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Short Story

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Short StoryAfter last night I doubt I would ever speak to him again, everytime I thought about it my heart raced and my blood boiled! Sitting in my friends lounge room I was explaining the nights happenings and how Joe had accused me of fucking his cousin after he’d left the club which was a complete lie and was only almost a blow job in the back of a black cab one night when I dropped some change and bent over to pick it up, to which said cousin pulled my pony and pushed my face into his crotch, I could feel his hard member against my face and his grip on my hair was so tight my pussy immediately pulsed and I knew I was wet because I’d shaved that night,had silky panties! But I was faithful and told him he was a dirty bastard and should know better.As I was explaining all to my friend and how after that final row I doubt we would be together anymore as I was talking I could see her looking out the window, when I turned around I could see Joe coming down the road,she asked me if I wanted her to go upstairs so we could talk it through, I agreed as I didn’t want her to be awkward in her own home! My heart was racing and as I watched him walk down the path wonder what abuse was about to follow, it hadn’t ended nicely and didn’t want to loose him and throw it all away.I opened the door and let him relaxbet güvenilirmi in, ‘where’s Megan?’ He asked ‘upstairs’ I replied ‘she doesn’t want to get involved in our problems’ I added. ‘Listen’ he said ‘ I’ve spoken to Paul, and I’m here to apologise, I know I was wrong and nothing happened between you both and I hope we can try again and move on’ I twirled a loose piece of cotton on the hem of my skirt, not wanting to look him in the eye I just nodded and sighed and found another bit of cotton on my shirt button to play with, he grabbed my hand and held it for a while ‘what do you think?’ ‘Mmm I suppose’ he pulled me onto his lap and kissed my cheek ‘what do you fancy doing today then, my treat for being an idiot’ ‘ I dunno’ I answered climbing off his lap, I knew Megan was upstairs and would want to come down soon. I twirled around and glanced in the mirror, my hair was wild and still had last nights makeup on, I was exactly the same as when I tumbled into Megans house from last night. ‘I’ll need to have a shower first’ and turned back around to face Joe, he motioned me to go over to him and held his finger up to his lips to tell me to be quiet.I noticed his legs where wide apart and he was slouched, but I didn’t need to be close to see the bulge through relaxbet yeni giriş his jeans, he grabbed me by the hips and I straddled him on the sofa, he gently pushed up and pulled my down in the same motion, Joe started to kiss my neck and little warm licks every now and then, my nipples pinged as he unbuttoned my shirt each button slower and slower until it was opened fully and my bra on show, he moved his kisses lower to my chest and I was grinding down on him, I could feel how hard he was and wanted him to Fuck me hard, I went to take my bra off but he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back, as he done that my chest immediately pushed forward exposing the top of my nipples out of my bra, I’d never been so turned on! Holding my wrists with one hand he pulled each breast out the top with the other and began gently sucking and flicking his tongue on each nipple so I could clearly see, he met my gaze and I almost came straight away, I was still girating harder and harder on his knob, he gave each nipple a long hard suck and blew gently over my chest, they both stood straight to attention! If he didn’t Fuck me soon I would explode! Eventually he released my hands and I wasted no time in pulling down his jeans and boxers, it jumped straight out and the veins relaxbet giriş throbbing through it, as I stood up I lifted my skirt to show him how wet I was, I rubbed two fingers inside my pussy and groaned. I slid down on my knees and rested my tits on his leg so he could feel my nipples, I started to kiss his thigh going higher and higher, then swapping to the other thigh, two could play his game! I licked his balls and sucked them I could tell he wanted to scream out in frustration but with Megan upstairs thinking we were ‘talking’ what could he do? I pulled a boob up and gave it a quick lick of my own and I saw his balls twitch ,I decided enough was enough and straddled him again with my skirt around my waist, I showered myself carefully onto the tip of his penis and pulled out again, Joe grabbed my waist and pulled down with all his might, the whole of his his Dick went inside me, it felt so good! I bounced up and down so hard I could feel the juices all on his thighs and my clit was rubbing against his thumb I was so close to coming, I could tell me was too, with one had I placed over his mouth and he did the same to me and with the other hand I joined him in rubbing my clit I could feel like I was about to blow the roof off, I bared down hard so I could take all of his cock and I felt his pulsating in time with my pussy as we came together, I climbed off just as I heard footsteps on the landing, my legs could barely hold me up and my knees trembling I done up my shirt and pulled down my skirt, just as Joe put his cock away Megan burst through the door, ‘tea, anyone?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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