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Silent No More

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Silence, I hate the silence. I hate what it does to me, I hate that it gives me time to think. I don’t like to churn things over in my head as it makes me start to worry and heaven knows, I’m good at doing that. My Master is giving me the silent treatment yet again. I’m bored of being punished like this and thinking back, the last few times I didn’t do anything to deserve it. He’s pushing me to do something, something that I need to be punished for.I check my phone again but there is nothing, no missed call, no text message, nothing. I decide it’s now time for he and I to have a little chat as this relationship doesn’t seem to be working anymore. As he is giving me this silence I don’t bother to call or message him to let him know I’m coming over, I just decide to head to his house. Climbing up the few small steps to his house I notice that his car isn’t in his driveway so I assume that he is out. I let myself in with my key and after placing my jacket and bag on the side table I slip off my heels and head quietly to his study to leave him a note near his computer A few words just saying that I think we need to have a conversation.Along the narrow hallway something catches my eye as I walk past the lounge. I enter. There is a little round table and open fire place with an arm chair facing it and a young woman, naked and blindfolded. Somewhat shocked, I stare at the girl for a moment and then see a note on the table which I pick up and read.“My new Sub,Strip naked and put the blindfold on and then kneel by my chair in position I have demonstrated to you. I have had to return to my office to attend to an urgent matter. I will home be no later çankaya escort than 3pm.Enjoy the peace and quiet and do not move until I get home.I trust that you have been a good Sub and followed my rules before coming here.Your new Master.”The last three words hurt, in fact they break my heart. I want to run out of his house and never come back but I can’t move. Instead I hold the tears back and don’t make a noise. Walking quietly over to the curvy woman kneeling at the chair, the fire is lighting up her body. She knows someone is in the room with her as her back is ramrod straight as she kneels but she must assume that it is her new Master. I admit that I want to grab her and throw her out of the door. How dare she come in and take my Master from me. Did she even know about me?Looking her over I see why Master has picked her, her big boobs are sticking out, her prominent nipples are erect and there is no trace of pubic hair. He loves a curvy female with a smooth pussy. As I’m just about to remove her blindfold and ask her what the hell she thinks she is doing here, an idea comes to mind. One rule I know she will have been given is not to cum unless given permission, so I’m going to make her cum so hard she leaves a puddle. I kneel behind her being cautious not to touch her. I breathe into her ear softly and I see her body shiver as I do. She won’t speak until she’s permitted and of course I won’t be allowing her. An evil grin appears on my face, I know I’m being horrible but I can’t help it. It’s Master’s fault.I know I have about an hour before he comes home so I’m going to enjoy myself. I go to Master’s rus escort toy cupboard and I pull out a smooth pink vibrator and a pair of cuffs. Walking back over to her I lock her hands behind her back and I hear her exhale. She has been holding it in, waiting for a touch or voice.Walking in front of her I see her slightly open legs and the moist pussy in-between. I know that she’s already enjoying this so it’s going to be so easy to make her cum. I turn on the little toy and run it along her smooth pussy lips, gently at first, just about touching her. Her mouth opens slightly as her breathing starts to deepen. I can’t help but bring my mouth closer to her cheek; I can feel her breath on me and I’m sure she can feel mine on hers. I start to work the toy a little harder on her and turn it up to full power. I don’t really have the time to go too slowly as I am aware of the time limitations.Moving the tip of the toy so that it just sits on her clit, her body jumps a little in reaction to the vibrations. Her breathing has suddenly increased and she is slowly moving her pussy against the toy. I smile to myself as I move it off her and she lets out a whimper of disappointment. Like a good submissive she doesn’t complain but continues to wait for orders or commands.I must admit all this is getting me turned on, I love playing with other women. I am bisexual and get a thrill from giving other woman pleasure too. My now “old” Master used to love getting me new toys to play with and new women for me to fuck as he watched.Sliding along her juicy slit again with the toy her hips start to move, wanting more. I know she eryaman escort can’t help it, her body is betraying her mind right now. Stopping again I move the toy to her mouth she lets it slip in and sucks it just like a good cock sucker would. Removing it, I put it back to her clit just for a second before forcing it into her tight cunt. She lets out a scream, so I leave it inside her and using the palms of my hands I push her knees together so that it stays embedded deep inside her pussy. I stand and take my panties off so that I can push them into her open mouth. She probably thinks they are hers but unknown to her she’s tasting my wetness on them. Her hips are moving again as she tries her hardest to fuck the toy that’s inside her. Looking over her breasts I can no longer hold back so I lean in close and poke out my tongue. Her nipples are rock hard so I spend some time licking and nibbling on them. I listen to her breathing and I can tell she’s enjoying it.I sense that she’s getting close quickly and I’m sure she’s going to tip over the edge at any second but that is what I want her to do. Pulling the toy out of her very slick pussy, I start to circle it on her clit, whilst still licking her nipples. Kissing and lightly biting one and then the other and pushing the toy harder against her clit. She’s trying to fight it and mumbles through the panty-gag. I’m sure she’s asking to cum.I work harder till I get what I want as she cums with a shudder all over the toy and squirts a little too. There’s a little puddle of wetness forming on the floor. Smiling to myself I watch her calm down a little then walk over to the cupboard again. My body is now taking over and I want to fuck her. Reaching for my strap on, I take out the double ended dildo that attaches to it. Clipping it on I then push it deep into my soaked cunt. I let my skirt fall over the fake cock hanging between my legs and walk back over to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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