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Single Mom – The Reveal

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Single Mom – The Reveal“Clothes,” Rochelle hissed at her oldest son and his best friend Ty as they emerged from the upstairs game room over the garage. Each was wearing a white tank top and long leg performance boxer briefs. Her son, the fifteen year-old Coree, wore a pair of Russell brand with a lime green and grey print. His best friend, sixteen year-old Ty, had on Fruit of the Loom black ones. Their taut, chiseled bodies were coolly displayed as they entered the kitchen to forage for food. The muscular legs and dick prints would have been enticing to most young women.“Oh, dang! My bad, ma,” Coree apologized slightly blushing. Ty was less fazed, “Sorry, Dr. S.” He adjusted himself before turning around.Rochelle giggled as she lifted the cup of tea to her mouth. “I’m sorry about that, Darrah.”“No need to apologize. It was a quite a view,” the guest teased.“Hey now! That’s my son. And, they’re jailbait!”“I’m k**ding, Ro!”“I know, girl.”Upstairs, Ty asked, “Is that the girl we’re recordin’?”“Yeah, nigga! That’s her,” Coree shared.“Damn! She bad!”“Mane, calm down. She ain’t got time for yo’ busted ass.”“Nigga please. I would tap that ass.”“You’d fuck a lampshade. Let’s go get something to eat.”The guys came back a few moments later now wearing sweatpants. Coree pulled out some sausage, egg, and cheese croissants from the freezer. He popped them into the toaster oven.Ty inquired of the ladies, “What time do we wanna start the shoot?”Darrah checked her phone. “In an hour. Will that work?”“Yes, ma’am. I’ll get to work setting up the lighting and stuff after we eat.”“And please get all the way dressed before you do,” Rochelle reminded him.Darrah stood up. She went into the refrigerator and began pulling out her ingredients. Rochelle rinsed out her teacup and placed it in the dishwasher. Today, Darrah was taping was video presentation for her public speaking class mid-term project. She’d asked Rochelle if she could use her house. As they discussed it, the mentor suggested Ty film it. Ty, officially Tyrell Devaughn Freeman, was a boisterous, curious, and fun-loving k**. He played was on the varsity football and basketball teams. But his best sport was track. He was the reigning Persopolis-Henrico County champ in the 200-meter dash. Not really matching his stereotypical buca escort external persona, he was long-time member of the audiovisual club. At Rawlston High, he was VP. He was the only ‘jock’ in the group. He was so responsible and dedicated to the craft that Mr. Geiger, a freshman English teacher and AV club sponsor, let him check out some equipment for the weekend shoot. Ty had befriended Coree on his first day of school at Rawlston Jr. High two years ago.Rochelle knew that Ty was horny k**, but he had a good spirit and did not appear to want to lead others towards destruction. He was being raised by his grandmother, his parents having been murdered by an estranged brother-in-law looking for his wife. She always downplayed his veiled advances, but imagined a less secure or strong-willed woman her age would have succumbed to his myriad of advances.Once everything was setup, Jeramiah had decided to join the land of the living. He was to be Darrah’s assistant during the presentation. Jere was wearing a muted pink polo shirt, relaxed-fit dark wash jeans, and a pair of Air Jordan Retro rust-pink, black, & white, high-tops. His mom thought he looked dreamy as always. Coree was holding cue cards. Ty called out, “Action!”Darrah began, “Good afternoon. I’m Darrah Brown and today I’m going to show you how to make a wonderful, hearty vegetarian dish that you can take to any potluck and be the belle of the ball. Or, star of the show, if you’re a guy,” she giggled. “My sous chef today is mentor’s son, Jeramiah. We’re going to bake a lovely portobello penne pasta casserole we know you and all your friends will love.”After the shoot was concluded, everyone chipped in to straighten up the kitchen. Rochelle had promised Ty a steak dinner so he drove his white 2011 Acura TSX home to retrieve his grandmother. Darrah was staying for the grilled T-bones and baked potatoes. The group ate and had a good time.Around 6:00, everyone decided it was time to head out. Rochelle called an Uber for Darrah.Rochelle put the house back in order along with Jere and Coree. She looked at time and determined that Hugo was likely off work. She placed a call.“Hello,” the smooth, rich voice said.“Hugo! How are you,” she asked.“I’m well. How’s my sweetie?”“I’m escort buca well. Thanks!”“What’s up?”“I just finished up the video for Darrah’s project.”“Great! How’d it go?”“Good!”“So am I gonna see you tonight?”“I’d like that.”“Well, let’s do it!”“Want me to come to you?”“Yeah. We can watch a movie.”“I’m on my way.”“Hang on…I need to tell you something.”“What’s up,” Dr. Alazar checked.“Well…It’s like this…”Rochelle thought back to 18 months ago…She and the boys were watching “Star”. It was finally revealed that the character ‘Cotton’ was a transgender female. Rochelle had figured it out from the very start, but Coree and Jere caught on once it was finally plainly stated. After the show concluded, Rochelle asked, “What did you guys think about Cotton?”“She’s tough and nice,” Jere answered.“Yes she is,” Rochelle agreed. “Coree?”“I mean…She’s a guy, right,” the older brother made sure.“She’s transgender,” explained Rochelle. “She was born a boy, but she’s now a woman.”“Yeah! I guess it’s cool. Seems weird to me. But it’s like whatever. I don’t wanna be a woman so I don’t really care.”“Okay. What do you think about that, Jere,” Ro inquired.“Boys can become girls?”“Well. It’s almost that simple. Sometimes people feel that their bodies don’t match their minds. When that is something that is really, really hard for that person to deal with, they may be transgender. You follow?”“Yeah,” Jere said.“Then that person would want to live as a girl instead of a boy. It works the same way for some girls that feel they are really boys.”“How do they know,” Coree quizzed.“It’s hard to explain. But it’s something they feel very deeply and from the time they are very young usually. There’s nothing wrong with it. It just happens on occasion,” Dr. Stewart explained.“So is that like sissies?”“That’s not really a polite term. And maybe sometimes a person considered a ‘sissy’ may really be transgender or maybe they just don’t want to play sports and they’re happy being a boy.”“Oh okay.”“How would you guys feel about knowing someone or being around someone who is transgender,” she tested.Jere, always quick to answer truthfully, replied, “I don’t care. I like being a guy. But if someone else didn’t, it wouldn’t bother me.”Coree thought a little harder. buca escort bayan He considered his answer and put forward, “I guess it’s cool. I mean does she have uh… you know…uh…a dick?”“That’s a good question. It’s not the penis that makes someone feel masculine or feminine. It’s the brain. Some transgender women have surgery to convert their penis into a vagina. Some of them don’t do that, but they are still women in their minds and how they live.”“Strange.”“It can seem that way when you your brain says your body matches your genitals. If your brain doesn’t think that, then it’s strange to think otherwise.”“Well. It’s not really a big deal for real. Cotton isn’t bothering nobody. She’s pretty too if I’m honest.”“Yes, she is pretty. And, looks aren’t everything. It’s most important that we respect everyone. No one should make us feel uncomfortable for being who we are and we should not make anyone else uncomfortable for being themselves. What do you think of that?”“I agree.”“You’re a bright k**, son,” Rochelle said. “What would y’all think if I said you knew someone that is a transgender woman?”“But we don’t,” Jere remarked.Coree paused, “Do we?”“Yes you do!”“Who,” Jeramiah blurted,“Is it you,” Coree suggested tentatively.“Yes, boys. It’s me. I was born a boy, but I never felt happy like that. I always felt I was a girl.”“Really,” the younger son inquired. “You’re beautiful, ma!”“Thanks, honey! Are you okay, Coree?”“Yeah,” Coree murmured. “I wouldn’t have guessed.”“I’m sure you have questions. All you need to know right now is that you can ask me anything and I’ll be honest and that I love you two very much, more than anything.”“Rochelle! Ro! You there,” Hugo yelled.“Yeah, sorry,” she confessed jolted back to the present.“What did you wanna tell me?”“Oh yeah! Hugo, I was…Well…I was born a boy.”“Huh?”“I’m transgender.”“Damn! For real?”“Yes I am. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”“Don’t be. Believe it or not, one of the nurses had already told me.”“Really,” Dr. Stewart sunk a tad.“Yeah. She’s a hater. I told her to mind her business. She’s just mad because we never had a second date.”“You didn’t believe her?”“I figured she was being truthful, but only saying it because she thought I’d kick you to the curb. I didn’t like her aura and that confirmed it.”“Thanks!”“Don’t thank me. I’m being real. What time can I come over?”Hugo pulled into the driveway around 9:00 p.m. The boys were playing video games upstairs. Rochelle threw in a bag of popcorn. The couple cuddled up on the couch and started the movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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