Nis 14

She Likes to Use Her Mouth Ch. 03

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Jason hadn’t seen Kelsi for a few days. After she admitted to blowing the professor, she seemed to be avoiding him. But Jason was also working quite a bit and so it was easy to avoid him.

Finally he decided to go see her at work. Just as before, when he saw her talking to Professor Huxley, he happened upon her talking to an older guy as he approached. How often did this happen he wondered? Were guys always chatting her up or was this a coincidence? Was this guy even chatting her up?

But, he was starting to enjoy listening to her talk to other guys. First was Professor Huxley in a very similar circumstance. That conversation wasn’t as exciting as the one where Jason eavesdropped on her with Andrew. So once again he creeped quietly to stand hidden but within earshot. It was easy to do in a library.

He heard Kelsi say, “Ok. I can do that. Do you want me to come get you when I’m finished?”

“No that’s fine. I’m sure you’ll do it right.” He paused, “You know, I’ve really been impressed with you working here. The students that come in after school are usually hit and miss. You’ve definitely been a hit.” The older gentleman told her.

“Awww. Thanks. I’ve enjoyed working here. And you’ve always been so nice to me. I really should thank you.” She beamed.

“No reason to thank me. And I’m glad you think that. By the way, are you going to work here through the summer?”

“I don’t know. Probably not though. I’m sorry.” She replied.

“Bummer. I will miss seeing you. You’ll have to come back and visit as friends.” He said.

“I will. I promise. I’d like to be friends.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds. Then he said, “Well, I’d better leave you to it. Thanks again.” He instinctively reached out for her shoulder and gave it a quick rub. Then he turned to leave.

She stared in his direction as he walked away.

Jason walked around the corner and saw a slightly dreamy look on her face as she watched the older guy walk away. But she quickly turned to get back to work. Jason caught her attention and he could see the traces of a smile in her expression fade away. She was worried he was still mad at her, even though he never actually was.

“Hey Kelsi,” He said.

She hung her head and tried to avoid looking at him. Her eyes darted to his face and away again. “Jason, I’m sorry about the other day. I want to talk about it, but this isn’t the best place.”

“I know. But it seemed like you were avoiding me. So I had to see you.” He told her.

“Maybe, I can come over tomorrow after school and we can talk about it?” She proposed.

“Definitely. I’ll see you then. And I’m not mad at you at all. So don’t even worry yourself.” He replied. He said it so lightly and happily that she couldn’t help but believe him. He could almost see the tension leave her.

She had the traces of a smile as she told him. “Ok…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Perfect.” Jason enthused.


The next day, Jason met up with Kelsi as she was walking just down the street from his house.

“There you are.” He sneaked up on her.

“Jason! You scared me.” But she was laughing now.

He was smiling at her as they started to walk side by side down the sidewalk. In her skirt and sweater, with her hair pulled back with a band, she carried her books in front of her. What the stereotypical schoolgirl she was. Who could’ve guessed what an oral mistress she had become?

“So, Jason, I’ve been thinking a lot.” She said cautiously.

“Yeah? Me too.” He responded.

She continued, “Let me say what I need say?”

“Of course,” He agreed.

“Okay. Firstly…I like you a lot. You are sooooo nice to me and you know I appreciate that. And I don’t want us to stop being friends.” She told him.

“Same here. All of that. I really like you too.”

They smiled at each other, but her smiling face turned into one of resignation and she said “I’ve made a decision about college.” She took a deep breath and said quickly, “I’m going out of State.”

She looked for his reaction. He didn’t say anything right away and he wasn’t looking at her. He seemed to be processing it.

“Okay” He said finally, nodding his head and turning his face to her.

She nodded too, and went on, “There are a lot of reasons for my decision. It wasn’t an easy one. But I want us to still be friends until I go away. Ok?” She took his hand in hers as she said it.

“Yes. I want that too.” Said Jason.

By now they had made it to his house and were walking inside. Sitting onto the couch he said jokingly, “So the good professor couldn’t convince you to stay?”

She smiled but it was mostly to mask the tension that shot to her shoulders as Jason brought it up. “Well, that’s part of it.” She explained. “After what…we’d done, I would’ve felt a little strange going to school ataşehir escort there. Being a student that hooks up with one of her professors isn’t me.”

“Yeah.” He asked, “Can I…do you want to tell me how it happened?”

She looked at him for a second, and leaned in to kiss his cheek. Then she settled onto his chest. The side of her face was against him. One arm was on his shoulder while the other was stroking his opposite forearm. “You’re really not mad?” She asked him.

“No. Of course not. You’ve told me about what you’ve done with other guys. What’s the difference?” He was rubbing her arm, then let his hand wander to rub up and down her thigh.

“I could tell you liked hearing about them. And…I liked it too for some reason. But those were guys in the past and I just didn’t think you’d want to hear about something that happened since we started…hanging out.”

She looked up at him to see his face expecting his reply. He kissed her. It was a peck that turned into an open mouth kiss. He teased her with his tongue, but didn’t let it slipped passed her lips. She started rubbing his cock through his pants as he put his hand to her cheek.

Breaking away he said, “I guess I like to hear about all of it.”

They kissed and fondled some more before he asked, “Will you tell me about it?”

She put her head on his shoulder while still rubbing his cock and began, “I went to the English Department and they said that he was teaching a lecture. But they gave me the room number where it was. I slipped in the back of the lecture hall and the class was nearly over. At the end I made my way down to where he was packing up.”

Jason guided her to sit up straight and pulled her shirt up above her beautiful, large, pale tits. He began to squeeze one, then the other. They were large, and still young and perky. They were perfect. The large areolas were tightening to his touch. Sometimes, it was hard to make out where they began as they blended in with the skin around them. But, tightening as they were made it easy.

“There were a few girls that stopped by to ask him questions. He was very nice to all of them. And then he saw me waiting and he smiled at me like he remembered me.”

Jason remarked, “Of course he remembered you. What did he say? He loves to…cum…across girls like you.”

“Ohhhh…” She sighed then continued, “After the other girls walked away he came and put his arm around me and guided me to the door. He told me that he was glad that I had taken him up on his offer.”

She caressed Jason’s hair as he continued to play with and now started to suck her breasts. One of his hands had made it to her panty covered pussy.

She let out a sigh and went on, “He showed me most of the places where I’d likely have classes and the dorm where I’d probably be staying. There was an Honors dorm that was in a prime location to get everywhere on campus. He showed me the library. And then we went back to the English Department.”

Jason had now slipped down between her legs and was kissing and teasing her inner thighs and still panty covered bush.

“There was a faculty lounge there, and I could go in with him. A couple other professors were talking over coffee or tea or something. He introduced them as friends of his. Professor Huxley and I sat with them and they talked about a new lecture series they want to start. I didn’t really know what to say so I just sat with them and listened.”

Jason had taken her hand and brought it into her panties. He held his hand over hers and guided her to rub herself she timidly began timidly but continued on her own. He kept his hand on hers and kissed her belly.

“Then Professor Huxley had to meet with someone. He said it wouldn’t take long and I could wait in the faculty lounge. One of the other professors that he had been talking to came to sit beside me.”

Jason was removing her panties and looked up to her and said, “Go on. I want to hear everything. What did this professor say?”

Kelsi continued, “He said that Professor Huxley was a favorite among the students and the other professors in the English Department. And that he also was very good at instigating interaction between the students and professors.”

When Jason had removed her panties she removed her hand from her slit. He took her hand again and guided it back to her now exposed wetness. He wanted to watch how she touched herself. He was curious if she even did masturbate. She had to, he thought. Everyone says girls do it too. Kelsi’s head was thrown back and her eyes closed.

“And how much interaction was there between you and this professor?” He asked.

Jason started teasing her, rubbing her thighs and breathing tiny kisses near her blonde bush. She kept things tidy, but wasn’t one to shave it all off. And he loved her kadıköy escort bayan smell. If innocence had a scent, her skin had it. Something like baby powder. That scent was mixed with a sweetness so close to her virgin lips.

“Nothing like that.” She said. “But…well…let me tell you.”

“Go on.” Jason encouraged.

Her heavy breathing was starting to make talking difficult but she managed to say, “Well, when Professor Huxley came back, he said…we should go to his office so he could show me some more literature about the school… He also had some books that he wanted to show to me.”

Jason moved her hand and began to nibble on her pink pussy but lifted his head to say, “Were you suspicious that he just wanted to get you alone?”

“No. I didn’t think he’d…ahhhhhh…I didn’ ex-ahhh…expect…” She was having some trouble speaking. Jason was excited by how turned on she was. He knew that part of it was what he was doing to her and part of it was her talking about what went on with the professor. Jason felt he was doing that to her too. He was the one that was encouraging her after all. She must also be excited to be reliving the experience.

He decided to back off slightly. He wanted to hear more and prolong the experience, for both of them. He moved up to kiss just above her panty line, as his hand massaged around the outside of the upper part of pussy. His hand was so close to it, but not touching.

It seemed to calm her some and she could continue, “I shouldn’t be so naive.”

“If you’d have been suspicious, would you not have gone with him?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have.”

“Do you regret it?” He asked.


Jason thought maybe she was thinking too much now. Time to get on with this story. “What happened when you got to his office?” He moved back down to give long licks along her slit as he separated her lips with his fingers.

She sucked in a breath and said, “AHHHHHH…He has a little couch in his office and we sat and talked mmmmmm.”

“About what?” Jason continued to lap at her. His fingers were massaging her lips with one hand. The other hand massaged up and down her thigh.

“He showed me some stuff about the school. But I had already seen it. Then he said that he had something he really wanted to show me.”

“Uh-huh. I think I know what he really wanted to show you.”

She half-laughed, half-groaned in pleasure. “It was a book. He sat next to me. Really close and handed the book to me. I opened it up in my lap and he leaned over and was pointing to some gilding in the pages.”

“What was the book?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know…ohhhhh…I wasn’t thinking. He was so close to me when he was talking. Our whole bodies were touching.”

“Were you suspicious yet?”

“That’s when I started to wonder if he was flirting with me.” She nearly whispered it.

“Were you excited?”

“mmmmmmmm yes…I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying.”

“Did you flirt with him?”

“I don’t know how. I didn’t know what to say.”

“When did he make a move on you? How did he do it?”

“I don’t know… It was so fast… I wasn’t thinking…He put his hand on my leg and I…mmmmmm”

“What did you do?”

“I just…ohhhhhh… I just sat there…”

“What did he do?” Jason asked. He was sucking near her clit as his hand rubbed her lips. He let his fingers slip inside on some of the strokes.

“He…mmmm… he made me look at him and he told me…mmmmmm…yeah… he asked what I thought about the school.”

“What did you say?”

“I told him I liked it. He told me he thought I’d be a great fit there. That he and all the other professors would love having me…ohhhhh…And…he said…mmmm… that’s when he said…ohhhhhhh…mmmmmmm”

“Say it.”

Kelsi went on, with some difficulty…”mmmmmmm…We sat on his couch…we were so close…mmmmmm…ohh…and that’s when he told me that thing…mmmmm…”

“What thing?” Jason sort of knew already.

“mmmmmm that he wanted to cum on me…ohh…that’s not what he said…mmmmmmm…I didn’t take it the way you said it at the time but…aaahhhhhh… now that’s how I hear it…mmmmmmm…yes…”

Jason was really working her now and she was grinding against his face.

“Ohhh…He so nice to me and I was feeling so …mmmmm…I just sat there and smiled at him…mmmmmmm… …I must have looked so bashful… …ohhhhhh… then he brought his hand up to caress my cheek…mmmmmmmm”

“Was he getting you getting turned on?” Jason asked.

“mmmmmmmy… yeah… I just couldn’t get enough of his attenion and I started to kiss his fingers…”

“Like you did with David.” Jason reminded her.

“mmmmmm… David… yeah… I knew he liked it and mmmmmI thought Professor Huxley would too. He smiled escort maltepe at me and I asked him… ohhhh… ‘did you expect me to give you head?’…mmmmmmmm”

“You said that?”

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I just blurted it out and then felt stupid.”

Jason was hard as rock. He wanted that mouth of hers too. But he wanted to get her off.

“What did he say?”

“mmmmmm… He said he didn’t expect it… oohhh… I asked if he wanted it…mmmm… he said he’d never ask me for that…mmmmmm… I was like…ohhhh…I told him I liked doing it. I can’t…mmmmmm…I can’t believe I told him that.”

She was almost there, Jason could tell. He was sucking her clit while rubbing her with his fingers.

“…oh…he asked me what I meant…mmmmm… ahhhh… and I just slipped to the floor… yeahhh… Jason… ohhh… and I felt his hard penis… and I …mmmmm… and I asked…ohhhhh… Can I use my mouth for you?…oh oh oh…yes…Jason…yes…”

She was going off all over his face, grinding into him as he continued to lick and suck her.

After she had calmed down, Jason sat beside her on the couch, wiping his face with his hands and smiling devilishly.

She looked it him ashamedly and said, “I’m sorry Jason. I’m not a slut. I just… maybe I am a slut…”

“Hey, Kelsi, no way are you a slut. This is what it’s like being a teenager. It’s not like you’re having sex with a bunch of guys. You’re still a virgin for crying out loud.” He was sitting at her side, hugging her and massaging her upper arms.

She laughed a little, feeling somewhat foolish.

“I guess.” she said. “Well, I just…I’ve never… I’m not used to getting attention, I don’t know what to do. It makes me feel so good.”

“I know. It’s just…fun.” He encouraged her.

Then he smiled and began to run his fingers across her cheek. She looked at him and began to kiss his fingers. “Do you expect me to give you head?” She asked mockingly.

Hi mocked her back, “I don’t expect it.”

“But do you want it?” She asked

He tried to remember what the professor told her, “I wouldn’t ask for it.”

She slipped down to the floor between his legs, opened his pants and asked, “Can I please use my mouth on you? You’re so nice to me and I’m so glad we’re friends.”

She stroked his cock and said, “It excites me when you get me to tell you these things. But I like to do other things with my mouth too, as you’re discovering…as I’m discovering… ” She said very timidly, “I want to give you head.” She thought it was naughty to say, but it excited her to say it.

She started sucking him.

Jason was groaning. “So why were you so late getting home? Did you spend the whole evening sucking his dick?”

“mmmmmm, I was home… I knew you came over.. I’m sorry…”

Jason looked down at her questioningly. She looked back up at him still sucking and closed her eyes for a moment then took him out and kept stroking him.

“I wasn’t alone.” She said.

“He was there with you?” Jason asked in surprise.

She went back to sucking him and then shook her head no.

“Then what do you mean?” He asked.

She didn’t quite want to say. She just kept sucking him and he closed his eyes but finally she told him, “It was Andrew.”

Jason’s eyes shot open but went closed again as Kelsi took him deep in her mouth.

“Oh…shit…” Jason moaned.

She started fisting his cock, “He broke up with Christina and he wanted to be friends again and…he was so nice to me.”

“Oh…shit…” was all Jason could muster as she went back down on him.

Finally he could only manage, “And you…”

She looked up at him but didn’t take him out of her mouth. She sucked at the head and stroked him with her hand. Finally she nodded slowly to affirm that she had sucked Andrew off. Then she took him in all the way to the base, closing her eyes in strain.

“OHHHHHH” Jason gasped. He was almost there.

Coming up for air she continued, “I guess I always wanted to. I wanted to at the company party. But he came too soon.” She lowered her voice when she said the word “came” – like she shouldn’t use that word. “I was on my knees and he…you know…all over me. I would’ve sucked him. I wanted to.”

She put his cock back in her mouth and Jason couldn’t take it anymore. He came and came. And she swallowed all that was given to her.

After they both calmed down she asked, “Are you mad at me?”

“God no, Kelsi. You are so hot.”

And they collapsed together.

He held her against him and said, “Wow. You really do like to give head.”

“I can’t help it. I…feel like I’m becoming a slut.”

“I don’t think so. You know that.” Jason tried to comfort her.

“I just, something takes over and I can’t think straight. And then talking about it with you…it just…what should I do?” She asked.

“Let’s…just have fun. I’m having fun. Aren’t you?” He offered.

She just smiled at him and nodded slightly. He was comforting to her. She liked him the most. And that she could share with him was double the pleasure.

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