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Short Stories – Lady Barista Pt. 02

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After another night of good wanking, I felt refreshed for another day at the cafe. But now I look forward to work because of my new colleague Yulia. It’s now Wednesday. I going to let her make all the coffees now. I at least can selectively move certain customers on quickly. I didn’t want Yulia to be constantly flirting with all those “nice customers.”

When she arrived, she looked stunning. I complimented her. It’s not often I do that. But let the truth be known, it is hard not to considering its actually true. She’s truthfully gorgeous.

Yulia is a lot older than me but I guess that makes her more desirable in most young males book. Which hot bloodied male wouldn’t want to make out with a sexy experienced lady like her.

“So I will make the coffees all day today?” She confirms.

“Yes please Yulia.” I answered happily.

As you may recall from the first part of story, Yulia is Russian. A recent arrival to this city and I must add, recently divorced. And there’s something about that accent I like.

I just ataşehir escort bayan hope that sleazy Lloyd doesn’t come in today. Or maybe he’s been rejected and doesn’t need to go through that again. Let’s hope so. I just have to handle the other would be suitors as they come in, including the good looking doctor customer that Yulia seems to like. They will just have to say hello from counter or I can just pass the message.

Again during a quiet moment I asked Yulia some personal questions. And again I stand close to her. She looked rather seductive today. Again her perfume plays with my mind. I throb at the physical closeness to her.

“What do you like doing in your spare time?” I enquired.

“I haven’t had time to see much. I have my daughter to take care of. Maybe in a few weeks we will have a good look around.” She explains.

“Say, how about I show you around. Would you like that? I don’t charge. I am actually free. How about it.” I tried charmingly.

“Oh no, you don’t need to. You have escort kadıöy your life. You are really too young for me.” She smiles.

“I will ask you again, I promise you.” I replied quickly with a smile.

“You’re too nice to me. We will see.” She replied equally as quick.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” She responded again. “What was your relationship with your ex girlfriend like. Did she please you?” She looked direct at me.

“Oh god, I don’t know what to say. She was a nice girl. I did find her attractive. Because she was my first relationship we didn’t know what to expect. It was like moving around in the dark.” I nervously said. “Is that what you are asking?”

Then some customers come in. Thank goodness for that. I didn’t know what to say to her. Then I thought luckily Lloyd hasn’t been in today. Isn’t that weird. Maybe by next week I will have better answers. Yes and not answer her sexually. It’s not all about sex I reminded myself.

“Go and have your break.” I suggested to her.

After maltepe escort she returns, she looked refreshed. More energetic, like she is proud of herself. Maybe even more self confident. She went straight to the customers. I looked at her and said.

“No, no, I can do that. You can make the coffees. Practice makes perfect.”

“Practice makes perfect? What do you mean?” She smiles.

“You make fantastic coffees but they are not as good as mine.” I teased.

“Really, we shall see. Let’s have a competition.” She teases.

“You’re on.” I replied. “And if I win, you take me out!, eh?”

“Not going to happen.” She smirks. “We will let the customers be the judge.”

So for the rest of the day we asked each customer about their coffees, letting the customers randomly decide. By the end, it effectively was neck and neck as we couldn’t get answers from those that took away coffees. I was really beginning to like her.

Again after cleaning up, I held my tongue as we left work. But it will be next Monday before I return.

By the time I got home, I needed that good wank. I imagined I am with her, making out with her right here in my bed. And then f**ked her real good, before she masturbates me to a mind blowing orgasm. I’m really going to look forward to Monday.

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