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Sleep Over

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I know I shouldn’t be thinking about him and what I want to do but here I am exiting the bathroom and wondering, do I turn left or right?


The party is in full swing by the time my parents and I get there “fashionably late.” Normally I’d never let them drag me to one of their parties, I’m 18 after all and can stay home alone, but the party is at my best friend Kim’s house so she and I will disappear to her room while the adults have their “fun”. Sure enough we are barely in the door before Kim grabs my arm and leads me down the hall to her bedroom.

“God, a room full of accountants and their spouses. Could this party be any more lame? I guess it could if it were all of our teachers! Oh! Did you here that Ms. Brown and Mr. Daniels are getting married? Can you imagine?” Kim began as we headed to her room.

Did I mention that Kim talks a lot? And fast? She says it’s the only good thing her mother ever gave her before splitting. Well that and big boobs. We turn out the lights, turn on the TV, and hunker down in Kim’s bed. It’s a bit of a Friday night ritual for us that started when we were in 2nd grade.

Kim’s hardly taken a breath when she starts talking again. “So you can stay over right? I need help with my homework. I really hate government. I’m glad we only have to take it this one year. Did you hear that they might not make kids take it next year? So not fair! Oh hey, I got us something.”

Reaching under her pillow Kim pulls out a joint. Asking her where she got it is pointless as the only guy we know with any kind of connection is Kim’s asshole boyfriend Paul. The guy has hit on me so many times that I’ve lost count and, if he’s tried with me, I know he’s probably succeeded with others.

“We’ve got to wait and smoke it once the party’s over and my dad’s gone to bed. If we smoke it now someone is bound to smell it and they’ll either take it or want some. All the people here probably smoked pot back in the 60s. Well I guess not my dad since he wasn’t even born then but he’s getting close to 40 so maybe he’ll be smoking it before long for his ‘eyesight’,” continues Kim.

We pass the time gossiping, laughing at people in our school, and watching stupid MTV reality shows. My parent’s come in to say they’re leaving and, shortly after, the other guests start to leave as well. We pop out of Kim’s room to see what’s going on and to grab some food when we find Kim’s father cleaning up and all the guests gone.

“Mr. Harrison do you want some help cleaning up?” I ask.

“Thanks but I’m good. You girls grab some food though. There’s plenty,” he says.

Kim and I grab plates and load them up. It’s as I’m piling food on my plate that I glance over and notice Mr. Harrison bent over picking up a stray napkin when I feel a tingling starting between my legs. Well, okay, that’s unexpected.

“Come on slow poke,” Kim says pulling my eyes away from Mr. Harrison and back to the food.

Back in Kim’s room we set pendik escort our plates aside as Kim pulls out the joint.

“What about your father?” I ask.

“You saw him. He’ll be cleaning for an hour then he’ll go to bed. We’re good. Plus we smoke it now so then, when we get the munchies, we’ll have plenty of food. See. I’m always thinking. Plus this needs to be my last time for a while ’cause I’m putting on too much weight,” Kim replies.

Lighting up we pass the joint back and forth before putting it out and grabbing the air freshener. As the buzz fogs over us we grab our plates and stuff our faces before turning out the light and letting the pot lull us to sleep.

I wake up slowly knowing I’ve slept 12 hours but, turning to the clock, I see that it’s only 3 a.m. As I lay there three things become abundantly clear, one I’m thirsty, two my bladder is about to pop, and three I’m horny as hell. Getting out of bed I make my way down the hall to the bathroom. Quietly closing the door I grab a Dixie cup and sip some water while I sit and pee. My first two needs met I think about what to do about the third. Sitting on the edge of the tub I spread my legs, close my eyes, and let my hand wander down. So what to think about…there’s Mark the guy I’ve been crushing on, nope, not feeling it. Kim and her big boobs? Kim was my first kiss and she and I have made out once or twice but that’s not doing it for me. And then I picture Mr. Harrison bent over picking up the napkin. The way his jeans hug his butt just right. He’s actually kind of a hottie for an older guy. Touching myself feels good but it’s just not what I want or need right now.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about him and what I want to do but here I am exiting the bathroom and wondering, do I turn left or right? Left takes me back to bed and Kim. I could probably wake her up and make out some which would be fun. Turning right would take me to Mr. Harrison’s bedroom. I turn right.

Slowly opening and closing his bedroom door I let my eyes adjust to the darkness. Mr. Harrison…Mark…is sleeping in the middle of the bed shirtless and on his back. He’s got a nice body but I want to see more. I slowly slip the sheet down past his waist and to his knees very careful not to wake him. He’s sleeping in boxers and so, reaching into them, I carefully slip his cock out as I gently sit on the bed. Leaning over I take his soft but nicely sized cock into my mouth.Well that wakes him up because suddenly his cock is out of my mouth and Mark is scooting away from me.

“What the hell?” Mark yells and, realizing he’s yelling and might wake up Kim, he lowers his voice.

“What are doing in here?” he asks.

“Has it been so long that you don’t remember what a blow job is?” I tease.

“Yes. I mean, no. I mean. Shit. Your my daughter’s friend. Hell, I’ve known you since you were in 2nd grade,” he protests.

“Obviously I’ve grown up,” I say as I slip my t-shirt over my head.

“Yes, and quite nicely I’ll admit. maltepe escort But you shouldn’t be in here,” Mark says.

“I think your cock has different ideas,” I say as I notice that it’s growing hard and that his eyes have not left my boobs.

Now my body isn’t anywhere as nice as Kim’s with her double D’s and small waist but it’s not bad. With my black hair, green eyes, and 38C chest I’ve attracted a lot of attention lately. I’ve even slept with a couple of boys but that always left me unsatisfied and frustrated. I think tonight will be different. Scooting close to Mark I lock eyes with him as I lower myself and wrap my lips around his cock again. Mark doesn’t protest this time but takes my head in his hands and shows me the rhythm he likes. I wrap my hand around the base of his cock and stroke him as my mouth and tongue play with the head of it. Switching things up I take as much of him down my throat as possible but, since his cock has grown to an impressive size, it’s not all that much. Moving my lips back to the top of his cock I increase the speed and tightness of my strokes. “You need to stop or I’m going to cum,” he gasps but I have no intention of stopping. I suck harder and stroke him even faster and soon he explodes into my mouth. I’m afraid I’m going to gag there’s so much cum much of which splashes down my throat but I manage to finally swallow it all.

I’m suddenly on my back and Mark’s lips are at my throat and then trailing kisses to my chest. Taking first my left then right nipple into his mouth he playfully bites and tugs and sucks them until they are just as hard as his cock was. I can’t help but moan as he trails kisses down my stomach, spreads my legs, and starts to lick me. I’ve had guys go down on me before but not like this, they were like dogs at a water bowl. Mark is slow and deliberate and really good. His tongue slips into me and then I feel his lips pulling on my clit lightly and it makes me crazy. It’s my turn to get what I want and, grabbing Mark’s head, I push his face hard again my pussy. I want to grind on him as he eats me. As his tongue works on my pussy I’m able to grind my clit against his nose. How he’s breathing I don’t know and don’t care as my back suddenly arches and the world explodes from my middle outwards. It’s the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and I don’t want the feeling to stop.

Mark has not moved from between my legs as I try to slow my breathing so I reach down, grab his hair, and pull him up to me. His lips, damp with my wetness, press hard against mine. It’s not an unpleasant taste and so I open my mouth to him our tongues glancing against each other. I feel his hard cock pressing between my legs and, pulling my lips away, I tell him it’s okay, that I’m on the pill, and that I want to feel him in me. Grabbing his cock I guide him to me and I feel as if I’m going to split open as the head of his cock slowly slips inside me. There’s a mixture of pain and pleasure as he slips further into me and, crying out, I feel kartal escort him start to pull away. Reaching down I grab his firm ass and make sure that he can’t pull away.

“But I’m hurting you,” he says.

“Yes, but it’s good. Keep going,” I gasp.

He pushes further into me and I clamp my mouth to his shoulder to keep from crying out as I’ve never been this filled before. Laying back on the bed I look down and am shocked to realize that he’s still only about half way into me. Wrapping my legs around his waist I push him down hard and fast and he slips almost all the way into me as another involuntary scream starts to leave me lips. Clamping his hand over my mouth Mark begins to move gently and slowly in and out of me. Removing his hand he kisses me as I finally get used to the feeling of his big cock consuming me. Sensing that I’m really into it Mark suddenly pulls out of me leaving me feeling literally and figuratively empty.

Rolling me onto my stomach Mark grabs my hips and raises them off the bed so that I’m on all fours. I feel his hands grasp my hips and ass hard as he slips that hard cock back inside me. There’s nothing gentle this time as, with one fluid motion, he plunges the full length of his cock down into my aching pussy. I’m so wet that there is much more pleasure than pain. Mark starts moving harder and faster and his grip on my hips and ass tightens as he pulls me back towards him as he thrusts into me. I know I’m going to be bruised and barely able to walk in the morning but I couldn’t care less as we buck hard against each other.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m going to cum,” Mark groans.

Reaching down between my legs I finger my clit fast and hard as I feel Mark’s cum once again filling me. It takes me no time at all and I too start to cum, my pussy squeezing his cock pulling him even deeper and pulling the last of the cum from him. He slowly pulls out of me leaving my pussy gaping wide and his cum running down my legs. I carefully turn over as Mark collapses next to me.

We lay there, not moving, not talking for at least five minutes as we recover. Reaching over to the nightstand Mark grabs some Kleenex and wipes up the cum that has spilled out of me.

“There’s a little bit of blood,” he says, “did I hurt you that badly? Wait, were you a virgin?!”

“No, not a virgin,” I reply, “but I’ve never been with a guy with such a large cock. Don’t worry about the blood. I’m fine and it felt…well, it felt incredible. But now I’ve got to get back to Kim’s room.”

I gently get off the bed and find that I am bruised and hurting and that I can barely walk but it’s also one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Gathering my shirt and panties I slip them back on and don’t even get out of the room before I hear Mark’s breathing change as the sleep of the satisfied overtakes him.

Walking down the hall I slip back into the bathroom and finish cleaning up before heading back to Kim’s room. She’s still asleep as I slip into bed beside her. Laying down on my side, my back to Kim, she stirs a bit and scoots closer to me. Her left arm falls over me and lands across my boobs, her fingers graze my nipple and I wonder what I’m going to do when she falls back into a deep sleep and I know I will soon follow.

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