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sis and I finally hook up

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Big Tits

sis and I finally hook upSorry I have taken so long in writing my stories, but, life has been hectic and busy. I hope I can continue to write about my life, so you can enjoy it almost as much as I have. So, on to the next chapter. I last left you with the story of Thanksgiving. Well, sadly to say, not much else developed with Kayla. From what I understand, as told thru family circles, she fell for a guy and is currently all about him. Oh well, life goes on. Now Kelly on the other hand, thru a lot of phone calls and text messages, I got the impression that she was quite the closet cockslut. All prim and proper “I-am-a-soccer-mom” exterior, but never fails to take the opportunity to quench her thirst for a piece of sizable meat. Then, from what I understand, hubby is in compliance with it. I think she has some sort of agreement with him, that, if and when, she divulges in her dark desires, husband reaps some sort of reward. Good for him. Who am I to judge? They have been married for quite a long time so both must be happy. Months went by, and we haven’t had the occasion to be able to get together. We would exchange pics and do some camming masturbating together, but we both longed for some actual physical contact. When summer weather broke, it came with a vengeance. Overnight it was 100 degree weather. I loved it. Girls were wearing next to nothing all the time. My cock was semi-hard most of my waking time. Driving home from work, I would swing by the local college and participate in my favorite sport. Girl Watching. While watching one particular gorgeous slut sunbathe near her car in the campus parking lot, wearing a bikini top and denim daisy dukes, I just started squeezing my cock and my phone chirped. Kelly. “Perfect timing!” I thought. I looked at the text and, oh yea, a pic! Kelly sent me a selfie of her next to her pool, wearing a red bikini, with her tits jutting out. “Nice!” I replied back. I slid my rock hard cock out of my shorts, and inconspicuously took a selfie with the sunbathing girl in the background. After I sent the pic, I looked up towards the gorgeous girl and she was gone. “Damn.” “Hi!!!” a female voice bellowed out, scaring the ever livin shit out of me! It was the sunbathing girl. “Oh shit” look all over my face as I glanced down at my throbbing member, then back to her face. “Oh no!! He’s going down!” she yelled as she reached in and grabbed it with her soft supple hand. Stroking it back to it complete hardness, I sat there, open mouthed, staring at her. “I saw youuuuu!” she said while giggling. “I saw your cock and thought to myself, self, you can use a cock like that right now!” “Uuuhhh…..ooookkkkaayyyy…umm….” was about all I could say. Looking at her supple tits hanging down in her bikini top, the sweet cameltoe in her shorts, my cock stiffened a little more, “God, this cock is awesome!” she said. “Got someplace we can go?” she asked. I told her my place. She thought for a few moments, letting go of my prick, she crossed her arms on the car door. “You do this often?” she asked. I said no, just feeling a little horny today and was passing by and spotted her. “Really?? Lucky me!” as she lunged her torso into the car to give my cock a kiss. Falling back out, she ran around to the passenger side and hopped into the passenger seat. Grabbing my dick, “Drive.” she ordered. Starting the car, I asked her what her name was. “Kelly” she said. My heart skipped a beat and I chuckled. “What?” she said. “I have a sister named Kelly, just one of those funny coincidences.” Kelly started to stroke me as I drove towards my house. I glanced over at her and seen she had her eyes locked on my cock. “That’s the biggest cock I have ever seen. Not that I have seen a lot, I mean, I look on the internet and seen some huge ones, but, I never seen one this big with my own eyes, much less ever felt one! He’s hard! And hot! Is it always like this?” I said “Only when a hot woman plays with him!” She laughed. She let go of me and sat sideways on the seat. Undoing the string holding her top on “You like?” Her breasts were small but perky, topped by very hard nipples which she was pinching. Sweat was running down a sculpted abdomen and she had her belly button pierced with a jewel dangling from it. “Very much!” I stated. “It is kinda obvious isn’t it?” I said glancing at her, then down to my throbbing dick. Kelly undid the button to her shorts and slid them down to her ankles. She spread her legs and showed me her gorgeous pussy. She was bare and smooth, the top of her pussy was pierced too with a matching jewel to her belly button. I instantly could smell her sweet scent. I could see she was soaking wet, a dribble of pussy juice was oozing out of her slit. She slid a finger down to it and started to rub her clit. “Fuck, I am horny!” she said as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster, all the while staring at my cock. For the ten minute drive to the house, Kelly masturbated. I am sure she had at least one orgasm by the time we arrived. I pulled into my garage and we got out of the car. Kelly went thru the back door. Naked. The door she went thru led to my backyard which has a pool. “Wow! Nice house!” By this time, I had lost all my clothes. I walked up behind her and slid my cock between her thighs. “Mmmmmm…..that’s nice!” she cooed as she pressed her tight little ass back at me. She reached down and cupped my balls in her hand. Turning around, she squatted down and opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my dick. Stroking my cock as I bursa escort felt her tounge flick around the head she attempted to slide her mouth deeper. I could feel it bottom out at the back of her throat to which she gagged. “Ohhh, wow, too big….” as she slid her mouth over the head again and kept attempting to slide it down her throat. I watched her head bob back and forth, her mouth sliding over the head of my cock her hands gripped my shaft and were pumping so hard my balls slapped against her chin. After a few minutes, she popped off my cock and looked up at me with slobber all over her face and chest and said “Fuck me, fuck me hard.” “Of course my dear, I wouldn’t do it any other way!” I stated. I grabbed her hand and led her towards the patio doors. She followed me into the kitchen, from there, I followed her, guiding her to the stairs, watching that tight ass up those steps almost made me shoot then. As we made it to the bedroom, she turned and fell backward onto my bed, spreading her legs as she fell. My cock slide into her pussy balls deep. The feeling was indescribable. Tight. Hot. Wet. Wonderful. It has been a few months since I was lucky to bed a woman, and I was more then ready. I reared back and slammed my cock as deep and as hard as I could, she moaned and clamped her legs around me. I watched her face as her eyes rolled back and mouth gaped open. Even tho the a/c was on, we both were sweating buckets. I grabbed her legs and shoved them towards her chest, fucked her pussy hard and fast. I felt her cunt get even tighter, so I fucked her harder and faster. She started screaming and grabbed my asscheeks pulling me in deeper. I told her to cum, for her to fuck me harder, make her pussy suck the cum out of my cock. As she came, I felt her pussy gush it’s juice all over me. I grinded hard into her. Her breathing was fast and deep. As I felt her pussygrip loosen, I looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her tight slick fuckhole. I pumped faster and faster, I could feel my jizz start to well up in my balls. I looked into her eyes and I stared to shoot my load. I pulled out my cock and she grabbed it and stroked masterfully to each stream that shot onto her belly, over her tits and even onto her face. Each shot she would “Oh god!” at me. As I finished my last one, I grabbed it and slid it back into her wetness. Collapsing on top of her, my own breathing was heavy and deep. “Hey, umm, what’s your name?” she asked. I started to laugh. “Jim” I said. “Jim,” she said, “That was un-fucking-believable!” I rolled off of her and laid next to her. “Yes, yes it was.” I said. My cock still semi-hard and twitching. She sat up and played with it. “I’ve only had a couple of boys fuck me, but I never fucked that hard, for that long, ever, I must of cum ten times, and that was before you told me to cum, I NEVER came like that before, my pussy is SOAKED! You know, when I saw you in the parking lot at school, I was gunna call security, you know, some dirty ole man flashing his dick and all. But I looked at it and saw you were taking a pic. The more I looked at you, the more I knew I had to taste it. With that, Kelly spread her legs again, her smooth pussy was soaked, cum dripping out, her pussy hole was gaped and wide open. “Holy fuck!” she said. “My hole is huge!” Kelly cried out. She reached down and slid two fingers inside of herself, then a third. “I can stick three of them in!” she exclaimed. She withdrew them and sucked on each one. “MMmmm…tastes real good…” Kelly whispered as she scooped up my cum from her belly with her hand and licked it clean. Looking at me while sucking on her fingers, she asked “You got more?” My cock twitched and my balls tightened. “Sure” I said. “But, I need to do something first.” “Yea” Kelly went, “I could use a shower…or….could I use the pool? I told her yes, as we both got up out of bed, she ran downstairs, I headed for my garage.As I picked up my clothes, I heard my phone go off with the text alert, Reaching into the pocket, I retrieved it and looked at the screen. f******n texts. All of them from Kelly. Starting out as curiosity about my hard cock, then seeing the hot girl in the background of it, to finally her “yelling” at me (texts in all caps) that I’d better not be fucking the little tramp without her. I chuckled. I walked to the patio and sat on a chair, calling out to Kelly to come over. As she sat on me I gave her a towel, and asked “Could I take a pic of you?” She looked at me, studying me for a second or two. “For what?” she asked. “Cuz your hot, beautiful, and I would love something to have for when your not here.” I said. “What, so you can jerk off to me?” she said as a big smile came across her face. She ceased all movement momentarily when I said yes. Then she leaned back into the chair, spread her leg wide open and said, “Here, might as well make it a good one!” I ended up taking twenty or thirty pics of her in different poses, a few even, with my cock in her mouth, her taking a facial pose, doggie, even a few close up of her sweet smooth pussy and asshole. I was really surprised at how comfortable she was with me taking all those pics of her. She even grabbed my phone and took some pics of me, then she sent them to her phone. “Ok to call you right?” she asked. “Anytime, day or night, whatever you need whenever you need it.” I said. ‘Good, I need a daddy and what a better one then you cuz I get to have that awesome fucking whenever I want it…..right?” she said kind of laughing, “You bursa escort bayan bet!” I retorted. We hung out pool side for a while, skinny dipping and joking around, then took her out for a quick bite on the bike before dropping her off at her dorm. As she got off the bike, she asked if she could come over the next day after classes. I told her to call first to make sure I was home, but, didn’t see a problem. I watched her tight butt bounce up the stairs and she blew me a kiss before she went thru the door. When I got home, my phone was buzzing so long in my pocket, that my thigh was almost numb. s*s was texting me almost the entire time. I would send her a pic every so often of Kelly, and Kelly(s*s) would go crazy! I think she was a little jealous! I went into the house and headed for the shower. Texting s*s I was headed to bed. I showered, went into my room and laid down. I fell asleep pretty quickly and started to have some really sexy erotic dreams. Dreaming of my sister sucking my dick. At some point, when I woke, I was startled to find that my cock was sticking straight up and throbbing, and soaking wet! WTF?? I could see a shadow at the foot of my bed, so I touched my lamp on the nightstand, and lo and behold, my sister was there! Kneeling between my legs, naked, with her face all wet and slobbery! “What the hell?” I stammered, wiping the sleepers from my eyes, trying to fix my focus on Kelly’s huge tits. “Hey.” she said. “I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to come over. I have to have you and just can’t wait another minute!” Kelly said. “What? Yea, ok, but, what time is it?” I murmured as I reached for my clock. “Jesus! It’s like two a.m.!” I yelled. “How did you get here? I mean, how did you get out of the house this late?” I asked. Kelly told me “I told Harry that you called and that you needed me, some emergency, that you needed a hand.” I looked at her with a puzzled look. “I just didn’t tell him that you needed a mouth, a pussy and my ass too!” she said with a huge grin. She reached down and grabbed my member. “That little girl didn’t take all the fuck out of you did she?” Kelly asked. I looked at my cock, then back to her. “Good.” she said. “I want you to fuck me like the whore you made me, fuck my cunt till I can’t take it anymore, then I want you to fuck me in my dirty ass. Make me your slut sweetie!” she whispered as she lay back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide. Her pussy was even more beautiful then I remembered. I swear her pussylips were larger then before. Her mound was still babyskin smooth. I dove in, licking and sucking her clit like a madman. She grabbed my head and pressed me hard into her. I lifted her slender and toned legs up as I licked down to her rosebud and slid my tounge deep into her ass. I could feel her contracting and knew she was cumming. Her moans got louder and her grip tightened in my hair. I went back and sucked hard on her clit. It was swollen to the size of a walnut. “OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!” she yelled with each buck of her hips. When she relaxed, I sat up and grabbed my rock hard cock and positioned myself between her legs. “I’ve been waiting for this for twenty years!” I said. “Fuck me Jimmy….let me feel that thing in me!” Kelly pleaded. I pushed the head into her hole. And slid it slowly till I was balls deep. Her cunt was so tight. So wet. So hot. I didn’t move a muscle for a minute or two, just let my cock throb inside my sisters pussy. I pushed Kelly’s legs up and placed her knees next to her head and started to pump in and out of her. Every few pumps I increased my power and speed. Soon, I was pounding her cunt hard. I could feel her breath get knocked out with each forceful slam against her. Holding her down by the back of the knees her pussy was taking all of my force. My balls were slapping so hard against her ass it was almost making me nauseous. I could feel my cum start to boil up. I gave her a few more deep, hard pumps and flipped off of her, grabbing her by the hair, I told her she needed to suck me. I put her face onto my cock, she opened her mouth I I shoed it all the way down her throat. She held it there for a few seconds, then I fucked her face just as hard as I was fucking her cunt. Gagging and spitting slobber all over me, I grabbed my prick and slapped her face with it. “Are you going to be my little fuck slut from now on, cunt? I asked. “Yes sir!” she gasped. “Good, now get that piece of meat you call a cunt and fuck me with it!” I grabbed her by the throat with just enough pressure to let her know I meant business, and directed her to squat over my cock. She slammed down on it. I let her grind her pelvis onto me till I thought she was close to cumming again. I pushed her off. “Lay down with your fucking ass sticking up and spread you ass wide open for me.” I ordered. She complied and I slipped two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. When they were sufficiently wet, I squatted behind her and slid my cock in with them. After fucking her for a few moments, I withdrew my fingers and reached down and shoved them in her mouth. “Suck your juices off!” I could feel her tounge swirl around my digits, she was totally enjoying that. I shoved them deeper, making her gag. When she gagged, her pussy would tighten around my cock. After finger fucking her mouth for a few minutes, I rewarded her by pounding her pussy again. Slamming into her as hard as I could. I spread her asscheeks as wide as they could and spit a huge slobber onto her asshole. I slid a finger into escort bursa it and she moaned. Shen knew what was coming, she arched her back and shoved her ass a little higher. “That’s right slut, I’m gunna fuck your dirty tight asshole! So it’s best you relax as much as you can, cuz my cock is rock hard and is going to destroy it.” I stated. Kelly closed her eyes tight and bit her lip. I placed the tip of my cock against her butthole. I felt her press back against it. SHE pushed my cock into herself. She didn’t stop until it was in right up to the hilt. My balls pressed tight against her pussy. I felt her ass contracting around my cock and knew she was cumming again. She buried her face into the mattress and I could hear her muffled groans. I started to pump her ass, almost letting the head pop out before I would pump it all the way back in. As the contractions stopped and I felt her butthole relax, I picked up the pace steadily until I was pounding her ass as hard as I was pounding her pussy. “Fuck your cunt slut, reach down and finger fuck that sloppy pussy, I want you to shove three fingers into it and feel my cock pumping in and out of your shitbox!” I felt her fingers slam into her wet cunthole. She buried her face again into the mattress. I reached down and grabbed her hair on the back of her head. “Not this time, I want everyone to hear you cum, I want everyone to know that your brother is butt fucking you and making you cum, and that you’re a dirty fucking slut that loves your brothers cock in your slutty ass!” “Oh god Jimmy, I’m cumming again! Fuck my ass, fuck me with that huge fucking cock you got, fuck me, make me cum brother UUUGGHHH…..haaaahhhhggooooddd!” A scream bellowed out of her as her ass tighten around my cock to the point I could hardly pump in and out. I pulled her hair tighter with one hand and slapped her asscheek with the other, “Your not just my sister, your my fuckslut!” I yelled. Her orgasm had to last for two minutes before she collapsed down onto the bed. Her butthole released my still throbbing cock. Still breathing hard and fast, I rolled her over and spread her legs again. “My turn my little fuckdoll, I want to shoot my cum deep inside your cunt!” I slammed my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her as hard as I can. “Fuck me baby, fuck your little sister, oh god I want it deep inside, I wanna feel your hot cum dribble out of my pussy baby!” Kelly grabbed my ass and put her legs up. I put my hands on her tits and could feel her rock hard nipples in my palms. Her pussy squeezed my prick and I felt the head of my cock swell to bursting. I started to cum and felt each blast squirt deep into her fuckhole. I grunted with each squirt, slamming my hips against her, making sure all my seed was deposited as deep as possible. I rolled off of her and laid on my back when I was done. A string of cum was attached to the tip of my dick that ran right to her pussy. I grabbed her head and shoved it towards my crotch, but she was already on her way to it. Grabbing my three quarters hard prick she said “Let me clean him up!” and she sucked it down her throat. Licking all around it, sucking all of my cum and her pussy juice that was mixed with her ass slime, she went at it like a k** on an ice cream cone. “Was it worth the wait?” she asked me. “Shut up and suck my fucking cock!” I said as I grabbed her head and forced it down, making her take my cock into her throat. As it got hard again, Kelly sucked on it with a purpose. Throat fucking herself with it. I looked at her to see that she was rubbing her clit hard. Bouncing her head up and down on my member, “My god your such a fucking whore, I love it! Harry is such a lucky guy!” I laughed. Kelly stopped and looked up at me, “You think I let Harry fuck me like this? HAH He’s lucky I let that little cock touch me at all! I fuck him once a week and then I suck him off once a week, That way he leaves me alone. That way I can go find guys with big cocks to fuck me, then I go home, and give Harry his reward, I let him clean me up. He’d rather do that then fuck my pussy! I think he’s in the closet, he wants to suck cock and so he does by proxy, and sucks cum out of me! Best yet, and this makes me so fucking hot, he’s going to be sucking YOUR cum out of me and he won’t even know it!” she said. “Holy fuck Kelly! Your fuckin shittin me! You’d let him do that?” I asked, feeling really turned on by that. “Fuck him, yea, and I hope it will be on a regular basis from now on. I knew you were going to be a good fuck, watching you fuck Rose all those years, and they look on the little whores face yesterday, I knew I had to fuck you now, and I was right! You are definitely the best fuck I have ever had. You’re the best that little whore ever had, and Rose tells me your still the best fuck she has ever had to this day! There is no way that this would be the last time we would fuck!” Kelly said as she stroked my hard, wet dick. “No, definitely not the last time, that for sure!” I said. “We should make this a weekly thing, like tennis lessons, or swimming lessons or something!” I stated. “Yea, I will come up with some excuse from now on.” Kelly said as she went back to sucking my cock. I laid back to enjoy her mouth and tounge dance on my rod, and let her blow me for an eternity. She was still so good at deepthroating. I haven’t had that in a long, long time. After what seemed like hours, I let loose another load. Kelly handled it like a true cumslut. She slid up against me and planted and kiss on me. We opened our mouths for a french and let my spunk run all over each others faces. We laid there, watching the sun break the horizen and we fell asleep holding each other. Kelly never let go of my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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