”

Ninnin growled and nipped at the back of her neck, brushing her hair out of the way, Salma panting open-mouthed as she was forced to sit all the way back in his gölbaşı rus escort bayan paw, taking the entirety of his cock into her pussy. In such a position, leaning back against the raccoon’s chest, there was nowhere for her to go, head spinning, lips parted in a moan, lost in a moment that had been of her own design. Yet Ninnin held her fast and steady, eyes on Maddie and attention on her, lusting for them both in the heat of a moment that he could not have anticipated happening.

All while his fingers circled her clit, playing with the cheetah and her body as if to tell her that he could get her off any time he wanted. He just wasn’t going to until he had taken what he’d wanted from her body first.

Salma moaned, head rolling back against his shoulder, a flash of her sharper, carnivorous teeth showing as she cried out. Fuck, that was hot, but it was hotter still to see just how his wife’s pussy strained around the horse’s cock, pumping her full, raising and lowering her more and more urgently on his cock, though the outline, mmm… That was hot. There was so much to take in, all at once, though Ninnin knew that there was no true rush there, nothing that would stop him from savouring it, replaying every moment that took his fancy, over and over again, in his head afterwards.

That did not mean that it didn’t feel good to roll his hips lightly, the full length of his meat pressed up into the feline, holding her in place so that she couldn’t move off him or leave him there with a cock devoid of pleasure. Perhaps he was using her as something like a cock sleeve in that moment too, but it was all consensual, all in the nature of the games that they shared.

“Mmm… It would be so hot to be fucked and bred, Ninnin,” Salma moaned, shuddering as his fingers found her clit again, swirling around, pressing, rubbing, teasing, seeking out her most sensitive quirks. “Mmm… Hot and heavy… A bare cock just like yours pressed up into me, your cock, my husband’s dick… Oh, any dick for a good knocking up. Mm… Maddie would have such a glow to her if she was pregnant. Think how big she could get with a foal…”

That was hot, driving him to nip at the back of her neck and the space between her neck and her shoulder, drawing an enthusiastic cry from her. He thrust lightly, letting the shifting wriggle of Salma’s hips do most of the work for him, though his wife, slowly but surely, was coming back around.

So that he did not have to raise and lower Maddie unceremoniously on his cock as if she was a fleshlight (hot in idea, but not quite in the practice of that moment with her passed out, at least not for him), Troy let her sink down on his cock, the huge bulge of his length, flat head and all, showing obviously through her abdomen — and higher still. It was impressive that she took all of that without any help at all, though Maddie was well-known for being an incredibly stretchy bunny, even if he didn’t know why. They didn’t have to know why to enjoy fucking her, taking her, without any condoms at all in the intoxicating pull of flesh on flesh.

Troy smirked, leaning back a little and drawing her with him, his position almost mirroring Ninnin’s with his wife, only with Maddie facing him rather than facing away. Through Maddie’s abdomen, he was able to grasp a good portion of his cock, her flesh shifting and moving as he jacked himself off through her body.

Ninnin growled, watching. To see his wife being used like a toy, just for masturbation… He groaned deeply, licking his lips, though Salma was there, squirming in his lap, her tail looped around his neck, trying to tighten even if it was not the kind of tail that could tighten quite in that way. It was still erotic, the cushion squashing a little more under him.

But there was time, plenty of time, and none of it was to worry about anything, nothing at all, pressing down on her clit, even as he languished in the sight of the horse’s cock being masturbated through his wife’s belly. It was amazing, so fucking hot, all in a way that made the raccoon want to lose control, if only to experience even more of it.

Catching his gaze, Troy grinned widely, obviously pleased to be fucking Maddie. He was not the brightest bulb in the house, however, and not a horse that people would have said was really quick on his hooves, though that was not to his detriment. What he did came through careful thought, though giving into sensation was one of his favourite things in the stripping of the need to think.

He groped his cock through her belly as if he was proudly showing off the bulge of it, how big it was, dwarfing everyone else (okay, maybe that was taking things a little bit too far as he was not that much bigger). Every roll of his hips up into the bunny’s pussy came with a throb of desire, though he had rotated her, at some point, so that she faced out too, no long flopping forward against his chest but giving everyone else a better view.

“Here, thought we’d lend a paw!”

The wives brought markers, along with their husbands, though Salma complained about not being allowed to join in. Her pussy, however, was rather occupied with Ninnin’s cock. The raccoon barked a laugh, enjoying the show, though the markers were very evidently the kind that was safe to use on fur, even if a little more difficult to use on such a changeable surface.

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