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Sissy Experience – Episode 1: The Beginning

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Sissy Experience – Episode 1: The BeginningHello All,Hope you’re all doing well!!This story narrates the beginning of my crossdressing and sissy adventures. Before I begin I’ll tell you somethings about my family. We are a family of four consisting of me, mom, dad and an elder sister. I am currently 20 years old and in college. My dad works in a different city and visits us couple of times in a month.I live with my mom and sister who is 4 years older than me.It began 2 years ago when I had just turned 18. I had a feeling of achievement after I turned 18 and felt I could do anything with my life(which was pretty dumb).It was a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon. I was laying in my bed watching a TV show. My mom came up to me and said she’s going out for some work and wouldn’t be back until evening. She said she has put some clothes in the washing machine and I need to put them outside to dry once the wash cycle completes.I shook my head and she left home. I was home alone as my sister was at the college and wouldn’t be back until evening. I sat to complete my episode and after a few minutes I hear the ringer from the machine completing it’s wash cycle. I picked up a basket and started picking clothes from the machine. Suddenly I started coming across a bund of bras and panties belonging to my sister and mom. I had done this before but never observed, bahis şirketleri these women and some very sexy looking under garments. As I was picking them up, I felt a slight tickle in my ass and my cock got a little hard. I was ignorant as I was home alone and the next thing I want to do was to watch porn. I took the clothes outside and started clipping them on the rope. As I started reaching for the bras and panties I felt the same tickle again that I had felt earlier. My cock was also getting harder. I stood there with a sexy yellow floral bra in my hand rubbing my dick over my boxers. I kept rubbing it while looking at those sexy bras, suddenly I realised I was outside and I looked around to see if anyone was watching. To my bad luck, there was my neighbour (in his 40s, tall, dark and with a big belly. He always looked a bit scary to me with his big moustaches) staring at me. I look at him, and he smiles wickedly. I was embarrassed so I clipped the clothes on the rope as fast as I could and came inside.I was wondering why I was feeling horny looking at some clothes. I thought it was because I wanted to masturbate. So I started watching some porn and in sometime I came. I cleaned my self and went to sleep. After about an hour I got a call for my mom asking me to get the clothes inside before it’s dark.I woke up went outside and bahis firmaları started collecting the clothes, I started having the same feeling as before when I started touching those bras and panties. I feeling a little weird, and I could also see my neighbouring uncle still looking at me and smiling wickedly. I wondered what his problem was. I came inside masturbated again to get rid of the weird feeling.By the time it was evening and my sister showed up a few minutes after I was done.I kept wondering what was it that was getting me hard holding some bras or panties. A couple of weeks went by and I was home alone again. I started to watch porn as usual and was finding it difficult to get hard. I tried for half an hour and then it stuck to me. I went inside opened the laundry basket and took some dirty panties out. The next thing my instinct said me to smell it. I bring it closer to my nose and start smelling it. I feel my cock now getting harder just by smelling some panties. Then I dive deep to find some more clothes.I found a light blue hipster panty and a black bra. It looked like it was my sister’s.Then happened the events that I never imagined or thought. I took my clothes of and wore the black bra. Then I put on the panties. My god those were loose for me. That’s when i realised that it belonged to my mom.Now let me tell you a little kaçak bahis siteleri about how I look. I am 163cms tall and weigh around 50kg. I am skinny but have a little rounder than usual as for a skinny guy. I am brown skinned and have black hair. I was very little facial and body hair. And my legs look like I shaved them.So coming back, the panty was to loose. I tried the other and it fit me perfectly it was my sister’s. She was an average girl with 34B breasts and around 30inches around waist ( I guess) Next thing I know my cock is rock hard and there is slight tickle in my ass pussy. I am rubbing the dick over the panties and I see a small wet patch on it. It was my precum. I got scared so i pulled the panty aside and took my cock out and started stroking it. In no time I burst loads of cum on the floor. It took me only a few minutes from putting the clothes on to cumming. I was not sure what had just happened. I stood there until the last drop of cum came out.Once done. I started feeling guilty about the thing I had done. So I took the bra and panty off and put my clothes back. I promised this was the first and the last time I was doing this. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a far more kinky adventure that I had ever imagined in my life.To be continued…Your feedback is valuable, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can send me kinky and dirty stuff on brownsissyboi@gmail.comDisclaimer: All characters and other entities appearing in this story are fictitious. The sole purpose is purely for entertainment and pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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