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Showing you off

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Showing you offIt’s time to show you off. I’d make you wear some sexy satin panties, some black and white horizontal striped stockings, and a sexy black choker with the bell on it. But we need to go out and I love showing how sexy you are! You’d wear a nice tight sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline and that flairs out below your ass, but is very short, ending right where your stockings start. That way anytime you bend over, you’re showing off your sexy smooth skin.We’d go out for shopping and I’d make you go around finding men to bend over in front of. Drawing their attention to how sexy and slutty you are. I’d especially make you work to draw the attention of men with their wives and girlfriends, making them desire having you with or instead of their woman.After doing some shopping, we’d stop for coffee. I’d make you do that again at the coffee shop, but I’d also make you bursa escort expose your panties, while sitting, to men in the shop. I’d love watching men losing concentration with the conversation their girl is having and their eyes darting over to try and catch a glimpse of your panties.After having shown you off enough, we head to home. Once in the door I would quickly push you against the wall with your front to the wall. My hands feeling your legs and stockings and working their way up to your tight ass while I kiss your neck. I’d unzip the dress and let it fall off you. I push myself against your back, you can feel through your panties and my pants, I’m very hard. You reach back, rubbing my cock through my clothes before unzipping me and letting my pants drop. You grab my hips and pull me tight against you. I’m so turned on, rubbing my cock against your ass through our underwear while bursa escort bayan I kiss and bite your neck.I can’t take anymore, I grab you from the wall and lead you into the bedroom. Once there I push you face first on the bed. I pull your underwear down just enough to spread your ass and begin to lick your ass. You push back against my face as well as grab my hair to get my tongue as deep as you can, grinding your hips as you moan. After a little bit, I stop, pull your panties back up, pull off my shirt and underwear and get on top, grinding my hard cock on your ass and those sexy smooth panties. Kissing and biting your neck and shoulders while I push my hard on against your ass. You begin to beg for me to fuck you. But I’m not ready.I roll over onto my back, you know exactly what you have to do and eagerly roll over, grab my cock and begin to lick my pre-cum, the tip and start escort bursa sucking me in. You get turned on hearing me let out a moan as you take me in your nice wet mouth, making you tongue my cock more and eager to please me. Meanwhile I’m playing with your tight ass, grabbing your cheeks and rubbing my hands over your panties. This turns you on while your mouth is full, letting out moans that feel so good on my cock. I keep feeling more, my hands under your panties and exploring your ass, fingering your tight hole which gets you even more excited as I lube you up.Finally, I pull your panties down again just enough to expose your great ass. You know it’s time, eagerly repositioning yourself for me. I slowly press my cock, wet with your saliva and my pre-cum, against your ass. Increasing the pressure of my hard cock on your butthole until you let out a gasp as the head enters. I pause letting you savor the moment, it seems to be forever as you quiver and want more, grabbing my hip eagerly pulling me into you. I slowly give you more and more as you keep pushing your hip back, eagerly wanting more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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