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Single DaddyEmpty nest. Where did the time go? Seems like only a minute ago I was walking in the park with the girls. Now they are away at college and all I have is this big empty house. Nobody told me this adjustment would be so difficult. Leslie has only been gone a month, Alice is on her second year. Sure, I get the holidays and the off times. It’s just that when they are here, they have their own lives to live. And I am increasingly less and less of that. I am thankful that I don’t have to split the little time I get with the wife. Hell, we don’t even know where she is. Split from our scene before Leslie’s second birthday. At almost 4, Alice barely remembers her. Empty nest syndrome is the only explanation I can muster for my newest porn preference, teens. Lots and lots of teens.One thing good about having this big house to myself is the porn. I can leave it playing, loudly, and hang around nude. Ready to bust a nut on short notice. It sure wasn’t like that before. I had been thru a few relationships, they all sucked. I guess my choices and selection skills of real women are just horrid. But porn girls, hell they will do whatever you want and then you just turn them off. No ball busting bullshit or having to relate in any way. Now I get to watch them openly and not worry about the girls catching me jerking off. They did a few times when younger but it was all close calls. I don’t think they saw to much. When we had “the talk” they both seemed clueless enough.So this teen porn obsession…. I actually caught myself saving favorites of girls that resemble my daughters. I was about 20 videos in on my xhamster account when I realized this. The thing that really got me concerned was when I started taking the laptop into their bedroom. It was so exciting to jerk on their beds, all the girly decorations around and the clothes they left behind. I started to understand the guys on xham that jerk into panties. The past month I have soiled and washed Leslie and Alice’s little panties more times than I can count. Yeah, empty nest has made me a pervert. Thank goodness this transition waited for the girls to be gone…In the dorm room at college….”I’m already home sick Alice, I can hardly breathe.” Leslie told her sis. “Yeah, it takes a while to pass. I was upside down for about 3 months.” “What helped you thru it?” she asked. Alice did that thing with her hair, pushing it behind her ear then running her fingers thru a strand stopping to twirl and twirl repetitively. Something she always did when thinking. “Going home I guess.” was her response. Puzzled Leslie did not have to speak, Alice knew she did not understand. Smiling she continued “When I went home that first break nothing was the same as it had been. That made me realize I had moved on. You and Dad had your own thing going. I felt like an intruder those 2 weeks.” This seemed to relax Leslie a bit. She laid back on her pillow and contemplated. After a minute she said “Wonder if it will be like that when I go home at Christmas?” Alice placed her hand on Leslie’s stomach and gently rubbed, this always calmed her, even when she was little. “It probably will, unless we catch Dad jerking to his porn again.” They both laughed out loud. Their giggling subsided when they kissed Alice’s hand moved into Leslie’s pj bottoms. Her legs slowly drifted apart. “I am so glad we get to share a room here like we did at home Alice.” Alice smiled and opened her mouth. Before she could speak Leslie’s tongue darted into her engaging a loving kiss. Alice slid her finger into Leslie’s pussy and started to spread her own legs….”Remember how we used to play watching Daddy.” Alice whispered into Leslie’s mouth. Leslie nodded as she put her tongue out güvenilir bahis again. Alice kissed her deeply. Leslie’s pussy started to sop as Alice slid another finger into her. “I loved watching him cum” Leslie said as her breath hitched. “I loved us playing with our cunts while he jerked and talked to the TV screen.” Alice said. This made them giggle again. In her best Daddy voice Alice said “Fuck that whore’s ass nigger!!!” Leslie joined in “Eat that nigger’s cock bitch!!!” They both broke out in laughter. After a moment they calmed down and Leslie said “Let’s cum before class, it will be a great way to start the day.” They quickly stripped bare and laying beside each other they stroked their pussies into a frothy mess.They did miss their DaddyBack home on Saturday morning…..Another big change for me was chatting about porn online. I have amassed a nice bunch of friends thru hamster. I am pretty sure I have jerked to some daughters of these friends. Makes me kind of sad I had nothing to exchange with them. It was just never like that around here. The talk of my girls panties seem to suffice. Something about a couple guys on Skype talking about their girls. One fellow even let me chat live with one of his. Sitting on his lap, no shirt on and no its either. Made me nervous but hard as a fucking rock. She asked to see my junk but I couldn’t go that far. She left the room and her dad and I finished off together. I like that, jacking with a buddy. I had not done that in a long time. Just as I cleaned up the phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Leslie. Thankfully it wasn’t a video call. I had just finished wiping up my spunk with a pair of her panties. I leaned back in my chair, dropped the pink lacy size 2s over my softening cock and took her call.”Hey Button, what’s up?” I heard a slight pause and the taking of breath, sounded like a courage breath. “Not much Daddy, just wanted hear your voice.” That did make me smile. “Are you homesick darling?” I asked. Another pause and breath of courage “Yes sir, I am. Alice tells me I will get over it but says it will not happen till my first trip back home.” Wise girl that Alice. “Well sweets, she is probably right. I remember her first year and by the end of it I was calling her more than she was calling me.” The silence grew a bit longer this time. “Well, fall break is in 4 weeks. Alice is going with the band to Vermont. Will it be OK for me to come home?” “Button, of course it is! Tell you what, we will do a nice daddy-daughter date like we did when Alice first left.” I could hear the smile spread across her face. “Oh Daddy, that will be fantastic!” Now that she had calmed down she got chatty about her classes, new friends and the sights she had seen. I didn’t put my finger on it at first but there was no mention of boys. I guess I was relieved about that. When we hung up I realized that I had been jacking my cock with her panties. This frightened me at first. I got over it pretty quick. I put on a Lil Candy video and jerked in Leslie’s lace till I came in them again.Into the evening….Leslie laid the phone on her nightstand. “Well, now I know where I am going for fall break” she told Alice. Sliding off the bed she started walking to the bathroom, pulling her panties down as she went. “It will be good for you Leslie, you will see that life has changed and you can move on” Alice said. “I hope so” she replied as she sat on the toilet. Pulling a swatch of toilet paper from the roll she began to pee. Alice walked in, pulled her toothbrush from the holder and put toothpaste on it. Leslie watched her brush her teeth. She finished peeing, wiped and flushed. Standing up she let her panties stay on the floor. As Alice was rinsing türkçe bahis her toothbrush out Leslie hugged her from behind. Her soft breast pushed against her back, Leslie reached around and squezzed her belly. “I’ll probably get homesick for you, I just can’t win.” Alice spun around in her grasp and put her arms around her. Running her hands down her back Alice took the teens firm ass in her hands, looked in her eyes and said “Just remember Leslie, nothing is forever. You will be fine.” Looking into Alice’s eyes she felt reassured. Alice kissed her lightly at first, then with loving passion she pushed her tongue into her mouth. In the lace….The next few weeks I spent more and more time in the girls room. I really enjoyed wearing their panties. Never really though of myself as a crossdresser but damn, it felt good to have the things riding up my ass and my balls spilling out of the time crotch. Leslie is scheduled to be home tomorrow so my cleaning gear has shifted to overdrive.The house was in pretty good order but the damn room, I just can’t recall what I have touched or moved around. Sitting at the make up table I become overwhelmed with memories. All the years watching them grow up. Now they had blossomed into young women and moved away leaving their old man here all alone. Oh woe is me. Fuck this, time for me to get back to normal.Going thru the panty drawer I find 6 cute pair. Spreading them on Alice’s bed in a pretty arrangement.I can smell them even though they have been washed several times. My cock hardens and I start to stroke it. The thought of my girls catching me burns in my mind. How would they react. Probably run screaming and I’d never see them again.Or maybe, just maybe stick around to watch. Leslie did give more than a glance at my cock while she bathed. She would talk and play in the tub, but stare none the less. My rock hard cock is ready to burst. I can just see her watching me. My nuts draw up and the cum burst all over the panties.Damn damn damn. She will be here for 2 weeks. I’ll be hard pressed to find jerk time. Now I have another load of laundry to do.Coming homeLeslie made her way up the old road toward the house. She started to get nervous. Daddy might not care for her new look. It had been 3 months and she had cut her hair and gotten into the goth style. Not heavy but mildly, semi dark you might say. She had taken the black nail polish off and softened the darkness she has been wearing around her eyes. One last look at herself in the rear view and she turned up the drive. The house sat back about 300 yards. The leaves had started to fall so she could see thru enough to recognize Daddy sitting on the porch with Pete. That made her smile. She knew Pete would be happy to see her, after all he really was her dog. A German Shepherd like none other. Puppy at heart and fierce protector when needed. She parked the car beside Daddy’s, took one more look in the mirror and got out of the car. Pete was on her immediately.He jumped up and knocked her to the ground. As she rolled up onto her knees he bounced around her and yapped. Stopping once to lick her face then playfully romping all over. “Well hello stranger.” She turned her head and saw Daddy’s outstretched hand. She was on her feet and in his arms in a flash. “Oh Daddy!! I have so missed you!!” They hugged and gave each other a peck on the lips. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back a step. “What’s this new look you have going on?” I asked. She fluttered those eyes like she does and melted me. “Do you like it? Some new friends I’ve made help me blossoms a bit, at least that is what Alice tells me.” I could not believe this was my little girl. “You look very cool Leslie.” In my mind güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m thinking how much she looks like Liz Viscious, one of my jerk the dick girls. Damn, she’s been home 2 minutes and I need to jerk off already. Pete nuzzled between us and we both laughed. We got her things out of the car and went into the house.”So how was the drive Button?” I asked. Leslie took off her jacket and dropped it on the back of the couch. She kept walking toward the bedroom and I followed with her suitcase. “Boring really, I grabbed a bite at Wendy’s and pretty much drove the whole 11 hours.” “Well thats good but I do worry about you getting sleepy. Long drives can do that.” She wheeled around and looked at me, tilting her head “Daddy, I’m grown now.” I smiled and she giggled then turned and went into the bedroom. “Gosh, it seems small in here.” She kicked off her shoes and plopped on the bed. “Speaking of sleepy, I’d love a shower and a nap, I am beat.” she said. I sat the suit cases down and turned to leave, “Well, have at it Button, I’m finishing up the laundry and have a little work to do.” She jumped up “Daddy, can you was these clothes too, I did not bring a whole lot of clothes.” She pulled her top over her head. Braless, I gawked. As she pushed her pants down her panties came with them and exposed her hairless pussy. She realized I was looking. Blushing she said “I shave the hair off, Alice showed me.” I awkwardly shuffled about, hardly acknowledging what she said. I a sure I was as red as she was, maybe redder. I watched her little ass bounce into the bathroom as I scoped up the clothes.The shower started running about the time I got to the laundry room. I tossed the clothes in the washer and reached for the suds. Just before I poured it in I realized the panties were on top, open crotch with just a hint of a mark. I picked them up, poured the suds and started the load. I walked back toward the bedroom. I could here the shower and Leslie humming a tune. Her pussy is shaved I thought to myself. I stood by he door and held her panties to my face. Her scent was intoxicating. My cock began to enlarge. I watched her silhouette on the shower curtain. She soaped her tits and belly then began rubbing around her mound. She hunched her back a bit and I could tell she was shaving her pussy. I tasted her panties and pulled my cock out. I’m jacking off 5 feet from my baby girl. She is shaving her cunny. I am about to bust a nut. Her phone rings. I almost jump out of my skin. She starts to pull the shower curtain open and I wheel around, out of view, panties in my mouth and cock blazing hard.”DAD!!!” Can you get that? It’s Alice, I forgot to tell her I made it!!” I shuffled to the bed, dropping the panties. Thankfully the shower drowned any chance of her hearing my footsteps. I answered the phone and walked out of the room. “Hey Alice, how’s my girl?” I said. “Fine Daddy, we stopped for dinner and thought I had better call Leslie. I see that she made it OK.” “Yeah she did, about 45 minutes ago. She is in the shower right now.” We had a bit more idle chatter. I head the shower shut off. I told Alice to enjoy her trip and take some photos for us. I hung up the phone and went back into the bedroom. Leslie had a towel wrapped around her head and was rummaging thru her drawer. She found a nighty and pulled it over her nude frame. “I’ll just do a quick blow dry and rest for an hour or so Daddy, if that is OK?” “Sure it is Button, no worries.” She walked back toward the bathroom and stopped. “My panties are laying here, I thought you were washing them.” She picked them up and I could tell she noticed they were moist. She held them out to me and tilted her head again. I wanted to fuck her right there. That very moment I wanted to fuck my daughter. I took the panties and said “I’ll toss them in now Button.” I took them and she wheeled into the bathroom. I went to the laundry, walking slowly with her panties in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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