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Slave for the week

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Slave for the weekPart 1 – SaturdayThere was a ring on the doorbell. I basically knew it was her, but I was still madly excited, as though I didn’t know, as though there was a chance it wasn’t her and I was hoping it was.Sure enough, there she was. Stacey looked fantastic, her brown hair drifting slightly over her eyes, her wonderful body perfectly shown off by her tight top and jeans.”Hi, you ok?” I asked, smiling. I gazed down at her feet and laughed. “You know me too well!” She was wearing a gorgeous pair of sexy black leather boot – something of a fetish of mine. They went right up to just below her knees, and had buckles going up their length. The high stiletto heels just set the whole thing off perfectly! It certainly set me off…Stacey just smiled and stared into my eyes. I loved her eyes so much – they were just so expressive. We stood at the door slightly awkwardly for a few moments before she spoke.”You going to let me in then?” she joked, brushing her hair back.I apologised with a laugh and held the door open as she dragged her suitcase on rollers in after her, containing her changes of clothes. We’d arranged to have a kinky weekend, and then spend the next week hanging out together, seeing as we both had weeks off that coming week. What with hectic work schedules and living a fair way apart, finding quality time like this was difficult. I closed the door, and we talked for a bit about our friends in common, what we each had been up to, you know, normal stuff. I made her dinner, and then we watched a film together, but it was obvious we both were thinking about what we were going to be doing. It was almost like we were k**s just itching to open their presents on Christmas day. Sitting there, watching her, as she leaned on my shoulder, I was glad I had met her.Eventually the film ended and the evening started to darken. Stacey stretched slightly, her boots shining in the light and stared seductively at me.”You ready?” she asked.”Definitely,” I replied.With that, I went upstairs into the bathroom to sort myself out while Stacey went to my room. I don’t know why I always went in the bathroom, just a force of habit I guess. I stripped down to my boxers and when I came out, Stacey had a series of ropes and other things on my bed.”Arms behind your back,” she instructed, as she grabbed my wrists and began to wrap rope around them and quickly tightened a knot. “On the bed,” she ordered an authoritative tone to her voice that I had grown so accustomed to. Once I was on the bed, she took hold of my ankles and tightly bound these too with coils of rope. I now couldn’t go anywhere if I tried.”Enjoying yourself?” Stacey asked, playfully.”So far,” I said smiling.”Good,” Stacey replied, “but I don’t remember saying you could speak.”Before I could reply, she quickly stuffed a sponge into my mouth and grabbed one of her long scarves. She wrapped this around my head several times and pulled it tight, forcing the sponge deep into my mouth, and then knotted it tightly, gagging me.”There we go, I think that’s a lot better, don’t you?” Stacey purred, smiling seductively at me.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I tried to reply, but obviously all that could be heard was a muffled cry.Stacey laughed, “I think it’s time I tied you up bit better.” I groaned, because I knew this would be a very thorough job. Stacey quickly rolled me onto my front and brought out more rope. She then started to tightly tie my elbows together, until it almost felt as though she was bending my joints. Eventually, she cinched the knot and sat me up. She smiled playfully at me as she clambered behind me on the bed and looped another rope around my chest. This she wrapped several times around my chest and over my arms, effectively pinning my arms to my back.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I moaned as the bindings grew ever tighter and I became ever more helpless.”Be quiet, now,” Stacey purred in my ear, “or things will get a lot worse”. I stayed quiet. “Good boy,” Stacey smiled.With that, she looped another rope around and then tightly tied my arms at my stomach, and then for good measure, repeated it just above my waist. My arms were now well and truly pinned in place. Stacey climbed over me again so she was in front of me, stroking me slightly as she did so, though she made no indication that she meant to do so. That just made it all the more unbearable. She then took more rope and tied it round my thighs tightly, before looking up at me and smiling playfully again, her big blue eyes peering seductively out from the brown hair that had drifted over them. She quickly bound my legs again above and below the knee, before sitting back with her hands on her hips.”Phew!” she gasped, “That was quite a job! But I think that should be enough….for now anyway.””Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I moaned, but I was completely helpless now, as Stacey, with a seductive laugh, pushed me down onto the bed.I lay there in total bliss. It was about an hour later, and Stacey had spent that time very productively; teasing and taunting me! Stacey giggled as she stroked my leg,”I do enjoy these little sessions!” The thought did cross my mind that that was somewhat of an understatement. Just then, the door bell rung again. I was confused, I wasn’t expecting anyone. I hoped it wasn’t anything important, because I was enjoying myself way too much. But Stacey just winked at me and said she’d be right back I heard her go down the stairs and open the door. I heard familiar voices. It was some of our friends! What were they doing here? I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but there was laughing and chatting. I heard Stacey welcome them in, and my heart nearly stopped. What was she doing, what if they found me?? She knew I was really self-conscious about my kinks. However, it sounded like they were staying downstairs, and it wasn’t long before I heard Stacey come back into my room, and shut the door behind her.I looked at Stacey quizzically, wondering what the hell was going on, but she just smiled at me seductively with a curious look in her eyes. Suddenly, she walked over to her suitcase that she had brought upstairs. I was starting to get a little nervous about all this.It turns out I had every reason too….I watched as she opened her suitcase slightly and pulled something out. I goggled. “Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I cried.”I knew this might interest you,” Stacey smiled as she pulled the things out of the suitcase. Slowly, she pulled on a tight, form fitting black leather jacket over her top, and as she turned towards me and approached, she slowly, seductively pulled on a pair of black leather gloves. “Well baby, I have plans for you tonight!” she purred. Suddenly, despite myself, I was starting to feel very aroused. What could she mean?”You see”, she said, as she climbed up onto the bed, straddling me, with me on my back “I really enjoy these bondage games we have, but I haven’t been out with the others in a few weeks and I’m starting to miss it. But…” she smiled, “I couldn’t deny you the fun of being tied up. That would be mean of me!” She leaned closer until her voice was nearly just a whisper. “So I’ve decided that I’m going to go out tonight with the others, but to be fair, I’m going to leave you tightly bound and gagged here while I’m gone!””MMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH,” I cried. She was joking right? We’d never done anything like this before!Stacey laughed.”I thought that might be your reaction,” she smiled, “but I’m afraid you don’t really have a say in the matter anymore! The others told me about going out earlier in the week, so I told them they could come here and we’d all go out together!” She stroked my cheek with a gloved hand. “But now they are here and – oh no – our little friend here isn’t feeling well! He’s lying up in bed with a fever and can’t come!” Stacey giggled as my struggling increased. “I’ve already told them you weren’t feeling well and I’ve come to check on you, one last time to see if you are coming or not. Which of course…” she giggled as she stroked the bulge straining under my boxers, “…you’re not!”I started to panic a bit and began to thrash around, but Stacey merely squeezed me between her thighs, keeping me still. “Hmmmmm, I was afraid of that…” she mused. She got off of the bed and grabbed another handful of rope. “Let’s make you a bit more secure before I leave, hmmm? Just so you don’t manage to ‘toddle off’ while I’m gone.”More? How could this get tighter? My legs were more or less welded together and my arms were tightly pinned together against my back. Stacey easily rolled me onto my front, and grabbed my ankles. Before I could resist, she pushed my ankles right against my bum cheeks, and started wrapping rope around my legs. By the time she was finished, my calves where secured tightly to my thighs, with my feet just below my hands at the small of my back. I never would have believed I could have got into that position! Then for good measure, Stacey took my wrists and tightly secured then to my ankles. I was essentially in a very tight and secure hog tie.”There we are. Do you think that will be enough?” Stacey smiled, looking down at her handiwork.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I cried desperately at the tight bonds.”Oh, of course!” Stacey exclaimed, as she dipped into her suitcase again, and pulled out a real of silver duct tape, “I had better gag you nice and tight before I go. I don’t want you calling for help now do I?” She laughed as she untied the scarf around my mouth and took out the sponge, but before I could say anything, her gloved hand clamped over my mouth. To my surprise, Stacey took away her hand and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. It took me a second to realise I was kissing back. After a few seconds, she pulled away, smiled, and quickly stuffed the sponge back in my mouth and I heard the distinctive ‘rrrriiiiiiipppppppp’ of the duct tape as she firmly pressed it over my closed lips and wound the roll several times around my head before ripping it off.”Well,” she purred, “Just one more thing…” She quickly rolled me back onto my front, took the scarf and wrapped it tightly over my eyes, blindfolding me. I then heard more tape being ripped as she wound it over the scarf, sealing me into my darkness. She laughed evilly as she roughly pushed my head into the pillow, briefly cutting off my air. As she released me, I truly realised how helpless I was. And I also realised how great it felt!”You know,” Stacey purred in my ear, “This is making me very excited to think that I can go out and enjoy myself with my friends, safe in the knowledge that when I come back, you’ll be here, tightly bound and gagged waiting for me. Just the way I like you – totally helpless!” I felt her get off the bed and whisper “Trust me; this will be one experience you will never forget.”I felt her kiss me softly on the cheek “I love you so much…”And with that, I heard the sound of the leather and the click of the heels as she walked away from the bed, leaving her prey squirming on the bed.”See you later, my toy….” I heard the light click off, “…much later”. I heard as she picked up my keys and opened the door.”MMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH,” I cried desperately as she locked it behind her, but we both knew it was far too late for that. Suddenly, I heard her outside the door.”Hiya, Stacey, how is he?” It was Kate, one of my friends. She must have come up the stairs.”No better I’m afraid, he’s gonna sleep it off. He’s running quite a fever. Guess he won’t be coming with us.” I must admit, I’d have believed a voice as sweet and innocent as that!”Oh no! That’s a bummer!””Yeah, well I’m still coming. I’ve let my stuff here because hopefully he’ll feel better later and we can still hang out this week. But if he’s feeling no better when we come back, I’m going back to mine.””That’s a shame. Is he sleeping?””Yeah,” Stacey replied, “and he’s given me his key so I can get in later.””Cool!” exclaimed Kate, “Well, it’s nice to have you with us at least. It’s a real shame; cos you guys were gonna had a cool week planned this week didn’t you? And you both had the week off!””Yeah…” said Stacey, acting slightly downhearted. She deserved an Oscar!”What a bummer! Oh well! Let’s try and have fun for him! The others are already outside. Come on, it’ll be a good night!”( link opens in new window )”Oh, I’m sure it will be…” Stacey purred, as I heard there footsteps going down the stairs, their voices becoming impossible to hear. There was a little more chatting, and then I heard the door slam as they all left the house.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I cried as I struggled for a moment against my bonds, but they were far too tight and my gag was very secure. I realised that I was in for a very long night.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I groaned.What with the blindfold, I had no idea what time it was. They had left at 11pm, but it felt like they had been gone for hours. Suddenly, I heard the front door open and voices downstairs! She was back! Finally! But instead of coming into the room, I heard her shouts fade as she went into the kitchen with the others. She’d invited them in? Surely she wasn’t going to have another drink? Didn’t she realise how uncomfortable I was getting? Knowing she was in the other room, putting up this facade of innocence aroused me even more, and thus frustrated me even more. Eventually, I heard her wish the others goodnight and, joy of joys, the front door closed and I heard steps coming up the stairs, the door unlock and the light turn on.”Well, well…” Stacey purred, as she slowly stepped into the room, “Has my little baby enjoy himself?” Suddenly, she ripped off the blindfold and I was stunned by the bright light.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I groaned.Stacey laughed, “Well I guess you want me to release you now…” I nodded my head, I was very stiff. “Well, I’m afraid that won’t be happening just yet,” Stacey purred, smiling mischievously. I looked at her incredulously. “Well, after all that effort tying you so very effectively, do you really think I’d let you go now? I have you right where I want you…” She smiled. I groaned as the realisation that this was far from over hit me.”But,” she said, “I’m tired of it here. I’m taking you home with me!” With that, she opened up the suitcase fully, and I saw there actually wasn’t anything in it. I gulped “You see sweetie, I’ve already told the others how you phoned me earlier, telling me that you were so ill you were going back to your parents for the week, so no-one expects to see you. That means I have you all to myself for all that time. And even if they don’t hear about that, we were going off this week anyway. No-one would be expecting to see you, here or at work!” She purred and stroked my leg, “Aren’t I a lucky girl?”Slowly, Stacey eased me off of the bed and into the open case. It was a tight squeeze (I admit my squirming probably didn’t help her), but what with the way I was bound, she managed it. She pressed my bound form into the suitcase with one of her gorgeous black boots, and smiled at my squirming as she applied a ‘firm’ pressure to my boxers. She smiled seductively at me and stroked my face.”Any last ‘mmphs’, my honey bun?”. I tried to reply, but my gagged response brought nothing but a mocking laugh as Stacey brought down the lid of the suitcase and tightly zipped me into it. There was a ‘click’ as Stacey secured the zips with a padlock. I felt her stroking the case, and without another word, she picked the suitcase up on its rollers, and left my room, locking the door behind her again. Before anyone could have queried her, Stacey had confidently stepped out the house and out onto the drive, her tightly bound, gagged and bagged prize safely beside her. I wasn’t in the case for long. I passed the time listening to the click of her heels on the concrete and imagined her sexy leather clad boots with me being dragged right behind them, until I felt her heave me up and dump me on something. I heard a clunk, and realised she’d just stowed her ‘luggage’ safely in the trunk of her car. I just lay there, horribly aroused, hearing the faint sound of the radio as Stacey drove. I can only imagine how turned on she must have been knowing what was in the boot.Eventually, we arrived at Stacey’s house, and after locking the door, she quickly got her new toy out.”I’m looking forward to playing with you!” she purred, as she teased me for a little bit, before consenting that I needed to be untied a bit. She let me get up and go to the toilet, though my hands were still bound, and took off my gag so I could drink.I gestured for her to untie my hands, but she merely laughed. “I’m afraid not, my love,” she admitted, “You’re my prisoner, my toy. I can’t very well let you be unbound can I? You may try and escape. No, you will be bound tonight!””Please…” I reasoned.”Don’t worry,” she assured me, “it won’t be too severe. Now come!” She led me into the bathroom, me following like an eager puppy, and retied my wrists in front of me.”Now if you are nice and quiet and behave while I tie you up, I won’t gag you overnight. Do you understand?” she queried, holding her red ball gag that we’d used in our games before, dangling it seductively in front of my face. I nodded the affirmative.”You’re such a good boy!” Stacey cheered.With more rope, she bound my ankles together again and sat me down on the bathroom floor. She them tied my knees just to make sure I wouldn’t be walking anywhere, and then tied a long piece of rope to my wrists. She smiled as she then took this up to shower railing on the ceiling and tied the other end here, pulling my arms up so I was more or less held in place. There was defiantly no escape.”Perfect!” she smiled, “Now, you remembered what I said about the gag?” I nodded, hesitantly.”Well, I lied,” Stacey smiled, as she quickly pressed the rubber ball into my mouth and tightly bucked the strap behind my head.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I cried, feeling slightly betrayed, but very aroused. Stacey smiled as she saw how excited I was getting, and replied by pressing down firmly on it with her booted foot. “MMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH,” I cried, to which Stacey laughed again.”Goodnight, my love,” she said. She kissed my gag and gave me a loving smile. Despite all this, I knew she loved me and would never do anything to hurt me.As she walked out of the room, she smiled “Sweet dreams!”And with just a little wave, she turned off the light and shut the door, leaving me for an interesting night…Part 2 – Sunday (added: 01/24/2010)I wouldn’t say I had the best night’s sleep that night. Interesting would be a better way of describing it.Obviously, being half-suspended from the ceiling, wrists and legs bound and tightly ball gagged wasn’t the most comfortable way of spending the night, but at least I got some sleep. I spent most of the night thinking over my predicament though. In a way, it was quite scary to think how effortlessly Stacey had not only got me bound and gagged at her mercy, but effectively k**napped me for a whole week, with no-one possibly realising where I was or the situation I was in. It may have been scary, but it was also pretty damn sexy, and I had to contend with a pretty substantial erection for reasonable portions of the night. It was made all the worse by the fact that I couldn’t possibly relieve myself, given my bindings, and if Stacey did hear my moans, she didn’t seem to want to do anything about it……well, why should she?I have no idea what time it was when she eventually did wake up; I heard her walking around outside. After a little while, she opened the bathroom door and peeked in with a mischievous grin, as though she was hoping the previous night hadn’t been one big dream.”Hello my toy, sleep well?” She opened the door some more and came in, and with little more than a smile, turned away from me and started towards the sink to get ready for the day.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I moaned, hoping maybe she’d untie me, but she completely ignored me (although I’m sure she was smiling as she cleaned her teeth). I was just left to admire her body through her pyjamas. Although they were fairly loose, there was no denying her very attractive body.Eventually, she finished cleaning her teeth and such, and finally turned to me. She stood over me and bit her lip, as if revelling in the possibilities. She bent down and stroked my face.”Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Stacey purred, stroking my face, “I know I certainly did, knowing I’ve got you all to myself,” she startled to tousle my hair,”Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for soooo long!” She suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled me face towards hers, “You might even enjoy it too!” She laughed and pecked the ball gag.She laughed to herself and pulled a scarf out of her pocket, and sensually wrapped it round my eyes before knotting it tightly. She then took off my gag, gave me something to drink, and undid all my bindings but my wrists.”I’m going to go and get ready now, you be a good boy and stay here”, she said, and before I could say anything, she was gone.It must have been about an hour later when I finally heard Stacey come back into the bathroom. She didn’t say a thing, merely, untied me from the bathroom and dragged me out the door. I had no idea what was in store, but I did hear the clicking of her heels, which was always a good sign. She walked me silently until we reached what I assumed was her bedroom. There, she untied my wrists, leaving me standing blindfolded in nothing but my boxers. I didn’t dare move, as I heard the clicking of her heels as she walked around me slowly. Finally, she spoke:”Kneel.”There was a feeling of seductiveness and power to her voice that meant I could not possibly refuse. I knelt down, and she quickly grabbed my wrists and bound them tightly with rope. She circled me some more before binding my ankles in a similar fashion.”Good boy.” Stacey purred. She walked around my helpless body, taking in the feeling of power she had over me. After a minute or so, I suddenly felt something cold just above my arse.”Stay still, slave” Stacey ordered, and I realised what it was I’d felt – scissors. She was cutting off my boxers, leaving me totally exposed to her gazing eyes. As felt the boxers fall away, I must have blushed terribly. Obviously seeing this was nothing new to her, but the way it was all happening – it just felt so humiliating!”Hmmph!” Stacey exclaimed mockingly, making me blush even more, as she came round in front of me again, “I guess that’ll have to do….” Hopefully the impact that statement had on me, made it look more impressive, if you know what I mean. She walked around me for so long I started to get a bit frisky.”Stacey, I ……………….mmmmmppggggghhhhhh!!!” That was as far as I got before ümraniye escort Stacey shoved several sponges in my mouth. I then felt her tightly wrapping a scarf round my mouth, forcing the sponges deep into it, tightly gagging me.”That’ll shut you up…” she mused, as she continued to circle me, like a predator circling their prey. Eventually, Stacey forced my head so it was facing the ground and took of my blindfold. Slowly, I looked up:The first thing I noticed was those boots; those sexy, black leather boots that she loved to tease and abuse me with. They looked fantastic on her bare legs! As I looked up further, I saw she was wearing a tight leather mini skirt and even further, she wore nothing on top other than a black leather bra. She stood teasingly in front of me, her leather gloved hands resting on her hips.”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I groaned, as I was struck by a rather large erection. Stacey merely smiled.”I think I’m going to enjoy this…” she purred, as she walked over to me and began to walk around me, every now and then stroking my body with a leather gloved hand. “But first we must lay down some rules…””From now on, you are just a toy; an object, a plaything for my amusement. You will do all you can to satisfy me, and I will use you to please me. You will only call me Mistress. You will not call me anything else unless I tell you to, or you will be punished. You will not speak unless I tell you to speak, or you will be punished. Do you understand?””Mmmmmmpphhhhhh,” I groaned, but Stacey merely shoved me.”I didn’t say you could speak now, did I slave?” She shook her head and tutted. “Let’s try that again. Do you understand?” I nodded.”Such a good boy!” Stacey laughed, as she casually pushed me onto the floor and sat astride me, her eyes sparkling “I think you’ll make a very good slave indeed!”For just a second, the devilishness disappeared from her eyes, and she was the sweet girl I loved again (not that I didn’t exactly love her like this either!). “You know the safe words, right?” she asked, seriously. I nodded slowly. Smiling, she kissed me on the cheek and the devilishness was back. I had a feeling I was going to be seeing it for a while. “Good slave!”( link opens in new window )”But let’s test this. I’m going to remove your gag, and you had better not shout!” Stacey reached down and undid the knotted scarf and removed my gag. Dutifully, I didn’t utter a sound.”Very good!” she purred, as she got up and stroked my face with her booted foot. I was getting so hard! Suddenly, Stacey moved round and placed her boot on the end of my penis, and pushed down enough to make me very uncomfortable.”Nnnnngggg,” I half-cried, trying not to speak as ordered. Stacey just laughed.”You’re here for my pleasure, remember? Not yours!” She laughed, as she pushed down a bit more, before finally releasing me.”Now…” she said, as she pulled a chair up in front of my face. She sat by the side of me and placed one booted foot on my chest, and held the other in front of me. “Kiss them!” Not wanting another dose of pain so quickly, I obliged and began to kiss all over her boots. I loved them anyway, so if anything I enjoyed it as I went up and down, kissing them.”Good slave, now lick them…” Stacey dug the heel of her other boot into my chest as she said that, I guess just in case I needed a bit of persuasion, so I started licking. The smell, the feel of the leather, it turned me on immensely! I dutifully licked my Mistress’ boots until she told me to stop. She then got off the chair and straddled me again.”You’re learning already! Now repeat after me, I am nothing without my Mistress…””I am nothing without my Mistress” I whispered. Barely before I’d even finished, Stacey had shoved the ball gag in my mouth and tightly buckled it behind my head. As she did that, she moved her leg and grinded her knee into my cock. She smiled as I groaned in pain, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I know you aren’t!””Mmmmmmmmmpppppphhhh,” I cried.But I was only met with silence. It was a LOT later in the day, must have been about 6 in the afternoon – not that I was in much of a position to be able to tell. Stacey had spent the day very much asserting her authority over me. She’d made it very clear that for all intents and purposes, I was just a toy now, not a person. I could still tell she cared (and she couldn’t stop grinning throughout my torments) but it was clear where my place was now.I’d spent pretty much the entire day bound and gagged at her mercy. She seemed very pleased with her new toy indeed, and had decided to try me out in all kinds of positions, though she had promised she’d save the best ones for ‘later’. Just thinking about that brought back that hard erection I’d been struggling to contain for the past hour. Stacey had gone to have some dinner, but had left me nicely trussed up for her return. So I wouldn’t ‘run off’ she said. Like I’d want to!”Mmmmmmpppphhh,” I mewed softly again, but I knew there was nothing to be done. Stacey had very securely (and lovingly) tied me spread eagle to her bed. I had tight rope looping around my wrists and ankles, pulling me so tight it was unbelievable. Not only was I completely immobile, but I was also completely exposed – my cock had garnered a lot of attention over the past few hours. Added to my restrictive bindings, I was drooling from the bright red ball gag I had securely rammed in my mouth, and my eyes were covered with a soft, yet tight, scarf. I’d been calling since Stacy left me alone, but I knew she would take her time – she knew just how much this frustrated me. And I couldn’t stop my cock from getting harder whenever I thought about it.”MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I jumped, as suddenly I felt a soft hand grab my cock.”Mmmmm, surprised honey?” Stacey giggled, as I felt her straddle me and stroke my body. How could I not have heard her come in with those boots? I felt her fingers slowly work their way up my body, it felt electric. Eventually she reached my face, and I felt her untie my blindfold. As it fell away, my eyes virtually popped. No wonder I hadn’t heard the boots – she wasn’t wearing them anymore, or anything else for that matter! I couldn’t help it as my eyes wandered from her gorgeous body, to her beautiful face, to more lustful areas….”Like what you see my pet?” Stacey purred, “I do like to be worshipped. You do worship me, don’t you?” I nodded without hesitation. All the while, Stacey was rubbing herself against me, stroking me. I felt like she was practically making love to me with her eyes. I could barely contain myself, and it was becoming obvious.”Now, now slave,” Stacey giggled, as she grinded her knee into my cock, “None of that….not yet….” She smiled seductively and leaned in closer, and started stroking the ball of my gag. “First I want you to show me how much you worship me.” She slowly unbuckled my gag (I knew better than to utter a sound) and she got up and stood over my face. It was quite clear what was coming next. “Lick me slave. Show your devotion to your Mistress!”I hadn’t done this a hell of a lot, (most of our bondage games weren’t quite this far) but I had been well instructed – I’d do anything for my Mistress, so I licked. I licked and licked and felt Stacey grow more and more excited as I went. Suddenly, she sat straight on my face. “Keep going slut,” she laughed, as I continued licking. I could barely breathe, but my only thoughts were on pleasuring her. She laughed a moaned as I licked, knowing that I wouldn’t get anymore air until she was fully satisfied. Thankfully, it didn’t take long before she shuddered and climaxed with a load moan.”Ooooooh” Stacey sighed, finally getting off my face, “that was good my pet,” she smiled as she looked down at me “How to reward you?”My eyes widened as she moved down my body, stroking and playing with it until she reached my cock, now extremely hard. She looked at it and stroked it.”I think I know how……” she smiled.Needless to say, by the time Stacey had finished with me and got up off the bed, I was in another world. This must have been what it felt like to be on d**gs, though I doubted ANY d**g could top this!”Look at the mess you’ve made of yourself, slut.” Stacey chastised as she looked down at me. And it was true, there was cum everywhere! “It’s time I cleaned you up”.I was intrigued, as Stacey slowly untied my ankles, before tying some rope around my knees. She then untied one wrist from the bed, bound my wrists in front of me, then left a long piece of rope hanging there from my hands.”Mmmmpphhh?” I enquired inquisitively, and almost hoping she’d remove my gag too, but Stacey must have known what I was thinking.”I don’t think so pet; I like you all shut up. Now follow me…” Stacey yanked quite hard on the rope attached to my wrists, and pulled me off the bed. I only just gained my footing, as she laughed, watching me scramble. She then pulled me along, not fast, but plenty fast for me, considering I could only hobble with my bound knees. “Hurry up slave, I haven’t got all day” she laughed, pulling me even harder. I let out a gagged moan in response, which brought a smile to her lips. Seductively, she dragged me into the bathroom, her gorgeous feet padding softly on the tiled floor. I watched in despair as she reached up to the curtain rail. She was leaving me here again?? Only this time she left a lot less slack in the rope, I was forced to stand up. Stacey smiled as she closed the door, and stood in front of me, hands on hips, observing her toy.”Mmmmmmm, to think this all belongs to me,” she laughed, as she idly stroked my chest. She turned around slowly, giving me a perfect view of her wonderful arse, and suddenly I was being bathed in warm water. Stacey’s bathroom was a wet room, I’d completely forgotten! And Stacey was doing exactly what she said – I was being washed. Slowly, Stacey moved up in front of me, just out of reach of my bound body, and began to stroke me with a soapy sponge, tenderly (and erotically) washing all the sweat and cum from my body. She was careful to get very close, but stay just far enough that she seemed just out of reach. It frustrated me so much!Stacey merely smiled at the familiar sight of my already aroused privates becoming even more so. “Seems you like this, don’t you pet? But then, you always have been a dirty boy. Maybe this clean will make you a better slave for you Mistress”. She stopped and unbuckled my ball gag. “Do you agree?””Yes Mistress,” I gasped in pleasure as she began to stroke and wash me even more, “I will do anything to please you.””You are a good boy,” Stacey laughed as she started to glide her body against mine, the sponge becoming even more sensual and seductive. The two of us stood there, with her stripping me bare just with her touch – I really was her slave! Eventually, Stacey stopped, rinsed me off, and dried me with a towel. She then tied my ankles together again with more rope, and bound my elbows together above my head, so I was even more like just some meat hanging from the ceiling.Her meat. All hers. I was in ecstasy.”Seeing as you got such a hard on standing like that, I think I’m gonna leave you like that.” She laughed as I pleaded with my eyes for her to reconsider. “I’ll be back soon my pet,” she smirked and closed the door on her suspended plaything.When Stacey eventually returned, I was just as aroused as I had been when she left. I looked up eagerly at the sound of the door opening, as Stacey stepped into the room. She was dressed in a sexy black dress – nothing slutty, she was way too beautiful and stylish for anything like that, – but it just made her look even more fantastic than normal. Well, maybe just behind some of the ways I’d seen her these last 2 days! Anyway, she just took my breath away, and she had done up her makeup and hair so wonderfully. Her black leather jacket she had on over her looked incredible, as did her sexy, black leather boots on her bare legs. She must have noticed I was watching them. I must say, I almost wanted her to take me right there and then, all over again.”Mmmm, you’ve been such a good boy my pet, so I have a present for you…”A present? I watched as Stacey walked round behind me, and felt her place something around my neck. I heard a click, and then felt a buckle being tightened. It felt like some sort of leather strap.”Like it, slave?” Stacey purred in my ear from behind me, as she turned me towards the wall mirror. It was a collar, and on it was metallic writing. The words were reflected, but my heart skipped a beat as I realised what they said – “Stacey’s Slave”. I couldn’t believe it!”It’s all I’ve ever wanted Mistress,” I whispered in happiness. Stacey smiled and softly kissed my ear.”I’m glad you like it slave,” she said, as she tightly buckled on my ball gag without warning. She stood back in front of me and grabbed my cock tightly. “Because you’ll all mine now, and you won’t forget that, will you?””Mmmph!” I mewed, shaking my head. Stacey smiled as her hair fell over her beautiful eyes just for a second.”Good boy!” She smiled, letting go of me and heading for the door. “Oh, and by the way, I’m going out with a couple of old friends tonight. I’ll think I’ll leave you like this until morning now…” I moaned in protest. “Haha, I thought you’d like that slave. See you tomorrow honey.” And with that she turned out the light and was gone, leaving me hanging there, helpless, with only a raging hard-one and the faint reflected vision of “Stacey’s Slave” to keep me company.Part 3 – Monday (added: 03/30/2010)And I thought the previous night was uncomfortable! I must have been left bound, gagged and standing for a ridiculous amount of time. I almost didn’t think Stacey would leave me like that for so long, and when I heard her come in that eveing, I expected her to come in and let me down for the night. But no, she didn’t even come into the bathroom at all, or say anything. I was left for the whole night, drooling through my gag (which Stacey had made so tight), and thinking. Stacey had completely taken me by surprise with the collar. It was hard to express really how I felt about it. It may not have seemed much too some people, but to me it made me feel that Stacey really did care for me, and enjoyed me as her slave. It was as though she thought so highly of me that she’d ‘called’ me as her slave – no one else was getting hold of me now. And while I was hanging there that night, vaguely glimpsing my collar in the mirror in the darkness, I realised that being her slave was the greatest feeling I’d ever had.( link opens in new window )I didn’t want it to end….Well, at least I still had the rest of the week!Somehow, I did eventually manage to fall asleep. I guess I was just so exhausted from all the pleasures and torments I’d been put through over the last two days. I was woken by a hand delicately stroking my cock.”Wakey, wakey Pet,” Stacey cooed, toying with my manhood idly, “I must have worn you out yesterday, “you didn’t even wake up when I came in here.” She grinned at me rather playfully as I blinked my eyes open. She was wearing a kind of silk dressing gown, and left it open so I could see she was wearing nothing underneath it. “You’re going to need more stamina than that for what I have in store…” she continued.By this point of my captivity, I’d more or less given up on trying to control my cock – this experience had seemed to give it a mind of its own! Stacey laughed as it grew harder in her hand. “Mmmmm, well nice to know you have SOME stamina…” she giggled, as she eyed me playfully, as though deciding how best to use me. She went over to the sink and up a glass of water, took off my gag and let me drink or a bit, before playfully reinserting it. She bit her lip, smiled and turned, flicking her hair round, and without a word , went back to the sink and started to get ready. As she started to wash, she looked at me, smiled to herself, and then hung her towel on my cock.”Hold that for, me will you honey?” she smiled, “and I better not find any cum on there when I take it back, or I think some punishment will be required…” She smiled so sadistically as she left that hanging in the air, and then continued getting ready. I suddenly grew very conscious of my cock, and tried desperately not to get too excited. Of course, the more I thought about it all, the more excited I got. Eventually, Stacey finished up, and smiling took the towel from me. She looked over it carefully “Good boy,” she smiled, “not a drop! I’m glad I own such an obedient cock…” Stacey just laughed playfully to herself, and without another word, left me hanging there.It wasn’t long though, before I heard the tell-tale click of her heels coming towards the bathroom. She stepped in seductively to reveal that she was indeed wearing her sexy black leather boots, so shiny (partly from where I’d been made to polish them with my tongue so much yesterday) and so seductive. As she stepped into the bathroom, I noticed the same sexy leather jacket Stacey had worn to ‘k**nap’ me, as well as those soft leather gloves, sexy leather bra and very short leather skirt.She defiantly looked like a beautiful Mistress dressed like that! She came over to me and didn’t say anything at first. She just surveyed my body (or her possession) and then began to stroke it subtly.”You’ve been standing up for sooo long, haven’t you my sweet,” she purred, as she stroked my new collar, running her gloved fingers over the lettering, “would you like me to let you down?””Mmmmpphh!” I nodded my head emphatically.Stacey smiled, and slowly unbuckled my gag, “You think you deserve to be let down, my pet?””No Mistress,” I gasped at the sudden relief, “I don’t deserve anything, I’m worthless. I’m lucky you are even merciful enough to look at me”.Stacey closed her eyes, smiling, and moaned to herself. “That’s very true slave,” she purred, as she grabbed my cock. I whimpered slightly, as she opened her eyes and stared into mine. “Keep going, my little slut!””Please, Mistress,” I begged, “I’ll be a good little slut, the best! I’ll serve you anyway you please. I only exist to please you…!” I moaned as she began to wank me off, slowly. The feeling of her soft leather fingers driving me mad.Stacey smiled, “I think I’m satisfied you know your place, toy,” she purred, stopping just as I was approaching my climax. She laughed as she untied me from the railing and undid the bonds round my ankles and elbows, “And after all, I can’t use my slave if he’s strung up in here all day, can I?””No Mistress,” I grovelled, “thank you, Mistress!” Stacey merely smiled. She knew just how much she’d made me her personal sex toy, and seemed to love every minute of it.”Good boy” she said, pulling on the rope from my hands, making me hobble after her. I moved as fast as I could, like an obedient dog on the end of a leash. It was extra hard considering I’d been standing up or so long – my feet were killing me. “I know you’ve been standing up for so long, honey”, she said, as she led me into her bedroom, “so I’m gonna let you sit down for a while”.I stared as we went into her room. There in the middle was a wooden hard backed chair. I knew exactly where this was going…”Thank you Mistress,” I gasped, “you are so kind to me!””I know I am, pet,” Stacey smiled as she led me over to the chair and turned to me, smiling, “but you will cooperate now, wont you? Or I won’t be so nice.” She smiled, and then shoved me, straight onto the chair. I couldn’t have resisted if I tried, with my knees bound the way they were, and I just plopped onto the chair. Stacey seemed to just pounce on me, and very quickly had my ankles and (with a little bit of help from her obedient slave) my thighs bound just a tight as my knees. She simply smiled and stroked my chest as she undid my wrists.”Be good now pet, and don’t struggle, or there will be hell to pay…” she purred, as she took my hands behind my back, and fed them through the back of the chair, before tying them together. She them pushed me so my back was right up against the chair and did the same with my elbows.”Now to make sure my pet really can’t escape, ” she remarked, as she produced even more rope and wrapped it round my chest, round my arms, and round the back of the chair. With no mercy, Stacey tightened the rope so I had no chance of moving off the back of the chair, and then repeated the process at my stomach. I tried to squirm against my bonds, but my movement was almost nil. It was incredible! Stacey merely observed my attempts to struggle and smiled.”Is it nice and tight, baby?” she queried, seductively.”Very Mistress,” I replied quickly, “It’s fantastic”.”Good,” Stacey smiled, “because I’m not done yet!” And with that, she bent down and proceeded to tightly lash my ankles and knees to the rungs of the chair, and then smiling, she leaned onto my lap, and begun to bind my thighs to the seat of the chair. I couldn’t help but stare at her wonderful cleavage as she worked. Then, with a satisfied huff, she stood up to survey her handiwork. I can honestly say I’d never felt so restricted! I struggled and squirmed, but every part of me was welded to the chair (other than my ever excited ‘friend’, who Stacey had seemed to have quite intentionally left exposed).Stacey smiled at me, and begun walking around me slowly, surveying her bound prize. I heard her pick something up off the desk behind me, and felt her breath on the back of my neck. “I hope you appreciate being allowed to sit, slave,” she whispered into my ear, kissing it softly, “I could have left you hanging in that bathroom all week…””I do Mistress,” I assured, “You’ve always been so good to me. It’s an honour to be your slave Mistress!” Stacey laughed and came round in front of me. I moaned with pleasure as she sat on my lap, straddling me, being very careful to stay just out of reach of my exposed cock, and part her arms round me.”Are you enjoying yourself, my pet?” she whispered into my ear again, as she kissed my cheek softly.”Yes Mistress” I whispered, barely able to contain myself.”Good,” Stacey said, as she sensually kissed me on the lips. I felt like I was just melting in her embrace! As our lips parted, she moved her head and whispered in my ear “But I’m tired of hearing you speak, slut…” and before I could utter a word of protest, she shoved the large rubber ball she’d been holding in one hand in my mouth, and then wrapped layer after layer of sticky duct tape round and round my mouth. She laughed at my renewed struggling as she ripped of the end of the tape and smoothed it over my sealed lips.”Ssssh baby!” she purred, putting a finger kadıköy escort to her lips, “there is no point struggling now, no one can hear my little pet!” She smiled as she began stroking me gagged lips with a gloved finger. “No-one knows you are here but me, and don’t worry, my lips are sealed,” she giggled, as she kissed my gag, “just like yours!””Mmmmmmpppphhh!” I moaned pathetically, feeling the taste of the rubber ball stuffed in my mouth, and the hopeless stickiness of the layers of tape.”Now,” Stacey smiled, as she put her arms round me again, straddling me, and glancing down at my cock, which was now practically dancing for attention. “After all that hard work, don’t you think your Mistress deserves some reward, pet?””Mmmmmmmmpppppphhhhh!!” I moaned in ecstasy, as Stacey lowered herself onto my crotch, allowing my cock to move up under her miniskirt.”Show me how much you desire me, slave”, she whispered in my ear, as I entered her, and she began pushing into my body.”MMMMMMMPPPHHHH!” I screamed. I could barely contain myself as my cock thrusted inside her, as my Mistress rubbed her leather clad body against mine. Several times, her leather clad breasts pushed into my face as she rode me. She continued to use my helpless body, until we both climaxed, as my load squirted deep inside her. Stacey sighed, satisfied and pulled away, looking lovingly at my gagged face, struggling for air.”Mmmmm, that was good slave,” she purred seductively, bending forward so she could whisper in my ear. “And it’s only morning yet!”It didn’t matter I was so tightly gagged. I was speechless!It was much later, and I was still securely welded to that chair. My cock had been well used throughout the day, with Stacey popping into her bedroom often for either a quick tease, or a prolonged session of torment and pleasure. Still, it was much better that being strung up in that bathroom! Eventually, reasonably early in the evening came back into the room, her eyes full of mischief.”You’ve been cooped up on that chair for too long, my toy,” she purred as she came round behind me. “Besides,” she whispered into my ear, “I have a use for you. And you’ll do anything for your Mistress, won’t you?” Despite all my stiffness and tight bindings, I nodded without hesitation. I was hardly in a position to say no – she owned me!”Good boy,” she said, as she begun loosening me from the chair, until eventually, I was bound just at my ankles and with my wrists in front of me (and of course, still tightly gagged), lying helplessly on the floor. It felt wonderful to be able to move my limbs again!”Now my little pet,” Stacey laughed, “It’s time to go downstairs.” I looked at her quizzically? How? She normally tied my knees so I could hobble, and had a rope on my wrists to drag me. Stacey laughed as she produced something long and made of leather. “Maybe it’s time I showed you the other part of your new collar…”If I hadn’t of been gagged, I’d have gasped as she bent down and attached the leather leash to a ring I hadn’t noticed on the back of my collar. Stacey laughed seductively and pulled on it, jerking me forward. “Come on doggy, I don’t want to miss my TV program.” She pulled again, and I was forced to dutifully follow as best I could, shuffling along on all fours with my bound wrists and ankles. “Good puppy,” Stacey mocked as I started to get used to it. I blushed fiercely as I realised that’s exactly what I was now. I squealed as Stacey gave my arse a strong poke with her booted foot. “Faster, doggy, or I may have to put you outside,” she laughed. She wouldn’t would she?Eventually, we made it downstairs, though it had been tiring work for me. Stacey didn’t seem to care, and merely sat down on the sofa, pulling me along by my leash. “Now doggy, be a good pet and stand right there,” and before I could do anything, she placed her feet up on my back and turned on the television. I moaned through my gag.”Shut up pet, I’m trying to watch this,” she snapped with authority, “You’re my footstool now, live with it.” I moaned again, and tried to lie down on the floor, but Stacey quickly jabbed me in the stomach with the heel of a booted foot. “Oh no you don’t, slave” she crowed, “you’re staying like that, or you’ll have to please me some other way.”( link opens in new window )I shut up and tried my best, but with Stacey’s feet on my back, it was hard to stay in that position for so long. I was hoping after her program had finished, she’d let me get down. As it turned out, the program was an hour long! My muscles were burning by the end of it, but I didn’t want another jab in the ribs. Finally, the program ended. But Stacey didn’t say a word! She actually flicked over the channel and started watching something else! I couldn’t hold it anymore and collapsed. Stacey glared at me and jabbed me again.”Dear me slave, looks like me may need to condition you for this!” She bent down and to my surprise, began to ungag me, “but you did last longer than I expected, so I won’t be hard on you.” She stripped my gag away, took out the ball, pulled me up on my knees and leant back on the sofa spreading her legs. “You know what to do doggy!” she smiled. I dutifully began licking my Mistress’ pussy, lapping away as I heard her moan with pleasure. But before I could bring her to orgasm, the phone began to ring.”God dammit!” Stacey breathed, as she pushed me away with her boot. “You be a quiet little boy now!” she said sternly, as she took the phone and pressed the call button.”Hello?”I just lay on the ground, panting hard. Stacey just eyed me playfully.”…Oh, hello Charlie!…”I felt Stacey’s booted foot suddenly begin to stroke my cock. I suppressed a moan.”…I’m good, how are you?…”The boot stopped stroking, and begun to put some pressure on my genitals. I couldn’t help but let out a small whimper. Stacey glared at me accusingly.”…So what are you up to?…”The boot began to press harder down on me, but before another sound could come out of my mouth, Stacey shoved her other booted foot deep in my mouth, gagging me.”…That’s cool…”Stacey smiled sadistically and watched as I tried to cry out through my gagged mouth as she crushed my penis.”…Not much, just playing with my slave…””Mmmmpphh??!” I startled. She was telling someone about us? That was a rule, we never told anyone about this!”…Yeah, I said slave…”Stacey just pressed her boot even firmer into my mouth as I began to try and protest. All I could taste was the sexy leather!”…Yeah, I keep him here, all tied up. Bound and gagged if he’s too noisy…”I was getting frantic now. What was she doing??”…Yeah, I make him do ANYTHING I want him to. He’s my little pet…All the while, Stacey just smiled using both her boots to apply a firm pressure.”..I just took him…Nope, no one knows what’s happened to him, his all mine….”I was blushing so much. Why was she doing this?”…Ha ha, of course I’m pulling your leg! You really think I’d do that?…”Stacey winked at me, and I collapsed. I’d never been so freaked! But then, I should never have doubted her, I knew better than that. Stacey was one the phone for another half an hour before I, (and my cock) where released from her boots. I lay there panting for a second before she spoke.”I don’t think you had finished, slave,” she said sternly, before helping me up, and pushing my face under her skirt, “Finish what you started, boy. And after misbehaving so much while I was on the phone, you’ve got to bring me to orgasm twice”. And so I carried on where I had left off, I licked and licked and licked until Stacey was eventually satisfied.I spent the rest of the night bound and gagged like a dog on the floor, with my Mistress propping her feet up on me, toying with me with those boots, every so often jabbing or stroking me. After all I’d done today, I was thankful for the rest, but I knew that Stacey realised how hard I’d been working for her. Eventually she grew bored of the TV, and led me back upstairs, as her puppy on a leash, and led me back into the bathroom, where she tied my leash to the towel bar.”Just so you don’t wander of,” she purred stroking my cheek. She removed my ball gag, gave me some water, tightened my gag back into place, and kissed me on the nose.”You’re such a good boy” she smiled, and with that, turned and left me in the bathroom for the night. I lay down on the tiled floor and was asleep within minutes.All I dreamt of was her.Part 4 – Tuesday (added: 04/30/2010)I don’t think I’ve ever slept quite like I did that night. I was shattered, I was sore and I was sweaty. And yet I couldn’t help but feel eager for the next day of being Stacey’s pet. I’d realised that slowly but surely, I was becoming her hapless slave more and more. It was a good thing we were doing this for a week only, or I might not have been able to stop! I’d have become totally her slave! Not that I guess that would be a bad thing. Not at all!I could tell this was affecting me just by my dreams. Despite being into bondage for so many years, I’ve never had proper dreams about bondage. They always hinted it, or got to a point, then stopped short. But that night, all I dreamt about was being loved and valued as Stacy’s slave. I dreamed of all that she had done to me, and all that she could do to me. It made for a surprisingly good night’s sleep! Or maybe I was just so exhausted. I was defiantly tired; I didn’t even hear Stacey when she came into the bathroom in the morning to get ready. She must have realised how extreme this had all been over the past few days, because she left me to sleep while she got ready. Or maybe she just figured there would be no way I could ‘hold’ her towel again and still control myself.When I did wake, it was from something tapping on my head. I moved my jaw and felt that my gag had been removed, and as I opened my eyes, the very first thing I saw were those boots. Well, one of them anyway, the other was nudging my head to wake me up. So sexy, so commanding. I don’t know what came other me, but without being told to, I moved towards the planted boot and slowly began to lick it.”My, we are eager, aren’t we slave?” Stacey laughed in delight. I think she knew exactly how much I was under her spell by now. “But I think you’ve done enough licking for now,” she smiled, pulling her boot away. I almost felt disappointed. I looked up at her, and noticed that Stacey was wearing that sexy leather jacket again, but zipped up this time, and her short black skirt. She playfully moved away so I couldn’t see up it from where I was on the floor. But it wasn’t the leather I focused on; it was those seductive eyes that just seemed to be dreaming up new ways to make me helpless.”Come with me, my pet” Stacey purred, grabbing my lead and pulling me towards the door, “I have a treat in store for you today.””A treat, Mistress?” I ventured, but all I got in return was a very seductive look. I shuffled after my Mistress the best I could, though the idea of a treat possibly speed me up slightly. After much shuffling, we arrived right at the foot of Stacey’s bed. “What are you waiting for, doggy? Up!” Stacey laughed. She watched as I struggled to climb up onto the bed with my wrists and ankles tied, and did absolutely nothing to help me. It was surprisingly difficult, but eventually, I made it. Stacey eyed me evilly. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was tempted to push me off the bed, just to make me try all that again. But in the end, this ‘treat’ must have been too tempting, because she didn’t.”Now stay still…” Stacey commanded, as she climbed on to the bed with me. She smiled as she forced me to lie down, and straddled me, pinning me down. I squirmed a little, but all this achieved was a tight squeeze with Stacey’s legs. “Struggle like that again and I’ll string you up in the bathroom for the rest of the week!” she threatened, sweetly. I didn’t move an inch from that point on – I knew full well she’d do it.”Good slave,” Stacey cooed, as she got what she needed ready. She took my wrists and tied them to the bed poles, then did the same with my ankles, tying me spread eagle. To say I was curious was an understatement! Then, my heart skipped a beat as Stacey rummaged around in a bag behind her on the bed, and pulled out a roll of cling film. I think I knew exactly what this ‘treat’ was going to be.”I’ve always wanted to do this to you babe, and I know you’ve always wanted it,” she smiled seductively as she picked up the rubber ball and a roll of duct tape from the bag, “and now just seems the perfect opportunity, don’t you agree honey?””Stace, I…mmmmmppppphhhh!” I tried to say, as Stacey shoved the rubber ball in my mouth, and then went round and round and round with the tape.”Good boy, I knew you’d be pleased!” Stacey laughed, ignoring my gagged struggling. Without another word, she turned her attention to one of my legs, and begun wrapping the plastic wrap around it. She was very meticulous, making sure it seemed like an even wrap all the way round. She left my bound foot for a minute and then moved to the other leg, and wrapped this just as meticulously. It felt so strange to feel my skin being completely encased in the wrap. Once both legs were done, Stacey untied one of them from the bed.”You be a good boy and don’t struggle now,” Stacey smiled sadistically, “Or you won’t enjoy this nearly as much as I intend you to…”At this point, I knew I didn’t have a say in the matter, Stacey would have me anyway she wanted me, no matter what I did. So like a good slave, I didn’t struggle. With my leg free, Stacey went to work on my foot. She skilfully wrapped it in the cling film, making it seamless with my already wrapped leg. She then proceeded to do the same to my other foot. I was stunned that she was so good at this, considering she hadn’t actually done it to me before. By the time I was finished, I had two legs nicely wrapped in plastic. I couldn’t move my feet. Stacey observed me trying to move my feet and giggled.”I think you might find it awkward to walk like that,” she purred, “but then I didn’t have walking in mind.” And with that, she grabbed my legs, and began wrapping them together. She was just as meticulous with this layer as when she was doing my legs individually, and it took very little time for her to weld my legs and feet together. I felt like a mermaid!”Mmmmpphh!” I cried through my gag. I was loving this, but was still a little nervous. I knew I was in safe hands though. Stacey merely smiled and leaned over me.”Stop whimpering, slave, I’m nowhere near finished with you yet!” She smiled, her hair drifting over her eyes.Stacey then turned her attention back to more pressing matters, and began to wrap my arms, just as she had my legs. Having my arms wrapped, unable to bend, I realised just how helpless I was becoming. I noticed that Stacey was adding more layers to my joints, to limit my movement, and realised shed done the same to my legs. Once my arms were completely wrapped, she untied them from the bed and whispered in my ear.”Now be a good boy and hold your hand out flat, fingers together,” she breathed, “and I’ll give you a little treat.” Dutifully, I did as I was asked. I’d have done it even if she hadn’t have offered a treat. Soon, my arms were wrapped just as my legs had been.”Mmmmm, good boy. You’re starting to look very sexy!” Stacey purred, obviously pleased with her efforts so far, “I think it’s time for your treat.”At first I didn’t understand what she meant, as she got some pillows and used then to lift me off the bed; under my thighs and around the small of my back. Then she began to wrap my crotch area in plastic too. I think it was then it dawned on me just how far it was going. But as Stacey wrapped, I noticed she made sure my penis was left exposed.”Your treat, baby,” she said, noticing the widening of my eyes, “is to have your cock free to be stimulated….” she grinned “…for now at least!”Stacey continued to wrap and wrap, until she was satisfied my crotch was wrapped sufficiently. Then, she took my arms, and brought them down so they were touching my sides. With an evil grin, she began the final part of restricting my mobility, wrapping my arms to my body. It was slow and methodical, making sure to keep it tight, as she moved the pillows along to allow her to wrap right around my body. Eventually, she came right up to my shoulders. She used even more cling film (how much did she have?) to make sure no inch of my body was left exposed. By the time she was finished, I was like a shiny looking worm.”Mmmm, having fun, sweetie?” Stacey asked, as she finished. I nodded, despite any misgivings I had. I was now so aroused that I couldn’t help myself. “Good,” she said, as she pulled something from her bag, “because there is one more thing left to wrap…” I struggled as I realised what it was. It was one of those rubber swimming hat things, and Stacey wasted no time in pulling it over my hair. There was only one reason she’d do that….( link opens in new window )”Let’s get started then, hmmm?” she purred, and without listening to me, she began to wrap even further, before long, my neck was encased (Stacey was careful to make sure I could still breath, not making it too tight) and then began wrapping my head. Again, I was amazed at how well she was able to do it. Eventually, thought she had left my eyes and nostrils uncovered, my head had joined my body in its shiny new prison. Stacey seemed very excited, and couldn’t resist slowly rubbing my wrapped up body as she straddled me.”I think I could get used to this,” she laughed, watching me squirm feebly in my cocoon, “You look just like a worm, pet. You finally look as worthless as you are!” She laughed and looked down at my cock. She had been very careful not to touch it while she had been wrapping me, making sure that I could have no release. She laughed as I looked at her hopefully, and simply got up and walked out of the room, leaving me helpless on her bed.She left me like that for a little while, with just my thoughts for company. Oh, and a raging hard on. A few times I thought I could vaguely hear her on the phone. I wonder who she was talking to.I couldn’t believe quite how this felt. I was so restricted it was insane. Not like when she’d bound me to the chair yesterday, this was different; that felt secure, this felt total.Stacey came back after a little while – I could hear the clicking of her heels.”Mmmm, you look good enough to eat,” she purred as she straddled me again, and begun rubbing herself against me, still careful not to disturb my cock, “but I want my mummy to be even more secure!”I moaned into my gag as I saw her remove several rolls of silver duct tape from her bag. I knew I wasn’t getting out of this for quite a while yet. Laughing she began to wrap me again, starting from the tips of my toes and working her way up. I couldn’t quite believe how much of an effect the layers of duct tape had. I thought I was helpless before, but as my Mistress worked her way up my body, I could feel just how much tighter my bonds were becoming. I didn’t struggle; I knew there was no escape.Stacey hummed to herself as she worked, slowly, methodically; making sure every wrap was as tight as it could be. Occasionally she taunted me, and smiled and laughed at my gagged responses. When she got to my crotch, again she playfully avoided my rigid member, and continued the wrapping right up to my shoulders, so I was a nice silver mummy. Half way through, she sighed.”This is hard work, slave,” she said, as she took off her jacket to reveal her naked tits, “I hope you appreciate it….” She didn’t need me to tell her, my cock was evidence enough.Eventually, she reached my shoulders, but this time she didn’t even stop when she got there, she carried on going, and soon my entire body was tightly wrapped in silver duct tape.”Mmmmmpppphhh!!” I tried to wiggle, but I couldn’t.”Haha, go ahead and struggle you little maggot,” Stacey mocked ruthlessly, “I’ve got you right where I want you now.” She lay on the bed next to me, stroking the layers and layers of tape, but still – frustratingly – she avoided my cock. It felt like it was going to burst!”Well, we’re in the home stretch now, my little wiggling slave,” Stacey purred. There was more? And sure enough, Stacey revealed even more reels of duct tape with a dramatic flourish, this time black. She laughed at my obvious amazement. “I better take this off while I’m working, don’t want to get even hotter,” she giggled, as she stripped of her leather skirt, leaving her gorgeous naked body completely uncovered, other than those sexy boots. She wasted no time in repeating the whole process with the black tape. By the time I was wrapped head to toe in black duct tape, I felt as though I was bound as tightly as I would ever be. I couldn’t move a muscle, and my mouth was securely taped shut under layer after layer of tape.”Mmmmm, you look wonderful!” Stacey moaned. Even her voice was muffled slightly under all that tape over my ears! “But there is just one more thing to do…” I watched her pick up a handkerchief and the roll of black duct tape. “See you soon, my pet!” Stacey purred, and despite my ‘mmmpphhs’, she placed the scarf over my eyes, and efficiently wrapped layer after layer over my eyes, blinding me. She wrapped around my eyes and the surrounding area, until the only notable features of my head where my frantically breathing nostrils and a cute little bulge where my nose used to be.”MMMMMMPPPHH!” I screamed, as just for a few seconds, Stacey popped her fingers over my nose, cutting off my air. It was only for a second or two, but it made my already close to bursting cock push the boundaries of what it could contain.”Mmmm, now be a good little toy, or I could simply put some tape over those nostrils and watch you REALLY squirm!” she laughed sadistically. I knew Stacey would never actually do that, she knew what was too far, but the message was clear; I totally belonged to her! “You’ve been a very good boy while I’ve been wrapping you up,” Stacey stated, “so it’s time for that reward I promised you.”I had no idea what she was doing, now not being able to see, but suddenly I felt her straddle me, and my cock enter her. After so long of being totally denied, and being so totally restricted, I felt like my entire body simply exploded in sexual desire. I tried my best to thrust deeper, but all I could manage was a feeble squirming, and Stacey laughed at my uselessness. “Come on maggot!” she laughed, “you’re Mistress wants a reward for all her hard work!”And so I continued to thrust, and so did she, as she clawed and rubbed herself against bostancı escort me encased body. Whether it was the thrill of knowing I was so securely imprisoned, I don’t know, but when she came, she gasped in pleasure. I’d have done the same, as my cock exploded deep inside her, but my gag was far too tight for anyone to hear it. Eventually she got off and lay down on top of me, idly stroking my taped head.”Mmmm, I do love you like this, baby,” she purred, “I’ve made you into all you really are now. A cock! That’s all you are, baby, my own personal fuck toy!””Mmmmmpppphhh!!” I moaned, realising how truly helpless I now was. I felt Stacey climb back up towards my cock.”Come on, sex toy,” Stacey smiled, “I’m not done with you yet!”Stacey used me as her sex toy several more times, before eventually just leaving me in my cocoon for a while. I don’t know how long I was wrapped up for without her. It felt like an eternity and a flash at the same time. I couldn’t quite grasp exactly how I felt. I should have felt terrified; I was blind, half deaf, unable to speak, and totally restricted in every way, knowing that at any time, Stacey could do anything, even tape over my airway if she wanted to! But I wasn’t, I felt elated, at peace. I drifted inside my bindings, thinking just how much I loved my Mistress. I may have been her slave, but right now, I’d never felt more free. I heard a faint clicking on the hard floor – Stacey must have got dressed again, with those sexy boots that consume my thoughts. Suddenly, I felt a hand stroking my cock.”Mmmmmpppphhh!!” I moaned, wiggling in satisfaction. Stacey laughed.”How is my little parcel?” she queried, stroking my cock and watching my body quiver. She laughed to see my active struggling reduced to little more than a faint twitch, barely noticeable. “I suppose I should let you out, it’s getting late…” she conceded.I sighed into my gag. As much fun as this was, I was getting slightly stiff, and I knew she was probably right. I felt her crawl up beside me and put her face close to mine.”But where is the fun in that?” she purred, and suddenly the hand stroking my cock grabbed it and bent it down towards my toes.”MMMMMMPPPHH!” I screamed in pain, but Stacey only laughed.”You won’t be needing this anymore!” she cried, and suddenly I heard the distinctive rrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipp of the duct tape, and felt as Stacey securely taped my cock down, bending the wrong way, facing my toes. I was in agony as she wrapped the tape round and round, until my cock was no longer visible – just another part of the mummy. I felt her climb up on top of me again, and felt her knee digging into where my cock was. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring.”Perfect timing!” Stacey clapped, “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to love you and leave you honey….” I moaned in protest, what did she mean?”While you were drifting alone with your thoughts earlier, I called up Steve,. You remember Steve don’t you?” she purred. I DID remember Steve. It was no secret he had the hots for Stacey, and seemed to view me as simply an obstacle in his quest to fuck her. I started squirming hard, to Stacy’s amusement. “Looks like you do, hehe” she laughed, “well I fancied going out tonight, but it seems you and your cock….” she patted my encased member “…won’t be able to accommodate me tonight, so I thought I’d pick up a hot stud and let him take me instead.” I was screaming into my gag now. “Mmmm, I bet he fucks like a b**st!” Stacey purred close to my ear, “Maybe after we’ve had a few drinks we’ll go back to his and fuck. Or maybe we can come back here and I’ll show him up here. I’m sure he’d LOVE to see you like this!”Stacey giggled as she watched me thrash uselessly against my comprehensive bindings, before I (quietly) heard her whisper into my ear, “don’t you like being a slave anymore, slut?” . I sobbed into my gag, as I felt her give me a tight hug “I’m only teasing baby, you’re the only guy for me. Steve is not even half the man you are. It’s only Charlie, we’re going out for a drink.”I slumped in my bindings. The feeling of relief was so immense. I felt Stacey kiss my heavily gagged mouth “I love you so much, my Mummy!” She leaned in closer and whispered “But maybe I will find a nice fit girl to pleasure me….better hope I don’t bring her back here babe, we could have a lot of fun with a fuck toy like you.” And with that I felt her get off me and head to the front door. I heard a few faint words of greeting, then a slam, and she was gone…I don’t know how long I was wrapped like that, it could have been hours! I think I might have dozed off once or twice, but never for long – I was just to consumed with waiting for my Mistress and girlfriend to come home. I was really quite stiff by now, and though the thrill of being my Mistress’ wrapped up parcel hadn’t worn off, I think I was ready to be released. That said, if Stacey DID find a girl – I dreaded to think of the consequences for me. Finally, I heard the door open and then close. I waited with bated breath, but luckily, it sounded like she was alone.”Mmmm, hey babe!” Stacey cooed as she entered the room. She reached down stroked my consumed cock, “Had a good night?” She laughed as I…..well let’s just say it was probably a good thing I was gagged!”You ready for release babe?” She asked, as she straddled me. I nodded. “Awww, that’s a shame, cos you’re not getting out any time soon!” I moaned loudly, but she just purred loudly. “I realised you haven’t had much of a chance to sleep comfortably slave, and I’m sorry about that,” Stacey purred, “so tonight, I’ve made sure you will be nice and cosy!” She laughed at my attempts to protest, but I quickly realised there was no point. I heard her get up again, waited a few minutes, and then I heard the click of the light, and felt Stacey get into the bed next to me.”Mmmm, my own big taped up teddy bear,” Stacey cooed, putting her arms around her helpless captive as she lay in bed beside me.”Sweet dreams, my love!” Stacey purred, as she squeezed my body and relaxed, falling into a peaceful sleep.I just lay there, totally encased, totally restrained and totally helpless. All I had to keep me company were me thoughts and the pain of my bent cock. In a sense, I was totally alone…But then as I thought about it, laying there in the arms of my loving Mistress, I realised I was wrong, I was far from alone.And there was nowhere else I’d rather be.Part 5 – Wednesday (added: 06/20/2010)I couldn’t honestly tell you how well I slept that night. It was difficult to tell when I was dreaming and when I was just letting my mind wander in my dark prison. Despite all these thick layers of cling film and duct tape, it was when I felt Stacey’s arms around me during the night that I felt safest and most secure.( link opens in new window )I was definitely asleep when Stacey began to cut me out of my cocoon. It proved to be a slightly trickier task than either of us expected, but we’d bought surgical type scissors that we normally had as a stand by for quick release, and they made short work of the thick layers. Stacey looked down at me smiling as she cut me loose. She stood there naked, and although I’d seen her in some sexy clothes – especially over these past few days – she’d never looked more beautiful. I went to say something as she removed my gag, but she simply put her finger on my lips and smiled, shaking her head. Without her having to say a word, she bound my hands in front of me, and led me to the bathroom, where she tied my hands up to the ceiling and washed me down.”Thank you Mistress,” I eventually said, as Stacey finished drying me off.”You’re welcome, baby,” Stacey said, quite cheerfully, as she untied me from the ceiling, and stood behind me as I went to the toilet. She knew just how much that embarrassed me. Once I was done, she led me back to her room.”You’ve been a very good boy these past few days babe,” Stacey said, “So I think I’m going to give you a break today. Especially after such an intense session yesterday.” As she said this, she sat me on her bed, and tied my wrists to the bed, but with plenty of slack so I could sit up and move around. “I’m going out with some friends today, and I may be quite a while,” Stacey said, “so I’m going to leave you locked in here. After all, I can’t let you completely loose, can I pet?””No Mistress, you are merciful,” I grovelled. Stacey merely smiled, and let me watch as she got ready and dressed. I sat on the bed like an obedient puppy, just admiring my Mistress’s beauty and sexuality. Once she was finished, she looked fantastic. She stood and smiled at me, a much warmer and happier smile than I’d grown accustomed to over the past few days, more like she’d smile at me normally. She was wearing a bright, floral dress, yellow slip-ons and a summer hat with a wide brim.”I’m going now, sweetie,” Stacey smiled, handing me the scissors shed used to free me. “You can do as you please in here, and if you behave yourself while I’m gone, we can watch a film together.” She came over to me, and kissed me softly on the lips. I closed my eyes and savoured it. She pulled away and went over to the bedroom door.”See you later, honey!” Stacey purred, grinning from ear to ear as she pulled the door shut. I heard the key turn in the lock, then the sound of her footsteps and the front door close, and she was gone. I got to work with the scissors and quickly had my wrists free. You have no idea how it felt to suddenly be able to move again. And yet I felt slightly naked and vulnerable without my bonds. I stretched out my limbs and sighed, as I wondered what to do.I yawned. It had been a long day, and dare I say without Stacey, fairly boring. I had watched a few films, napped a little, nothing major. I had however, picked out a film for the two of us to watch later, and I was really looking forward to it. But most of all, I was just looking forward to seeing Stacey again, seeing her smile at me.However, it was pretty clear from the moment Stacey came back that I may have had to wait a while for that smile. The front door slammed shut with such a bang, and I heard Stacey storm around downstairs. It sounded like she was very pissed off, and I knew from experience that it was not a good idea to get on the wrong side of Stacey when she was pissed off. Still, I hadn’t done anything, so I should be fine. I got up of the bed and stood in the middle of the room, listening. I heard her thumping up the stairs, and suddenly the bedroom door flew open.”Mis…..uuurrkkk!” I tried to say, but before I could say anything meaningful, Stacey had grabbed me, one hand on my neck and thrown me against the wall. I slammed into it and was momentarily stunned, so I was still scrambling by the time Stacey walked over to me and grabbed me again, pinning me angrily against the wall. Gone was the happy, smiling Stacey that had left all those hours ago; her hat and shoes had obviously been thrown off downstairs, and her face looked like thunder. I don’t think I’d ever seen Stacey so angry, and yet it made her look remarkably beautiful.”What’s wrong Mistress?” I gasped, as she held my neck against the wall. She was surprisingly strong.”WHAT’S WRONG?!?!” Stacey snapped, “you know full well what’d wrong you little bitch!”I was lost for words! “I don’t Mistress,” I pleaded, as she pressed me harder against the wall. “Please Mistress, you’re hurting me…””You think I give a shit, you whore?” Stacey shouted, “You know full well what I’m talking about! I spent the entire day walking round with my skirt caught up in my pants. It was so embarrassing!! People were staring and everything!! And none of my so-called friends chose to let me know! And you didn’t tell me did you? You let me leave here like it! To think, after I’d been such a wonderful Mistress to you, you let me go outside and make a damn fool of myself!”I could have pointed out at this point that this could well have happened after she’d left, but I realised the best tact was just to grovel.”I’m so sorry Mistress,” I begged, doing my best to plead with my eyes.Stacey leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “Not as much as you will be, bitch!” she snarled, as she lifted her knee and aggressively crushed my cock. I tried to scream out in pain, but Stacey merely clamped her hand over my mouth and threw me on the bed. Before I could even think of moving, she was on me, stuffing one of her panties into my mouth, before tying another round my head to keep it in place..”I think it’s time I taught you a real lesson; remind you just who I am.” She reached over and took a scarf from the bedside cabinet and used it to blindfold me. “I was planning on doing this another day when you were more relaxed, but I think you’ve lost that luxury, don’t you think slut?””Mmmmmppphhh!” I cried desperately through my gag, but Stacey was in no mood for mercy, as she grabbed the rope I’d cut from my hands and tightly bound my wrists behind my back, and then my ankles. She did both much tighter than she normally did and pushed me away when she was done.”Wait here, brat,” she snapped, and I heard her pad over to her wardrobe, and start rummaging around in there. I was slightly nervous about what might happen – I’d never seen Stacey this angry before, and knowing what she could be like when she wasn’t this mad, I was worried that I might bear the full brunt of her anger.After a few minutes, I heard a zipping sound, then again, and again, and then the distinctive clicking of heels as Stacey walked back over to me. Without saying a word, to my shock, she roughly pushed me onto the floor. I landed with a hard thump, and before I could even complain, Stacey took my legs and begun lashing them together, binding above and below my knees, and at my thighs. I was so tight, it was fairly uncomfortable, and I couldn’t help but moan into my gag.”Shut up, you ungrateful worm!” hissed Stacey, “I’m giving you want you want!””Mmmmmmpphhhhhh…” I tried to reason, but that, to my surprise, brought only a sharp kick.”Shut up,” she snapped, “I’m fed up with your whining.”She then grabbed my arms and tightly bound my elbows behind my back, pulling them so tight I felt like they were going to pop. Then, just as I thought I could take no more, she tied it off, and then tied my arms to my body, wrapping rope round my chest and stomach. Stacey had tied me up in this way before, but never so tight! I could feel the rope biting mercilessly into my body.”I think that’ll do,” she said, roughly flipped me over onto my back. She then untied the gag and removed her panties.”Please Mistress, I didn’t…mmmppppphhh!” I tried to plead, but Stacey promptly stuffed her ball gag into my mouth. I moaned as she tightened it as much as possible before buckling it behind my head. She then ripped off the blindfold, and I was gob smacked. She was wearing the same tight leather jacket she had worn when she captured me on the first day, but was wearing nothing underneath it, and she had it unzipped enough to get a very generous look at her cleavage. She was also wearing her black leather gloves and her very sexy black leather boots, but that was it. Apart from that, she was completely naked. That, added to some fearsome black makeup shed applied, and her furious looking face, meant she looked like the kind of Mistress who broke men’s spirits for fun!”I told you to shut up,” she snarled, “but you didn’t, so I think I’ll settle for more permanent gag.” And with that, she produced her duct tape and wrapped it round and round my head over the ball gag. With that done, she got up and slowly paced around me. Suddenly, she gave me a sharp kick with her leather boots. And then again.”You are my bitch! You got that?” she screamed, kicking me again, “I own you! You are nothing without me! You will show me fucking respect or you’ll be so sore you won’t be able to breathe without crying!””Mmmmmmpphhhhhh…” I cried, but all I got for that was another kick. Stacey bent down and pressed hard on my manhood with her boot. I shouted through the gag. “I’ve had it with always making you happy. It’s time I had some fun.” she purred, grabbing my face in her hand tightly. I was starting to get really worried. This wasn’t like Stacey at all. Sure we’d been rough before, but she was never this extreme!”Playtime’s over, bitch!” Stacey mocked, as she stood up again, and pressed my cock hard with her boot.I had to go through a while of taunting and kicking and the like. Stacey was very different; I don’t know where this came from. Gone was the loving, playful, seductive woman, instead she was replaced by someone else. To her, I literally was only an object, a toy, only there to service her needs and barely fit to even look at her. And I must admit, it was turning me on. She was still being seductive, but with a lot more venom and evil.Eventually, Stacey tired of kicking me, and hauled me back onto the bed, onto my back, and lay right on top of me. I couldn’t help but get very aroused as she rubbed her leather clad body against mine.”I think it’s time I got something out of this,” she whispered in my ear. “You will make this worth my while, whore,” she whispered, as she pressed her knee hard into my groin, “or I may have to rethink what to do with you when I’m done with you.” Suddenly, I felt her position herself so my penis entered her. I didn’t want to risk seeing what she meant, so I did as I was asked. I put more effort into pleasing my Mistress then I had ever done before. Our bodies heaved as she caressed my bound body with her leather clad hands. She screamed as she orgasmed and pulled away, smiling evilly at me.”That was very good, my toy, very good…” she purred as she got off of me. Suddenly, she flipped me over onto my back and grabbed my penis, pulling it through my legs “….but not good enough.” I cried out in pain, but all that came out was a mumble. Stacey quickly grabbed more rope and tightened it round my penis, before pulling it back as far as it would go. The pain was extreme! She then tied it securely to the ropes binding my arms. Without remorse, she then tightly pressed my legs to my thighs, wrapping rope around so it pushed my feet to my arse and my penis down even flatter. To complete the bondage, she took the scarf and reapplied my blindfold before sealing it with duct tape.Without a word, Stacey got off me and shoved me back onto the floor. I heard her clicking heels move away as she left the room, and went downstairs. I could make out the sound of her rummaging down there, and a few minutes later she came back, accompanied by a strange rustling sound. I felt her straddle me and move in close, her chest on mine, and her hair brushing against my cheek. I moaned as she stroked my squirming body.”Well Baby,” she said, “I’ve given this plenty of thought. You have been a useful slave, but you have been a very bad boy today, and I cannot be having someone who shows me such little respect,” – I shook my head and tried to protest frantically, but my gag was far too effective – “so now that I’ve used you for my pleasure, and I thinks it’s time to dispose of you.”( link opens in new window )”MMMMPPPPPPHHHH!?!” I cried, but Stacey merely laughed. My blood had run cold. She was joking right?”You have served your use,” Stacey smiled, “so I’m going to put you out with the trash. Because that’s what you are now, used up trash.” I struggled wildly as I realised what that rustling was – it was a black trash bag. “Oh, don’t struggle my pet,” Stacey giggled, “I’ve made up my mind and nothing you can do will change it”.I struggled on, but I could barely move, and it took little effort for Stacey to get me into a trash bag. She then quickly gathered the opening, twisted it and duct taped it closed. I cried out in desperation, this was too far! I heard her grab another bag and roll me into this one too, so the opening of the previous bag was at the bottom of this one. Then she did the same thing with two more bags. By now, the air in the bag was thin and breathing was hard.”Do you like that, baby?” Stacey purred “Can you feel the air running out? I could leave you to suffocate in there and then throw you out in the garbage so your body would never be found. Would you like that?”I tried to scream ‘no’, but nothing audible came out. Stacey laughed, and I felt air rush in as she cut a breathing hole through the bags.”I wouldn’t do that,” she replied, “that would be far too quick!”She laughed and I was terrified. I felt her grab the end of the bag and start dragging me. I felt as she dragged me downstairs. Surely this was just a joke, or a game!”You can wait there until I’m ready to take out the garbage,” Stacey snapped, leaving me on the floor somewhere. She gave me parting kick, and then I heard the TV click on and her heels recede to the other side of the room. I guessed I must have been on the other side of the room from her, in the corner just round from the TV. No doubt she had only one eye on the TV as she watched my now very frantic struggling inside my bag. Eventually I heard the TV turn off, and Stacey walk over to me, then start dragging me again. Surely she was letting me out now she’d had her little game.Then I heard the door open. My heart stopped, and I struggled anew to try and escape, but my soft mewing from my gag either went unnoticed or reached only unsympathetic ears. I felt every pebble and stone as Stacey dragged me outside over the front garden. Then, slowly, I felt her lift up by bagged body and dump me in her wheelie bin.”This is it, my love,” she purred, “This is where I say my goodbyes.” I struggled again. Please, surely you don’t mean this! Stacey laughed again and pushed me down hard into the bin.”I’m going to leave you here for the garbage men tomorrow morning. Any other day and maybe I’d have cooled off before garbage day, but it looks like you picked the wrong day to mess with your Mistress! Maybe you’ll be lucky and I will cool off before they arrive, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful. I fancy a long lie in tomorrow!””You’re at the top of the bin, so you’ll be at the bottom of their pile. You’ll be quite unnoticed.” I was almost crying into my gag now, this was insane! “…And then you’ll be buried in the landfill down the road – bound, gagged, bagged – and helpless.” She giggled and whispered, “I’m actually getting quite hot thinking about your predicament.” She laughed and stroked my bagged body again, revelling in my captivity.”Any last ‘mmphs’, my honey bun?” she laughed sadistically.”MMMMPPPPPPHHHH!!” I cried, desperate to make her see sense. She can’t do this! She laughed again.”Well sweetie, it’s been fun. Maybe we’ll meet again in the next life. And maybe I’ll get to make you my toy all over again. Goodbye, my love!” And with that, she pushed me into the wheelie bin one last time, shut and locked the lid in place, and walked away, the clicking of her hells receding into the distance before I heard the front door slam.

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