May 31

Sister-in-law: The New Year

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The doorbell interrupted the old John Wayne western that was almost over, the clock pushing ten o’clock and my bed time, even if it was New Year’s Eve. I grunted in irritation at the interruption, “Who the hell could it be at this hour?” I pushed myself out of my chair and plodded to the door in my slippers. I grudgingly opened the door and stared at the “intruder” standing in the cold.

“Scott!” my sister-in-law said as she stood on the porch in a knee length coat and high heels, clearly feeling the chill in the air in her outfit. “Going to ask me in or leave me stand out here and freeze?”

“Um. Yeah. Come on in,” I answered, opening the door farther and letting her in. I closed the door behind her, watching her slip her coat off as she stepped past me. She turned to face me, wearing an extremely short navy blue minidress with a deep V of cleavage dipping well down between her large breasts. She handed me her coat and turned to walk toward the livingroom, the skirt of the dress so short that I could see the lacy tops of her stockings peeking at me from under the hem with each step.

“So what are you doing here at this hour?” I asked my forty year old sister-in-law. She was ten years my junior and most definitely a much wilder version of my late wife.

“Putting an end to this moping, dreary, dismal thing you’re calling life. It’s been over three years and this was the most depressing Christmas yet. Emily always said if anything happened to her you’d become a hermit, and that’s what’s happened. Well, tonight starts a new year and this year you’re going to crawl out of your hole and start living again!”

“I’m not a hermit!”

“The hell you aren’t. Other than work, what do you do? Hell even your Christmas tree looks depressed! Now you and I are going out, so go get dressed!”

“And if I say no?”

“Well. I’m not leaving without you.”

“Then you’re gonna have a long night!” I answered, stepping past her towards my chair and dropping into it. She was right. It has been over three years since her sister passed. I had no intention of looking for a replacement wife at fifty, which is exactly what Cindy had been harping on for the last year and a half.

She stepped around in front of me, standing between me and the TV. “Then yours will be just as long because you’re not going to get any sleep, even if I have to go to bed with you to keep you awake!”

“Oh, go home Cindy! I’m not going out to a club or bar or anywhere else with my sister-in-law!”

“Why? Afraid to be seen with me?”

“No. Just seems a little weird, don’t you think?”

“As compared to sitting and moping?”

“That isn’t weird. It’s just… depression.”

“Well. Emily wouldn’t ever forgive me if I let you do this. So we’re going to bust you out of this depression. Now you can go get dressed or I’ll do it for you!”

“I don’t feel like it!”


“That’s a nice way to say no.”

“I don’t think you get it. I’m NOT taking NO for an answer!” she said sharply, stepping closer and reaching out for my hands. She grabbed my wrists and pulled, trying to pull me up from the chair. “Come on!” she groaned, doing her best in her high heels, but failing. “Stand up you big lug!”

“Good grief!” I grumbled, allowing her to pull me up, knowing that she rarely gave up on anything once she made up her mind. Besides, what could she really do even if I was standing?

She let go of my hands and grabbed the waistband of the flannel pajama bottoms I had on and yanked them down. “If you won’t then… Oh shit!” she cried in surprise as she realized that I didn’t have anything on under them as they dropped to the floor, pooling around my ankles.

I bent down and pulled my bed pants back up. “What’s wrong with you?” I snapped.

“Sorry. I didn’t know you were naked under…that.”

“Well. I am!” I answered with a scowl. “So now you managed to embarrass us both, you can go home!”

“Oh I’m not THAT embarrassed,” she said with a smile. “But as long as your almost undressed you can go put some real pants on or I’ll just have to help by doing it again!” she said, reaching out for my waist again, forcing me to grab her hands before she could do it again.

“Jesus Cindy! Really?”

“What? Think I won’t?”

“Actually no. I think you would!”

“Good. Go get dressed! Better yet, why don’t I pick something for you?”

“I don’t think so!” I said as she shook free of my grip and walked towards my bedroom.

“Oh no problem!” she called over her shoulder. “I’m sure I can find something appropriate for tonight.”

I followed her to my room only to find her digging in my closet. She turned back with a pair of slacks and a short sleeve pullover golf shirt. “Here.”


“Put these on!”

I sighed. “And if I don’t?”

“Are we really going back there again?”

“And if I say no?”

She stepped closer to me. “Trust me. The living room was just a start. If you wanna say no, you better get used to being naked around me cuz you’re getting dressed to go out if I have to güvenilir bahis do it myself! “

“Fine!” I huffed. “Privacy?”

“Depends. You going to put those on?” she asked pointing to the pants and shirt on the bed.

“Yes,” I said with a scowl.

“Okay. Oh yeah. No underwear. You won’t need it.”


“Completely!” she said, turning to walk out of the room.

“Underwear?” she asked as I stepped out of my bedroom several minutes later.

“What? Wanna check? Maybe I should just drop my pants again so that you can look?”

“As much as I wouldn’t mind, no. I’ll trust you,” she answered as she walked to where her coat hung on the back of a chair. “Let’s go!”

I pulled a jacket from the closet and reluctantly headed out the door with her into the cold night.

Cindy had always been quite a bit more…flirtatious than my late wife, especially since her divorce six years ago. After that, the dresses seemed to get shorter, the bikinis tinier and her night wear much skimpier. I’d often wondered if it were aimed at me in particular or just any man in general, especially after Emily passed. Not that I’d ever really had any serious interest in Cindy, though she’d done her best to tease me and flash various body parts, leaving only the really important parts covered each time.

Since I’d known her, her humor and joking comments had frequently been close to, if not actually, in the gutter. There were times I wondered if she was trying to shock me or just checking for the effect. Occasionally I’d return in kind, which she seemed to enjoy, and just as quickly drew a sharp rebuke from Emily for stooping to her level.

Since Emily passed away three years ago Cindy had been a frequent visitor, at first helping me through the transition and then later trying to play matchmaker. That particular job seems to have taken front and center over the last year, insisting that this is what Emily would have wanted for me. Apparently Cindy has decided to up the ante in some way. Though I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, I decided it would be best to just go along with it for the moment and let the moment pass. Tomorrow would be another day. Besides, how much trouble could she get us into with only two hours until midnight?

“So where are we going?” I asked as I dropped into the passenger seat of her little sports car.

“A little bar I know.”

“If you just wanted a New Year’s drink, I could have popped a couple beers at the house,” I groused quietly.

“No. It’s New Year’s Eve. If we’re going to start you down a new path for the coming year, we might as well start things off right!”

“Cindy, who said I wanted a different path? I’m happy the way things are.”

“Bullshit. How long did your kids stay this year? One day? Two at the outside? Scott, everyone can see you’re miserable. We all miss her, but letting you sink into oblivion isn’t the answer. Emily would shoot me if I let you do this. She loved life. She was always going and doing and happy and vibrant. She always told me how she loved the way you were that way too. But not anymore. And that’s wrong. It’s time to get you out of this lousy, dreary, self-absorbed depressed rut and find out that there’s still a lot of life to live!”

“I’m not…”

“Oh shut up Scott! You are too. All of the things I said. Now just relax and let me steer the night, and if you’re lucky, by midnight your mood will have changed and you’ll look forward to the new year.”

I did as she said, and closed my mouth, biting back a few angry comments that I was thinking. The drive seemed to last a surprisingly long time, but then I had no idea where we were going. As the anger slowly faded away, I couldn’t help but notice how far up the short skirt had slipped on her thighs in the dim dash lights. The hem had moved so far up that I could see all of the lacy top of her stockings, and thought that I might even be seeing a little bit of the crotch of her panties. The coat didn’t let me see much of the rest of her body, but what I was seeing was enough to make my dick harden in my slacks. Sister-in-law or not, she still was a pretty hot looking woman, and my mind had no problem finding those mental images of times she flashed nearly her whole breast at me or one of her bare ass cheeks. My reminiscing was interrupted as she pulled off the road into a parking lot. The sign was a huge purple and silver sign, “Platinum Club”.

“Here we are,” she said as she pulled into a parking space and shut off the car. “So you going to come in, or sit out here and freeze? Cuz I’m going in,” she said as she opened the car door.

I didn’t really have a lot of choice. It was only in the teens and sitting in the car for any length of time, let alone nearly two hours, would be quite uncomfortable. “Yeah. I’m coming,” I said grouchily.

She stopped in front of the car and waited for me to catch up. Facing me, she gave me an angry stare. “Look mister. You damn well better get an attitude adjustment right now. You can choose to paste a smile on your face, türkçe bahis real or not, and at least pretend to have a good time or so help me, I’ll drop your drawers right here and leave you standing bare ass in the parking lot! Got it?”

“Just what the hell is it with you and pulling my pants down?” I asked a bit hotly.

“Dunno. I just liked what I saw and wasn’t going to pass up the chance for a replay!” she said with a grin. “Now you gonna behave, or am I going to get to see you like that again?”

“Given the choice, I guess I’ll behave,” I said with a frown.

“Shucks. I was kinda looking forward to getting another shot. Oh well.” She sighed softly as she turned and looped her arm in mine, turning me toward the building. “Let’s go.”

The music practically assaulted us as we opened the glass doors to the club, compared to the practically silent cold night. I wasn’t exactly a club person, but I guess I expected more than a woman sitting behind a cash register. “I need to see an ID on both of you and the cover is twelve,” she said almost as if she really didn’t care if she were there or not.

Cindy dug in her purse and laid down twenty-five in cash on the counter and then pulled out her driver’s license. “Come on. Cough up your ID,” she said with a hint of irritation in her voice.

“Yeah, fine,” I said with a soft shake of my head. I pulled my wallet out and let the young lady scan my license on her little machine and then hand it back to me.

“Enjoy your time,” she said as Cindy looped her arm in mine and pulled me towards the next set of glass doors.

If I thought that the music was loud when we walked in, it was even more so when we opened the second set of glass doors to enter the club proper. I doubted one could carry on much of a conversation and we weren’t even into the club proper, still in the walled entry way. We stepped around the corner of the wall into the huge open room of the club. Like I would expect most clubs to have, there was a large bar along one wall. There were small tables with multiple chairs around them arrayed around the club, though all of these circling a large main central stage. A stage with no less than three chrome posts running from the stage floor up to the dark ceiling, each a couple inches in diameter, with a completely naked and VERY good looking young woman gyrating from pole to pole.

“A strip club? Seriously?” I practically shouted to Cindy as I stood frozen in my tracks.

She looked back at me and smiled. “Sure, why not? I mean you’re not afraid to look at some sexy women are you? It’s not like this is a brothel or anything.”

“Cindy! You really want to be here?”

She grinned and dug into her little purse and pulled out a modest sized stack of singles. “We ain’t going home until you’ve stuffed this entire pile of ones into G-strings, or wherever it is they have to tuck it in.”

“Seriously Cindy? This is your idea of how to get me dating again?”

“Who said anything about dating? This is just plain lookin’ and getting horny! You can’t tell me that that young lady up there isn’t getting you turned on, because I can tell it is!” she answered, stepping toward me and reaching out to stroke the hard bulge in my pants.

“CINDY!” I hissed loudly, reaching down to pull her hand away from my crotch. “Seriously?”

“Hell Scott. Why shouldn’t I give it a little feel? Just because we’re in a strip club doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a little fun too, right?”

“Why would you want to bring me to a strip club anyway?” I asked loudly.

She undid her coat and slipped it off, hooking it over one arm before turning to loop her other arm in mine. Without any kind of an answer, she walked us through the collected tables to the edge of the stage and dropped her coat into one of the empty chairs. “Take your coat off and stay a while!” she said over the music, taking one of the singles from the pile she had, waving it at the woman on the stage. She sat down in the chair as the young woman, maybe mid-twenties or so, gyrated her way over, her bare ass and pussy pushing out at me in the dim light. She pushed her knees apart, letting her motion spread her full round shaved lips, her pink inner lips peeking out at me as she bobbed her ass up and down in front of me. After a minute or so she rolled over onto her ass, lifted both legs and spread them wide, letting me see her sexy little pussy from the other direction, looking more than good enough to eat.

Cindy tossed the bill out onto the stage for her and looked up at me, grinning. “You can’t tell me that doesn’t do anything for you!”

“Yeah. Okay!” I agreed as the song came to an end, the woman rolling to her knees. She blew me a kiss and then got to her feet, walking across the stage to where she’d dropped whatever she had started out wearing, and then walked off the stage. I frowned at my sister-in-law and took my coat off, tossing it on top of hers before sitting down next to her. The next dancer had already started her routine, moving around the stage to give each of the half güvenilir bahis siteleri dozen guys around the stage a look. There weren’t really that many people in the club, maybe a couple dozen that weren’t part of the club staff. It was quite clearly a slow night.

The tall blonde, wearing a tiny bikini, sashayed her way around from pole to pole, bending and twisting and pushing her assets out at us with each new twist or turn. Cindy held up a single and the woman made her way over to us, leaning over the edge of the stage so that Cindy could easily slip the single into the strap of her top. The blonde grinned down at her, and pulled the single out, tucking it instead into the string of the tiny bikini bottom. She pushed herself back on her legs, kneeling upright in front of us and then slowly, teasingly, pulling the strings of the top and slipping it off in front of us. She reached out and dangled the strings down across my face and head before pulling it up and tossing it behind her onto the stage. Cindy stuffed a single into my hand as the blonde turned around to push her ass out at me, looking back at me over her shoulder. I reached up and carefully pulled the string on her hip out away from her body and tucked the single into the gap before letting it gently snap back against her, trapping the bill.

Cindy passed me another bill, which I held up for the blonde to see. She grinned at me and turned the other hip, allowing me to repeat the procedure, my fingers gently brushing her hip as I grasped the string. With both bills now safely tucked into the strings of her suit, she pushed herself up and danced her way around the stage, looking for additional tips. She’d never get rich on the singles she collected on stage, but then they weren’t intended for that. They were merely to show appreciation for her dancing, or stripping, as the case may be.

She made her way back around to us, having collected one or two more bills, and knelt down in front of me with her knees pushed wide apart, the tiny bikini barely covering her mound or full fat pussy lips. She reached to the bills trapped in the strings of her bikini bottom and pulled them out, tossing them behind her. Still kneeling with her legs pushed apart, she leaned toward me, reaching down to rest one hand on the back of the chair I was sitting in, her big creamy tits and hard nipples hanging inches from my face. With her free hand, she reached down and found one of mine, slowly guiding it up to her hip, coaxing me to pull the string and untie the bow.

I gripped the end of the string with my finger and slowly pulled, watching the loops of the bow slowly disappear. She switched hands on the back of my chair and while I was still pulling one string, she tugged the other so that as I reached the end of my pull I was sliding the silky black material from between her legs, exposing her bare pussy.

She reached for the bikini bottom and gently took it from me, tossing it behind her before once again pushing herself back onto the stage. She scooted her knees right to the edge of the stage, her pussy as close to me as she could get while facing me and arched her back, leaning back and lifting her butt off her feet to push her now exposed pussy at me. Her smooth shaved lips were full and round, only little bits of pink inner lip pushing out at me invitingly. Yeah, it was one hell of a view as she slowly rocked her hips up and down, giving me an incredible view of her sweet young parts. I was actually disappointed when the song ended and she pushed away from the edge of the stage. She gave me a little wink as she stood, bent at the waist, again showing me her pussy, though from another angle, as she picked up her money and bikini.

The next young lady, a brunette with short cropped hair and small little tits, wearing nothing but a chopped up t-shirt, was busy doing her number on stage when the blonde came up to us, wearing a long semi-see through black robe, with nothing on under it.

“Hi,” she said over the loud music. “Can I join you?”

“Sure!” Cindy answered, pushing her chair back from me enough to make room for the young woman to pull another chair in and sit.

“My name is Diane,” she said with a grin. “Are you having a good time?”

“We are!” Cindy answered with a smile. “This is Scott. I’m trying to give him a good start to the New Year.”

“Really? Well, this is a good way to do it,” Diane answered back.

“I thought so,” Cindy answered her. “But he’s kinda a stick in the mud. You have to practically drag him around.”

“Oh really?” she asked, looking from Cindy back to me. “I thought you were enjoying how I looked.”

“I was. I am,” I answered.

“If you wanna get a nice private look, we can go into the back and I can give you a private dance.”


“Uh huh. Three songs for sixty,” she said with a grin. “That’s a good deal isn’t it?”

This was where the girls made their real money, private dances. I hadn’t ever been in this club but they all had their booths with a variety of rules. Usually only touching in certain places with the dancer not allowed to do anything sexual to the customer at all. It seemed to me to be a lot of money to watch a woman grind herself on your lap while you’re still dressed, even if she was a damn good looking woman.

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