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Size Matters

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Sarah’s best friend Tammy was married to an Indian guy she met in college. Tammy was a virgin when they married, but now she is the happy mother of three little boys. Tammy and Sarah hang out a lot, talking about everything from school to summer camp. My wife is a big fan of those ‘Cosmo-type’ magazines and she loves taking those quizzes. Last month’s edition had a special titled, “Does size matter.” I’ve always considered myself above average, eight inches long when I am fully erect. Sarah has never complained. Tammy on the other hand told Sarah that her husband, Neraj was only three inches long. Sarah didn’t believe it.

Last weekend we had a pool party and Tammy convinced Neraj, who had been drinking all afternoon and could be considered drunk, to let Sarah take a peek at his penis. Sitting on the edge of the hot tub, I saw Sarah looking down Neraj’s pants. I couldn’t imagine what was going on and just as I was about to walk over and say something, Sarah put her hand in his pants and it appeared she was holding his penis. In Sarah’s defense, she was drunk. Tammy, who does drink, was laughing at Neraj and Sarah. Sarah let go and began laughing herself. I decided to wait until later to find out what that was all about.

In the meantime Tammy came over to the grill and spilled the beans. She explained how Sarah didn’t believe her estimate. Tammy then asked me, “Can I see yours? It is only fair.” I refused, but Tammy kept on. I looked over at Sarah and Neraj, they were sitting opposite from one another güvenilir bahis in the hot tub chatting. Tammy took my hand and pulled me into the cabana and pulled down my trunks. Flaccid, my penis is maybe four inches long, but Tammy shrieked, “It is sooo big!”

Hearing her excitement I began to become aroused. I held it in my hand and said, “If you think it is big now, wait until it gets hard.” It didn’t take long before I was fully erect, my cock curving up pointing at my wife’s friend. Tammy didn’t ask for permission, she just grabbed it causing a drop of precum to form at the tip. Just as it was about to drip to the floor she caught it on the tip of her finger and rubbed it into her clit. I said, “Why did you do that?”

She got red in the face, “I want you to make me pregnant.” Tammy unhooked her top and dropped her panties. I looked out the window and saw Sarah and Neraj deep in conversation. Tammy leaned back on the couch and said, “Please, cum inside of me, hurry, I need you now.” Between Tammy’s legs I could see her vagina was swollen and wet. Could I just fuck her this easy? Without thinking I climbed over her and slipped my penis inside of her. She moaned as I did, begging me to cum. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and begged over and over until I couldn’t help myself. I filled her with my semen and she thanked me over and over.

She quickly dressed and we returned to the hot tub. Tammy spent the rest of the evening talking to Sarah. Later that night Sarah would tell me Tammy türkçe bahis wanted her to sleep with Neraj. I told Sarah she could if she wanted to. Tammy had told Neraj he could do the same. By the end of the evening, both Sarah and Neraj were completely drunk, too drunk for intercourse, but Tammy and I helped both of them to bed. We removed their clothes and Tammy even thought to unwrap a condom so they would think they had ‘safe’ sex. Once we had them staged, Tammy told me she wanted me to fuck her again. We had sex two more times that night.

The next morning Neraj woke up first and realized he was in bed with my wife. He could recall talking about having sex with her, but he was certain he wouldn’t have done it. Then he saw the used condom and realized he must have. He couldn’t remember doing it. That was when he slowly pulled the covers down from on top of my wife. He was aroused and her legs were slightly agape. He lifted his body over her and with little difficulty positioned his little cock between her legs. Spreading her legs he slid his small cock inside of her, just bigger than a finger he was like a piston stroking in and out of her. Sometime during intercourse Sarah awoke and instead of stopping him she began helping him. Her hips rotating in conjunction with his thrusts. She began to feel herself having an orgasm. Sarah has a hard time getting off, but Neraj had her at the brink of an orgasm.

I heard Sarah from the other room and stood in the doorway watching Neraj on top of my wife. Sarah’s güvenilir bahis siteleri legs were intertwined between his and the light skin of her arms and legs stood in contrast with his tanned complexion. Sarah began whimpering as she came. She begged him to keep going, to keep fucking her, “Oh god, this is good. Don’t stop. Tammy is so lucky.” Then she opened her eyes and saw me and said, “Oh god, I am sorry.” She loosened her grip on him, her legs releasing him. Something snapped inside of her, by releasing the tension her orgasm hit a new level. She began to whimper again, I could see the regret in her eyes as she looked away as she let Neraj take her further and further.

Slowly her arms encircled him again and her legs gripped his and she said, “I am ready, cum inside of me.” Before long I could see he was cumming inside of my wife. She arched her back as she felt his semen fill her. When they were done Neraj turned around and saw me watching. He jumped up and apologized profusely. I told him it was no problem and walked away.

Sarah met me at the house an hour later. She apologized and explained she had no idea how they ended up in bed. She explained how Tammy had told her about her husband’s tiny dick. I laughed suggesting that it seemed as though he knew how to use it. We didn’t talk about it after that.

The next week Tammy spilled the beans to Sarah that we had sex. How she was impressed with the size of my cock, but how she preferred Neraj’s love making to mine. Sarah admitted to Tammy that she preferred Neraj as well. Tammy, to Sarah’s surprise, offered her husband any time Sarah wanted. Sarah began stopping by their home almost daily freely admitting to me what she did when she was there. It was my own fault I guess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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