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Subject: Shredder Guy (5) This is a fiction/ non fictional story that actually happened to mw. The blowjob is true. The rest is pure fiction. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I never did finish this story out. So here goes Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Shredder Guy (Part 5) ….. I opened up to take his dick into my mouth again. Sliding down his hardening dick. Feeling the heated and thick flesh as it slid over my tongue. Slurping down his meaty shaft once more. He moaned again. It was a deep pleasured moan too. His big hand touched at my head. Then I felt him rubbing at it. Softly breathing as he felt me on his hard dick. “Yeah man. Suck me like that” he groaned “Awee Fuck thats soo good” I placed my hands on his thighs as I moved up and down his dick. Over and over again as I worshiped his cock. He moaned as he felt my mouth move on his dick. “Suck it baby. Suck” he groaned “Love that hot mouth you have man” And I loved his meaty cock. So I continued to lovingly slurp down on his cock. Holding it as my mouth lick at the tip of his bloated head. Sucking on the pre goo he fed me. Then letting go of the thick shaft as I swooped back down his length. “Ohh Fuck that’s good” he crowed “Get back on the tip man” “Eat the head” So I eagerly complied with this hot mans request. Moving back up to the meaty head. Lapping up the dribbles of his juices that leaked out of the tip. A slight sweetness rushing over my palette. “Damn that mouth is hot” escort bayan he said “Suck it. Suck that dick” So I sped up. I slurped on his big thick cock Lick it was the last dick on earth. Moving my mouth over the shaft. Turning it so I could feel each vein on his dick as I passed over it. His hands continued to rub at my head. Caressing me as I worshiped that dick of his. And he was groaning deeply. Big heavy puffs of air as he breathed in his oxygen. “Gotta stop” he then crowed “Gotta stop or I’ll bust too soon man” “Awee Fuck” So I did as he asked. I pulled of his delicious dick reluctantly. Holding it in my hand. Then I let go of his dick as he pulled away from the machine. “Get up here.” He ordered “Gonna fuck you against this machine” So i stood up ans bent over the copying machine. He then moved in behind me. I felt his hands on my sides and back. Then his dick at my rear. I heard as he wadded up as spit ball. Then droppwd it to my ass. Then rubbed the goo on it and his dick. Then he pushed his cock at my ass. Then rubbwd the meaty head at my hole. Pushing his dick at me. “Have been missing this” he said finally And with that he pushed his big dick into me. I grunted as the hard cock pierced my hole. I felt my fingers grasp at the edge of the machine I was laying on. There was a low them under my body. And a soft heat from it. “Fuck me stud” I just said to him And he began to do just that. Slow at first as he pushed his dick down into me. Then pulling it back up and almost out of me. Again I moaned as he near pulled out. But kocaeli escort wiggled my ass in his cock. Kind of telling him I didn’t want his dick gone. “Fuck my ass stud. Fuck it hard” I chirped “Oh I plan on gutting you” he grunted “I love this ass” And then he slammed back down into me. Grunting as his dick dug back into my guts. “Ughn. Fuckk” he groaned “Such a great ass” “Fuckk!” He contiued to plow my happy ass. I was gripping tightly to the copy machine as he started to pound me harder now. Felling his big delicious cock as he twisted his thrusts with each push into me. I cpuld feel it as the heavy dick raked along my inner was walls. “Yeah stud. Fuck me!” I cried “Take that ass baby” “It’s all yours. Ughn fuckk” He was now grunting harder as he slammed my guts. Giving me all his hard wonderful dick. And I just cooed as he kept up the pace. Drilling me harder and harder. “Awee fuckk” he groaned “You want my cum man?” “Ohh hell yess!” I cried back at him “Gimme that boiling cum dude” He grunted some more, then he reached down and picked me up. Pulling me back to him as he slammed my ass. Then he ground that meat stick into my bowels as he grabbed me by the neck. Again it found spots inside me I didn’t think could be there. “Awee fuckk. Awee fuckk” I moaned. “Yeah baby” he huffed at me “Gonna give it to you man” “Daddys gonna give you his cum” “You want that right?” His lips were at my ear as he grunted those words at me. His hand holding me to him. By the stomach and by the neck. But I answered the beefy hunk. izmit escort bayan Wanting his cum. “Yess.” I huffed back “Yess” “Give it to me” “Give it to mee” The hunks grunts escalated. Growing rougher and deeper as he pushed at my body. Then he began to power Fuck me as we stood. Body to body. That heavy dick plowed into my ass over and over and over again. His grunts and breaths getting erratic now. So i knew he was gonna blow. So i somehow reached back and grabbed at his thick beefy ass. Then pulled. “Awee fuckk!” He then bellowed. “Here it comes man” “Here it comes!” His head went to my shoulder and neck. Then he bit at my skin as his body gave into orgasm. He was huffing as he thrust to cum. Panting now as he erupted. “Fuck. Hmmf fuxk Yess” he grumbled at my neck “Cumming. Cumming” And he shot at least 7 bullets into my guts. Hot and wet as he impregnated me. Or at least tried. Then as he was finishing his dump, he ground his hips against me. Still grunting and grumbling behind me. “Fuck, Fuck yes baby” he huffed “Soo fucking great man. Awee fuckk” I sighed as his body finally slowed. His grip on my neck loosened. And his head just hung against my back. And then after a bit longer. Clinging to his awesome body, he pulled out of me with a heavy sigh of his own. I then turned and faced him. He looked hotter than ever. I moved in and kissed his mouth. Taking his tongue as we sucked face. Pulling my body to his. “Maybe next time. Just come to my house” I said He smiled at me as I grabbed something to write on. Then I gave him my address and phone number. That way I could get ‘shredded’ I’m the time. ….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The End Thanks for the comments And do donate to to keep these stories online

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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