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Shopping for a New Dress

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This is a true story that happened to me several years ago.

I have always loved shopping and do spend a lot of time shopping with friends or by myself. I would say 99% of my shopping trips are uneventful, but over the years there have been a few memorable trips.

This particular afternoon I was out alone shopping for a new dress for my husbands annual company Christmas party. As it was a work function, I was looking for something high-class but also sexy. I know my husband likes to show me off to his colleagues, so sexy but not slutty was what I was looking for.

As I was browsing through the dresses in a large department store, I couldn’t help but notice a man watching me from a distance. I discreetly kept an eye on him. He was definitely watching me.

My first thought was he could be store security but I quickly dispelled that theory. He was an older man and too well dressed to be a retail employee. He was not only mature looking, he was downright attractive. I have always had a thing for older confident looking men, and he definitely checked those boxes.

As I continued my hunt for a dress, I lost track of him for several minutes. While I was working my way through some dresses on a rack I felt a presence, and there he was.

“I bet that dress would look fabulous on you,” he spoke in a soft deep voice, referring to a dress I had set aside.

“Oh, thank you…I do like it…but I will have to try it on first,” I smiled.

He had a nice smile, and the light scent of his cologne smelled delicious. He looked very distinguished and put together. He gave off a sense of class.

I turned away from him and went to the dressing room to change. When I walked out to the full-length mirror, I was surprised to see he was still there.

The dress fit me like it was made for me. That day I had worn my heels and black thigh-highs as I knew I would be trying on dresses. With the aid of my lace push-up bra, my curves were enhanced inside this gorgeous designer dress. The dress was black, and it came down to my knees but it had a sexy slit up the side that exposed my thigh when I moved. The entire outfit made me feel sexy.

My new friend loved the dress and confirmed my thoughts.

“That dress was made for you…Christmas party?” He asked.

“Yes, my husbands work Christmas party,” I responded wondering if my marital status would deter him.

As I turned to return to the dressing room, he grabbed me lightly on the elbow. He invited me to join him for lunch at one of the nice upscale restaurants in the mall. He then added that I should wear my new dress also.

“Umma, I’m not sure…” I replied.

I was attracted to him, but the idea of keeping my dress on for him seemed a bit strange. A bit uncomfortable. It was a weird request coming from a stranger.

“Well think about it. I have a call to make so you can meet me there in 15 minutes if you like…hope to see you soon,” Then he left.

I went back into the dressing room and just sat there thinking. I was debating whether to go meet him or not. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t go wearing my new party dress.

I had found my dress much quicker than anticipated so I had time. I was also feeling hungry as it was well past 1 pm, so maybe?

I removed the dress and went to the service desk to pay, but the sales clerk told me it had been taken care of.

“Are you kidding?” This was a $400 dress that a stranger had just purchased for me.

I was stunned that he paid for the dress. I had no choice but to meet him now.

I quickly returned to the change room and put on my new dress and heels. After all he did pay for it, so it was only right that he saw it on me.

As I walked through güvenilir bahis the mall, I could feel men glaring at me. The dress made me feel very sexy. The fact that I was on my way to meet this handsome gentleman sent a tingle of arousal through me.

I found him in a corner booth, and he was thrilled to see me in the dress he had just purchased. As I slid in beside him, I couldn’t help but flash my thigh via the slit in my dress. He didn’t say anything, but I know he noticed.

I offered to pay him back for the dress but he rejected my attempts to reimburse him. He ordered a bottle of white wine and calamari to start.

As we chatted and ate our lunch, I found myself being caught up in his charm. He was definitely smooth and sophisticated. I wondered how many times he had done this. I couldn’t help but think this wasn’t the first time.

Once we finished lunch, I found myself holding his hand. His big strong hands were remarkably soft. I could feel myself falling for him as I was beginning to heat up.

He then asked if he could feel the material of the dress.

“Sure go ahead…you paid for it after all,” Umm, maybe I shouldn’t have said that? The wine had obviously loosened me up.

He placed his hand on the top of my thigh. His hand felt warm through the thin material. I could feel my heart begin to accelerate as I became flushed with heat.

The booth was very private, and I was feeling the effects of three glasses of wine. I quit talking now and just stared at him. You could say I was daring him to make the next move.

I uncrossed my legs and opened them ever so slightly, feeling slightly drunk and slutty now. He noticed. His hand moved slowly off the dress to my leg, encased in a silky pair of black thigh highs. He paused for my reaction, but I did nothing to stop him. As he gazed into my eyes, I began to melt…he had me…I knew it and so did he.

His fingers swirled lightly on my thigh and moved ever so slowly towards my inner thigh. His warm hand slid past the ban on my thigh highs and onto the soft bare skin on my inner thighs. I was running hot now and past the point of being subtle. I raised my right leg up and dropped it over his left leg as I shifted closer to him.

The dress rode higher on my hips. His fingers pressed up and found the lace of my panties. I felt his fingers reached up and pull it aside as a finger dipped inside of me.

I let out a muffled gasp. I knew I was soaking wet and now he did also.

He worked his fingers up and down my clit sending jolts of electricity throughout my entire body. My breathing became deep and my body was quivering, yet I did my best to sit there sipping my wine appearing as normal as possible. I don’t think I was fooling anybody.

I then reached my hand over where I could see his hardness along his left thigh. My fingers slowly traced the outline of his hard member.

Oh my. I knew then that this handsome gentleman was also packing a nice sized cock inside his trousers.

The waitress brought the check and gave me a smile. She had picked up on what was going on. It now appeared the moment would end.

My promiscuous side always displays itself after a few glasses of alcohol and this was no exception.

“My SUV has very dark privacy glass,” I whispered, sounding like some sex starved suburban housewife.

He just gave me a devilish smile as he plopped down his credit card.

We left the restaurant and he insisted in running into a drugstore to purchase condoms as I sat down and waited for him in the mall.

I had a few minutes to reflect on what had and was about too transpired. What have I gotten myself into now? I realized that the wine had impaired my judgement. güvenilir bahis siteleri We weren’t ‘t really going to have sex in my SUV were we? When I suggested we go to my vehicle, I was thinking more along the lines of some flirtation, making out, maybe oral sex…not sexual intercourse. Time had slipped away that afternoon and although I would have preferred to take this to a hotel room I didn’t have the time. It was important I got home before my husband.

We jumped into my vehicle, and I drove out to a shaded and deserted section of the mall parking lot. We immediately began kissing and lusting over each other. After a few minutes I suggest we get into the back.

I unlatched the back seats and flipped them forward to create a spacious area in the back. Like a couple of horny teens we crawled into the back.

We began to kiss hungrily as our tongues swirled deep in one another’s mouths.

His hands moved over my body, cupping my breasts. His lips and hands worked around my throat and neck.

I felt the zipper on the back of the dress going down. My arms lifted as he carefully pulled the dress off my body and laid it over the front seat.

Soon he had me laying back in my bra, panties, stockings, and heels. He quickly pulled his shirt off, and I kissed his nipples as he pulled his trousers off.

My eyes and then my hand went to his thick cock as I continued to swirl my tongue over his nipples while my fingers brushed his cock and balls. I soon worked my way down his tight stomach to take his cock into my mouth.

I love tasting a man for the first time. I swirled my tongue over the head tasting his pre-cum. My fingernails stroked his scrotum before giving it a nice sharp squeeze. His moans only made me want him more. I plunged over him and pumped my head vigorously feeling him sliding in and out as he seemed to grow in my mouth and get even harder.

All the time his hands roamed over me while he rubbed me through my lingerie. One hand slipped in under my panties and a finger slid into my wetness. The other hand lightly pulled at my cleavage spilling my breasts out of my bra.

Finally, he grasped at my bra cups and pulled them down while he reached behind to unclasp it.

He pulled his cock out and now pushed me down on to my back and straddled my face while his fingers brushed my elongated nipples.

I opened my mouth to accept him as he pumped in and out. I reached around to his hard ass and pulled him in deeper and faster. I wanted to feel his load in the back of my throat as much as I wanted to feel that beautiful cock in my pussy.

I was soon rewarded as I felt his butt cheeks tighten and felt his warm load filling my mouth. Wave after wave spewed into my mouth. It was difficult to swallow lying back but I did my best to take most of it. I continued to suck him as I felt him relax and slowly begin to soften.

He pulled and pressed his body on top of mine as we kissed hungrily. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth sharing the warm load. I smiled as he lowered his mouth to my nipples, sucking them alternately. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. My nipples are very sensitive, and I love having them licked and sucked.

He soon worked his way down my stomach and pulled my panties off in one quick tug. I was now completely naked other than the black thigh high stockings and heels. I parted my legs as far as possible as his head moved over the trimmed hairline above my pussy.

I moaned with pleasure as his tongue dove into me. I pressed up and into his mouth hungry for more. I lifted up higher and reached down to guide his hand under my ass. He took the hint and tenderly probed my asshole as he licked and sucked iddaa siteleri harder now.

I felt my orgasm building and soon felt the tremors through my loins as the wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I pushed and ground his head into me as I let out a loud moan.

I looked with pleasure at his now erect cock. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have him inside me. He quickly reached for the box of condoms and pulled one out.

As he prepared to slip it on, I asked him to stop. I wanted to feel his bare cock inside me. I placed the head of his cock against my pussy and told him to push it in. I was so wet that his girth slid all the way in.

I grabbed his face and kissed him deeply, as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer and deep into me.

“God, that feels feel so good,” I moaned.

I should have released him to put on the condom, but I couldn’t. It felt so good, and I just wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me and use me! No romance. No drama.

“Just fuck me,” I pleaded.

I love fucking doggy style but I wanted to do this in a missionary position so I could watch him over me. I wanted to watch his cock moving in and out of me. I wanted to see his gorgeous chest and shoulders over me. The look on his face as I surrendered to him.

It was readily apparent that like me, all he wanted was to push his cock into this new pussy and enjoy the pleasure. He slammed into me and with each deep thrust I could feel his balls slap against my ass. It felt like each thrust took him deeper and deeper inside of me.

Then he hooked his arms behind my knees and went to new depths as my legs were lifted higher and spread even wider than before. He was now fucking me hard and fast…just how I like it.

I couldn’t help but think how obvious it would be if someone walked by and saw my vehicle bouncing up and down in rhythm with his thrusts. Not to mention the moans and grunts emanating from inside the SUV.

It wasn’t long before I had a spectacular orgasm, as my body twitched and jerked around in complete satisfaction. I could feel my vulva squeeze tight around his pulsating cock as bolts of excitement radiated through my entire body. Oh, I needed this so badly.

He let out a loud long grunt as he stiffened up and gave me one last deep hard thrust. I felt the warm sensation of his semen shooting deep inside of me. I squeezed my lips together as if to hold him tight inside of me for as long as I could.

He collapsed on top of me in total exhaustion. As his weight pinned me down I could slowly feel his cock shrinking…withering away inside of me. As he pulled out of me, I again clinched my lips together as much as I could so not lose his semen.

I have always thought it was special when a man plants his seed deep inside of me. I wanted my body to absorb his seeds, so they would always be a part of me. I know it sounds weird but thats just a thing I have always had.

We lay there spent in each other’s arms as we both recovered. Once we got dressed, I kissed him and then got behind the wheel to take him to his car.

We exchanged contacts with our phones. He aimed his phone at me and asked if he could take a quick picture of me before leaving. I playfully slid the dress off one shoulder to expose a breast and said “this should make you want to call me,” After several more kisses and a tug on my nipple he left. I was still aroused, and I wished he didn’t have to leave.

I was now running late and had barely gotten home when my husband came through the door from work. I was still wearing my new dress, heels, and all. My hair had that just fucked look and I could feel a trickle of semen dripping down my thigh, but I didn’t care, I was in a good mood.

“Hello Honey, do you like my new dress?” I asked him as I did a little twirl for him.

“Wow, very sexy…you look like a million bucks,” he added.

“Don’t worry it wasn’t that expensive.” I smiled.

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