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Subject: A WWE story: Slater and Gabriel This story is completely fictional. It is about the relationship between two celebrities. I have no knowledge of the real persuasion of either of the guys and stress that this is pure fantasy. WWE owns whatever it owns in terms of names and trademarks and such. If you are not 18 or if it is illegal for any reason for you to read such material, you must leave. Reader response is important to me; I’ll try to answer all ail Justin Gabriel was on top of the world. A few months ago he was slumming it in the WWE developmental territory in Florida before being given some exposure of the first season of NXT, an elimination style show. After making it all the way to third place and final show, he had sadly been eliminated. At first he had worried that he would end up back in FCW, or even worse, wished well in his future endeavours, but instead, he had been approached by the winner of NXT and made an offer — join him in showing the WWE Superstars that they were here to stay. Justin had readily agreed. He didn’t want to go back to developmental and he didn’t want to be released. In the same boat was another NXT rookie, the `One Man Rock Band’ Heath Slater. Slater had also agreed to join up with the other NXT members in their new group and had relished the opportunity to perform in front of larger audiences beating people down on Raw. But what he really relished was the chance to spend more time with Justin Gabriel. Ever since the two had first met, Slater had nursed a secret crush on the slim but well built South African. Sitting in the locker room after the group had just debuted on WWE’s flagship Raw program and destroyed the set, attacking all the people at ringside, Slater couldn’t help but look over at Gabriel. While all the rookies wore brief like trunks, Gabriel’s seemed so much smaller. Slater noticed the way they tapered in at the waist at clearly showed of the V shape of Gabriel’s former male model torso. As Slater continued to check out his work mate he equally couldn’t help but notice that the trunks clung to Gabriel in all the right places, empathising the bulge made by what looked like a fine sized cock and a muscular tight arse. “Well done gentleman, well done,” the rookies were congratulated by Vince McMahon, chairman of the WWE who entered their dressing room. “We were all very impressed by that showing and having had a quick glance at the internet, already people are talking about you all.” Scanning the room, Vince stopped at Justin Gabriel and specifically congratulated him on his excellent 450 splash. Gabriel couldn’t have been happier. The smile on his face likely wouldn’t be leaving for a week. As Vince got ready to leave the dressing room he asked one of the other rookies, a guy called Daniel Bryan to come with him. Gabriel wasn’t sure what that meant, but he was sure whatever Vince had in mind would be good for business. As he smiled around the room, he couldn’t help but catch Heath Slater looking at him from across the room. When Heath realised he had been caught looking, he quickly looked away, but this just confirmed what Gabriel had already noticed, clearly Heath was interested. Justin had once been a male model, he knew the signs. He also knew that wrestling had only helped tone his already impressive body and, with the performance oil liberally applied, he knew everything was popping in all the right places. Looking across at Heath, Gabriel realised he’d never done it with a ginger guy before. Heath’s hair was a dark ginger, and it was long to his neck. His body wasn’t as clearly defined as Gabriel’s, but it was lean and athletic and when Heath did his ring taunt there was certainly something about him that made Gabriel look again. The other thing that occurred to Gabriel was that bursa evi olan escort Heath was obviously nervous and embarrassed, and so the best way for Gabriel to get some, would be if he made the first move. As the other guys all began to drift away and get ready to go for dinner or whatever, Gabriel walked over to where Slater was sat, leaned in close and asked if he wanted to go for quick bite, or something, being sure to place some emphasis on the word something in his South African accented voice. Heath looked up and stammered out that he would love to. Smiling down, Gabriel went off to the showers, telling Heath he would see him outside in a bit. Heath was shocked. The guy he’d been crushing on for months just asked him out. But was it just as friends? He wasn’t sure. It didn’t sound that way and the body language didn’t seem that way either. Shit, what was he going to do? Having already showered, Heath dressed and went out to the car parking area to wait and see what Gabriel had planned. He wasn’t waiting long, as he was soon joined by the South African stud; he had slipped into a tight dress shirt and some designer jeans that looked about a size too small and clearly showed off his muscular backside. The two went for dinner, and throughout it Heath couldn’t help but notice that Gabriel kept making crude jokes or double entendres that left him stammering and red faced, while Gabriel just kept laughing. As dessert was wheeled out, Gabriel decided that seen as, if thing went to plan he was soon going to be getting a good work out, he would have a creamy ice cream sundae. As he was eating it, he noticed Heath was giggling to himself. “Gonna tell me what’s so funny” he asked Heath. “You have some cream on your nose,” Heath giggled back. “Well you best get it off for me, I can hardly see it myself” replied Gabriel. Heath leaned in, and without bothering to grab a napkin, wiped the cream off with his finger. Gabriel took the chance to make sure that Heath knew exactly what was one the cards for tonight and grabbed his hand, moving his cream covered finger to his mouth and slowly sucking it off, licking the tip of the finger and then sliding it inside, bobbing a few times on it, and then moving off. Throughout all this he kept clear eye contact with Heath who went several shade of red and grew hard as a rock in his pants. “I think it’s time to go” Gabriel smirked at Heath, leaving more than enough money to cover their bill as he led Heath by the hand and from the restaurant, “we’re heading back to my motel room.” In the motel room, the two men were quick to start making out on the bed, rubbing and humping and shedding clothes. Gabriel pulled away from Heath and told him to strip to his underwear while he went to the bathroom. Heath couldn’t believe it; here he was in Justin Gabriel’s motel room, about to engage in some good hard gay sex. He quickly shed his shirt and jeans, revealing a pair of white briefs that contrasted with his ginger hair. Hearing a cough he looked round to see Gabriel had returned to the room and had also stripped down, to a pair of tight black boxer briefs that emphasised his bulge and made Heath drool. Gabriel walked forward slowly. He massaged his bulging black boxers as he did so and his cock was growing to full hardness. This was awesome. As Gabriel reached the sofa he reached down and pulled Heath to his feet, mashing their lips together, sliding his tongue out and in to Heath’s mouth. Heath returned the kiss and the two guys swapped spit as they mashed their hard cocks together in their underwear. The black of Gabriel’s boxers bulged obscenely and were a marked contrast to the white of the briefs which contained Heath’s hardness. Gabriel grabbed at Heath’s briefs clad arse and ground altıparmak escort himself into the hard cock that he could feel through the thin cotton of the briefs and his own boxers. The bulges rubbed together and both lads groaned into the mouth of the other as they continued to kiss. Heath moved his hands to Gabriel’s chest and started to rub and pull at Gabriel’s nipples and hard, built pecs. He pulled back from Gabriel’s kissing and moved his head down to the right nipple. He took the erect nub into his mouth and slowly started to suck, while using his tongue to tease the end. Gabriel loved this. He loved having a guy appreciate his chest. He spent ages working out every day to make sure that his body looked in pristine condition. “You like my muscles Heath?” Gabriel asked, as Heath continued to lick and suck away. Heath released the nipple, smiled up at Gabriel with a cheeky grin and replied “Oh hell yeah.” “Here you go then, lick away,” Gabriel said as he flexed his muscles. Heath licked away at the tensing chest muscles, licking up into an armpit and down to a bulging bicep. He loved that this muscular guy was letting him have his way and lick, suck and explore whatever he wanted. His cock was rock hard in his briefs and he was in serious danger of spunking himself without even touching his dick. Gabriel loved the silky feeling of a hot tongue moving over his body. It felt good on his nipples, good in his armpit, good on his bicep and he knew it was going to feel damn good when he got it on his cock. Pushing on Heath’s head, he forced the ginger wrestler to his knees and thrust his bulged boxers into Heath’s face. Heath immediately continued to lick and suck away, through the boxer shorts that confined the cock in front of him. Heath raised his hands and pulled the boxers down Gabriel’s thighs. Gabriel’s hard cocked slapped up onto his hard stomach. It was circumcised and slightly darker than Gabriel’s already tanned South African skin. The heavy purple knob head leaked precum, which ran down in copious amounts. Heath had never seen such a nice cock; in fact he has never seen anything other than a plain white American cock, and the girls he had been with had generally been skanks he’d done for the sake of keeping up appearances. Now here was a foreign one in front of him, and it was leaking more precum than he had ever seen a cock leak. It was literally like a leaky tap with the amount of clear liquid that was dripping from the end. Heath ran his tongue up and down the sides of the cock, tasting Gabriel’s dark skin. The precum that he could taste tasted different to the precum of the lads he’d sucked in the past. It has a slightly tangier taste, but it was a taste that was unmistakably male and unmistakably hot. The length was close to 9inches, it had to be as Heath could hardly get it down his throat. He knew he could take 8inches, but this was a struggle. The knob was thick and it pushed at the sides of his throat as he tried to deepthroat it down to the balls. As he tried to do this, he slipped his hands up Gabriel’s legs and played with his balls, tickling them gently with his finger tips. Gabriel looked down and loved the sight of the struggling grappler man trying to please him. He believed that effort deserved reward, so he pulled Heath off his cock, pulled him up, kissed him hard so as to taste his own precum and then pushed Heath back on to the sofa. Gabriel dropped to his knees before the athletic and slender ginger hottie and buried his face into the briefs in front of him. He sucked at the knob that he could taste through the briefs before pulling them down and engulfing Heath’s dick to the root in one go; his nose was tickled by Heath’s ginger pubes and his wide usually smiling mouth was bursa merkez escort filled with cock and came to rest on Heath’s full balls and hairy pubis. This was becoming a habit to Heath. His cock, at just under 7inches was hardly small, but the last two guys he’d gone with could swallow the whole thing in one go. He would get a complex about it, but frankly it felt so good to just have his cock enveloped in one go, to feel his head sliding down the throat of a guy, to know that he had the power to keep that guy on his knees sucking away until he reached climax was amazing to Heath. It wasn’t like this with girls, but with guys, there was something rawer; something more primal. Gabriel moved his head up and down the cock, using his tongue to work the sides and the knob, sucking up the sparse in comparison precum and slowly moving his hands in circles over Heath’s teen arse globes. He spread his fingers and moved them closer and closer the crack and to the hole he knew he would find there. Sticking the middle finger from each of his hands into the crack, he located the hole and, without warning, simply pressed them both in to the hole. Heath groaned and shot spunk down Gabriel’s throat. He was awestruck by how quickly he had cum; shooting his cream from just having some finger shoved in to his arse. He couldn’t believe that, but it felt so good. Gabriel loved the taste of the cum on his tongue, but he had other plans for it. Pulling off Heath’s cock, he stood up and grabbed Heath’s ankles, lifting his legs. He then dropped back to his knees, but placed Heath’s legs over his shoulders. This allowed him to see clearly Heath’s tight pucker. Gabriel spat the spunk he had just received from Heath’s cock on to Heath’s arsehole. He then stood up and thrust his long dick in to the hole, using the hot ginger wrestlers cum as lube. Heath felt like he was being split in two, but the feeling that he had got from just Gabriel’s finger were multiplied as he felt the thick uncircumcised knob rub over his prostate again and again. He moaned and groaned about on the sofa, aware that he was making a lot of noise but not caring because he was embracing the fact that he was a true born cock slut. He loved the feeling of cock in his mouth or up his arse. He wanted to do this all the time. Forget girls, it was all about cock for Heath from now on. He never wanted Gabriel to cum as that thick South African cock felt so good up his tight hole. He started to flex his anal muscles and squeeze down on Gabriel, raising his arse to meet the thrusts into it. “Harder……please……fuck me harder,” groaned out Heath as his prostate took another hit. Gabriel started to really thrust in and out. He was battering the arse on his cock and was loving every minute. It felt so good to just be able to let loose and just fuck. Nothing felt better than to just pound away at some tight man arse. It was always tighter than pussy and guys who limited themselves were just missing out. He looked down at Heath squirming below him. He could see how much Heath was enjoying it from the way he was breathing and moaning; his body thrashing about and clearly loving the cock that was literally rabbit pounding his prostate. Gabriel leaned in and whispered to Heath, “don’t you wish we could do this is the ring? I could fuck you hard in front of all those people, just imagine it, them all cheering as I fucked your arse hard, them all screaming as I climb the turnbuckle and hit my 450 splash, cock first, right in to your tight hole.” As he was saying this Gabriel reached down and grabbed Heath’s cock, which had never gone down. He jerked it no more than five times before Heath shot spunk high in to the air. As his arse tightened and clenched around the invader thrusting in to it, Gabriel came hard, spurting spunk deep into Heath’s colon. As the hard bodied wrestler came down from their sex high, they made out, talking to each other about the other guys in the locker room they would love to do, or had done and how maybe they could do this again, or do it again with another member added.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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