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— She saves her sister

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— She saves her sisterIt was a warm night as Emma was lying in her bed. Resting peacefully, her thoughts gently strayed into a gentle sex scene with another woman. Her breaths quickened as the heat slowly built, these thoughts came more and more often now. It was only ever in the mornings that she felt any amount of guilt about her thoughts the night before, however during the night, nothing stoped her. She had never, not once, had touched herself when thinking about women daring not to take that step, but this time was different. Masturbation was one thing that she just couldn’t get right. She could fill her body with what she believed to be ecstasy but never go all the way. The prospect of an orgasm haunted her as she desperately tried to reach it sometimes twice a day. She was beginning to wonder if it did actually exist.Laying in her warm bed, all her senses but one becoming drowned by one desire. Shutting her eyes she began to think about a beautiful woman kissing her and she slowly began to play with her clitoris. For an hour she played and probed her pussy trying to get there but even the thought of a woman’s tongue touching, kissing, licking her wasn’t enough. She continued, her fingers flying in and out of her, moaning as the pleasure seemed to build but slowly but subside moments after. Suddenly the door burst open Emma’s heart jumped into her throat as she frantically grabbed for the blanket to cover her naked body. Her sister Connie walked into the room and sat on the bed next to her. The scent was apparent to Emma; she could bursa escort only hope that her sister was still in the dark to her midnight operations. Sweat was beginning to show on her brow in the last seconds before her sister entered this constant trouble of the run away orgasmswas starting to get on her nerves.He sister sat silent for a moment and looked around Emma’s room. “Nice room” she concluded. Emma just smiled wanting her to leave. “Are you ok?” Connie asked her extending her hand to feel her forehead.“yes I’m fine” Emma answered. Feeling the heat and sweat she was confused and chose not to believe her and contested. “Are you sure?”“Yes! Yes! I’m sure I just have a headache,” Emma snapped back getting impatient at the situation, her eyes looked down as she said it realising that she was not impatient that her sister was there but that she was becoming more and more aroused and wanted to masturbate more and more with every passing second. Connie just smiled give a cheeky grin and pulled the covers off Emma with a flash. Connie eyed her sisters beautiful naked body shrugging and saying comfortably with a laugh “I knew it, have you cum yet?Emma was shocked, scared, embarrassed and excited all in one and she grabbed for the sheet covering her body without thinking. “You may as well tell me the truth I’ve heard you trying to cum for more then an hour… these walls are thinner then you think.” Emma’s face went red and minutes later as her sister was about to leave she muttered, “I have never cum before,” not believing that she had just bursa escort bayan said that to her sister! Connie smiled nice and big saying “Well we are going to have to change that then aren’t we.” Confused Emma looked at her sister gently moving the sheet down and felt her sister’s fingertip touch her clit. The single touch gave her more pleasure then the entire night if not every time she had masturbated in the past.Connie smiled as she watched her sister’s head tilt back and her back begin to arch.With this Connie inserted her finger so deep that Emma let out a moan that would have been heard on the other side of the house. Connie slid out her finger sucked on it and slid two back in even deeper whispering “do you like that.” All Emma could muster was a pleasurable moan in the affirmative.Connie began to wiggle the tip of her fingers and it happened…Emma let out a scream as she exploded, her pussy hugging her sister’s fingers tight. Her sister surprised at how fast she had cum resorted that she must have been close after an hour of trying gently smiled to herself sucking her fingers. Emma opened her eyes and looked deep into her sisters eyes muttering “if this is wrong I don’t give a…” and pulled her sister to her and passionately kissed her.Their tongues met and Emma striped the cloths from her sister’s body and pulled her naked body onto hers whispering in her ear. “I love you,” Connie pressed her wet pussy against her sisters hearing her beautiful moans and whispers of encouragement she rolled onto her back letting her sister escort bursa take control.Emma kissed down her neck and gently nibbled her earlobes sliding her tongue out and running it all the way down her neck to her breasts. Taking a nipple into her mouth nibbling and flicking it with her tongue hearing her sister moan she was in heaven.Emma could smell her sister, as she got closer, the scent drove her wild as she moved down kissing down her sister’s inner thighs mimicking the dreams and thoughts she desired a woman to do to her for so long. Finally she found her sisters pussy, she slid the tip of her tongue inside and slid it up and down. Moving then to her clitoris she sucked it into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Hearing her sister almost scream as she put a pillow over her face Emma pushed her tongue deep inside her sister and Connie really did scream as she dropped the pillow. Emma stopped licking sat up lying down beside her sister sliding a finger inside her sister’s sweet wet pussy.Again the sister’s intimately pashed each other as Emma slid her finger in and out, Connie moved onto her side and also put her finger deep inside Emma. The two sisters gently fingered each other for what seemed like hours until Connie whispered to Emma “push your fingers up against the roof of my pussy and push that skin up… Like this” Connie probed the top of Emma’s pussy making let out a huge moan, Emma mimicked and as the two began to finger each other faster and faster they kissed the second their lips touching they came so hard both screamed. As the two came down neither removed their fingers, gently closing their eyes Emma whispered to her sister “Thank you,” Connie smiled as Emma thought to herself we will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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