Haz 07

She Loves Teasing Me Before I Cum

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A typical Sunday Morning. Relaxed I lay on the sofa. Beautiful sunlight falls on the carpet making the room glow. The winds are making the curtains swirl in rhythms. Basically one of the very few days of the week I love. And guess what I do on a typical day like this?

So I have the controller in my hand while my character builds all those floors, walls, etc while I edit them and shoot at the enemies. I tell you I’m getting quite good at this game. In fact, this very match could be a Victory Royale!

She comes into the room, I notice her from the side of my eye. She look so beautiful in the morning wearing absolutely nothing. She always does that, gets up from the bed and roams around like that. I absolutely love her when she feels so free around me.

She is leaning in the door frame looking at me playing. She is so slim and slightly tanned. Her hair are dark and tied in a messy bun. No makeup on and trust me she looks so good, something inside me wants to bite her right now. I love my girlfriend.

She comes and sits next to me.

‘Good morning babe.’

‘Good morning beautiful.’

‘How’s my baby up so early today, I thought I tired you enough last night for a long sleep?’


Well that’s me guys, always up on time, always to bed on time, more often than not early to work, on time at the gym etcetera. One of those rare people who respect the clock; exactly opposite to my wife.

She checks her phone for a while and throws it away again.

‘Meh. All the boring things again.’

‘You mean all those DMs from hot guys on Instagram?’ I laugh.

‘Yeah and very soon I’m gonna go away with one and you’ll remain with that stupid game of yours’ she’s pissed.

Okay judge me all you want but I love this look on her face. So much so that I actually stop looking at the screen. She presses her lips and her mouth goes a little stretched to one side. She’s rolling her eyes. As soon as I turn towards her she looks away. I rest the controller on the arm rest.

‘Hey. You look so beautiful today baby, wow your hair smells so good. I can’t resist you at all!’

She doesn’t even turn. She’s looking outside the window into our garden.

‘What is it, did your player die again?’

‘Yeah, I guess he got a glance at you.’

She turns and I see that little smile on that pretentious angry face, oh God she’s the most beautiful girl ever. She keeps looking at me. I smile bahçelievler escort a little and she smiles some more. I smile a little wider and she starts laughing. She always loses this game.

‘Come here you honeybunny’ She grabs me and pulls me over her while she lies down.

‘All yours’ I comply.

I wrap my hands around her. Her skin is so soft against my hands I slide them all over her back. I slide under her and she lays on top of me while we sit on the couch, her back against my chest. I wrap my arms tightly around her and keep her as close to me as possible. She keeps sliding her hand on my arms.

‘I love these hairy arms of yours baby’

‘You do don’t you?’ I kiss her neck. She squirms and gets my blood rushing down south instantly.

She doesn’t reply and gazes somewhere far away.

‘You know in this very moment I could tell you I am the happiest and at peace. I could live in this moment forever. You in my arms. I feel the whole world is jealous right now isn’t it?’ I say.

‘Oh honey you always make me feel so precious, what would I do without you, ever?’ She turns and tries to do the innocent look but her eyes give her intentions away. She so cute I could love her all my damn life and still would want more. She goes straight for my lips. Her tongue is so hot and wet as it invades my mouth, writhing my tongue for everything it has. Suddenly my underwear starts feeling so tight.

‘Oh honey get off now or something might happen’ I tease her.

‘Oh what will happen mister? Is this the problem, tell me?’ She grabs my hard penis from over my shorts. She gives it some shoves while keeps looking me in the eyes.

‘I don’t know, maybe?’ I gesture for the I don’t know with my shoulders while trying to act innocent. She is smiling constantly, I know she loves me like this.

‘Well ma’am I must tell you I’m very aware of your desires right now since you have no clothes on.’ I say, looking at her all over with my eyes. Always, everytime I am horny I go formal, I face palm myself mentally.

‘Oh you mean this?’ she starts rubbing her clitoris with her long fingers and trust me it is literally watering. I look at it and I’m instantly aware she’s still holding my penis. It’s throbbing against her hand right now. She’s on top of me with her knees on either sides of me, completely naked; one hand holding my penis while with the other she balgat escort is satiating her arousal. She flips her hair open while looking straight into my eyes.

She knows I love her open hair so much. I can’t physically get my eyes off her face right now, she is so mesmerizing.

She leans forward and kisses me on my chest. Unfortunately its under my T-shirt. She smiles and looks at me with the look, biting her bottom lip a bit. I quickly remove my T-shirt. She is still touching herself and when I look at her after removing my T-shirt she’s laying on her back at the hand rest and playing with herself pretty wildly now. She dripping on the couch. Legs way apart. My wild little baby.

‘Looks like someone is having fun without me.’ I say.

‘Looks like someone is jealous.’ She says without looking up.

‘Oh am I? Oh wait what’s this in my pants?’ I pull out my penis and start jerking it. It’s so hard I cant believe myself. She turns me on so much.

I take off my shorts and underwear. I am not a bit amazed to see the damp patch in front of my underwear. Precum.

And almost immediately the room is filled with the sweet scent of it. As if desire and lust was mixed in the air of this very apartment. She is masturbating with a wild rhythm now. I look at her, so hot, so beautiful and so horny. She’s my everything.

She starts moaning and I know she’s gonna cum. She looks at me. So innocent eyes. So out of place from her current naughty preposition. She looks at me with those eyes and moans my name, her breath already getting heavy. She is so about to cum, I am so lost in the moment.

Her body suddenly clenches, every muscles releasing a spasm of joy. Her hand stops for a brief moment. Her whole body shakes specially her vagina. She arches her back and her breasts almost touch my face. She collapses back, breathing heavy. She waits a while to come back from her climax.

I keep looking at her getting visibly harder and harder down there. I am still holding my penis when she comes for it. I totally forgot about my masturbation! She looks at my penis.

‘Looks like someone wants to have sex so badly’ she points down.

‘Oh boy! When did that happen!?’ I say looking down.

There is a pool of precum on the couch. She sticks her finger in it and swirls it around. She is so excited, I haven’t precummed this much before.

I cant resist now, at all. All ankara escort this is too much for me, she’s being so sexy.

I put my arm around her waist and pull her on me. She doesn’t resist at all. She adjusts my penis and there we go. I put it inside her. She moans with every inch. Could I get more turned on, I wonder.

I lie down on the couch and she sits on my erect penis. Every moment of hers is so erotic I think this won’t last long. She starts to bounce on me with my penis still in her.

‘Give me that cum mister, I need it right now!’ She screams while going vigorously faster.

‘Couldn’t say no even if I wanted to’ I say.

I regret it the very next moment. She loves to tease me before I cum. She gets my hard penis out from her and starts rubbing it with her ass. Teasing it, making me long for every stroke of friction.

‘Say if we weren’t to cum right now?’ she teases.

‘Oh please let me, oh my God!’ I scream.

Why does she have to be so sexy. She is giving me orgasms already!

‘Let’s stroke it slow’ she says. Always experimenting with my penis. She loves sex, I can bet on that.

‘Let’s start with stroking it at least first!’ I complain.

She holds it with her left hand and starts stroking it very slowly. She sits on my stomach with her legs on either side of me. Her back is towards me and yet I can guess she is smiling and happy. Also, obviously I can tell from the fact that her so wet vagina is resting wide open on my abs.

She bends and puts it in her mouth completely. Licks every mm of it and covers it completely with her saliva. She turns her head to look at me. I know what it means, I must be precumming so much in her hands.

‘Enough fun, come here you!’ I say and in one swift movement I’m on her. I penetrate my hard dripping penis in her and start humping wildly. Oh my orgasms run in my blood stream! I am so about to cum within minutes. She keeps looking at me and moaning and squirming. I know she loves it, her smile tells me she’s having more fun than ever.

‘Give me it! Give me your cum right now! Oh My God!’ she cums all around my penis. Its so hot and wet I cant handle it anymore. Within a few more movements I am already cumming inside her. It feels so good and relaxing. I can feel all the stress from my body releasing along with those strings of semen. I keep inside her till I go flaccid. Then I pull out.

She keeps looking at me all throughout. I lean and kiss her on her lips. Her lips are so soft and tender. We both suddenly look at the TV and it flashes ‘Victory Royale’. My squad never lets me down, I smile and start kissing her briskly from her chin to her bellybutton. She twitches from being tickled and we both laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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