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Show , Tell Ch. 30

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Well… that was interesting!

However, like a kid with a new toy, I was breaking all the rules I’d set for myself throughout my affair with Elle. Too many people I knew, mostly through my sons, visited “Passions” and sooner, rather than later, one of them would find me there.

And then…!

So Mia and I decided that we’d meet for lunch a couple of times a month, rather than at the Club. Wasn’t as intimate, didn’t allow for the, “touchie feelie” kind of shenanigans that we would enjoy in our “pleather” chair… but it was a hell of a lot safer!

Another advantage to dating a 19 year old college student…?

I could take her out on weeknights… with no need for reservations… and not just to well known restaurants. She was just as happy going to a neighborhood bar for a burger, as to any big name joint.

I did, however, save those places for an occasional weekend rendezvous.

“Daddy” still got to give her dessert on the ride back to wherever she’d be going at the end of some of those dates, but she would never invite me into the house or apartment, her answer to my, “Why?” always, “I’m waiting for the right time and the right place.”

At least she didn’t say, “Fahgetaboutit!”

On the Elle front, I was still visiting her at school in the afternoon, still enjoying a late afternoon liaison, all under the guise of my storytelling.

But it actually was time for my first story of the year, Elle giving me the book title, allowing me to pick up the book at the library and prepare my version of her reading.

One thing that had become abundantly clear, as we talked about her class, the new year and the new Principal… was her infatuation with the man.

As with most of the staff, she’d been miffed when the administration had overrode the selection of the Faculty Selection Committee and had hired Allen over their objections. However, after meeting both he and his wife and having the School Committee and Superintendent give him a vote of confidence over a salacious accusation from his time at his former position… she’d decided to give him a chance… and seemed to very much enjoy her relationship with him.

Of course, when you throw in another rumor, this one over a purported tryst between he and one of the teachers during the late summer, which again the Superintendent’s office investigated and subsequently cleared both individuals… only to have the teacher confess to Elle that they had done the deed and it was, “… fun,”… Elle now seemingly convinced that he was the second coming of Brad Pitt.

Or… at least that’s the way it seemed to me.

After another, “… he just really good with the kids… and he’s so funny… and even some of the older teachers have come around and seem to believe that the rumors about he and Judy were all made…”

To which I replied, “Which you now know were true… When do you think he’ll put the move on you?”

That earned me a light slap on the arm… and, “He’d never make a move on me… I’m married and so is he… and he’s already been accused of screwing around with two younger female teachers… so he’d never try that with anyone else.”

“So it would be fear of getting caught that might dissuade him from taking you for a test drive?”

Another playful slap… and then, “Listen… he’s my boss… he knows that and so do I. We like each other and we like to talk… and he likes to harass me and I give it right back. He’s more like a little brother than anything else!”

I had no double that if Allen had heard her say that, his first thought would be… “Yup, if vice is nice… then incest is best!”

I told my story to the class, yet despite Elle’s attempts to explain what it was I was doing, her students didn’t quite understand the relationships between the characters in the book, my granddaughter Lexi and Lexi’s friends Batman and Robin. While they enjoyed the voices of my two bumbling “Heroes,” and the participation of their classmate Marcus in all the frivolity, I could see that it might take a little longer for this group to understand what I was doing.

I did get a nice ovation at the end, as well as an appreciative hug from Marcus.

One of the problems with my method of storytelling was Lexi having moved on to the Middle School. While still at the Elementary School, she would occasionally stop into Elle’s classroom for no other reason than to say, “Hi.” It was there that Elle’s current class could get to know her and it was a lot easier for them to then associate her, and her “friends” with the people in the books.

I asked Elle if I might need to change my story line, but she vetoed that idea, promising that, “… the children will get it. And I know that having Lexi, and all, in the stories builds a continuity from year to year, the teachers in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades all tell me that your stories live on as the kids progress.”

But one thing that did change was the, “Second Thursday in October,” ritual of my needing to accompany my son and Lexi to “Parent’s ataşehir escort bayan Night” at the school. With her in Middle School the focus was now on more complex subjects and material, all of which I was ill suited to understand.

No… I wasn’t as smart as a 6th grader!

Knowing that Elle dealt with Parent’s Night in a completely different manner that all of the other teachers and staff, packing a sandwich and drink so that rather than leave with the students at 3:00 and then coming back at 6:00 for her first appointment, she would stay, do her class prep for the next day and then prepare for each appointment so she could keep them short and to the point. While most of the other teachers were still, “hard at it,” at 9:00, Elle would be gone by 8:30.

So, that last year before Lexi had moved on, I stopped into the school at my usual time, interrupting Elle’s schedule, and then fucked her, this time right on her desk, in full view of the parking lot!

That left her smiling, happy and yet…still yearning for more.

How did I know that?

When I stopped in the next day… she pulled me into her little bathroom and sucked me dry in less than a minute… her explanation as I sat trying to catch my breath… “I was so fucking horny after you left… I couldn’t think about anything else but the taste of your cum. I spent the whole night sitting in a puddle of it, so much that even after I taken as much of it as possible out of my pussy… I still had a big stain on the back of my skirt and a huge sticky spot on my chair. I could swear that some of the parents could smell the sex as we sat talking, just by their facial expressions!”

This year, I did the same thing, showing up at around 4:00 and walked into an empty classroom…?

I knew she was somewhere in the school, unless she’d left with Kathy, because her car was still there. Then I noticed her bookbag next to her desk, with her pocketbook next to that… so she was somewhere in the building.

After sitting there for ten minutes, I got up and walked to the window, discovering another parked car, this one in the far corner… belonging to Allen.


Moments later, the sound of high heeled shoes in the corridor… then quiet voices… giggles, the stuttering steps of someone avoiding something… and finally, a voice that was easily identifiable… Elle in sotto voice saying, “You’re so bad!”

She walked into the classroom, her body arched forward… Allen right behind her… both of his hands on her ass.

Sitting in the right rear corner of the room, I was looking right down the wall at the door, so there was no mistaking what was happening. Yet, somehow, with her concentration on Allen behind her… she saw me sitting there… and stopped dead in her tracks!

Allen, already on top of her, crashed into her, his momentum nearly knocking her off her feet. Grabbing her around the waist… he saw her looking to her right, so he did the same.

He reacted quicker that her.

Jumping backwards, he nodded at me, then said, as he was turning towards the door, “… and thank you Mrs. Adams for the input, and could you please get that report to me in the morning,”

With that… he was gone.

I stood up and walked straight for the door also… Elle moving to intercept me, her, “Honey… what are you doing here…?”

That was followed by the sudden realization…!

I just held up a hand to stop her… smiled and walked out.

Allen’s car was gone when I got outside.

What was I thinking… as I drove away?

“This is perfect!”

I knew that Elle and Allen were destined to have an affair of some sort… because it had ceased to be a question of “if”… but rather a question of “when.” They’d just answered that… the “when” being “now”… and all I need do was make it as gratifying for me… as it might be for them.

The next day, I returned to the school at the same time.

Allen’s car wasn’t there, but Elle’s was.

I walked very quietly to her classroom, the door open as always, with her sitting at her desk, head down… correcting papers?

As she had the previous afternoon, she seemed to sense me standing there and looked up.

Her face didn’t register that same surprise or affection it always wore when I would show up unannounced. It was flat… showing no emotion at all.

She stood up… now looking down, but not, I was sure, looking at her class’s assignments.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured… now looking up at me.

I nodded, to show her that I was accepting her apology… and I moved to her desk, now standing a few feet away from her.

I still hadn’t said anything… so she decided to explain what had transpired… or at least her version of what I had witnessed.

“It happened just like you said it would, me in Allen’s office and we were teasing each other…”

“And flirting,” I interjected, which caused her to pause…

“And flirting,” she continued, “then Allen suddenly said, “You escort kadıöy know… from the very first time I met you, that first day, if someone had said, “You can have an affair with any one of you staff, take your pick…” I would have chosen you.”

“I told him, “Oh sure… tell that to Judy!”

“You’re wrong about that,” he retorted, “I didn’t go after Judy, she came after me.”

“But that didn’t stop you… and you did have a fling with her… something that could have gotten you both fired!”

“Then he walked over to me, put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Elle… I’m a man… and men are genetically programed to spread their seed in order to continue their bloodline. That’s what men do… and there are very few species in Nature that act that way… only societal mores that keep men monogamous. When I see a beautiful woman, it is my instinctive nature to want to mate with her… unless her mate is somewhere nearby.”

I rolled my eyes… but she missed it.

“I told him he sounded like a third year Psychology major or a young college professor, trying to get into the pants of a co-ed…! Then I said, “You seemed to have found someone to continue your bloodline with…” but before I could finish he interrupted me, pulled me against him and slid his hands down onto my ass… telling me, “Yes, I have… but that doesn’t mean that I have to…”

Now I interrupted… asking, “Did you step away from him, or take his hands off your ass?”

So concentrated on telling her story… it took a moment for my question to sink in.

Then, putting her head down, she answered, “No.”

“So,” I asked, “what would have happened if I hadn’t been here yesterday afternoon?”

“What do you mean, “… what would have happened…? Nothing would have happened,” her demeanor defiant.

“Are you sure of that?” my demeanor neutral.

“Yes… I’m very sure.”

“Okay,” I responded, “but let’s look at this from my perspective. The two of you are alone in the building and you’d just left his office, where you and he were, admittedly, “… teasing and flirting with each other…” Then, he runs this “… sophomoric drivel about a man’s needs… his needs…” with the two of you locked in an embrace… and with both of his hands on your ass…”

“We weren’t locked in an embrace…!” she interjected, trying to limit the damage.

“That isn’t what you just told me.” I replied, “you said he, “… pulled you against him and slid his hands down onto your ass.” Then you admitted that you did nothing to change the dynamics of the situation.”

Trying to look assertive, she rolled her eyes, and said, “You are way over dramatizing this whole thing. It was just the two of us playing… fooling around… that’s all.”

Blank stare… before, “You and your, “little brother… playing and fooling around… holding you close with his hands on your ass…” In civilized societies… that would be called incest.”

Now she gave me the blank stare, but knew to keep her mouth shut, for fear of giving me more ammunition.

Didn’t matter… I had more than enough.

“You say nothing would have happened,” I continued, “but I sat here, knowing you were probably alone with him in his office… because your car and his were the only two in the parking lot…”

“But…” she tried to interrupt.

I held up my hand… and she closed her eyes.

“… so the two of you were alone and then I heard you coming down the corridor, whispering, giggling… then you telling him that, “… You’re so bad.”

I paused… so she would open her eyes and look at me… which she did…

“And when you walked through the door, he was right on top of you… with both of his hands still on your ass… but you’re telling me that… had I not been sitting here, nothing further would have happened?”

For the first time, she seemed to resign herself to the fact that, whether intentional or not, she’d given in to the one thing that I’d predicted, not suggested, but predicted would happen… so she finally answered truthfully, “I don’t know what would have happened.”

Again, I nodded, acknowledging that she’d finally spoken the truth.

However… what I said next…

“So… as a punishment for these transgressions…”

“PUNISHMENT…! You’re going to punish me… like I’m some fucking fourteen year old who you caught with some guy’s hands on my ass?”

I let her stew for a couple of moments… fists on her hips, mouth screwed up… so indignant that… I thought her head would explode…!

God… talk about a hanging curveball…!

“And if it had been your daughter Kim… with some guy’s hands on her ass?”

Her hands fell to her side, chin dropped and she let out a long sigh.

Then I offered, “But if you can suggest someone whom you think might be better to offer a punishment, I’d be happy to listen.”

That only led to her pleading… “But I didn’t do anything…”

I didn’t hesitate, “Actually… you did two things. maltepe escort First… you forgot all about me coming here yesterday, so caught up in your playing and flirting with Allen. And second… you allowed him to get you alone, where his persistence would have worn you down… and you would have had some sort of sexual contact with him… if for no other reason than to get it over with.”

Head down… with no way around her predicament, she shrugged… accepting the reality of her situation and simply said, “I’m sorry.”

When she looked up, she had a single tear on her left cheek. I reached over and wiped it off with my thumb… giving her the opportunity to take my hand and start to kiss and suck my fingers.

But I didn’t want to spoil her, so I took my hand away and sat down across from her.

“Did you see Allen today?”

“Of course… he was out greeting the buses this morning like he always does.”

“Did he have anything to say?”

“He asked what happened and I told him that you’d smiled at me and walked out before I had a chance to say anything.”

Why would he ask that question? Does he know about the affair… and if yes… how?

Her continuing report answered all of those questions… except “how?”

She continued without a clue…

“He asked, “Did he seem angry or upset? Did he… did you get the impression that he wanted it over?”

“I started towards the door and told him, “He gave me no impression… one way or the other. If he calls me or stops to see me today… believe me I’ll know.”

Okay… I could live with that… I needed to know how he knew… but that could wait.


I given this some thought. Since Allen seemed to think quite highly of himself, as evidenced by his pitiful diatribe on “man’s” genetic nature… I wanted to give him a chance to prove that philosophy to Elle. Put him in a position where she would be making the first move… and see how he would handle that.

“So… on Monday you’ll have to find a way to make an appointment with him after 4:00, once everyone else is gone…”

“What if he has something else to do?” she interrupted.

“Just ask him… Unless he’s donating a kidney, he’ll be more than happy to meet with you.”

She didn’t seem convinced.

“When you leave for school, you’ll wear your pink raincoat…”

Again… “What if it isn’t raining?”

“Immaterial,” I answered, “because you’re going to also pack your black and white plaid miniskirt, your black velour hoodie and a pair of black high heels in your bookbag.”

Now she just looked at me.

I continued, “At 4:00 you go into your bathroom, take your school clothes off… all of them and put on the skirt, hoodie, shoes and raincoat. Pack your school clothes into the bookbag and walk down to his office…”

Now she looked at me with added interest… sensing…?

“Walk into his office… but take the raincoat off before you go in, bringing the bag with you… and once inside, lock the door behind you… tell him, “I’m going to give you two minutes, 120 seconds, starting right now…!”

“Two minutes? Two minutes for what?” giving me a look of complete exasperation.

I smiled, “Once you’ve told him he has two minutes, you start to count backwards for 120. But as soon as you say, “120… 119…” you unzip the hoodie…”

The exasperation became a “Gas Main” explosion!



“Elle… yesterday afternoon… you know as well as I do that he wanted to do more than just look… and had I not been sitting here, the chances are about a million to one that he would have done a lot more than just look… you’ve already admitted that. So you unzip the hoodie… you don’t have to open it, you just unzip it and…”

Shaking her head… “No… why… he’s not going to be satisfied… he’ll…”

“He’ll what… fire you? Call your husband? Tell the School Committee?”

“No… none of that… but he’ll want to touch me,,,”

“Sorry baby, but that train left the station yesterday. Unless I was under the influence of a hallucinogenic… his hands were all over you… and you didn’t seem to mind it at all.”

She knew I was right… she knew she’d made d BIG mistake.

“But,” I said, looking at her, “if you can tell me right now, without any doubt in your mind, that yesterday afternoon, if I hadn’t been here, and he chased you down the hallway, after the two of you had been playing “Grab Ass” in his office… that once in this classroom you would have told him “NO” and meant it… then you can forget all about the punishment.”

Without a millisecond’s hesitation… she answered, “No I can’t.”

Late Monday morning, I left a message for her at the school. She returned my call during her lunch break. I first asked if he’d said anything and she deadpanned, “He asked me if everything was alright when I was walking in this morning, so I used that opportunity to tell him I needed to see him this afternoon. He said he could, but I’d need to make it quick because he had to pick up his son before 5:00.”

“So, you’re all set.”

“Yup… I’m all set. Got my clothes, my raincoat… how did you know it would rain this morning?”

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