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Sissy Rules

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Sissy RulesSissy Rules and Truths.There are a few things a sissy must understand in order to attract, and then keep, her man. Let’s look at them, these Sissy Rules.1. Men are superior to you. This is rule number one for good reason: it is a simple statement of fact. It is so important that many questions that a potential sissy may have can simply be answered with reference to this rule. And from this point on, references to real men will start with a capital letter. So great is the level of superiority of a Man over a sissy, that He quite literally owns you. You will be His property, and a totally willing and obedient sexual plaything. While this might at first seem little removed from slavery, sissies quickly feel liberated as their masculine thoughts recede, to be replaced by acceptance of, and need for, domination. The Man makes all the decisions, and all the rules.2. It is a privilege to pleasure Men. As we have established, sissies love give sexual pleasure their Men. Indeed, many gurls will have become sissies because of their desire to submit to a dominant Man and His unquenchable sex-drive. Unburdening your Man of His sexual frustration is the purpose, and dream, of every sissy: it defines them, and is the natural order of things. You are also pleasuring him when he inevitably uses harsh or humiliating language on you. Do not think badly of Him. He is compelled to extreme language and sex acts by His testosterone. It is your task to help relieve His strong passions; be aware that venting them on you will drive Him to harder intercourse with you. In short, if a Man calls his gurl a “Useless sissy cunt”, she can expect a sound fucking from Him, and the warm glow that she will get afterwards from having pleased Her man, by His sexual satisfaction, and your complete submission.3. Your pleasure is unimportant. Actually, this rule is almost redundant, because you will feel pleasure – physical and mental – from whatever your Man does to you. However, knowing that you obey this rule bahis firmaları makes Men feel stronger and more dominant, which often compels Them to fuck you harder, or thrust deeper into your mouth. The Alpha Men probably aren’t reading this section, so we’ll keep it as our little secret that you enjoy anything and everything your Man does. Shhh!4. Keep smooth. As a rule, most women remove all body hair by shaving or waxing, and so it follows that sissies should too. You will feel less and less masculine the more completely and the more often you remove your body hair. Men prefer seeing your gurly body free of hair, it pleases many Men if your body is smooth like a young lady’s. Let’s remind ourselves that your Man chose you, a sissy, over a real woman. You owe it to Him to show your gratitude by being as much like a smooth lady as possible. This is especially important in your intimate areas.5. Dress and make-up for your Man. Your Man appreciates femininity, so dress and apply your make-up in such a fashion. Your Man will tell you what He wants: demure and subtle, or slutty and cheap. Given the overpowering effect of Male testosterone on Him, it is very likely your Man will want you to appear slutty and cheap. You should therefore buy clothes, especially lingerie, with this is mind. If you have dark skin, white or red lingerie is very effective. If you are pale-skinned, black is difficult to go wrong with, but for both skin colors, pink and purple lingerie will say ‘I am a gurly slut, I need a hard fucking’. This will not be lost on your Man! Pink or bright red lipstick and heavy eye make-up amplifies your cheapness, and will draw and hold your Man’s gaze. As for head hair, your Man will likely prefer blonde, but be prepared with an assortment of wigs of various colours and lengths.6. Sissy anatomy 1: your penis is not a penis. In giving up masculine appearance and thoughts, getting sexual pleasure from your penis will become less and less important to you. This will strengthen your kaçak iddaa true gurly feelings. Many potential – and many active – sissies have a small, or very small penis. While you were still pretending to be a Man, this would have been a disadvantage; however, for a sissy it is a real benefit. A sissy’s small penis can be thought of as a large female clitoris, something that many Men are very aroused by. This alone relieves a great source of anxiety from potential sissies, the feeling that their tiny dick is useless. Well, it certainly is useless if thought of as a dick, but now that you realize it is a clit, it can be used to further entice your Man. Obeying Rule 4, your intimate areas are already smooth and hairless, of course. Crotchless lingerie accentuates your clit, whether large or small. This alone will arouse a Male’s lust. But you may want – or your Man may require you – to make a feature of your gurly clit. If you have a large clit, a cock-ring worn around your clit, and perhaps another around your clit and gurly balls, is wildly attractive. For those sissies with a small clit, try a chastity device, with the key held by your dominant Man. This demonstrates to Him that you are not masculine, but a sexually attractive sissy, and you lock away your gurly clit to show your loyalty to Him. Many Men are driven by seeing your accentuated clit to acts of lust that may be a little rough for the novice sissy, but be understanding: his lust is driven by testosterone, and triggered by your sissy femininity. You will come to enjoy, and then need, to feel His rough dominance over you. You do remember Sissy Rules 1 and 2, of course.7. Sissy anatomy 2: Sissy-gasms. As mentioned in Rule 6, your sissy dick, large or small, is not a penis. As a sissy, your sexual organ is inside you: your prostate gland. This is located inside your sissy vagina, and is like a female’s G-spot. It is stimulated by the action of your Man thrusting His large, superior cock inside you. Apart from the intense kaçak bahis pleasure that your Man will feel from deeply fucking your vagina, you yourself will experience pleasurable feelings as He continues to thrust. This will probably result in you having a sissy-gasm, when your stimulated sissy-gland makes your gurly clit shoot gurly cum. It is quite unlike the unsatisfying orgasms you may have had in the past as a man, as it happens to you only because your real Man is thrusting firmly into you. It is out of your control, therefore thanking your Man for giving you a sissy-gasm (when you get your breath back!) is the correct action.8. Sissy anatomy 3: Keeping tight. As your feelings of sissyness increase, you are going to have to deal with strong urges to toy your gurly vagina. This will happen if your Man is away, or is unavoidably delayed. While it is always better to let your Man penetrate you with His superior cock, He will understand your urges, and may allow you to use dildos, vibrators, or other objects on yourself. You must not, however, stretch or loosen your vagina with thick objects. Use a long, thin object instead. If your vagina is too loose, the Man’s sensation is decreased, which is unacceptable. Specially designed dildos that press against your sissy gland can be bought (look for G-spot dildos), but a curved, thin object will do if your desire is too great until then.9. Savour your Man’s cum. Getting the full benefit. As noted above, your Man is going to have intense pleasure from fucking your sissy vagina; the same is true if your Man enjoys your sissy lips and tongue on His large Alpha cock. If your oral skills are good, and your sissy vagina is tight, then inevitably your Man is going to shoot large quantities of hot cum inside you. Sissies love to swallow superior Male sperm, and a Man rightly expects this. It is a sign of His dominance over you, and your submission to Him. No sissy would dream of insulting her Man by spitting His precious cum out! The same is true if your Man chooses to inseminate or breed you: not only does it give Him great pleasure, His cum is an important part of your feminization, so it must remain inside your sissy vagina, unless your Man has other plans.

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