May 24


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sisterJust last week. I was at a friend’s house, his sister was older than me. She turned me on nunerous times i spotted her. Anyway, he left to go to the store with his mom. I was just chilling watching tv when suddenly some hands covered my eyes. I knew it was his sister because they were soft. She was half naked. That body had me stiff in a hurry. She noticed my dick and began to rub hee hands on it. I was enjoying it so i didnt mind. She was so fucking aggressive. She yuck my dick out and began to suck it. She gagged on it a couple of times. I exploded in her mouth hust in time because we heard the car pulling up in the drive way. We cleaned up and went back to what we were doing to make it seem as if nothing happened.I helped put up güvenilir bahis groceries with my friend and his mom went back out. His sister called the two of us upstairs. I was confused. But come to find out they enjoyed i****t. I love i****t especially b*o and s*s and mom and son. He lied down in bed with her and began to suck her nipples. She called me to come, fuck that wasnt stopping me. She stripped and dance for me. I was even happier to find out her b*o was gay. Im bisexual. As i was eating out her pussy he cam under and i face fucked him. She got up and went to the closet. I sat up and continued to face fuck n gag him. She cam back with a strap on telling her b*o to stand up. She pushed me back, thinking i was gonna take that canlı bahis dildo in my ass hell fucking no. But thank god she turned around and sat on my dick. And her b*o sat on the straponWe fucked for an hour strong. His ass was nice and tight. We double penetrated him. I made the two of them my bitches with this bbc. She sat back dildoing her pussy as i fucked her b*o. He screamed like a bitch.i had to choke him. His asshole was choking my dick. After cumming in him she came to lick it up and spit swap with him whiles sucking my dick. She then told him to dildo his ass and he listened. Me and his fucked some more. She had the room soaked from her squirting. She begged me to cum in her so i did. As i came to a climax i leaned in and we bahis siteleri began to kiss. My dick still inside her cumming and going deeper, in and out in a slow movement. I could feel his hot breath against my ass as he began to lick it. That made me harder and i fucked her more. His tongue moved down my nutsac and dick to her pussy. He licked and licked. I started to fuck faster and faster. Hearing hwe scream mad me cum again inside her.Lol he left to clean up and his s*s and i started to cuddle with my dick still inside her warm tight pussy. We fell asleep. When i woke up my dick still was inside her.but it was semi soft. The time was 8 pm now and there mom still wasnt home. I was still horny and my sacs didnt feel drained. I started to move my cock in and out. I could hear her moaning whiles she slept. My dick got rock hard and she woke up. We fucked some more and i cummed ib her again.She sleeps at my house every night. I dont hve parents. She is 23

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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