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Shooting Blanks Ch. 02

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Jennifer couldn’t believe it: she was pregnant!

The pregnancy test was positive. How had this happened? Ken always used a condom when they had sex.

She sat down on the toilet seat cover, burying her face in her hands. She didn’t want this, but her strict Catholic upbringing, while not a large factor in her life anymore, just couldn’t let her have an abortion.

A trip to the doctor confirmed it: about a month-and-a-half along. She had missed her first period a couple weeks after New Years, and when she missed it again the next month, she bought the pregnancy test. But that meant that New Year’s Eve…

Her mind flashed back to that night. She remembered her friend Stephanie getting fucked by Ken, and herself bouncing on Stephanie’s husband Dave’s cock. They had fucked each other’s spouses, without condoms, although Ken said he came inside Steph accidentally.

Steph had told her that Dave had had a vasectomy! He was safe!

Later that week, Jennifer visited Stephanie and Dave. She got Dave alone and asked him about the vasectomy — Ken was considering one, she covered — when did he have his? A week or so before New Years, Dave told her.

Jennifer later asked Stephanie about her period. No problems, Steph replied. She had been worried about Ken cumming inside her when she might have been fertile, but she had gotten lucky; “Aunt Flo” came to visit right on time.

Stephanie knew not to ask Jennifer about her period, as even cursory interest might cause the woman to suspect the trick that had been pulled on her. Oh well, she thought, I guess we’ll all find out soon enough…

Jennifer researched vasectomies on the Internet and found that a week wasn’t long enough to start having safe unprotected sex! No self-respecting doctor would have kept that information from his patient or their wife; Stephanie lied to her, and now she was pregnant with Dave’s baby!

She was furious! How could her friend do this to her! The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. It wasn’t really rape; she had wanted the sex, just not the sperm!

She told Ken about a week later, once she had calmed down. He could count back just as easily as her, and rushed for the door, meaning to go next door and beat the crap out of Dave.

Jen stopped him and revealed her plan. He calmed down, but there was a gleam in his eye. Revenge…

Jen and Ken visited Dave and Steph several times a week after that. One evening, Dave was on his back, working on the underside of the furnace in the basement when he felt a touch on his inner thigh. His head went up and banged into the metal. Wham!

“Ow! What the hell–?” Dave squirmed out from under the furnace, still on his back. Jennifer was there, knelt down, her hand now moving higher up his thigh. “Jen, what–?”

“Oh, Dave, I can’t stop thinking about you, since New Year’s. You felt so good inside me…” She blinked her long lashes at him.

Dave was taken aback. She hadn’t said more than a few words to him since that night, and he thought she had been weirded out. So she had just been shy about her true feelings for him! He rose up to try to kiss her.

She turned away. “No, Dave…I…I can’t…not now…” She got back up, and he was left with a good view of her shapely behind as she stole back up the stairs.

She continued the “come here/go away” routine for a few weeks, until Dave had been worked up into a fine lather. She had been checking for Stephanie’s menstrual pads in the bathroom garbage every time she visited, and had been able to determine her cycle, so it was finally time to get revenge.

She convinced Dave and Stephanie to invite her over on Friday night. Ken would be staying late at work, she said. They would have a little party.

When Friday night came around, Dave filled Stephanie’s glass with double scotches, and later, as she got more and more blotto, triples.

“Aren’t you having any, hon?” Steph asked Jen, who had been drinking pop all night.

“No, Steph,” Jen replied. “I haven’t been feeling well. I was a little sick this morning.”

Even drunk, Stephanie knew what that could mean. Jen wasn’t showing yet, but if she ataşehir escort bayan was pregnant, liquor would be the worst thing. “It’s probably a good idea you aren’t drinking, then,” she said, mostly to herself. “Well, more for me!”

By 10pm Stephanie was out cold. Dave carried her upstairs, undressed her and put her to bed. Spying movement, he turned to the door. Jennifer was there, crooking her finger in the universal sign of “come here big boy.”

They rushed next door, went to the bedroom and tore off their clothes. Dave had fantasized about Jennifer since he had met her, and it only got worse after New Years. To feel her toned body, her snug cunt around his member only once and never again? He was like a drug addict, he realized. Once was never enough.

Ken wasn’t really at work; he was waiting at home! The moment he heard his front door open, he was out the back like a flash. Jennifer would keep Dave busy for quite a while.

He went next door and fumbled behind Steph and Dave’s mailbox until he found what he was looking for: their spare key. Steph and Dave had let them know it was there when they went on vacation a couple years ago, so they could water Stephanie’s plants. Ken let himself in and quietly went up to the bedroom. In the light from the hallway he could see Stephanie’s curvy form under the covers.

He went down the hall to the bathroom and found some of Dave’s cologne. Dabbing some on him, he also gargled some mouthwash he found. He didn’t want any way for Steph to realize he wasn’t her husband. He went back to the bedroom and closed the door behind him, cloaking the room in darkness. He quickly removed his clothes and slipped under the covers. Stephanie murmured a little and he paused, waiting for any sign she was awake. Her slow breathing resumed.

He spooned with her, feeling her warm body cuddle back into him. His penis, which was already at half-mast, rose to its full size, pressing into her butt. He reached around her, caressing her waist, then her stomach, then moved his hand up to her ample breasts. Damn, but he loved her tits; much bigger than his wife’s.

He started nuzzling her neck and she sighed. He ran his hand down her body, to her crotch, and started to rub his fingers along her pelvic bone and pussy lips, then when it came out, her clit. She got wet very quickly, he found, and he turned her onto her back as he got between her legs.

Next door, Dave was in heaven as Jen gave him a long, slow blowjob. He lay back on the bed and watched the beautiful woman fellate him, and knew he was the luckiest guy in the world.

Ken positioned his rock-hard dick at the entrance to Stephanie’s hot, wet cunt. He savored the warmth of her pussy lips as he held himself there, then slowly pushed into her depths, groaning. Once he had bottomed out within her, he ground his crotch into hers. She was making cooing noises, but still seemed to be asleep.

As Ken continued to grind himself into the sleeping woman, he buried his face in her tits, licking and sucking. Her breathing increased dramatically, and he felt a pulsing around his cock. She was orgasming already! Jen had mentioned that Steph would probably be in a heightened sexual arousal due to her fertile time and all the alcohol she had consumed.

Knowing that he had a good chance to impregnate the lying bitch spurred him on. He pulled out almost all the way out of the unwary beauty, then pushed back in. She continued to gasp and grunt, her orgasm amplified by his movement within her. He increased his speed.

Jen was on her hands and knees now, getting a tremendous ramming from behind. Dave hadn’t cum yet, as she had stopped sucking him off in order to get him inside her. Despite getting pregnant from it, her unprotected sex with him had been the most erotic experience of her life. The feel of his unsheathed penis within her was incredible, and she could feel her orgasm approaching.

Stephanie was at least partially awake by now, as she had crossed her legs behind Ken’s back, urging him deeper within her. Soft gasps of “oh Dave!” came from her.

Ken was ramming escort kadıöy her hard now. Her body wanted his cum. It was a biological imperative, deep within her, and he was ready to fulfill it, and fill her. He buried his face in her neck as he felt the tingle start in his ball sack, moving up his shaft like a lit fuse, to the tip of his penis. He held on as long as he could, then grunted as he shot what felt like a gallon of cum into the fertile, semi-conscious woman beneath him. He gasped, trying to keep from crying out from pleasure. It wouldn’t do to have her hear his voice when she expected her husband’s!

Feeling the cock ejaculating within her, Stephanie grunted again, cumming hard, urging his sperm-laden semen deeper within her. She gasped, “UH! UH! UH! OH!” Her legs splayed out on either side of her deceptive lover’s hips as her entire body went rigid from one of the strongest orgasms she had ever felt. In her stupor she was glad that Dave had gotten that vasectomy; it always felt so good to have him spurt inside her without those sensation-deadening condoms.

Dave grabbed Jen’s hips, ramming home within his adulterous lover as he roared out his orgasm. Jen gasped as she felt Dave’s cock throb within her, depositing a large load of sperm-free semen within her already-impregnated body. Her climax followed his, and her orgasming cunt seemed to suck even more of the inert fluid from him. They collapsed to the sheets, breathing heavily.

Dave rolled off of her. He seemed embarrassed. “Uh…I should go before Steph misses me.”

Quickly, she jumped on top of him. Ken was still next door; she had to keep Dave here for now! She ground her cummy crotch into his, and leaned forward to give him a deep, tonguey kiss. She rubbed her breasts into his chest. “I want more, Dave. Your wife is sleeping peacefully, and I want to make up for lost time.” He returned the ferocity of her kiss, and his member started to respond to the friction from her pelvis.

Ken couldn’t believe how incredible it had felt to cum inside Stephanie. At Jen’s insistence, he hadn’t ejaculated in three days, but had looked at a lot of XXX pictures and read a whole bunch of erotic stories on the Internet during that time. His balls had been full to bursting, and now all that super-potent semen had been deposited inside the woman who had lied and gotten his wife pregnant by another man. He imagined his sperm, super-concentrated, inside the curvaceous woman’s belly, swimming up toward her womb. The thought brought life back to his cock.

Jen slipped Dave’s cock back inside her slick warm depths. They were in the same sexual position as when he had impregnated her, her astride him. She looked down at him adoringly; at the father of her child. She rose so half of his penis was still within her, then sat back down slowly. They both groaned. She felt so connected to Dave. He was such a nice guy. He couldn’t have known that she was unprotected on New Year’s Eve. It just wouldn’t have been in his nature to misrepresent himself like that. She stared into his warm eyes as she slowly rocked herself back and forth in his lap.

Stephanie felt more awake, even energized by her orgasms. The man who she thought was her husband was lying back and urging her to climb on top of him. She was still a bit out of it, but also remained quite horny. She clambered astride him and grasped his cock. She rubbed its head along her slippery cunt lips, then pushed back and slowly sank down on it. The two lovers groaned, and Ken reached up to fondle the woman’s sizable jugs as she started to move atop him.

Dave was fondling Jen’s breasts as he looked up at her. Looking down at him, she flashed back to New Year’s Eve. She remembered how his face scrunched up in pleasure as he shot his potent cum into her fertile depths. It really had been the most erotic experience of her life.

“Dave, I need you…to do something for me…” she murmured in between gasps.

“Anything…anything,” he gasped back. “I love you.”

“Oh God, Dave. I think…I…love you too!” And she did, she realized. “Dave…I want you…to make maltepe escort me pregnant!”

He looked up at her, shocked. “I…I can’t, Jen! I got snipped! There’s no way!”

She leaned forward and put her finger to his lips. “Sshh… Please, Dave, just tell me you want to give me your baby. Please…” She sat back to get maximum penetration from him. “Ohhh…” She didn’t take her eyes from his.

“Yes, Jen…yes, I want to give you my baby. I wish to God I could do it.”

Stephanie hugged her lover to her chest as he sucked hard at her nipples. Dave didn’t usually show this much interest in her breasts. They felt all tingly from the attention.

She was grinding her pelvis into his. For some reason her mind wandered back to New Year’s Eve, when she watched Jen fucking Dave, totally unaware of the danger she was in. The wild abandonment she had seen on Jen’s face had been so hot, and when Dave had cum, filling her fertile, unprotected cunt with his still-potent seed…

She cried out as her cunt clamped down on Ken’s cock. He grunted in response. She came hard, her pussy urging the cum from his testicles. His cock spurt within her, again and again. It seemed that her orgasm would never end.

“I’m going to cum, Jen,” called Dave. “I’m going to cum inside you and give you my baby!”

“Yes! Yes! Do it! Oh, fuck, I can feel it! Oh, Dave! Yes! YESSSS!” She thrust her hips into him, burying his cock as deep inside her as it could go. He cried out as his cock lined up perfectly and he spurted directly into her cervix. While she was already pregnant and his cum without sperm, she felt a strange sense of completion. Her impregnation had been without her knowledge or consent. Now she was in control. She wanted Dave’s baby. It was her choice.

Stephanie collapsed back on the bed and was soon snoring. Ken breathed heavily, coming back down to Earth. If the little liar wasn’t pregnant after that, she would never be!

When he was sure she was back asleep, Ken slipped out of the house, locking the door behind him. He ran around the block to where he had parked his car and drove back home, as if he had just gotten back from a late night at the office.

Jennifer and Dave were cuddling after their mind-blowing orgasms. Suddenly, she bolted upright. “Was that the garage door? Oh, shit! Ken’s home early!” She pushed Dave out of the bed and he struggled into his pants.

“Quick, out the back door!” she hissed. He raced down the steps as he heard Ken’s car shut down and the car door open and slam shut. With mere seconds remaining, he scrambled out the back door. In his haste he didn’t even have time to wonder why it wasn’t locked; Ken had forgotten to secure it when he raced out earlier in the evening!

Dave, wracked with guilt and fear at almost getting caught cuckolding his friend, never sought to be with Jennifer again. He even spent the night on the couch.

Within weeks Stephanie missed her period. She thought it was odd, but they had been late before. Once another month had gone by and still no period, she bought a home pregnancy kit. NO! How could this happen? The doctor had said that there was a slim chance that the vasectomy would fail, but…

She told Dave. He was ecstatic! She was surprised, as they had never wanted kids in the first place. What had changed his mind? Now an easy choice to abort the fetus turned into an argument. He told her he would leave her if she had an abortion, and he was going to make sure his vasectomy was reversed.

In Dave’s mind, this was his fault. He had had an affair with Jennifer, and it had been extremely selfish of him. His wife getting pregnant was a million-to-one chance, but he wasn’t going to ignore it. His family was all that mattered now.

The two women finally reconciled, though neither told the other what had really happened. As their bellies grew, they got together to discuss maternity clothes, their growing bellies and breasts (Stephanie’s got even bigger!), and baby names. Jennifer’s baby girl was born 9 months after New Year’s Eve, and Stephanie’s baby boy in December. Dave counted backwards properly, and figured out he was the father of Jennifer’s little girl. Uncle Dave and Uncle Ken were frequently at each other’s house, and showed great interest in their secret progeny.

And wouldn’t you know it, two years after, on New Year’s Eve…

They did the same damn thing!

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