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Sissy first time blacked

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Sissy first time blackedI had been at a family event in Gloucestershire and was driving back home on a Saturday evening at about nine thirty. As usual I was wearing panties and hold ups under my male attire, but as soon as I could, I pulled into a quiet lay by on the A40, removed my jeans and shirt, and pulled on my lovely black dress with a pretty little lace panel across the top. It was dark now, and I was happy to be driving, dressed in my sissy clothes. I knew there was little chance of anyone seeing me anyway, as the road is not well lit, and it doesn’t go through any towns, untill you bypass Oxford.naturally I felt myself getting Hornier and hornier as I drove, and at one point, pulled into a lay by and jumped out of the car to take a leak. Two cars passed by, and then the third slowed down, tooted, and a few young lads pendik escort called out a few names at me ( faggot, queer etc) nothing I’d not heard before.i got back into the car and carried on driving.within half an hour, I was super horny, and pulled over to check on a gay app where the nearest crushing ground was. Luckily it was only about 15 minutes drive away, and I thought I’d just pop by, have a wank and be on my wayi found it easily enough, and there were a few cars parked but no one In them as far as I could see. I guessed they were off having fun. I’m still not 100% confident leaving my car when dressed, so I decided to have a quick wank. I was just about to pull my cock out from my panties, when I heard a tap on the window, l looked and was shocked to see a very tall black guy, with a huge cock standing there. escort pendik Now I’ve never been into black guys, they’re just not my cup of tea, but this thing was huge, easily 10 inches cut, and thick too. I thought about it for a few moments, and then opened the car window. He put his cock into the car, and I slowly licked it, not taking it into my mouth.”don’t fuck about sissy” he snarled, and with that he opened my door and pulled me out, forcing me onto the floor.i was shocked, but not as shocked as when he held my head and forced my mouth onto his huge black b**st. I struggled to fit it all in, as he kept forcing. I could bearly breathe and my eyes were streaming, but he just pushed and pushed until I somehow accepted the whole thing deepthroat. I was retching but he kept pumping it in and out.after what seemed like and pendik escort bayan eternity, I felt him tensing and then he unleashed spurts of his cum down my throat. Some of the cum dribbled out of my mouth, and he called me a queer, telling me to drink it all up.i looked a mess, eyes and nose streaming and cum running down my chin. I as was just about to get up and got back into the car when another black guy appeared. His cock was not so big, maybe 8 1/2, but thicker and uncut. He subjected me to the same treatment, while his mate filmed it. The whol time he was calling me a white sissy boi, and how his cock was superior and I should worship it.he soon came, but was pulling out, and came on my face. With this they both laughed and walked awayi get back into the car, cleaned up as best I could, and carried on home.luckliy it was quiet whe I arrived home, so no one saw me dart from the car to my flat, but as soon as I was in, I stripped off for a shower but first had a big wank for my first black experience, and hoped it wouldn’t be my last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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