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sissypuss sucks hot black manHi If you have looked at my hamster profile,its obvious that I am a sissy that took the long road to accepting and eventually be quite proud to be a sissy cocksucker.Today ,I had a vacation day to use up so I couldnt decide if I should put on my faavorite outfit and drive an hour to a great adult video/bookstore or spend the day in the sun at a close by “clothing optional” spot in the woods by a beautiful stream. The weather was forecasted to be 80 with no clouds and no humidity.. A rarity where I live and even more rare so far this late spring. If I went to the video store I would have my fill of yummy country boy farmer guys who can resist feeding a sissy lots of hard creamy cock ! What sissy could pass on that? It had been more than a month since having my fill of hard tasty cocks and the ride dressed always gets my sissy juices flowing literally I seldom get hard but I drip gallons of pre cum and again thats what I should do. my erections are and mostly have been just stressful 30 second squirts so its better if I stay soft and drip my horniness lol Watching the P.E. videos on xhamster drove that point home. I chose bursa escort outdoors because this particular spot is known for horny husbands and tons of gay gentleman sunshine and cock I was prancing around with glee at the thought!I shaved my legs touched up under my arms and clitty area and put on a lace pair of panties,my button up “daisy duke” cut offs and a nice pink top..I arrived at the preserve area paid my entrance fee and trolloped on down the wooded path to the swim area. Eureka! About a dozen nude men eyeing me over so I did what any sissy would do- I slowly undressed wiggling my ass to take off my dukes and let everyone see my lace panties…I srated in my lace while i spread my towel etc. etc. making sure everyone would know what i am and what this horny bitch needed..I went around chatting up my prospects a nice silver daddy a smooth chub I couldnt decide it was a smorgishboard of every type hairy uncut cut big small gawd was I visibly dripping pre cum.. I opened a bottle of prosecco and enjoyed a glass while I enjiyed the view and then I hit paydirt a middke aged ebony god arrived smooth as butter with enough meat to feed my lunch bursa escort bayan hunger . I walked to wear he was relaxing and made small talk. . He said he was going to go for a “little walk” which means only one thing. Sex is taken up off a trail where its private and your not infringing on anyone but if you go to tbe “spot” guys stroke and watch you perfirm.. anyway I asked if I could tag along he pretended it was all innocent stopped and sat on a log in the sun. Too old to be shy,I asked if I could have a taste. His repky was “wow,I wasnt expecting that” wink wink I dropped to my knees right then and there. Kneeling on the soft ground with tbe sun at my back and a gorgeous cock to worship.I kissed it first and went to work about 6 not too thick with a slight curve,I was able to deep throat his length. I savored every inch until the most amazing thing happened- I started to moan while pleasuring him! Not fake not over tbe top but a purring moan that I honestly had no control over,it just happened no thought to it just my pure lust and my sissy need to be submissive and give him pleasure! It worked because the next thing I know he is escort bursa gently caressing my hair as I do what I was born to do- suck lick and mame him happy. As he got closer to cumming he actually started to moan which made me squeeze his strong thighs a d pull him deeper i to my hungry orifice.Politely he informed me he was ready to cum and gave me the choice to have in cum in my mouth or not. Many time when a guy says that it breaks the trance for me but not this time. I pulled back so I could see him cum wben his spasms subsided ,I proceed it to lick his cock clean. I couldnt let him go back to the swi area with a messy cock niw could I!? Licking him clean I looked up from my position of submission and thanked him for the pleasure of his yummy cock,this made him smile. He then asked me my name to which I replied,I am a sissy and I would like if yoy called me by my sissy name-sissypuss.. many guys would think that was wierd but “R” never even blinked in fact his reply was happy to meet you sissypuss I felt like a fairy wood nymph here I was a sissyfagot validated by this mellow black man who loved my blow job skills! I now know one thing, Anytime I get the chance to suck a black mans cock I Will no questions asked my experience today ope ed my eyes to wanting to serve black men exclusively and my next hope and dream is to be “black owned”.Any takers ?????Hugs and kissesSissypuss

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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