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Sloppy seconds for supper

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Sloppy seconds for supperFriday I was about to leave the shop when my wife Andrea called. She said Steve had called her and she was going to run over to his house for sex and that she would be later getting home. I said OK then I had her promise to not clean up before coming home. She knows how I get when she brings home a well fucked pussy. I asked her what she wore to work that day. She said a skirt why? I said with stockings ? She said no , the skirt is to short so I’m wearing pantyhose. I said good those pantyhose will keep my pie fresh. She said oh it’ll be nice and sloppy. I asked if Steve comes alot. She said yes and that Steve told her he has a buddy over that wants to meet her. I told her I loved her and to fuck those guys out. She said she would do her best.When I got home I showered and cleaned up my pubic area. Andrea requires me to be completely shaved down there. After I finished I put one of her homemade sex movies on and jerked off twice. It was just after nine when I saw her headlights coming up the driveway. I quickly turned off the TV so I could meet her at the door. When she walked up on the porch my güvenilir bahis heart was about to jump out of my chest. My beautiful little wife looked absolutely gorgeous. She had her skirt pulled up a little extra high and her legs looked a mile long encased in coffee colored pantyhose. She looked perfectly innocent and I’d never known that she just had her married pussy torn up if she hadn’t told me earlier. As soon as she stepped inside I closed the door then put my hands on her hips and pulled her close. I kissed her and asked if she a good time. She kicked off her high heels and said oh yes, then she unfastened her skirt and with two wiggles of her hips the little skirt slid down her nylon covered legs. She kicked it to the side then put her hands on her hips and said are you hungry ? She looked very sexy standing there in those shear to the waist pantyhose. She never wears panties under pantyhose and I knew there was a nasty mess waiting on me in there. I walked over and rubbed the crotch of her hose and it easily pushed between her hairless pussy lips. I then pushed my hand pasted the elastic waist band and slipped güvenilir bahis siteleri it all the way to her pussy. Her knees bent slightly and she spread her legs just enough to allow two fingers to dip into her loosened vagina. Oh baby I whispered, those guys really ruined your sweet little pussy. She said I know they each came in me twice. I pulled my hand out and hooked the waist band and started putting the hose off. She helped me get them off then she sat on the edge of the couch and let her legs fall open wide. Her pussy lips were only slightly parted and they were leaking her lovers cum. She held her hands up and said get to cleaning . I dropped to my knees and dove my face into her crotch. I found her clit and started sucking it like a miniature penis. She squeezed my head between her knees and pulled my hair forcing my face into her tighter. After a full half hour of sucking her messy hole I pulled my pants down and out sprang my hard penis. It’s only four inches last ng and very thin , I shoved it into her all the way to my balls in one thrust. She laughed and asked if her pussy was loose. I said iddaa siteleri I can’t even feel you. She said my poor pencil dicked husband , do you like it when your wife has a real man stretch out her pussy ? I said yes baby I love the feeling of sticking my dick in you after it’s been filled with another man’s cum. I asked if I could fuck her in the ass because she was so loose. She said no, you will have to fuck my pussy untill you cum. I had just jerked off twice and now I’m fucking her wet loose cunt. I had to take an orgasm so I could stop. It didn’t fool Andrea , she asked why is your little pee pee still hard if you came. I admitted I had jerked off to one of her fuck movies. She took out her favorite dildo and finished herself off while I watched. After showering she and I relaxed while watching one of her homemade movies. When we got ready for bed I rubbed her pussy and it was soaking wet. She said watching herself getting fucked had turned her on. I thanked her for a perfect evening and told her since tomorrow is Saturday and I have yard work to do why doesn’t she go find a hard cock to play with while I’m busy. She said OK , that she would put on her bikini and go over to Williams apartment to go swimming even though we have a pool here. She got home at six o clock without a hint of sunburn. I jokingly asked why she wasn’t red she said I pussy is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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