Mar 10

She is Good With Numbers

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She is Good With NumbersMy parents own this shopping mall/business center. I grew up here working after school doing odd jobs and cleaning. I got to know the tenants very well and liked most of them. We were like a big family. One lady in particular I really liked, Mrs, Tina Cleary, she was a CPA and her office was in the center and had been for as long as I could remember. She was tall and skinny with wide hips. She always wore these low cut tops with a bra that pushed her boobs up so her tits looked bigger than they really were. She had these freckles on her tits. She had the blonde hair with the dark roots, warm brown eyes. As I hit puberty I rubbed many out with Tina as the star. She showed up my wet dreams too. Even though she was tired or haggered looking I thought I wanted to fuck her. She loooked older than she really was. We would flirt with each other big time. She would get pretty raunchy and I would have a boner for the rest of the day. “Some day I am gonna strip down naked and let you get an eyefull and whatever else you want to do to get it out of your system. Hell it would do me some good too! I never had a man look at me the way you do.” She would say every so often. One day I was in her office emptying the trash and I was looking down her blouse getting my eyes full. Her tits looked extra god that day. I looked up and she was looking right at me. “Like what you see? Wanna see more?” She said with an kinky smile. “I would pay good money to get a look!” I said all smug beating Tina to the raunchy. “Well well, one of these days…” Tina said with a smile. “Well well you always say that, I am starting to think you are all talk Tina Cleary.” I said thinking we would laugh and go back to work. Tina walked into the front office and then came back into her office and closed the door. Then she with her back to me, undid her blouse, and turned towards me. I stood there looking right straight at her push up bra and she undid that too and let it drop to the floor. I was face to face with Tina’s freckled tits. She pushed them together and said “Well there you have it! What do you think of these young John Wilson? My husband does not seem to pay attention to them, maybe you will appreciate them.” Tina pushed her tits into my face. I thought Tina was just playing with me as we always do and that she would put her clothes back on. My cock was thinking other wise and got hard as steel. Then she reached behind her skirt and popped that off too. Now Tina was doing a strip tease in front of me with just some panties and heels. “Can you keep a secret?” She asked me. I told her yes, then she kicked off the heels and dropped her panties. She was now completely naked in front of me. “The secret is I am not a real blonde” she giggled. She had a stripe of dark bush right above her pussy slit. Her body did not look half bad, better than I thought it would. I was not sure why her face and hands made her look much older. I am not sure what had happened between her and her husband to make dance naked in front of me but I was pretty happy about it. “How old are you? Have you ever seen woman naked? Have you ever been with a woman?” She quizzed me as she teased me. I could smell her pussy and it was making me horny and I knew I needed to get release. Tina pushed me into a chair and continued her dance but now was brushing her pussy against my cheek. I was afraid I would cream my pants and embarrass myself. “Well? Tell you what I am going to do, I am going to lay on this floor all spread out and let you do whatever you want to me, so you can get it out of your system, kilis escort so we can get it out of our systems. You want me as much as I want you.” Tina said as she laid down and sprawled out on the floor. Her pussy was open like a flower and glistened it was so wet. Her nipples were hard and standing straight up. My cock was so hard it was numb and dribbling juice making a wet spot in my pants. Not sure what to do but wanting to fuck her I got on the floor and stuck one finger inside her pussy. She looked up at me and smiled real big. Then she leaned over and undid my pants. She had take off my shoes, then my pants and shirt. Now I was just as naked as she was. She pulled me on top of her and guided my super hard cock into her soft wet pussy. I slid easily into her. “Now just push in and pull back. That’s it, a little more force.” Tina said. Her pussy felt amazing, even better than I had imagined. I picked up speed and she kept her hands on my ass guiding me. “That feels good, I like the feel of you inside me.” Tina said. And that was what sent me over the edge. I tried to hold back but my cock and balls were burning and I could not hold back any longer. I thought that I should pull out but something in me said to go deep so I pushed my cock as deep into Tina’s sweet pussy as I could and let loose a massive load of spunk. I mean I came so hard I think I blacked out for a second or two as my my cock pumped a massive amount of semen deep into Tina. Tina came too but I did not realize it. “Honey are you alright? I have never made a man cum that hard before. You sure know how to make a woman feel good.” Tina said as my cock still twitched inside her. We laid there for awhile with my head resting on her boobs and my cock still hard inside her. I started to pump her slowly for another minute and then came again inside her. “You have cum so much inside I am going to slosh when I walk.” Tina laughed. We both got cleaned up and dressed. Then we thought we should get back to work. The next day Tina was busy and I never got to see her. But the day after that I walked into her office and no one was there. She grabbed me and took into her office and slammed the door. She flipped her skirt and pulled her panties down just enough and bent over the desk, “Fuck me now, I have been thinking of your cock all day! Hurry before my next appointment.” Tina pleaded. I moved in and pushed my cock into her doggy style and fucked her for two minutes before pumping a huge load deep in her cunt. As soon as my cock was done she pulled up her panties and fixed her skirt, knelt down and cleaned my cock with her mouth. I zipped my pants and walked out the door just as her next appointment came thru the door. I got to where I was fucking Tina several times a day, granted they were quickies but it was still good to be draining my balls into some vintage pussy. Then one day Tina asked me “I want to try something, I did this alot in high school and college, so much I lost count but I was good at it. Let me try it on you.” Tina undid my pants and gave me the most amazing blow job and swallowed my load. “Wow, I had not done that in twenty five years.” Tina said. Now she was sucking my dick as much as we fucked. Then Tina and her husband must have worked out their problems and she and I stopped. She let me hit it a couple more times here and there for old times but it was not the same. There was a red head MILF on the other end of the mall that I ended up fucking several times but she got pregnant and that stopped too. Pretty sure it was not mine as she was fucking me and five other guys plus her husband all at the same time. She said it had to be her husbands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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