May 31

Sir Tony Tames the Tigress

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Disclaimer: I have never been to a Lit party, so this is just my fantasy. Similarly, what happens to tigerjen is fiction. She challenged me to write this, and agreed to be a character, but it is my fiction only. It is not an attack on, nor a realistic depiction of her.

So here I was, at the Literotica Halloween Party. Not my usual scene, but I knew it was my best hope to meet tigerjen, the seductress from Connecticut who had become my muse, my siren, my nemesis all in one. At least, she had told me she would be here. The big question was how to know it was she, at a costume party. The only clue the feline vixen had given in her private message was “ look for my little striped kitty”.

In order to amuse and seduce her, I had invested $80 in a custom Anthony Hopkins mask. When I first met Jen online, her posts were decorated by a description of herself as “ Sir Tony’s slut”. That self-portrait had enticed me, with its mix of cheekiness and seductiveness. Was the “slut” tag an accurate picture, a tease, or wishful thinking? If the latter, perhaps I was just the guy for wish fulfillment.

The party had a surplus of vampires, executioners, fairy tale females, witches, whores, strippers, cops, nurses, and other stock erotica characters. A Little Bo Peep, complete with sheep, handed me a stiff drink. Normally I prefer bourbon, but the sting of the tequila was warm and restored my enthusiasm for the hunt. I grabbed a bottle of a shelf, knowing that a great white hunter always goes into the jungle well supplied.

Knowing that Jen shared my love of food, I circulated through the restaurant towards the buffet. A fine array of hot and cold foods were supplied, ranging from cold cuts to hot hors d’ouveres to roast beef. I set my sights on the fruit tray, specifically the peaches. If I knew jen, or, more particularly, if her poetry reflected her personality, she would need a peach before the nigh was done. Building on that hunch, I flagged down a passing Cable guy and requested a bottle of peach schnapps. When he returned, I set a little tigress trap on a table for two- one bottle, two glasses, and a fruit plate.

I watched as several prospects wandered past. Catwoman looked fine, simply divine, in black vinyl and spike heels, but the blonde hair peaking from beneath canlı bahis the hood shattered my hopes. A swirl of stripes soon dissolved into a black goddess in a leopard print- spots, not stripes. A fine catch, but not my prize tonight.

Then, trapped in a corner at a large table, being monopolized by a bore dressed as a gladiator, I spied a set of tiger ears. My eyes patrolled lower, taking in the whiskers, the face painted stripes, the delicate lips, the tiger print leotard pulled taut by full ripe breasts – cantaloupes, not peaches, but, oh well. My hopes improved as I spotted the almost empty liter of peach liqueur, on the table, and the remains of fruit on the cocktail saucer in front of the candidate.

I flagged down a passing waiter cleverly disguised as a chef, and, for a five dollar tip, he delivered my “ bait” bottle to the corner table. The tigress accepted the gift graciously, apparently asking where it came from, then making eye contact. She raised a shot glass in a salute, and downed the shooter. A moment later, she grabbed hold of a pause in the gladiator’s soliloquy stood up, and started weaving her way towards the ladies room. I noticed that her spectacular hips where shrouded by a sarong, in tiger print fabric. Then I spotted the temporary tattoo on her ankle, depicting a cartoon tiger. I knew she was my prize! Now the hunter just had to follow the scent.
As she went past, the tigress tried to catch Sir Tony’s eye, but I was distracted by the tattoo. Her scent however was enticing- a unique personal blend, no doubt, full of spices and jasmine, with a hint of peach or tangerine, and cinnamon. I muttered- “oh, Clarice, undercover again?” just loudly enough that only she heard. She giggled bewitchingly, and then growled softly, in her trademark tone. My prey was engaged in the ballet of the hunt, the dance of seduction. If I was truly Hannibal Lecter, it might even be a dance of death. I was about to ask whether she truly preferred peach schnapps to Chianti, when she disappeared down the short hallway leading to the “Ladies”. I discretely followed.

Like any good hunter, I had reviewed the killing ground already. No one had entered the washroom for several minutes, and three women had exited. If the size was equal to the Men’s, there were only bahis siteleri three stalls. I knew women tended to primp in clumps in front of the mirror, but guessed that Jen was likely the only one in the room. If I was wrong, I’d do a drunken shuffle, sputter “ Hey, thisss izzzzn the men’s”, and leave.

I mustered up Anthony Hopkins calm, but still, was cautious as I opened the door. I breathed a silent sigh of relief as I saw that the only occupant of the tight space was Jen, busy rearranging her skirt in front of the mirror. I slid quietly into the room. The moment here eyes met mine in the mirror, I hissed “ Nice disguise, Clarice”. I advanced behind her, pressing her bodily against the vanity counter. My hands ran up her sides, stopping to caress and cradle her ample breasts. I whispered into her ear “I didn’t survive on the run without learning camouflage, my sweet.”

I roughly massaged her bosom, then ran my hands down her abdomen, closely rubbing her inner thighs. I eased backwards just enough to slip my hands under her rear, fingering inside her thighs from behind, then pressing open her buttocks with my powerful thumbs. I squeezed the ripe flesh.” Rump roast”, I murmured, struggling not to join Jen in her giggle.

“ Okay, you pass the weapons check,” I continued, my lips brushing close enough to taste the tiny hairs lining her outer ear. I ripped her sarong off, exposing a dainty but sluttish tiger striped thong. “Will you behave, or do I use your skirt as a gag?” I demanded.

My fingers moved around her hips, pushing aside the lace, searching for her damp opening. I leaned back, dramatically sniffing. “Is that fear I smell, Clarice? No, not fear, merely a musky dampness- Connecticut 1974 I perceive.”

By now, my hands were fully inside her panties, roughly thumbing her sex open, as my fingers spread her labia. Tiring of the constricted space, I decide to step up the pace. Without further ado, I bit her neck, ripping the panties clear off in the same moment. She moaned. “ Hush”, I whispered, pulling back just enough to release my cock from the prison of my pants.

With the same boldness that I had caressed Jen, I lifted her back onto my pole, dropping her wet musky pussy on my meat. Once I accomplished that, my right hand returned to her bahis şirketleri breasts, rolling her nipples roughly. My left hand fund her gigantic thumblike clit, pulling, twisting and teasing it as she bounced vigorously up and down, leaning back further into me.

We moved in sync, our energy increasing as the passion built. The pressure grew in my balls, my cock stiffening to record size. The location, the possibility of discovery, the occasion, the mask, the tigress- it all was the hottest sex I’d ever had, better than a fantasy. Jen used her hands to brace herself against the counter, pushing herself harder down onto my pole, then levering herself back up. Each time she landed, my length deep inside her, she grunted or groaned. Quickly, these sounds became feverish moans, accompanied by a symphony of wet smushy percussive sounds generated by the sex.

I then stabbed my tongue repeatedly into her ear like a miniature cock, my hands mauling her breasts roughly, driving her to the edge of orgasm, but denying her that pleasure. I stepped back, my cock pulling free. I pulled a black silk tie out of my pocket. “ I’m afraid I need a head start Clarice.” I bound her hands behind her back, and then pushed her up against the side wall of the tiny room. The smell of sweat, sex and excitement was overpowering. Now, perhaps, I sniffed a top note of fear. “No fear, my dear, this is just a game we play. You shall live tonight to be dinner another day.”

My fingers mow found their way back into her vagina, parting her labia, teasing her clit, three long strong digits fucking her better than any cock she’d ever had. To muffle her cries, Jen bit her lip. her excitement was so intense, it drew a pearl of blood,. My tongue snaked across her cheek, savouring the taste of Jen’s life force. I kissed her mouth, sharing the experience, as once again, my hard cock found its way inside her. The instant I plunged with the first new stroke, Jen’s wave of gratification released, my lips sealing hers to swallow her scream.

As her cry subsided into a moan, I whispered in her ear “Look for me in Venice, amongst the fruit stands. I’ll be buying a few treats for our first feast together.”

With that, I vanished out the door as swiftly as I could, exited the fire door into the alley, watching for a cab to flag down. Jen was left bound in the Ladies room, to decide for herself whether to wait until another Lit gal found her, or to hobble, half undressed, back to the party. Would anyone believe her story?

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