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Sissyboy Conversion Therapy

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Female Ejaculation

Sissyboy Conversion TherapyOne The ProblemI know I have high standards, Doc, Matt Studley said to his ther****t, Dr.Freudist. But it s more than that. Dr. Freudist nodded and said, Um hum. Can I be honest with you, Doc Matt asked.They always ask that, Dr. Freudist said to himself. I ve been listening tothis guy ramble on about his issues for seven weeks, twice a week, andNOW he s going to be honest But Dr. Freudist merely nodded and said, Of course. This is a safe place. And then he waited.And waited.Finally, Matt said, Ithink my real problem is sexual frustration, You and 99% of the male population, Dr. Freudist thought, but he merelynodded and said, Um hum. Women have disappointed me all my life, Matt said.You and 99% of the male population, Dr. Freudist thought again.Imean, I ve always had plenty of dates with women. I m tall, buff and goodlooking. With plenty of money. Dr. Freudist was forced to agree with those immodest statements.Matt continued. But I never seem to get what I want from women. Eventhough I fuck them. Lots of them. Dr. Freudist, who couldn t say that about himself, remained professionaland asked, So how have women disappointed you Matt looked at Dr. Freudist, deciding once again whether to confide inhim. Took a deep breath and said, Idon t want to just fuck women. I wantto dominate them. I want to spray my cum on their faces and make themlick it up. I want them to lick my hairy balls and moan in ecstasy asthey do it. I want to fuck their asses and have them squeal and shudderwith their own orgasms. I want them on their knees, sucking my cock asthey give me full eye contact. I want their fingers in my asshole asthey suck my cock, fingering my prostate as they lick my knob. And Iwant them to lick my hairy asshole to get me hard again for our fifthassfuck of the evening.That s what I want. Dr. Freudist listened as only a trained psychologist could listen.He had heard all that before. From other patients. And he knew how tocure them all.He summarized for his patient. You want your sex life to be like a pornmovie. Matt s eyes widened. Someone understood him at last!YES!!! That s it! Can you help me Dr. Freudist paused.Yes. But not in the way you think you want. The real damage porn moviesdo isn t to destroy morality. Porn movies make men believe that there arewomen who will gladly do everything on that wish list you just gave me. Nosuch women exist. But therapy can change all that for you for thebetter. I m going to refer you to the Analove Clinic, run by my colleague,Dr. Bernard Analove. It s very expensive and you ll need to devote threeweeks to its onsite therapy. But you ll emerge a sexually satisfied,happier man, with the tools to stay happy for life. What do you think To that point, Matt had thought that Dr. Freudist only knew how to say, Umhum. So the soliloquy took a moment to process.But he trusted Dr. Freudist. And he wanted sexual satisfaction. So hewas in.Two The Interim SolutionMatt arrived at the Analove Clinic 17 days later liberated by hope andshackled with apprehension.What if it was some dumb cult thing that tried to convince Matt that hedidn t need sex just needed to donate all his worldly goods to the AnaloveClinic What if it was some mind control thing that tried to tell him that whathe wanted wasn t what he really wanted What if it was just three weeks of fucking porn stars, who would doANYTHING he wanted, thus removing all the magic from the unattainable Frankly, he couldn t imagine any other possible outcomes.Matt s imagination was far too constricted.Upon arrival, Matt s car was valet parked, his bags taken to his quarters,and his person led to Dr. Analove s office.Dr. Analove was a vibrant, handsome, dominant man. A true alpha. Whichreinforced Matt s fears that Dr. Analove was a cult leader.Dr. Analove had heard all the objections and insecurities before. So hetook the initiative.Welcome to our clinic, Mr. Studley, Dr. Analove said. Let me begin byassuring you that we are not a cult. Celibacy is a bad word here. Wewill ensure that you get all the boiling-hot sex you truly want, bothhere and after you leave us, and that we employ no porn stars, actors orwomen of loose morals. Matt was taken aback at that. Had Dr. Analove read Matt s mind Or had hejust heard it all before Matt stammered a bit and asked, Well, then, what do you do Dr. Freudistwouldn t tell me and Matt was unable to complete the sentence because an amazingly beautifulperson had just entered the room.Matt s mouth hung open as the person glided across the room in four-inch,stiletto heels. Dressed in black lingerie lacy panties and bra; ruffledgarter belt; seamed, reinforced-heel-and-toe, fully-fashioned stockings;and a sheer peignoir!And an astoundingly beautiful face made up expertly with rich cosmetics!Looking at Matt!!Smiling!!!Rather than answer that question, Mr. Studley, I believe you would preferthat our ther****t Chrissie demonstrate an aspect or two of ourapproach. Would that be all right with you, Chrissie Chrissie beamed at Dr. Analove, then aimed a billion-watt smile at Matt.Oh, yes, Dr. Analove. Mr. Studley is very handsome and manly. I wouldlove to be his ther****t. Matt, who had been to a rodeo or two, felt he was about to be bucked offHARD!Chrissie was clearly the most beautiful, sexiest Wait.Chrissie was wearing a bra, but was flat-chested!Could it be that Oh, no.Matt blinked and saw Chrissie more clearly.Chrissie was u******e!Prepubescent, even.Ten or eleven years old.Was that the therapy plan To fuck little l****as Matt didn t like that. It was wrong. Right But he liked it enough that he was still going to fuck Chrissie.He had to.His cock was being quite insistent.Chrissie grabbed Matt s hand. Let s go to your room and begin your therapy,Mr. Studley, Chrissie proposed.Matt accepted. Letting Chrissie lead him by the hand. Out Dr. Analove soffice door, then 20 feet to the right to Matt s suite.Chrissie opened the unlocked door, led Matt in, then surrendered to Matt sferocious kisses.Chrissie was an amazing kisser!Sucking Matt s tongue with an erotic ardor Matt had never experienced.If only Chrissie weren t so young. Matt was breaking the law of everycountry where people used toothpaste. Maybe he could do Chrissie at theAnalove Clinic, but doing a Chrissie in the real world would land him along stay in a confined space with a roommate of questionable character.Matt would fret about that later.His cock was piercing his pants.Chrissie was so effing sexy. Young or not.Seemingly as overheated as Matt was, Chrissie broke the kiss, knelt andliberated Matt s cock from its trousered dungeon, dropping Matt s pants tohis ankles.Oh!Chrissie was sucking Matt s cock.Wait.Sucking was too mild a word. Chrissie was worshipfully devouring Matt scock.While maintaining complete eye contact with Matt.Just as in the pornfests Matt had long admired.This was so much better.It was real.And Chrissie was an amazing beauty.Matt asked himself, where had a ten- or eleven-year-old girl learned tosuck cock and tongue-bathe balls like that How did she know exactly where to lick and kiss and tug and stroke andtease and please like that Tears formed in Matt s eyes as he approached orgasm. Nothing in his lifehad been half as good.And then things got better.Three of Chrissie s knowing fingers entered Matt s asshole. And found hisprostate.Matt cried out. Semi-unmanfully.But he didn t care.He only cared about the realization of several lifelong dreams that hehad already experienced at the Analove Clnic. And about his imminentorgasm.Which threatened to drown Chrissie, whose pretty mouth had completelycapped Matt s fat prick knob.Matt HEAVED out a most impressive dollop of manly juices. In eightfrantic blasts that threatened to rip his testicles off.That s how powerful his first Chrissie-induced orgasm was.When he had regained the ability to focus his eyes, Matt looked down atan amazing tableau.The beautiful, still-kneeling Chrissie was still making full eye contactwith Matt. Chrissie s perfectly made-up face was streaked with the cumstrings that the little angel had been unable to swallow. But the vastmajority of Matt s copious emission had been swallowed. Happily.Expertly.And the p*****n was eagerly licking and sucking Matt s sagging cock inhopes of an early resurrection.The sensations were so intense that Matt asked Chrissie to stop. He thenraised the young beauty to a stand and began a full body hug and a deepcummy kiss.Matt had never kissed a girl whose mouth was full of Matt s cum before.He liked it. A lot.The newly-introduced lovers moved to the bed, where Matt began to exploreChrissie s intriguing body. A body unlike anyone with whom Matt had evermade love.The bra came off easily, revealing two puffy nipples that occupied Matt soral attentions for a good seven or eight minutes as Chrissie squealedwith erotic delight.Chrissie was so easy to please, Matt thought. Girls must lose all thatwhen they reach a certain age, Matt reasoned. Which was probably thebasis of Dr. Analove s therapy.Chrissie was gasping for air, tears spewing from those beautiful eyes,saying, Oh, Mr. Studley! Please fuck me. Fuck me in my bumhole! I needyour cock inside me. Pull my panties down and give me anal! How long had Matt been at the Analove Clinic Less than an hour Andalready he was getting exactly what he wanted.Perhaps not exactly.But certainly what he needed.Chrissie flipped over. Stomach down. Pantied ass wiggling for a goodfucking.Matt responded the way any chivalrous male would to such an earnestrequest.He grabbed the young beauty s panties at both hips and gently slid themover the little angel s hips.As he de-pantied Chrissie, Matt wondered what a ten-or eleven-year-old spussy would look like.Hairless. Or almost.Smaller than a woman s pussy. So he would have to take it easy the firsttime they did vaginal. Though anal was first priority.Matt didn t think he would be able to ease up. He came to the Analove Clinicso he could DOMINATE.Matt was microseconds away from the big reveal.Easing panties down.Until Chrissie s anus was winking at Matt.Saying hello.Inviting him for a nice morning ride.Matt stopped pulling Chrissie s panties down and admired his prize.The man s penis was fully re-invigorated. And impatient.Matt could depanty the lovely l****a later. Anal sex came first.Chrissie shuddered with lust and said, No need to lubricate me, Mr.Studley. I did all that for you. Just give me your cock. Right up mypoopie hole. Please!! No man with a palpitating testicle could refuse.Matt lifted Chrissie s hips and reinforced the pretty seraph s ass-upposition with well-placed pillows.Tears formed in Matt s eyes as he saw that his life s dreams were about to berealized.But enough sentimental folderol.There was fucking to do.Chrissie emitted a gasp that was half-lust and half-terror at Matt s size.Matt emitted a gasp at the splendor that was his cock located in the mosthospitable surroundings it had known.Chrissie s ass gripped Matt s cock, as Matt pushed and pulled. The youngbeauty s ass muscles massaged the cockhead as Matt rutted ferociously.Where did she learn to do that Matt wondered.Then he resumed the best fuck of his life.And resumed it HARD.Chrissie was sobbing and groaning and begging for more cock. Just asMatt had dreamed his dreamy dream girl would.When Chrissie orgasmed, it triggered Matt s own spermstorm.How magnificent it felt to bring a sexy thing like Chrissie to orgasmjust from anal sex.And it was pretty magnificent to think that Matt had dumped all of hisfilthy seed into Chrissie s young, pink, innocent bumhole.Matt shivered his way through his orgasmic near-death throes. Then helay on top of Chrissie, taking care not to crush the new love of hislife. But leaning hard enough to mark his territory as master.When their mutual spasms had abated, Matt felt a strong urge to kiss hisLove s pretty face.So he climbed off of Chrissie, lay to the left, and flipped Chrissie toan on-the-back position.Matt looked at Chrissie s beautiful face first. Congratulating himself onbeing manly enough to pleasure a beauty like that.Then he looked at Chrissie s asshole, which was leaking large swaths ofMatt s cum. More self-congratulations.Then Matt looked at Chrissie s crotch.It was wet with orgasmic juices.As expected.But wait.Was that Huh Matt saw a lump that should not have been there.Not a tumor.Bigger.Lumpier.And less welcome to Matt.Was Chrissie a Matt had to know.He reached out with his left hand and dared to touch Chrissie s soakedpanty front.It felt like sperm. Not as thick as his own. But the smell was spermy.Please no, Matt thought as he laid his fingertips on the epicenter of thelumpiness.Chrissie purred sweetly as Matt touched Mount O-Lump-Us.Matt used four fingers and a thumb to verify his worst fear, then gotboth hands involved in pulling Chrissie s panties down to mid-thigh.[Cue the scary music.]Chrissie had a [gasp] penis!!!Chrissie was a [gulp] boy!!!And Matt had FUCKED him!Making Matt GAY!!!!!Ignorance of gender being no excuse.Except for the five-minute rule. You know. Like, you fuck a tranny andfind out she s a he later on. If you a) kill b) maim or c) walk away from(he couldn t recall which, said tranny within five minutes, yourheterosexuality remained intact.Matt could never kill or maim Chrissie. He was too beautiful. And aGREAT cocksucker and fucker.So all Matt had to do would be to get up, leave the room, march over toDr. Analove, demand full financial restitution and go home. Punch in themouth for Dr. Analove being optional.And he had four minutes and 37 seconds left to begin doing that.By the Law of Guys.All he had to do was leave Chrissie.Who was looking at Matt with sad puppy eyes.Was Chrissie crying Oh no!!Matt didn t want Chrissie to cry.He didn t want to hurt Chrissie.Chrissie was a victim, just like Matt. That crazy Dr. Analove obviouslyk**napped Chrissie, was holding his family hostage in Abbadabbastan, andmade Chrissie perform acts Chrissie loathed.Although Matt hadn t sensed loathing when he and Chrissie were doing thenasty. He sensed love. Pleasure. Lust. Need. Desire.No loathing.Puzzling.Well, no matter.Matt had to follow the Law of Guys. He would just get up and go.How should he say goodbye to Chrissie They had shared somethingexceptional only moments earlier.Should he promise to come back with the cavalry to rescue Chrissie from asexual slavery situation Even Matt could see that Chrissie didn t need or want rescuing.Should he kiss Chrissie goodbye That was a scary thought.Kissing a boy.Though when Matt had kissed said boy moments earlier, it was the bestkissing of Matt s life.And Matt hadn t burst into flames.Matt felt something for the boy But what was it Pity Not at all.Love No. Too early for that.By too early, did Matt just mean that he could love Chrissie or some otherpretty boy some day Wow.Was it affection Probably.Was it lust Definitely.Matt wanted to fuck Chrissie again. Kiss him again. Lick his nipplesagain.Maybe he would even Matt looked at his watch.He still had two minutes and seven seconds to get up and leave.Matt looked at Chrissie.So beautiful.So vulnerable.So eager to offer Matt more of the best sex of his life.At the one minute and 46 seconds mark, Matt s body stirred.Ther****t Chrissie was uncertain about his patient s intentions.Until the boy felt Matt s head buried in his wet crotch. Licking up all ofChrissie s boyish discharges. Even licking out the inside of Chrissie spanties! Then consuming Chrissie s cock and balls in one manly gulp.Chrissie squealed with pleasure as Matt went to work on Chrissie s creamyboy s things.As a ther****t, Chrissie was also pleased that Matt had passed the firsthurdle in his conversion therapy. Which had once been a term used to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality. Unsuccessfully almost every time, ofcourse. But who was counting As a sissyboy, Chrissie was delighted that this hunky man s cock hadrestiffened and was threatening to reenter Chrissie s anus.Oh!Threat carried out.Chrissie was on his back. Matt was doing the missionary thing on top ofthe young beauty.Matt pumped furiously, as if he were chasing the demons of his past.Chrissie screamed furiously as his bottom was ravaged by a ferocious,rutting man, obsessed by achieving his own filthy orgasm by takingadvantage of a helpless, tiny boy.It was awesome for them both!!Chrissie spunked first, of course.Matt followed moments after. Roaring like a lion taunting his prey.Glob after glob of sticky cream deluged Chrissie s asshole.The boy had never been happier.But Chrissie knew Matt s therapy wasn t over. Almost any hetero man wouldhave fucked Chrissie. Chrissie looked like a girl. A world-class beautyof a girl. His lingerie was designed to push every hetero man s buttons.The world of man-boy sex held almost infinite delights, but fewChrissies.Chrissie had gotten Matt to midfield. It was a long way to the goalline.Three Therapy Moves DownfieldMatt stirred.How long had he been asleep Oh.It was 7:12 a.m.Several hours.It was sleep that he desperately needed after a night of sexualgymnastics with the new love of his life, Chrissie.What a night of carnal deliciousness!Matt felt his reawakened cock against his belly and thought, Perfect.Chrissie will be delighted that I m hard again. I had to quit aroundmidnight. Or die. But today is another day. I ll just roll over and giveChrissie a nice waker-upper. He ll love that. So Matt rolled over.No Chrissie.Matt s heart sank.He popped out of bed and searched the room.No Chrissie.What happened Panicked, he picked up the room phone and dialedO, Yes, Mr. Studley, the man on the other line said. May I help you In a panicked voice, Chrissie! She s gone. I mean he s gone. In a calm voice, Yes, Mr. Studley. That phase of your therapy is over.And you ll be pleased to know that Chrissie gave you high marks. Thehighest ever. Matt couldn t help being momentarily pleased that Chrissie had rated himthe highest ever, whatever that meant, but that wasn t the point. Iwanther, I mean him, back. Now. For the rest of my trip here. Mr. Studley, I can feel your sivas rus escort anxiety. But you are still in the earlystages of your therapy. You can see that you still think of Chrissie asa girl. That s not helpful to your long-term health. Chrissie will beback at a later stage. If you progress the way we know you can. Matt tried to calm himself. If he was a good boy, he would get Chrissieback. Later. He didn t want to be a good boy. He wanted Chrissie now.But he managed a question.OK. So what s next Why don t you join me for breakfast in the Rectum Room I m Dr. Shagbetter,Dr. Analove s clinical partner. I ll see you in an hour. [Click]An hour An hour without Chrissie Worse.It could be days without Chrissie!Maybe even three whole weeks!!And then, only if Matt progressed. Matt shook his head and tried to get ahold of himself.He would take a shower first (since he smelled like the men s room of a1970s adult movie theater).Then he would go to breakfast (since he hadn t eaten, except for cum andanal juices, for 24 hours).Then he would talk to this Dr. Shagbetter guy to see what they hadplanned next at this very odd place.At breakfast, Dr. Shagbetter, while quite personable, didn t have muchadvice for Matt, other than Be awake for opportunities and Pursue your needs. The guy must have written horoscopes on the side, Matt thought.Was the doc evaluating Matt as they talked If so, Matt thought, hehoped the doc knew that Matt craved Chrissie and only Chrissie.There weren t a lot of people around at breakfast,Matt saw two man-boy couples eating their bacon and eggs.Matt didn t want to stare, but it seemed that the couples were gettingalong quite well.And a third man, whom Matt had initially thought was eating alone, wasjoined by a pretty boy who had been under the table for quite some time.And seemed to be licking something off his lips before he kissed his man.Matt saw no one on his stroll back to his room.When he got inside, he thought seriously about a nap. But then lookedout the back door of his suite for the first time and saw that he had aprivate pool.Matt enjoyed swimming. And sunning himself.But he hadn t brought a suit,Matt picked up the phone, dialed O and got a desk clerk, who said, Middledrawer of your dresser, Mr. Studley. You ll find an array of suits. The clerk was right.Matt found a nice red speedo that would get him more of an all-over tanthat Chrissie would admire when they got back together.Chrissie!Matt looked quite hunky in his red speedo as he went outside.And noticed that he wasn t alone.A pool boy was cleaning the pool with a long stick and net.And what a pool boy it was.He looked to be about 12 years old. Maybe still 11. Five foot two.Steel-blue eyes. Sandy brown hair. Very tan and fit. And a lovely face!The boy appeared startled when Matt appeared.Oh, I m sorry, sir, he said, Ican come back later when you re not here. Matt gulped. Should he pursue his needs and be awake for his opportunities Was this boy truly an opportunity And did Matt need him Matt made up his mind.No. That s fine. Go ahead and do your work. The boy smiled. Luminously. Thank you, Mr. Studley, sir. I won t get inyour way. My name s Xavier. Matt was temporarily blinded by the boy s smile, but he said, Nice to meetyou, Xavier. And with that, Matt sat on a deck chair. Put his sunglasses on. Andwatched every pore of Xavier s speedo-clad body move this way and that.Xavier was a very pretty boy. Without a hint of lingerie. No highheels. No makeup.Oddly, Matt was taken with Xavier s pretty bare feet. Though he had neverbeen a fan of women s feet.He liked looking at Xavier s bare nipples, which were quite large andappeared to be pointed with sexual excitement.The man also found himself looking at Xavier s speedoed ass, which strainedthe suit s restraints and showed a lovely inch of crack.But Matt was especially taken by Xavier s bulge, which seemed to increase andbegin to tent the longer Matt looked at Xavier s covered things. Matt ached to see the rest of Xavier. Bum. Bumhole. Prick. Balls.Yum!Xavier looked at Matt now and then as well, giving the hotel guest a shysmile that made Matt s own speedos even more crowded.Should Matt make a move Of course.Even if it was GAY See answer given above.But how Xavier helped him out a little.Your pool is clean, sir. I ll be back to clean it again tomorrow. Is thereanything I can do for you right now Xavier had actually delivered that last line in a deadpan manner.But Matt was 90% sure he knew what Xavier meant.Should Matt fence around the subject for a while Or go for it He decided.You re a very beautiful boy, Xavier. Xavier blushed. And thanked Matt.Matt wasn t expecting that.Nor was he expecting the next eight words and two sentences that hethought he would ever say: Ilike beautiful boys. Do you like men Xavier unleashed the billion-watt smile. Oh, yes sir. And I can see thatyou would be very easy to like. You re very buff and handsome. Should weshower first, or just get into bed Matt was beginning to like Analove Clinic.Go inside, get naked and get the shower running, Matt said. I ll join you ina minute. Matt liked being clean when he started sex. He was delighted that themaids had cleaned the room and changed the sheets while he was atbreakfastMatt was also surprised and delighted that he was almost fatally excitedabout bedding a delicious 11- or 12-year-old boy who was wearing nofeminine gear.Matt had just jumped a big hurdle.And all he had to do was draw on his instincts, rather than theconditioned response society had forced on him.Matt was going to make love to Xavier. Just as he had to Chrissie.Well, not exactly as he had to Chrissie, since everyone likes differentthings.The room s bathroom was steamy when Matt entered it. He could see Xavierentering the shower, carrying wash cloths, body wash and shampoo.It was Matt s first view of Xavier s naked bum.And it was spectacular.Though the boy was deeply tanned, the speedo region was as white as theSelma, Alabama Country Club in 1955.The contrast was particularly alluring to Matt, who felt as if he wereprivileged to view what had been hidden from the rest of the world eventhe sun.Xavier s bum was plump and juicy. And it appeared that the boy would besharing it with Matt in the very near future.Then Xavier turned around. Giving Matt a view of Xavier s precious parts.Oh my.Those precious parts were preciously precious indeed.Xavier s cock was not little. It was nearly seven inches long when angry, and it was raging at that moment.A cock that size on a five foot two boy looked as if Xavier s penis was teninches long.Matt licked his lips.Xavier s pink balls hung low. Aching for Matt s kisses and licks.It was going to be an exceptionally great day for them both.Matt stepped out of his tiny bathing suit and stepped into thedouble-wide shower with Xavier.He started to say that Xavier was very beautiful, but his painfully stiffpenis had already delivered that message to the boy.Xavier kissed Matt. Boldly and persistently. Rubbing cocks as theykissed. Tongues dueling.Matt was surprised at Xavier s sexual aggressiveness. It was different andcute, in a way, but Matt needed to dominate. So he said, That s delicious,Honey, but I don t want to wash our sperm down the drain. Let s get cleanthen move to dry land so we don t waste a drop of what s in your pink purse. Xavier agreed. He knew Mr. Studley was only on his second day at theAnalove Clinic and Dr. Analove had recommended to Xavier that the boytake charge of the therapy if need be, But it seemed Matt was confidentin his manly leadership.Matt took his time washing every pore of Xavier s beautiful body with awarm, wet, soapy wash cloth. Rather than finishing with Xavier s partsthat had been covered with a speedo, Matt finished washing Xavier s goodstuff, giving Mr. Sausage and his two baby dumplings enough attention toexcite, but just short of enough attention to squirt.Xavier found Matt s patience refreshing. Most of the Analove Clinicpatients for whom Xavier had provided therapy, were eager to get to it. Especially early in their treatment.Honoring Mr. Studley s strategy as well as he could, Xavier closed his eyesand thought about dead baby ducks as Mr. Studley sat Xavier on the shower sbench and slowly, lovingly scrubbed each of Xavier s pretty toes and therest of the boy s feet.Miraculously, neither Matt nor Xavier orgasmed during the shower. Theyalso held off bravely during the five minutes that they dried each otheroff with big fluffy towels. But when they got to the bed, neither washolding back.Matt was ferociously randy at that point. He hadn t cum in over tenhours!! He had just taken a shower with a love angel hungry for Matt scock. They had kissed open-mouthed and touched each other everywhere.Nevertheless, he wasn t sticking his cock into Xavier s mouth or ass justyet. He was going to follow a plan.Matt pulled a chair up to the left side of the bed. Then he had Xavierlie on his back, perpendicular to the bed, feet hanging over the bed s leftside. Matt sat and took Xavier s right foot into his hands.And began to adore it.Soft kisses in the instep.Licks on the sole [ticklish!]Then each toe was lovingly kissed, licked and sucked.Poor Xavier.The boy was 11 years, 10 months and 22 days old. He had been working atthe Analove Clinic for two years, one month and 18 days.But no one had ever done the worship the toes thing with him before.It was a bit off-plan.The new patient should be learning how to suck boycock and swallow boy scream. He should be learning how to eat a boy s asshole in preparation forfucking the boy within an inch of his life.Mr. Studley should be getting over his dumb heterosexual inhibitions,such as Sucking cock is wrong. Licking up cum is wrong. Swallowing cum iswrong. Eating a boy s asshole with one s tongue is wrong. And even, Kissingor fucking a boy is wrong, But, Xavier reasoned, Mr. Studley didn t seem to have any such inhibitionsany more. And the toe thing felt so very good. It was intimate andextra dirty. For both of them.Xavier squirmed and grunted through the loving assault on his right foot,and was barely able to hold onto his creamies.When the left foot was presented to its worshiper, Xavier screamed andcreamed the instant that Mr. Studley s tongue slid into the web next to theboy s little toe.The boy was hurling baby juice and crying out to Eros, God of Love.Matt was thrilled.He loved making Xavier so happy. Knowing for certain that Xavier wasn tfaking his orgasmic pleasure. Unlike sex had been with the you-know-whos. Xavier was still trembling with orgasmic aftershocks when Matt began torearrange the tableau.The man was on his back, head on one pillow. The boy straddled the man sshoulders as he faced the man s feet.Xavier s asshole was directly above Matt s mouth. Then Matt s mouth was onXavier s asshole, because Xavier was sitting on his man s face.Matt hadn t eaten Chrissie s ass. The femboy had lubed himself thoroughlybefore they had begun their lovemaking and so much spunk was flying upChrissie s ass afterwards that no further lubrication was required.Truth be told, Matt had eaten a fair amount of pussy, but only two of hisfemale lovers had ever allowed him anilingual privileges.It had been great fun, but the ladies were so ashamed of theirpermissiveness and lack of self-respect that neither ass-eating led toanal intercourse.No such issues with Xavier.The boy was frantic with lust and gratitude for Mr. Studley s outstandingtonguework.The boy was squealing and squirming. Focused on an orgasm that had begunits warnings of an imminent and forceful arrival.Being a generous boy, and knowing that it had been nearly eleven hourssince Mr. Studley had spunked, Xavier bent forward at the waist and tookthe man s cock into his mouth.Which delighted them both.Xavier was an experienced, highly-skilled cocksucker. And he was usingall his sissyboyish wiles to give Mr. Studley the best fun there is.Nevertheless, Matt wasn t sure that he wanted to cum in Xavier s mouth atthat moment.Matt really wanted that first load of the day to occupy Xavier s asshole.But as internal deliberations were being conducted inside Matt sincreasingly less reasonable brain, Xavier stuck three fingers into Matt sasshole, immediately found his prostate and set Matt s testicles aflame.Matt emitted whet he hoped was a manly enough moan as he delivered acreamy brunch to Xavier, the new love of his life.Xavier grunted as he choked and gagged on Matt s massive spunkage.Thick and creamy, just the way Xavier liked.Mmmmm.The lovers didn t change position after Matt s orgasm. Xavier kept hisfingertips on Matt s prostate and his tongue on Matt s cockknob. Matt kepthis tongue as deeply inside Xavier s asshole as anatomy permitted.They were working toward a second stiffening of Matt s cock and their toilwas rewarded in 17 minutes and 44 seconds.When Xavier judged Matt s cock fuckworthy, the young beauty released theb**st from its oral cave.Matt stopped anal excavation.And decided how the fuck would commence.On your back, boy! the Emperor commanded his slave boy.Xavier scurried to comply.The boy spread his legs, lifted them, and pointed his pretty toes. Aposition that had served his therapy sessions well over the past twoyears.Matt had waited long enough.He covered the defenseless boy with his superior body and then TORE theboy s asshole to shreds with one vicious thrust!OK.Maybe that s hyperbole.But it was a really strong thrust.And the boy s reaction was something Matt would never forget.Xavier emitted a long squeal of either lust or a mortal wound.Matt wondered for a moment what the Analove Clinic s penalty was forfucking a ther****t to death.But then the boy began to beg for his fucking.Whew!Matt obliged.Why were his assfucks with Chrissie and now Xavier so much better thanthe vaginal fucks he had experienced in his life before Analove Enthusiasm.The boys loved being fucked by a man and expressed it quite directly.Not to mention how the pleasures of the anus are every bit as delightfulas any vagina on earth. Without the nagging, manipulation andemasculation that eventually accompany vaginal sexMatt and Xavier were locked in mortal sex combat. Each writhing andmoaning toward the ultimate pleasure. But enjoying the trip to paradise.Matt loved kissing during a fuck and so did Xavier. They did a lot ofthat. Xavier even found Matt s balls with his soft hand and gave them asexy cuddle as the lovers horizontally tangoed.Even the best fucks must end.Theirs concluded spectacularly.Xavier screamed as if his bowels had been ripped out with a straightrazor.Matt s eyes actually filled with tears as he felt his troublesome anduseless exclusive heterosexuality leave his body forever.Dr. Analove, who was watching the proceedings on a TV in his officecongratulated himself on yet another success.Four The X-BoyTher****t Xavier loved his work.The boy was on a four-year contract with Analove Clinic that was due toend in one year, ten months and 12 days. Three months before his 14thbirthday.An interminable amount of time to a boy Xavier s age.Xavier wished he could be a ther****t forever.Things were good for Xavier and his clinical colleagues at AnaloveClinic. The boys worked only one day in three. They got excellentschooling, fine food and living quarters. Not to mention fullscholarships to any university in the Galaxy. A generous stipend forlife.And all the sex they wanted.Besides the sex that the boy-ther****ts enjoyed at their therapy sessionswith patients, the other boys-ther****ts were always ready to swap spermon off-duty days. The staff, including Dr. Analove and Dr. Shagbetter,were friendly to the boys as well. And many of the boys gave themselveseagerly to the support staff men who did food service, housekeeping,landscaping and security.Not that Xavier s life at home in Michigan s Upper Peninsula had been bad.Xavier s brother Jack was two years older and Daddy s favorite from age nineon. Xavier and his two-years-younger brother Brady were initially a bitjealous of the closed-bedroom-door affection Daddy showed Jack. Three offour nights a week. And selected times during the day.Mom was OK with it, and so was Jack.Jack wasn t braggy about it, but he did tell his younger brothers how greatDaddy s creaming cock felt as it irrigated his bumhole. And how good Daddy scock felt rubbing against Jack s prostate. And how much he liked Daddy scock shooting his baby cream into Jack s mouth.When Xavier was around nine-and-a-half, Daddy started noticing him thatway. Daddy noticed Xavier so much that he began to notice Xavier s asshole with hisDaddy-cock.Which ticked Jack off. And could have been family feud material if thatrecruiter from the Analove Clinic hadn t made a nice deal with Mom andDaddy for four years of Xavier s therapy services.As a job benefit, Xavier went home from Analove Clinic to see his familyfor a week every three months. Which was OK, but he liked working at theClinic better.There was a bit of tension in the air at home, since Daddy had beensharing his bed on alternate nights with 13-year-old Jack and 9-year-oldBrady.And it appeared that greedy Daddy wanted Xavier to join the rotationwhile he was in town.Xavier declined.He was a professional ther****t.Not some cheap squeeze.So far, Xavier had been a ther****t with a 100% success rate in leadingmen from their errant ways to the path of sissyboy-sex happiness.And all the men who had fucked Xavier had been nice men.Some nicer than others.Some easier to treat than others.And some better fucks than others.Mr. Studley was Xavier s best fuck ever.So good, that Xavier couldn t bring himself to do the standard, Analove-ther****t move of sneaking out after the 3 a.m. wake-up fuck and havingthe patient wake up to an empty bed and the clean slate, for learningpurposes, that that implies.Xavier hung in there through six delicious fucks with Mr. Studley. Theseventh love-tussle, which began at 7:38 a.m., was the best of the lot.And Xavier would have missed it if he hadn t broken protocol.Xavier was prepared sivas rus escort bayan to face a rebuke from Dr. Analove for hisoff-protocol decision, but when he finally left Mr. Studley, at 8:37a.m., Dr. Analove greeted Xavier with congratulations and thanks.Mr. Studley is an exceptional patient and it was excellent that yourecognized it, adapted your therapy and acted on your analysis. Xavier, Dr. Analove said.Xavier glowed with pride. Then gave Dr. Analove an outstanding,on-the-knees blowjob to celebrate another the****utic success.Five Diaper DandyMeanwhile, Matt was feeling bummed about losing yet another Love of hisLife, two in two days. And wondered if a third was up on the roof fixingshingles or something.No.Things seemed to be all clear. So Matt showered and went to the RectumRoom for breakfast.Alone.Halfway through his eggs, Matt was joined by Dr. Analove himself.I mso pleased with your progress, Mr. Studley. I hope you are too. Matt wasn t a gusher, but he gushed with praise for the Analove clinic, itstreatment regimen, and its outstanding ther****ts.Dr. Analove, a man with an ego somewhat above average, accepted thewell-deserved praise, then reflected it onto Matt.You ve done great work here, Mr. Studley. Unlike many of our patients whoneed at least a week of transitional, lingerie sissyboy therapy, thenanother week of all-boy therapy before they fully accept their true carnalinstincts, you accomplished both phases in two days. Remarkable! Like any man, Matt loved knowing that he was superior to other men insomething, be it tiddlywinks, skeet-shooting, or fucking u******e boys.He thanked Dr. Analove, but then had to express a horrible notion: You renot sending me home, are you Not yet. Please. Dr. Analove chuckled, then reassured Matt that all was well. No, Mr.Studley. Of course not. You paid handsomely for three weeks of therapyand you will get it. There is still much to learn about finding boys tofuck in the outside world after you leave here. Plus, I ve begun toschedule you for some advanced therapy with special-needs boys. I m sureyou ll enjoy that. Advanced Matt liked the sound of that. Great! When do we start As soon as you finish your breakfast. Matt ate quickly.Dr. Analove and Matt strolled to a part of the Clinic grounds where Matthad not been.Several sissyboys, particularly the younger ones, have an occasional needto be infantile for their manly lovers, Dr. Analove told Matt. They likehaving their men put them into disposable diapers and, at some point intheir foreplay or lovemaking, soil the diaper, so their men can changethem again. It sounds odd, but it s quite arousing. Shall I show you Oddly, though he had never heard of such a fetish, Matt s cock wastwitching as he and Dr. Analove entered a large room that looked like ababy nursery. There was an oversized crib and diaper-changing tables, aswell as a full-sized bed and an attached full bath with both a tub andshower.Matt took it all in with a studied look, then turned to face Dr. Analove,who had been joined by the youngest boy Matt had seen at the AnaloveClinic thus far.Mr. Studley, this is Oliver. He s nine-and-a-half years old, but often actslike a big baby. He insists on sucking his thumb, wearing diapers, andfilling them with his pee-pee and p*o-p*o. Oliver, Mr. Studley will betaking care of you today, OK Oliver gave Matt a very bratty look, then turned away.Oliver was wearing only a white, disposable diaper. Matt had seen Oliverfull-face for only a moment, but it was a lovely full-face. As was thebody that went with the face.Oliver was apparently a willful c***d who would test Matt. Matt wouldtriumph, he hoped, then fuck young Oliver s sissy ass until tomorrowmorning s shift change.He turned to ask Dr. Analove if that was the plan, but discovered that heand Oliver were already alone.Idon t have to do what you tell me, Oliver said to Matt. You re not my Daddy.You can t make me. Acting more like a ther****t than Oliver the ther****t, Matt asked theboy, Did your Daddy make you wear diapers Oliver seemed surprised by the question. But he answered it. Daddy didn tlike me wearing diapers. He said I was a big baby and not his son. First question out of the box and ther****t-in-training Matt gets thepatient to make the big reveal.Good work, Matt. Now watch your follow-up.Rather than speak at first, Matt offered a hug to the diapered boy.The sobbing Oliver accepted.Matt let Oliver cry it out a bit, then said, I msure your Daddy loves you,Honey. You re such a sweet, beautiful boy. He just doesn t understand whyyou wear diapers and he s trying to get you to quit. Oliver stopped crying, pulled back from Matt to arm s length, made eyecontact and asked, Do you really think so, Mr. Studley Oh, yes, Honey. He s a very lucky man to have a son like you. So lovely.Such perfect skin. Long, pink legs. Gorgeous face. Nipples anyp*****nage girl would envy. Oliver was blushing and breathing heavily. He gave Matt a look that wasvaguely blissful. Then Oh dear.A nasty smell.Sweetie, did you just poop your diaper Oliver started bawling again. Between sobs, he acknowledged his poopishsin. Sometimes when I get excited when I m with a handsome man, I peemyself. When I m really excited, I poop myself. Wow, Matt thought. So I really excited him.Matt mused about how anal sex with a boy who poops when aroused could bechallenging. But that was for later.It s OK, Honey. Ssshhhh. It s OK. Let s get you changed, OK Oliver stopped crying. OK, he said meekly. Then he hopped onto anoversized changing table perfect for a boy of his dimensions.Matt was pleased to see that all the diaper-changing equipment was closeat hand.He flashed back to when, as the oldest of seven k**s, he was oftenassigned diaper duty. It was icky at first, but then no big deal.Though he wasn t crazy about the smell associated with baby poop.As Matt undid the tape fasteners on Oliver s disposable diaper, the mancould see that a nine-and-a-half-year-old s p*o is definitely not baby p*o.It was prolific. And stinky.Oliver was far from ashamed of having made it. Or putting Matt into theunwelcome role of disposing of it.The young beauty seemed almost proud of his poop.And delighted that Matt was attending to him.Matt transferred the dirty mess to the diaper pail, which absorbed thesmell almost immediately.Then Matt set to work with the wet-wipes parents use these days.Lots of them.Wiping here and there. Cleansing. Drawing satisfied grunts from Oliver,who apparently liked Matt scrubbing his bottomhole and environs.Heck, it was more than apparently. The boy s 2.65-inch peener was at fullattention. And throbbing.It was so cute and perky that Matt considered giving it a nice suckingright then and there. But conditions didn t seem sanitary enough for himat that point.Matt s fingertips grazed Oliver s penis once or twice, drawing an intake ofbreath from the boy. But no serious carnal contact.Remembering his diapering experience, before closing shop, Matt got out thetalcum powder and gave Oliver s private places a thorough dosage of thewhite stuff.Matt smiled when Oliver s pricklet twitched during the powdering.Had Matt wanted to, he could have halted the diapering and given the boya good, stiff fucking. Which was clearly what Oliver wanted more than aclean diaper.But he decided to let the scenario play out a bit more.Matt gently tucked Oliver s parts into the fresh diaper and sealed thefasteners.Oliver looked a bit disappointed, but not for long.Matt asked, Does Baby want to take a nap now Or play with his toys Oliver answered by sucking his thumb and looking pouty.Matt eased Oliver off the changing table and onto his feet.Matt was unsure of his next move.Oliver was sure.Oh! the pretty little angel said.And there was that vaguely blissful look again.Matt could see the diaper expanding with what had to be a new world srecord for diaper pee, nine-year-old category.When the last drop was expended, Matt asked the rhetorical question, DidBaby pee himself Oliver nodded and sucked his thumb again.Matt, who was working harder for this fuck than he had since arriving atthe Analove Clinic, set the boy back onto the changing table and surveyedthe tsunami.The boy must have been saving up his pee for a week.Matt eased the messy mess off of Oliver, who once again looked pleasedwith himself. Then started cleaning up.Until a better idea hit him.You re getting a bath, young man. Oliver looked a bit startled. Especially when Matt strapped him onto thechanging table so he wouldn t roll off while Matt filled the tub with warmwater.Matt returned when the tub was filled and all the bath paraphernalia werewithin easy access.He unstrapped Oliver, then carried the little prickteaser into thebathroom and slid him into the tub.Oliver gasped at the temperature of the water. It was several degreeshotter than he was used to. But Matt was intent on a good, hot, fullscrubbing.Followed by a good, hot, full fucking.Matt removed all his clothes and tossed them aside.Oliver s eyes widened. Was the man getting into the tub with him No such luck.Matt set about bathing Oliver the way he had bathed his younger siblings.On his knees at tub side. Easing the water over Oliver s head by squeezinga wet face cloth. Scrubbing gently with lots of soap. Everywhere theseated boy could be reached.In truth, Oliver was much less interested in the rubber duckie Mattoffered him than the sight of Matt s big, hot, hard cock.It was a very nice one.Nicer than many of the 22 cocks whose acquaintance he had made sincearriving three months earlier.The Analove Clinic recruiter had gotten a tip from one of the Clinic spediatrician scouts. Ihave a beautiful nine-year-old boy who pees andpoops his pants to seduce men into diapering, then fucking him. If you reinterested. The recruiter was interested. The Clinic hadn t had a boy of that scenario before, and they were always looking for variety.The recruiter interviewed the boy, changed him three times, then fuckedhim six times. A fair deal was struck with the boy and his parents andOliver became a staff ther****t.Matt was beginning to appreciate the effort requited with this lad. Hewas a lovely specimen of young sissyboy. Slim and hairless below theneck. Lovely blond curls and blue eyes.And a sweet-looking bum and boy s things. Which were about to get Matt s fullattention.Stand up, Baby, Matt said. Ineed to wash your privates. Oliver shuddered in anticipation.He wanted Matt to wash his boy s things. Preferably with his tongue.But he only got the warm washcloth treatment.Which was stimulating enough, since Matt took his time in the pubicregion to ensure full cleanliness.Matt gave particular attention to the area under Oliver s foreskin. Andthe pretty boy s pink bag.Oliver was breathing heavily but didn t cum by the time Matt shifted to theboy s anal regions.There was a lot of globe trotting with the boy s pretty bumcheeks.And after all that pooping, Matt felt obliged to enter Oliver s bumholewith a finger covered by a face cloth to clean things up properly.Oliver was right on the cusp of an orgasm when Matt did that.But Matt stopped.He picked the naked boy up, stood him on a bath mat and dried himthoroughly with big, fluffy towels.Not what Oliver wanted.Matt was in charge, though, wasn t he Matt then carried Oliver back to the changing table, where Oliver thoughthe was to be diapered again, then put down for a nap.What could Oliver do about that He was out of diaper-fouling ammunition for the moment.How else could he get Matt s attention Get Matt to do what Oliver wanted Could he just ASK Matt to fuck him This all trickled through Oliver s brain as the boy lay on the tablewaiting to be powdered, then diapered.But Matt wasn t using powder.He was using baby oil.Rubbing it all over Oliver s privates with his left hand. As he inserted ababy-oiled finger from his right hand into Oliver s asshole.Now that was more like it!!!Oh!Oh!Oliver squealed with sissy pleasure as Matt finger-rubbed Oliver s prostateas he ran the boy s oiled foreskin up and down his tender knob.Pleasure!Delight!Oliver cried out in dry rapture as the moment we all love seized him.The young beauty shuddered and squeaked and almost begged Matt to stoprubbing his prostate, even after the drygasm passed.But Matt had a plan.With two fingers still in Oliver s bum, Matt carried the boy to the bed,laid him onto his left side, spooned behind him, removed his twobumfingers and replaced them with his cock.Matt was in the tightest hole he had ever occupied.Oliver was hosting his biggest cock ever.It was a delight for them both.But Matt knew something was missing.Kissing.They hadn t kissed. And were already fucking.A disturbance in the force.Matt pulled his cock out of diaper boy s bare bum, drawing a groan ofdisappointment from Oliver.The man quickly slid onto his back, and had Oliver straddle his hips.Lower yourself onto my cock, Honey. The kiss me. Can do.Oliver eased Matt s Big Friend into his already stretched bumhole andsighed with pleasure when he sat on Matt s pubis hairs.Then the boy leaned forward and gave his mouth and tongue to his manlylover.Mmmmm.That s the way it should go.Matt, who hadn t cum in ages (!) or at least three hours, was able to holdback his manly tsunami for 172 delicious, prostate-tickler strokes.Oliver, who had already cum quite recently, still dry heaved on stroke157, well before Matt sent his sperm into Oliver s private place.The lovers kissed and hugged throughout their interstellar journey. Andfor several minutes thereafter.For a brief moment, Matt wondered what he was doing in a strange clinic,fucking a nine-year-old boy whom he had previously diapered twice. Notto mention the previous two days severely u******e boys, one of whom worelingerie.But then Oliver started sucking Matt s cock so that they could fuck againas soon as possible and Matt just accepted the events of the past threedays as his New Normal.Lucky duck.Six The DisciplinarianNext morning.Breakfast.With Dr. Analove.Beautifully done with young Oliver, Mr. Studley, the healthcareprofessional said to Matt. The boy was glowing with love and admirationfor you. Matt loved having his ego stroked almost as much as he loved having hiscock stroked. But he had a concern.Dr. Analove, I could fall in love with any or all of the three boys I ve metso far, but there s been no time to build a relationship. When can I getChrissie back, for example Chrissie and I have unfinished business. Dr. Analove snorted softly. They never forget their first sissyboy, hethought. And they all want to POSSESS their boys. All in good time, Mr.Studley. Your therapy is going beautifully, but relationship-buildingwill come later when you return to the outside world. Today I want totest you with a bigger challenge. One of our prettiestther****ts-in-training is having sharing issues. I think you ll see what Imean when you meet him. I ll be very interested in how you manage thesituation, though I have every hope for your success after seeing youwith Oliver. Sharing issues What did Dr. Analove mean by that And why was Matt, the patient, being asked to cure the ther****t Matt considered asking more questions, but decided that Dr. Analove wouldonly avoid answers anyway. So he finished his French toast and bacon sothat he could get started on his fourth day of therapy.Dr. Analove led Matt to a different part of campus, presumably thether****ts quarters, and into a well-appointed building housing fourapartments, two on each floor.Instead of going into an apartment, however, Dr. Anqalove led Matt into asmaller room between the two first-floor flats. The room housed only acontrol panel, a 60-inch television, and two chairs.The men sat. Dr. Analove used the control panel to call up an image ofthe goings-on in the bedroom of apartment two.Oh my.There was Oh my.In Matt s rating system, Chrissie had been a ten. Xavier was a strong9.5. And Oliver was at least a 9.The boy in the bedroom of apartment two was a twelve!His face would have made the young Elizabeth Taylor look plain.His nude body was pink and slim, except for the finest feature Matt hadseen on anyone- male or female.His bum!Think of a large globe. The kind a gentleman would have in his study. Cutit in half. Use it as a mold for the boy s bumcheeks.He must have had all his clothes custom made. No one on earth had an assthat proportionately large and stunningly beautiful.But that wasn t all.The boy s areolas were almost two-inches in diameter! And puffy!!Matt gasped.Then gasped again when the boy sat and drew on a pair of pink, standupstockings. Which was his apparently his ensemble for the day.Was Matt destined to fuck HIM that day Maybe.Dr. Analove said, Ican see your arousal, Mr. Studley. We ve all feel itwhen we see Danny. Danny is a freak of nature. In a good way. Men havelusted after Danny since he was seven. We recruited him three weeksago. He s almost twelve now. And a virgin. Matt shook his head.Had he heard that correctly How could someone who looked like that someone who became a ther****t atAnalove Clinic someone who wore just pink stockings as work clothes Dr. Analove addressed Matt s confusion. Danny has had his cock sucked tocreamy conclusion many times. He s had his glorious nipples worshipped andhis magnificent ass eaten many more times. But he has never sucked acock and never been fucked. He s a TAKER, Mr. Studley. Not a giver likemost sissyboys. And, short of ****, which we would never do, we don t knowwhat to do about it. We re hoping you might have a solution. None sprang to Matt s mind. But he was still eager to see how far he couldget with what might be the sissyboy wonder of the world.Matt cleared his throat and said, Did Danny put those stockings on for me Oh, yes. He knows a patient will be joining him today, though he doesn tknow it will be you. He adores being worshipped. He loves his orgasms.And he loves cockteasing. Matt s resolve swelled with his cock. Ican do this, Dr. Analove. Good man. Now go knock on his door. I ll be watching. Remember. **** rus sivas escort isa no go. Matt wasn t a r****t. He nodded and exited.Matt was wearing just a shortie bathrobe. He dropped it to the groundand stood nude, but for slippers. He knocked on Danny s door. The dooropened. And despite the televised preview, Matt was stunned by being inDanny s presence.Danny was a wet dream on two legs.Danny and Matt assessed each other.Matt drooled.Since the time when Matt and Dr. Analove were spying on him, Danny hadput on a filmy pair of pink panties that showed more of the boy s privatesthan they concealed.And very nice privates they were.Pink and thick. Only four-and-a-half inches long, but very hard. With alovely, blushing knob that dripped boy goo into the pantied film.Matt couldn t see Danny s bum yet, but his anticipation was high.Danny looked a bit nonplussed, but he recovered quickly. Well, thestunning beauty said, they finally sent me a man I could consideracceptable. If you do a good job sucking my penis and swallow everydrop, I may let you lick my bumhole. If you do that well, and gargle andbrush your teeth, I may let you kiss me. Or even lick my nipples. Butthat s all you get. Those are MY rules.Enough chit-chat. I need to be serviced and I won t wait any longer. I mgoing to the bedroom. You re going to get on your knees, mister, while Ipull down my panties, and you can suck my penis and swallow every drop. Dr. Analove had foreshadowed that Danny was an arrogant ass, but seeingit face to face made Matt angry.Danny acted as if his body were Fort Knox and he was handing out penniesat the gate.In truth, much of Danny s arrogance was due to his upbringing. And hisexperiences during that upbringing.Danny was raised by a single mother aptly named Vanity.Vanity was the female equivalent of Danny.Men liked Vanity.A lot.Men were always around Danny s mother. Showering her with attention andgifts.Vanity knew that men began to notice her son when Danny was seven. Hermessage to Danny was clear and consistent: Men were put on this earth toservice people as beautiful as you and me. Take from men. Give onlywhen absolutely necessary. Danny internalized that message.Vanity internalized men. Five or six overnights a week. One at a time,but usually three or four in rotation.Danny, who was basically sweet but naïve, thought that the men were doingthings to worship his mother. No vaginal or anal penetration, for sure.Vanity did not dissuade him of that incorrect notion.To reinforce that notion when Danny was ten, Vanity began to send anoccasional manfriend to Danny to kiss him, suck his nipples and swallowhis cum. Little realizing that Danny had been doing that sort of thingwith his schoolmates for some time.As Danny grew into the Eighth Wonder of the World, Vanity began to feelsome competition from her son.Thus, Danny s arrival at Analove Clinic.Danny had a selfish attitude, but he was a product of his environment andsome bad parenting.None of which was known to Mr. Matt Studley that fine morning.All Matt knew was that his ther****t for the day was a selfish, bossy,little prickteaser.And it made him angry.Danny didn t see Matt s anger at first. The boy s back was turned as he ledMatt to the bedroom.The sight of Danny s once-in-a-lifetime ass made Matt angrier.That ass should belong to the men of the world! Starting with Matt.He said, That s a beautiful bum, Danny. Do men put their fingers into it Danny stopped in front of one of his bedroom s five full-length mirrors.Looked over his shoulder at his bum and said, Yes, it is beautiful. Isn t it Not a thank you to be heard.Then Danny answered Matt s question. Of course men can t put their fingers inmy bum. That s private property. Matt persisted. So, no cocks there either Danny made an icky face and said, Ick. No! But being around you excites men. And they make you feel good by suckingyour cock and making you cum. Don t you want to be fair about things andhelp a man cum too They want you to suck their cocks. They want to fuckyou. Don t you care Danny tossed his head haughtily and said, My Mommy was right. All menthink about is satisfying their own disgusting needs. Well they can takecare of my needs, but I don t have a need to help men! And that did it for Matt.He actually heard a SNAP in his brain.He grabbed Danny s right wrist with his left hand and held it firmly. Youarrogant, selfish, little prickteaser. Someone needs to adjust yourattitude and it looks as if that will be me. Danny didn t show fear at first. Just surprise.A man was talking back to him!They never did that.They just did what he instructed.Danny wasn t instructing Matt to drag him past his bed toward the room s onlyeasy chair.Matt sat, then flung Danny across his lap, face down, facing Matt s left.Danny hadn t instructed Matt to pull down his panties either, exposing abum and bumhole that Danny had only showed to men who would kiss and lickit without carnal compensation.And he certainly didn t expect to feel something he had never felt in hislife: Matt s strong, right hand slapping Danny s bum! Hard!!It shocked Danny almost as much as it stung him!And it stung him very badly.Three thoughts competed in Matt s brain as he completed the first swat.First, he felt a little bit as if he were desecrating the Mona Lisa.Second, he knew that the prickteasing little brat had been deserving aferocious spanking for some time and he was pleased to be the one todeliver it.Third, he was unclear about Dr. Analove s reaction. He knew thehealth-care giver was watching. Would he judge Matt s actions to beexcessive force and break down the door with a SWAT team to drag Matt offto a black-site prison Then he quit thinking and concentrated on the joy he felt spanking Danny.The first swat drew a gasp and a yelp.The second made Danny cry out in pain.On the third swat, Danny wriggled to get away, but only managed to gethis very hard penis lodged between Matt s warm, muscular, hairy thighs.Danny sobbed and begged for mercy as Matt relentlessly spanked him.The door was NOT broken down.Matt reddened both perfect cheeks to a deep crimson.On stroke 27, Danny stopped crying and protesting and began to moan.On stroke 33, Danny gasped and Matt felt a stream of hot sperm drench hisinner thighs.Matt s spanking had made Danny cum.Matt stopped spanking him.The boy looked back at Matt.He looked confused and, Matt thought, penitent.Still acting sternly, Matt said, Go stand in that corner until I callyou. And no rubbing your ass unless you want another spanking. Danny sniffled and complied. Giving Matt a tear-stained,over-the-shoulder look, enhanced by his wondrous beauty, that melted theman s heart.But there was much to do.Matt went into the bathroom to see if the medicine cabinet had what heneeded.In the medicine cabinet in his own quarters, Matt had seen an array ofproducts with specific uses.Did Danny have the same There was Spermbutt Anal Lubricant andSlickyboy Masturbation Cream (both Spermbutt Industries products). Butwhere was There it was. Another Spermbutt Industries product. Apres Spank. A creamfor easing the effects of well-deserved discipline so that lovingrelationships can be restored.Or so went the advertising campaign.Danny was still standing and sniveling in the corner when Matt returnedto the bedroom.He sat in the easy chair and summoned Danny.The boy turned. He was sobbing softly. And trembling. And somethingelsing.The boy s cock was fiercely erect!So not only was Danny in pain, terrified of more pain to come, andhumiliated.He was aroused.Really aroused.Come over here, Sweetheart, Matt said lovingly. I mnot going to hurt you. Danny wasn t sure about that. But he followed orders.The seated Matt positioned the standing Danny so that the boy s bum was sixinches from Matt s face.Matt s urge to kiss it and lick it was powerful.But he resisted.Instead, he rubbed Danny s world-class left hemisphere with some soothingApres Spank. And his strong, but now gentle hands.Danny gasped with relief. It felt so good. Plus he knew there would beno further spanking.During corner time, two fresh revelations struck Danny for the first timein his life: 1) he was not the epicenter of the universe and 2) he adoredbeing dominated by a man who venerated Danny s beauty, but wasn t intimidatedby it.Matt suspected that Danny had evolved his attitude, but did not resistthe urge to lecture the punished boy on the reasons for his punishment.And his path to correct behavior.You re a beautiful boy. Men love you. But you re selfish. We all live onthis planet together. We all have needs. We must help each other. With further lectures on that theme as he rubbed the right rectalhemisphere.Danny said nothing, though his grunts and moans illustrated his deepfeelings of sensual pleasure.When Matt slid his lubed hand between the boy s bumcheeks, into Danny s mostprivate area, he almost expected Danny to rebel.But no.Just the cutest squeak as Matt ran a finger across Danny s anus ring.Matt decided to go where no man had gone before.He slid two lubed fingers into Danny s bumhole, expecting him to protest oreven run away.But no.Danny shuddered with pleasure.At that point, Matt withdrew his fingers, to a disappointed groan fromDanny.But then he spun Danny around, took the boy s stiff, quivering, prettypenis into his mouth, and reached around Danny s hip to reinsert twofingers in the bum.That time, Matt found Danny s prostate.Rubbed it.Sucked Danny s cock.Felt Danny shake like a boy possessed.Then enjoyed the cocksucker s big reward.Seven thick globs of particularly delicious sperm and semen.As Danny s asshole tightened on Matt s fingers.Danny s orgasm went on for nearly two minutes.When it was over, he looked at Matt like a newborn puppy looks at itsmother.Matt had brought Danny fully into the world.Danny leaned over and kissed Matt. Exchanging wet tongues.Matt picked Danny up and carried him to the bed.The lovers lay on top of the covers. Kissing. Playing with each other sparts.Matt was startled when Danny slid two fingers into Matt s asshole.It was time to fuck Danny before Matt lost his first-of-the-morningerection.But would Danny allow it Danny was on his back, legs spread. Knees up. Asshole beckoning Matt.Matt felt confident about the fucking thing.Matt used lots of Spermbutt Anal Lubricant on both Danny s bumhole and onhis manly cock.This was a reverent occasion, so he wanted it to go well.It did.Matt covered Danny s sissyboy body with his own.He gave each of Danny s nipples a long suck. Kissed the young beauty s mouthone last time. Lined up his peehole with Danny s anus. And pushed.In!And in again!Danny was tight, but offered little resistance to Matt s cock. If Dannyfelt pain, he showed none.Once again proving that Danny s ass was the finest design model ever made.Matt had fucked many women and four boys in his life.This was the best.Danny tongue-kissed Matt throughout their fuckage.He squealed and squirmed and squirted in all the right ways and at allthe right times.Matt wanted to hang on for longer than 43 minutes, but Danny was just toosexy and fuckable.By Matt s count, he shot ten spurts into Danny s colon.Which triggered Danny s second orgasm of that fuck for the ages.Neither wanted to uncouple. But when Matt went limp, Danny s assholeinvoluntarily ejected its new best friend.LOTS of kissing and fondling followed.Then Danny got onto his knees to suck Matt s dirty prick to a secondcockstand.Which led to a delicious doggy-style fuck.Twin orgasms.And an exhausted collapse into each other s arms.Man and boy took a 60-minute nap, then took a shower together.A kissy, nipple-sucking, bumfinger shower.The best kind.Though neither spunked.When they had dried off, Matt headed for the bed to change the sheets. AsMatt did that, Danny sissied up a bit more for his man.The boy eased a pair of black, seamed, reinforced-heel-and-toe,fully-fashioned stockings up his perfect legs, then hooked them onto ablack garter belt.He had thought about prepping himself for round three with some SpermbuttAnal Lubricant, but had an alternative plan.He bent over, showing Matt his bumhole, framed by two magnificent cheeks,garter straps and stocking tops and asked, Will you eat me out and thenfuck me PLeeeaaassee, Mr. Studley How could Matt refuse such a polite request Danny was the perfect femboy. Equally delicious naked, in boy s clothes,or in lingerie.Matt fell to his knees and began to tongue-worship Danny s ample buttocks.Teasing at first, with kisses and licks on the cheeks. Then on to theinner folds of the bum, which drew a sharp intake of breath from theyoung beauty.Matt was about to attack the Holy of Holies, but decided his position wasa) too submissive and b) too uncomfortable. So he got up, lay on hisback on the bed and had Danny sit on his face.Which is really the best position for an extended ass feast.And feast Matt did.Danny was squealing and squirming as Matt dug in to his delicious repast.Squirting followed soon thereafter.Danny sprayed thick jets of his boyish joy all over Matt s flat, hairystomach.And admitted to himself that he was in love. Truly in love.In love with Matt Studley, of course. But also in love with the next manwhose cock would find its way to Danny s inner asshole.Because Danny was in love with the new him. The sissyboy him, who notonly teases, but pleases men s pricks.Danny loved who he was after Mr. Studley sparked his evolution fromnarcissistic, prickteasing virgin to narcissistic,cock-in-mouth-and-cum-in-stomach, cock-in-butt-and-cum-in-intestinessissyboy.Only the new Danny would whimper and beg for Mr. Studley to remove histongue from Danny s anus and replace it with his manly, man-sized manpole.Only the new Danny would sit on Mr. Studley s stiffie and bounce up anddown on it as man and boy grunted their way to yet another fierce orgasm.Matt was in love too.With Danny, of course. But also with Chrissie, Xavier, and Oliver. Andwith the notion that his dreams WERE attainable.Not with women, of course.With boys.Delicious, precious, beautiful boys.Matt could dominate them. He could spray his cum on their faces and makethem lick it up. They would lick his hairy balls and moan in ecstasy asthey did it. Matt could fuck their asses and have them squeal and shudderwith their own orgasms. Boys would be on their knees, sucking Matt s cockas they gave him full eye contact, fingers in Matt s asshole, on hisprostate as they sucked and licked.Boys made the best girlfriends.The obvious conclusion.Verified further by Danny that day when, after Matt had filled hishistorically significant asshole with his latest load, the boy wanted thenext load.Quickly.Impatience often engenders mistakes. But in Matt and Danny s case, itengendered the opposite.Danny eased his bumhole off of Matt s cock and knelt by Matt s hip. Heleaned over and took Matt s pop-stained, cum-drenched cock into his prettymouth and began revival operations.There is a reported case of a woman on Zylon-4 (17,376 light years fromearth) who once did that for her man. But no woman on this planet hasever done that.Danny s heroism produced half a stiffie. So the boy sought other means toachieve the other half.He eased Matt onto his stomach, parted Matt s bumcheeks with his thumbs,and licked out Matt s hairy asshole.Gazinga!Matt was officially done with women.Forever.EPILOGUEFive days later, confirmed boy-lover Matt Studley and world-class beautyand anti-virgin Danny finally emerged from Danny s flat.Some say it was because their food ran out.In truth, it was because they were out of Spermbutt Anal Lubricant. Andall the sheets were dirty,Allowing a ther****t and patient such an indecent amount of continuousfuck time was unprecedented at the Analove Clinic.But this was an unprecedented couple.Dr. Analove told Matt and Danny that as they sat with him at breakfast inthe Rectum Room.Matt was wearing only a jock strap and sandals and eating waffles andbacon.Danny was tearing into pancakes and sausage and was wearing adick-stirring boykini: a 2.5-inch, pink strap that covered his nipples anda pink boykini bottom that exposed his entire, magnificent bottom as itheld his boy s things in a transparent, front pouch.The boy s high-heeled sandals with a clunky, two-and-a-half-inch heelpushed his nipples forward and his bum back.It suited him.As did the man s cream still oozing from the boy s exposed bum as he sexilywalked to breakfast.We broke all our treatment protocols for you two lovebirds, Dr. Analovetold the famished couple. But it was worth it. Danny, I know that you llsoon become our best ther****t. And since you ll only work one day in three,you and Mr. Studley will have lots of time together. Danny thought about protesting. Saying, but I don t want to be separatedfrom Mr. Studley, my soulmate, even for one day out of three. But thetruth was, variety appealed to Danny.It appealed to Matt as well. But something didn t sound right.Ithought I was leaving here in 13 days, he said to Dr. Analove.Dr. Analove shook his head. Ivery much hope you ll consider my offer tostay, Mr. Studley. We need a man of your obvious skills to be our newther****t trainer. When the new boys come in, you ll show them what a manwants and how to please their men. We can work the schedule so that you llhave a day working, one day with Danny, and a free day to enjoy thecompany of our many staff ther****ts. We ll schedule things so that yourwork day will be the other s free day, so that you re not tempted to spendtwo of three days together. If that would meet your needs and Danny s needs. Only one day of three fucking Danny One day fucking the new boys Athird fucking whoever isn t working that day But what about his life His real life at home His job His friends His country His Mom s apple pie His favorite baseball team Sounds good to me, Matt heard Danny say.Me too, Matt added, before Dr. Analove could change his mind.Dr. Analove beamed. Excellent! Why don t the two of you spend the daytogether We ll have a free day for Danny, perhaps in the company ofChrissie, Xavier or Oliver, and a new ther****t-in-training for Mr.Studley tomorrow at 9 a.m. Matt looked at Danny, who was finishing his last bite of pancake.Danny stood, grabbed Matt s arm and said, Thank you. Dr. Analove. We ll seeyou tomorrow at 9.And off they went to Matt s hotel room, where the sheets were clean and theSpermbutt Anal Lubricant was plentiful.By Beautiful Creamer

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