Nis 14

She Done Him Wrong

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I had been dating Clare for almost six months now. She was everything I was looking for in a woman. Clare had this friendly personality, she had light brown hair and was shapely. She had these perfectly shaped tits that just begged to be sucked. Another good thing was she got along with my friend, Kent. All three of us hung out together and we had some laughs.

One Friday I was supposed to go over and pick up Clare. She gave me a call and said she was going to stay in. She had come down with some sort of bug and she was going to bed. There I was with nothing to do. Kent had told me he had some plans, so I was left to myself. I thought I might drive over to Clare’s apartment. Maybe she would need something from the pharmacy and I could go and get it for her.

I cruised over to her place but when I got there I saw Kent’s car. I wondered why he would be here. Luckily, Clare had given me a spare key to her place. I let myself in and I didn’t see anyone. I tiptoed down the hallway when I hear voices. I looked around the corner into Clare’s bedroom. There was Clare and Kent fucking. A host of emotions were going through me that moment. I was mad, I felt betrayed and I had that sinking feeling in my gut.

Kent was on top of Clare. He had her legs up and he was pounding her pussy. I listened for a few minutes as Clare begged him to fuck her hard. I couldn’t take it one second more. I reached out and knocked on the bedroom door to get their attention.

“I hope you both are enjoying yourselves,” I said.

They got a good look at me. It was like everything was in frozen motion. Clare’s face was classic. The jig was up. I took the key and threw it over onto the ataşehir escort bed and then I walked out. I was surprised at my self-control. I wanted to go over and pummel them both but I didn’t. I went home and got roaring drunk instead. I had lost my girlfriend and best friend in one fell swoop.

About three weeks had passed and I thought I was getting over that incident. I thought I might even try to go out some weekend and see if I could find another woman at a bar or club. That was when I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, there stood Clare.

“I wanted to talk to you and apologize for what happened, Ron.”

All those feelings I was trying to suppress and get over all rose to the surface in just a few seconds.

“I don’t want your apologies, Clare.”

I went to close the door on her but she forced her way into my apartment.

“Please, just hear me out,” she said.

Clare went on to say that she had made a big mistake. She wanted to find out if there was any way I would take her back. I was incredulous. I caught her cheating on me and now I was supposed to let bygones be bygones. I looked at her for a long minute then it came to me.

I reached down and found my zipper. I pulled it down and I pulled my cock from my pants and underwear. Clare’s eyes got big.

“You know what you have to do,” I said to her, “suck on it.”

For a few seconds I thought she would turn around and walk from my apartment. Instead she walked over to me and she got down on her knees. Actually I was a bit surprised. Sucking cock wasn’t Clare’s thing. She must have been desperate to have me back. Clare took hold of my dick and kadıköy escort bayan brought it to her lips. I was going to make sure she took all of me.

I put both of my hands on the back of her head and made sure she wasn’t going to pull off. I watched as Clare’s head bobbed up and down my rod. I slid all seven inches of me all the way into her throat. Yes, she was gagging as she went down to the root but I didn’t care. This was all about me now. You could say it was payback time.

I fed my pecker down Clare’s throat for at least ten minutes. I was getting rock hard by then. I wasn’t going to waste my load, however. I let go of her head and I pulled her to her feet. I just went crazy. I pulled her top off and I got her bra unsnapped. Off came her shoes, pants and panties. I got stripped down in record time. Clare’s eyes went wide. I had always been a thoughtful lover up until then. This time was different.

I moved her over to my dining room table. I lifted her up and I spread her legs wide. I aimed my dick for her folds and I entered her hard. Clare let out this cry as I pushed in deep the whole way. I went one speed… fast. I drove my cock into Clare’s tight pussy. I reached out and took her tits in my hands. I was squeezing her mounds of flesh as I fed her every inch of my cock.

Don’t think that Clare wasn’t getting into it. She was making all these love noises as I took her pussy. Her love tunnel was dripping wet. I could feel her pussy muscles tightening and releasing around my prick. Oh yes, she was getting into it alright. If she thought this was about her, she was sadly mistaken. This was my time. I kept feeding her my dick escort maltepe until I felt like I was getting close. I didn’t tell her a thing. I drove into her pussy hard one last time and then I erupted.

I hadn’t cum in close to a week. I was saving it for God knows what. My sticky seed was splashing inside her pussy. I could tell she was having some orgasms as my dick rubbed against her pussy walls. I just kept dumping my load into her greedy hole. When I finally was empty I just held my cock in place. Clare kept milking my dick, getting ever last drop from me. Unfortunately I did get soft and pulled out.

I looked down to see my love milk dripping out from Clare’s pussy and down her ass. The next part was delicious. I walked over and gathered up Clare’s clothes. I threw them at her.

“Get dressed and get out!” I said to her.

Her face was priceless.

“What do you mean?” She said to me.

“You didn’t really think I was going to take you back, did you? I’m sure that once Kent fucked you and got tired of you, you decided to come crawling back to me for forgiveness. Sorry honey, I just wanted one last piece of ass and I just got it. Now get out.”

Clare quickly threw her clothes on and she went out the door. I knew she was mad. Probably more from not being able to get me back. Call me vindictive. I am not big into lovers cheating. I did find out later that Kent had thrown Clare to the curb after he got what he wanted. It didn’t take long for me to replace Clare. Her name is Robin and she is a vast improvement over Clare. Robin and I talked and she is like-minded. She takes a dim view of lovers cheating.

The aftermath of my story is this. Robin and I were out at the mall one weekend. Who did I spot? You guessed it, Clare. Her face betrayed her. I think it was the look of jealousy. She had a good thing going and then she blew it. Thankfully, it all worked out well for me and the sex is fantastic with Robin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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