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Liz had just walked out of the hospital; her mother had just passed away after a short illness. She now had to make the most difficult phone call of her life. She had to call her twin brother Donald.She got in her car and rang her brother’s phone number in Singapore. It went straight to voice mail, so she left a message asking him to phone her as soon as possible.She now felt alone, very alone. Her brother Don had left the family home two days after her eighteenth birthday to start a new life as a financial whizz kid. He was twenty years old and full of confidence.She and her mum got birthday and Christmas cards from him but they never spoke. She only kept his phone number for emergencies so hopefully, he would realise the significance of the message.She arrived home, poured herself a very large whisky then went to bed.She couldn’t sleep, each time she closed her eyes she saw visions of her mum. Tears flowed down her cheeks and she opened her eyes.She drifted into a restless sleep and suddenly her phone rang. “Hello,” she said, half-asleep.”How’s the world’s oldest virgin doing?” the male voice replied.”Who is this, please?” she asked unsure who she was speaking to.”It’s me Don, your bezzy bro,” came the reply along with a chuckle.”Very funny,” Liz shouted. “Mum passed away earlier today or yesterday, depending on where you are,“ she said. There was a long silence then she heard sobbing. “Don, stop crying, please or I will start and we won’t be able to think straight,” Liz pleaded.”Sorry,” he replied, “It’s such a shock.”“I know,“ Liz said, trying to keep calm.”I will get on the first flight home,” Don declared, saying that he wanted to help with the arrangements, avoiding saying funeral.”Okay,” Liz replied. “I will get my bedroom ready for you.””What about my bedroom?” he said in a puzzled voice.”Oh, that’s my studio now,” she said, “I’m a graphic designer.””Great,” he answered, “so I have to sleep in a pink bedroom with girly things on the wall?””We are thirty-two years of age Don, or have you forgotten?” she reminded him.”Oh, yes, the world’s oldest virgin,” he said.”Fuck off, you bastard,” she screamed down the phone.”Sorry,” he replied, “just trying to cheer us up. I will email you when I get a flight. Take care Liz, I’m looking forward to seeing…””The oldest fucking virgin,” Liz said finishing his sentence for him.They hung up and Liz lay down and fell into a deep sleep.The next morning Liz started the process of arranging her mother’s funeral. Her work was put on the back burner. She was glad the funeral director would do most of the planning including opening her grave.She went to the bank where she was surprised to find her mum had opened another joint about which contained a very large amount of money. Then she went to the insurance company to cash in her mum’s policies, not that she expected to get much back.Tuesday, she went to the church to sort out the service details. She called in the pub across the road from the church and had a pub lunch. It was the first thing she had eaten since Sunday morning. The shock of her mother’s death had suppressed her appetite.That afternoon she got an email from Don saying he would be arriving at about 8 pm Wednesday evening and he would find a hotel. Liz replied saying that he could say at the house because she thought they should stay together until the funeral was over.She also received a call from an advertising agency that they wanted her to do the graphics for a new range of chocolate biscuits. She explained her situation and they told her it wasn’t too urgent. She asked if she could have some samples so she knows what they taste like. After a lot of leg-pulling and joking they agreed, which cheered her up massively. The samples and mock-ups would arrive by courier the next day.Liz drank a bottle of wine while listening to music and fell asleep on the sofa.The next morning Liz was in her studio, naked as usual, she didn’t see the need for clothes while working on her PC.The doorbell rang so she quickly grabbed her short robe and slipped the feet into her rabbit şişli escort slippers and when downstairs. The bell rang again. “Okay, one minute,” she shouted as she reached the bottom of the stairs.She opened the door, expecting the courier with her new project but stood on the doorstep was a guy, tall, good looking with short dark hair that was speckled with blonde streaks.”Can I help you?” Liz asked as she was getting a tingle between her legs.“It’s me, Don,” the guy replied. Liz gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Tears started to form in her eyes. “So you’re not pleased to see me then?” then he asked.”Yes, I… I…“ she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. He put his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground, causing her robe to come undone. They embrace for several moments before they separated.Suddenly she realised her robe was open, exposing her body to her brother. “Sorry,” she said as she quickly folded it back across her naked body.”Very nice,” Don said and let out a whistle.”Shut up,” Líz said, blushing bright red. “Come in and I’ll make you a nice cuppa.”They went into the kitchen a Liz put the kettle on.Liz kept looking at Don, not quite sure if this was really the brother. He had blue eyes, this guy had grey eyes. Don was a thin long-haired geek; this guy had short hair and an absolutely toned body. He was a son of Adonis and she was getting wet between her legs; something that didn’t happen very often.She handed him a mug of tea. He thanked her and after placing it on the breakfast bar, took her hand in his and pulled her towards him.”I have missed you so much, Liz,” he said looking at her with sad eyes. “I wish,” he paused and bowed his head. “I wish I was there for mum when she passed away,“ he continued and started crying.Liz hated seeing grown men cry so she pulled his head to her breasts and cradled him. It started her off crying.He buried his face into her cleavage and sobbed his heart out. He placed his hands on her silk-covered buttocks. No male had ever done that before. She shivered even though his huge hands were warm.She could feel his tears and other bodily fluids running between her breasts. Normally she would have moved away but she felt so sad for Don.She bent her head and kissed the top of his head. He pulled her closer and kissed her between her breasts. Liz put her hand under Don’s chin and lifted his face up. She kissed his forehead then both eyes that were wet with his salty tears. He looked like a lost soul. Liz moved to kiss his mucus-covered nose. It is my brother, so it will not kill me, she thought.Liz cupped his face in her hands and kissed Don passionately on the lips and he responded by pulling her gown open and sliding his hands around her body pulling even closer to him. He slid his fingers up and down her spine making her shiver. Liz was losing control, her whole body was aching to be touched but she knew it was so very wrong to even think about doing anything with her brother. She felt his fingers enter the valley between her buttocks.Liz thought, no, and slapped his hands away and stepped back, revealing her naked body to Don for the second time in less than ten minutes. This time she didn’t attempt to cover herself. She looked at his glistening face and took hold of the bottom of her robe and gently wiped away his tears and the mucus. “Drink your tea and then I will put you to bed. You looked absolutely knackered,” Liz said.”That’s the best offer I’ve had in ages,” Don replied. “We might not get much sleep though,” he continued.”No, you’re going to bed to sleep, no ‘we’, and then later we can go out for a meal.”Don sat drinking his tea and Liz could feel his eyes taking in the sight of her near-naked body. “I do love a woman who shaves her pussy, so clean yet sexy,” Don said as he finished his tea. Liz wanted a hole to open up and swallow her. She blushed and looked at the floor.He grabbed her hips and drew her towards him, sticking his tongue into her navel. Liz gasped aloud, her whole body stiffened. She could şişli escort bayan feel his tongue slowly licking her skin in ever-increasing circles on her stomach, making her juices start to flow for the first time since she was a teenager.His tongue was getting closer to her forbidden area; she grabbed his arms and quickly moved away. Her heart was pounding and her head was spinning. She could hardly speak because her breathing was so shallow.”You must stop,” Liz gasped. “Mother is watching you.””Mother is dead,” Don said sarcastically.”Her body might be dead but her soul is still with us,” Liz shouted, almost breaking down in tears.Don stood and said he was sorry. Liz pointed to his crotch and burst out laughing. Don looked down at his bulging trousers; it was his turn to blush.Liz walked to the stairs and Don followed, taking his suitcase with him. As they climbed up the stairs, Liz lifted the back of her robe exposing her backside. She heard Don stumble and said, “Steady, babe, you don’t want to damage your thingy.” She giggled and reached the top of the stairs. Don was bright red with embarrassment.”I need the bathroom,” he said.”You know where it is,” Liz replied. “Just don’t take too long because you need some beauty sleep,” she continued, dragging his heavy suitcase into her bedroom.Liz quickly removed her robe and put on a pair of white cotton panties and a white baggy t-shirt with a halo with wings and the word ‘pure’ in large red capital letters across her breasts.Don entered the room and Liz asked him to select the clothes that he would be wearing in the evening. He handed her a white t-shirt and a pair of charcoal grey chinos.She stood and watched as he removed his jacket and tie. Then he slipped off his shoes. Liz was interested in what his body looked like and wasn’t disappointed when he removed his shirt to reveal his toned upper body. Liz got a slight tingle.Don undid his trousers and Liz held her breath in anticipation. His back was to her and she saw his black silk covered backside for the first time. He threw the trousers to the floor joining his shirt and jacket. He removed his socks and turn to face her.She noticed an embroidered Chinese Dragon on the left leg of his well-filled boxer shorts. He moved to the bed and sat down.Liz walked passed him and picked his jacket and trousers up off the floor and placed them on the armchair. As she bent to retrieve his shirt and socks, Don started laughing.Liz reached behind herself and started to feel if she had a hole in her knickers of something. She stood up and looked at Don. “What?” she said gets annoyed.“It’s just your t-shirt,“ he said, trying to control himself. ”PURE on the front and YEAH, RIGHT on the back, it just cracked me up.””I wore this on a hen night. Don’t worry I didn’t cop or anything,“ Liz replied smiling.She started to leave the room with his dirty washing when she asked if he was wearing the same boxers that night.”Sorry, no,” he said, climbing under the sheet and removing them out of sight much to Liz’s disappointment. He lay on his back and handed them to her. The silk sheet lay across his lower body revealing a large bulge that was his manhood.”See you later,” Liz said as she quickly left the room before her emotions got the better of her.Downstairs she put his clothes on a chair and took the washing into the laundry room. She put his shirt and socks in the machine but lifted his boxers to her nose and sniffed. There was a heady, musky aroma from them that made her put her hand down to her crotch. She turned them inside out and noticed several silvery patches of Don’s pre-cum. She shivered and put her tongue out then lifted the boxers up to her mouth.Something in her head snapped and she threw them in the machine and closed the door.What the hell was I thinking she said to herself. He’s your brother, for fuck’s sake, not a piece of meat. Her heart was racing so she lent on the washing machine trying calm down. I’ve never been inclined to do that sort of thing before, she thought.The doorbell rang mecidiyeköy escort and she hurried to open the front door. It was the things for her new design project, two A3 sized flat packs and four black boxes the size of crisp boxes. The guy handed her the flat packs and offer to carry the boxes into the house for her.They put them just inside the lounge. Liz couldn’t help looking at his crotch. Her being in her t-shirt and panties were having an effect on the poor guy. She signed his pad and walked him back to the door. “Thank you so much,” she said, almost leaning forward to kiss him.”My pleasure, ma’am,” he replied, with a huge smile on his face.She closed the door and went back into the laundry room. As she ironed Don’s clothes for later she started thinking about him and if he really was her brother. She couldn’t remember him being so forward about sex. Fair enough, he was older but she hadn’t changed her outlook on sex and she was only two years younger.Liz made a cup of tea and sat thinking about how she could prove it really was flesh and blood. He had a small birthmark at the top of his butt crack, she remembered. That will definitely tell her.Her mind drifted back to his boxer shorts. She slid her hand into her panties and started rubbing her pussy which was getting wetter by the second. Her mind was throwing up all kinds of images, some nice but some disgusting.Liz came back to reality, thinking she must start on the design project. She collected Don’s clothes and picking up the A3 packages and climbed the stairs. Pausing at the bedroom Don was hopefully asleep in, she hoped he wasn’t playing with himself as she entered and placed his clothes on the chair next to the dressing table.She looked at Don who was fast asleep, lying on his stomach. His legs spread wide taking up most of the bed. Jeez, he’s a big guy Liz thought as she picked his suit up off the floor and put it on a hanger. She removed his wallet from the trouser pocket and opened it, being a bit nosey.She gasped as she saw two pictures, passport size, of her and their mum. The picture of her was taken on her eighteenth birthday. Tears started to well up in her eyes.She put the wallet down and walked to the bed, gently pulling the sheet down his back to reveal a strawberry coloured birthmark right at the top of his butt crack. He definitely was her brother. Tears started to run down her cheeks, her long lost brother was back. She rushed from the room at went into her studio and cried tears of joy as she tried to work on the project. She found it hard to concentrate, her mind wandering to the photo of her when she was sixteen. He had kept it with him all these years. She thought, how touching.Several hours passed before she decided to wake Don up so they could go out for dinner. She went into the bedroom; Don was lying on his back, the sheet just about covering his manhood. She stood for a few moments admiring his almost naked body. Suddenly she got the urge to have a peek at his penis. She moved to the side of the bed and lifted the sheet. She gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Oh my God, it’s huge, she thought, and it isn’t even stiff. She stood looking at it for a while when Don said, “You like it, then?”Liz jumped and quickly moved away from the bed leaving his manhood exposed.”Touch it; it won’t bite you,” Don said, laughing at her.”No way,” Liz said blushing like a beetroot.”You have done it in the past,” Don said, with an air of superiority.”No, I haven’t,” Liz replied, trying to think of when she might have done.”Do you remember that Saturday when mum went on that church trip and we were alone in the house? You were sixteen and I was in my last year at school and I asked you if you wanted to watch a dirty movie?””No,” Liz replied, her face had a puzzled expression.”Of course you do. We went into my bedroom and I got you to strip to your knickers and bra. Pink if I remember, with red lace panels on the sides of the knickers and the same lace for cups on the bra. I could see your nipples.” Liz closed her eyes trying to think.”After we watched the film I removed my underpants and push you back on the bed. I lay between your legs and removed your bra. Your nice boobs with pink nipples came into view giving me a boner. I couldn’t get you to take off your knickers so I lay on you and started to rub myself against…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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