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She’s Intense

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Double Penetration

She’s IntenseThe new housekeeper, Miss Spargrove landed the thick wooden Spencer paddle for the fiftieth time on Giselle Cirrito’s reddened buttocks, and Giselle bit her tongue to keep from screaming. As the paddle, built with holes throughout to make swinging easier and more painful landed again on Giselle’s ass, she wondered what Ross was doing. Miss Spargrove had had him sucking frozen urine-sicles, created in ice cubes with toothpicks.Miss Spargrove had Ross on a monthly masturbation schedule.Right, and was making him cum in the little ice cube trays, and of course she’d told poor Giselle that these would be HERS to suck…Ooh Jesus.Giselle winced again as the paddle came down hard, and tears coursed down her cheeks.But she knew she had to make no noise and she bit the inside of her cheeks to withstand the whipping.Finally, Ms. Spargrove pushed Giselle off her starched aproned knee.Giselle sobbed quietly, as she attempted to pull her panties and blue jeans up over her sore bottom.”No no, Giselle. You must keep your panties down and go stand in that corner.I am going to teach you not to spill your bills and mail all over the floor when I am trying to keep your house clean. “Giselle’s lip trembled, but she knew better than to annoy Ms. Spargrove. She shuffled, her pants and panties around her ankles, and pushed her nose into the corner.Miss Spargrove liked the way Giselle’s chest jiggled in her tight blue T-shirt as she shuddered and sobbed.And the new housekeeper resolved to find an excuse to strip Giselle naked the next time punishment was in order.For her part, Giselle was wondering when things had gotten this strange. She and Ross had hired Miss Spargrove right after Amelia was born, and it seemed so great.Peace had returned to the Cirrito household.But at some point, Miss Spargrove had taken over…first it had been with Ross!The first time Giselle had come across Ross taking his punishment from Miss Spargrove it had been something of a shock. It was true, Ross had often begged Giselle to sexually punish him.Giselle had dismissed this, shrieking at Ross that he was depraved.But one day, she looked in the Nursery, and there they were…Ross was standing—Cowering, really, naked in front of the frowning Miss Spargrove. She was stroking his stiff cock with her long French manicure, and it was evident that there had been some whipping going on.Long red welts were covering Ross’s buttocks.Yes, and there was a frightening looking long thick leather razor strop, the old fashioned kind, lying on the Nursery floor. Ross’s eyes were shedding tears, and he was trembling.But Miss Spargrove evidently had Ross’s cock quite happy!”You see, Ross, why we have to lock this nasty little member of yours up, don’t you?”Miss Spargrove asked, as she stroked Ross’s cock faster and faster.Ross’s legs had begun trembling.It was evident he was about to have an orgasm, Miss Spargrove clawed his testicles and reached up, twisting a nipple quite violently.Ross’s penis went limp again, and he burst into tears.Giselle was horrified. What the hell was going on with her big, macho husband? Sure, he had those creepy BDSM websites he went to, but wasn’t that just a phase?Jesus, look at the way this bitch maid is treating him. And she’s only like, nineteen years old.”I’m-I’m sorry I keep playing with my wee-wee, Miss Spargrove”Ross said in a whiny voice that Giselle had never heard before. “I know I’m a bad boy…and you need to lock me up, ma’am.””You behave like a bad little girl, Ross. We’re not pleased with you. That’s why you need frequent whippings.When will you learn to be a mature adult? I think I am going to have to give you some stingy on your wee-wee.”And then Miss Spargrove took the habaneras peppers that Giselle had cut up for last night’s dinner party…And she began rubbing them on poor Ross’s penis.Yes, and he began sobbing silently, biting his lip to keep from making a noise. God that must hurt, Giselle had thought, habaneras peppers were so hot that she had to use gloves when she cut them.She wouldn’t have even used them in cooking, but Ross’s boss was from Brazil, and liked that sort of thing. But look at the way Ross’s penis was turning bright red!Shortly thereafter, Giselle had a disturbing experience sarıyer escort with Ross one night, when they were lying in bed together, and she seductively tried to pull down his boxer shorts…And felt something hard and plastic!”What the fuck’s this?”She looked at it, and it appeared to be a tiny plastic tube, in which Ross’s dick was stuffed, looking very cramped. Ross blushed hotly.”It’s a chastity tube, Giselle.” Ross explained shamefacedly. “Miss Spargrove thinks the reason I’ve not been promoted at work, and thus have not been able to give her a raise is because I’m too focused on sex.Remember how we were in counseling because I couldn’t give up my affair with the receptionist, and my addiction to computer porn?Well, Miss Spargrove is working with me on that, and now I’m locked up.”Giselle had not confronted Ross with her findings about the bizarre relationship she’d seen that he had with their housekeeper. But now she was pissed off.”But this is getting in the way of our sex life, Ross. Don’t you think this girl has a weird um, control over you.She’s our employee, after all.” But Ross just rolled over in bed and would say no more.But then she overheard Ross begging Ms. Spargrove for the key. But not so he could make love to Giselle! “Please, Ms. Spargrove. I just want to masturbate at your feet ma’am…Oh, won’t you consider it? Please let me touch your perfect toes.Let me kiss them, and to kiss your inner thighs while I rub my worthless member, ma’am.”Some time after that, Giselle witnessed Ross behaving extraordinarily. He was naked and cuffed from behind, rubbing his penis against a chair leg when she came in from the market.Giselle’s mind was distracted with questions that Mrs. Caldecott had asked her about the Salvation Temple Rummage sale.That, and witnessing Ross’s pudgy, naked body in this curious position was certainly distracting.”What the devil’s going on, Ross?” Giselle asked acidly. “I see you got your chastity thingie unlocked, but you’re behaving rather weirdly now.Did Ms. Spargrove do this to you, too?”Ross’s dick was long and stiff, and Giselle could tell that there was lots of pre-ejaculate spooling out of the end. He looked as if he was desperate to have an orgasm, and what a cruel thing to do, having the poor thing locked up like this. On the other hand, he used to be such a cuckolding, tomcatting cock houndish womanizer that in a way, this was a comical change.Ross looked up at Giselle and his face went ruby in shame and humiliation. Giselle had mixed feelings about this nonsense with the housekeeper. On one hand, Ross never fucked her anymore, and he now had shaved legs and wore bright pink toenail polish.This and he had begun performing rather excellently between Giselle’s legs at night.Right, licking for as long as she wanted, and for years Ross had refused to do this.Also, he wasn’t a bossy asshole any more—Yes. as a matter of fact, if Giselle wanted Ross to rub her feet for an hour, he did it gratefully.When they played chess, tennis or golf, he didn’t give her annoying “helpful” hints…Right, and when she beat him at racquetball, he didn’t go into sulks because of that male competitiveness.When Giselle and Ross played bridge with their neighbors Carter and Lacy, Ross never shouted at her for bungling a hand.Ross also stopped going out on guy’s night poker and dart throwing events with his friends. Ross began doing much of the housework, even though they had a housekeeper.Lacy told Giselle that if Carter could take whatever medicine Ross was on, she’d be eternally grateful!Several times, Giselle passed Ms. Spargrove’s room and peeked in after hearing a bit of howling…So regularly, Ross was tied to Ms. Spargrove’s bed.Yes, and she was whipping him with straightened coat hangers, broken car ariels, belts, paddles and canes.Giselle also had witnessed Ms. Spargrove teaching Ross to curtsy while wearing a ballerina’s tutu, and twirl!It was strange, but Ross was a different man, an easier man to live with. He was no longer possessive when Giselle went out with old boyfriends who were really just friends. Previously, Ross was so jealous that it was difficult for Giselle to have any kind of social life!But now Ross was rubbing esenyurt escort his dick against the chair leg like a dog, and it seemed quite peculiar. Giselle wasn’t quite sure what to think. She put her packages down on the table and watched for a minute, her face a question.”Ms. Spargrove is allowing me to cum for the first time in a month” Ross confessed, “And I must do it this way…It’s to teach me to be a more dexterous man, you know what I mean?”A moment later, Ms. Spargrove came out wielding a hickory switch cut from the back garden.Even though it was all encompassing, going up to her chin, her breasts were large and in evidence, and she certainly had long legs. “Haven’t you finished yet, Ross, you lazy worm?” Ms. Spargrove said, ignoring Giselle. “I want you to orgasm soon as you have a lavatory to clean!””I-I’m sorry, Ms. Spargrove, I was just explaining to Giselle, she didn’t understand” pleaded Ross. “Please let me finish now” And Ross began rubbing his cock and balls against the mahogany leg with some vigor.As Giselle watched in amazement, Ms. Spargrove stepped over to Ross.She then began whacking his naked, chubby, kneeling form, all over his back, buttocks and lower thighs. “You are a lazy, whining, scurrilous little slug, and you make me ill!”The cane traveled across Ross’s back and on his chin, and then she began slapping it against his hard, burgeoning cock.This until it went from empurpled arousal to a tiny, bleeding little piece of skin…Ms. Spargrove then kicked it violently, and returned her attentions to flogging poor Ross’s back.After Ms. Spargrove whacked poor Ross about ten more times, she lifted him to his feet by his ear. “Obviously you don’t know how to use the ten minutes I allocated to you. You can go back in the chastity belt and have another chance in a fortnight. Maybe two more weeks of penile solitude will convince you to take advantage of your opportunities.”Ross wept bitterly in the corner now , his cock was freshly locked again.Ross was so unhappy and upsetting that he’d blown his chance for an orgasm. Two more weeks! Ross’s cock attempted to harden in the tight chastity device, but of course that was impossible.He was still humiliated by yesterday’s unpleasantness. Being humiliated in front of Carter Nearden! It had been his own fault, perhaps.Ross had promised Ms. Spargrove that he would cut around the edge of the lawn after he’d mowed it—Yes, she’d pointed out to him that he could raise her salary if he stopped paying Buttermilk Falls Yard Geeks to prune and weed.And Carter had asked Ross if he’d like to go down to Tucker’s Tavern and watch the Minnesota game. Ross had put down his shears and gone off.Later, when they’d returned, somewhat drunk after a few beers, Miss Spargrove had been waiting for him in the front yard.And not wearing her usual muumuu dealie. No, Miss Spargrove was wearing a tight white T-shirt with a nice low V neckline and cut off blue-jeans shorts…Ross hadn’t even been aware that she owned such an outfit.And of course, Ross had at that point never seen Ms. Spargrove in the nude.Several times she’d blindfolded Ross while he was tied to the bed.Miss Spargrove rode his face while playing with his cock, but she was always dressed when he saw her.”I told you to cut round the edge of the lawn, Ross.” Round the edge, instead of around. She is such a British girl, Ross had thought, with a somersaulting stomach.”This the maid, Ross, buddy?” Carter had that ophthalmologic disorder known as a “wandering eye” and he was quite taken by Miss Spargrove, not surprisingly. Of course Ross had not been able to reveal to Carter that Miss Spargrove had found his BDSM tapes.Oh, and consequently taken him over her knee, and that things were quite different in their household now.Miss Spargrove was holding a severed piece of garden hose. They’d replaced the old one, and she’d cut off a bit of it, about two feet long that she’d used on Ross’s buttocks now and again. It was quite painful, but environmentally, he had to congratulate her for recycling.”I-ma’am, I just took a break, as Carter and I wanted to watch a football game down the street—”But as Ross was speaking, Miss Spargrove had stepped right up to him, her avrupa yakası escort full breasts heaving in the small T-shirt, and she’d fumbled with his shorts.Ross weakly tried to stop her, but Miss Spargrove was insistent, and his pants and underpants came down,.Right there in the front yard, and then Miss Spargrove had twisted Ross’s arm behind him and bent him over.”When I tell you to complete a chore, I mean it, Ross. You are lazy and quite slovenly, and I believe we spoke last week about your spending too much time in pubs.””Dude, what the fuck’s going on here, man?” Carter had asked. “This bitch is ball-busting you—”But then Ross’s whipping had started. WHACK! WHACK THWACK! CRACK! SMACK! By the time it was over, he was weeping and kneeling on the ground.Of course Carter had seen the chastity device and was laughing his ass off.Later Ross had complained to Miss Spargrove that she had ruined a friendship, and she’d smiled sourly.”Yes, it doesn’t sound as if it was a particularly valuable one.”And now today, Ross had finally gotten Miss Spargrove, mollified after he’d clipped the lawn in the nude, his red bottom blazing for passing college girls, to let him cum.But that idiot Giselle had interrupted, and Miss Spargrove had locked him up again.And, she’d given Ross a severe whipping for whining about it.She’d used the garden hose again, and it had made severe welts on Ross’s buttocks. He was so unhappy now. Carter would never hang out with him againYes, and of course his wife thought he was some sort of pervert.”All right, Ross, you can come out of the corner now.” Miss Spargrove’s tone was soothing. Ross turned his tear stained face to her.Giselle was out, and Miss Spargrove was wearing a cashmere robe.She opened her arms and Ross rushed to her side, crying in Miss Spargrove’s neck. “I’m so-so sorry, ma’am.” He wept bitterly. “I-I just wanted to cum. It’s been such a long time, you know.”Miss Spargrove tossed her dark hair and smiled, kissing Ross’s tears away. “Well, I thought about it, and you have been such a good boy. I think I can give you a bit of a massage, eh?”Miss Spargrove shrugged her robe off .This revealed a seamless spaghetti strapped rose lace body stocking, and her breasts—Ooh you could see the nipples!”Now if I take your chastity device off, can you keep your hands in the back of your head like a good little boy, Ross?” Ross nodded, and lay back on Miss Spargrove’s narrow bed.The chastity belt off, Miss Spargrove began stroking and tickling Ross’s cum starved organ, he breathed through his nose.Ross tried not to shake with excitement as her long red nails tickled and tortured his long denied shaft.”While you were kneeling in the corner, I had a talk with Giselle. It turns out that she is in need of a bit of discipline herself.” Miss Spargrove said this , as she pumped Ross’s penis, leaning over so he saw the full benefits of her cleavage.”At first she was quite annoyed, arguing with me about my treatment of you, but after I took a risk and ordered her to bare her buttocks for my bit of garden hose.Yes, Giselle did it quite amicably, and after her thrashing, she licked between my legs for a good thirty minutes—She’s quite good at it, Ross. Perhaps she used to be a lesbian, eh?”But of course Ross knew this. Giselle often laughingly discussed her SLUG phase at Smith College. SLUG stood for Smith Lesbian Until Graduation, and lots of girls did it. He had had no idea that Giselle had submissive tendencies, but shit, he didn’t care. He just wanted Miss Spargrove to let him cum.Six weeks later, Carter Nearden and his wife Lacy hesitantly entered the Cirrito’s house, and stripped at the door. Carter was a little worried. Miss Spargrove had ordered them to come twenty minutes ago, and it had taken a bit of time…but as they entered the living room, the girlGoverness was distracted, giving Ross a bit of training with the garden hose.”Carter, there you are, you and Lacy can kneel right next to Giselle.”Miss Spargrove’s voice carried.The Neardens came over and dropped to their knees where Giselle Cirrito was crouching. Carter wondered whether Miss Spargrove might consider taking off his chastity device, but of course he had not done enough to earn it.Miss Spargrove had ordered Carter to copy out A B C in the dictionary, and he was still halfway in the B’s…She brooked no excuses!Miss Spargrove’s garden hose thwacked Ross’s bare buttocks and he screamed. The other three submissives winced, but said nothing. After all, Miss Spargrove was not holding a chattering contest!

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