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Snowed In

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Adam stared bleakly out the frosted window, seething at the white expanse preventing him from driving back into the city and getting back to work. He tapped his fingers impatiently on the glass. It was the Saturday before Christmas and Adam had hoped to put in a few hours over the weekend before the mandatory three-day holiday break at the advertising agency where he worked. Adam was buried in holiday ad campaigns and had barely slept or eaten for the past two months. His normally handsome and clean-cut visage was scruffy and he’d stopped ironing his shirts a few weeks before, giving him a disheveled, struggling-writer vibe that made him look like he belonged in a Seattle coffee shop instead of a Los Angeles promotional firm.

He paced back and forth in front of the beat-up dining room table, staring at his Blackberry (out of range) and laptop (useless with no internet connection). His best friend, Kerry, had insisted he come up and spend a night in her family’s cabin in Big Bear. In fact, she’d practically kidnapped him from his office Friday afternoon. They’d barely made it up to the cabin without having to stop and put on tire chains; the trip had taken four hours, and they’d retreated to their rooms in exhaustion as soon as they arrived. Adam mentally kicked himself for not realizing the quickly falling snow was going to destroy any hope of getting back down the mountain the next day. He tried to keep his irritation focused on the weather, not Kerry, who had been delighted at the heavy snowfall even as they skidded on black ice, hydroplaned and crawled painstakingly slowly up the mountain.

He was glad to see her. They’d spent the car ride catching up about their lives, comparing notes on their demanding jobs, failed relationships, Los Angeles vs. San Francisco and updates on mutual friends from USC. They hadn’t seen each other since graduation two years before.

Kerry actually was a struggling writer. She was planning to spend the days before Christmas holed up in the rustic old cabin to try to finish a book on the politics of intersectionality. She had badgered Adam into joining her for the first night to make sure there weren’t bears living in the kitchen or anything. Being her usual dynamic, brilliant and argumentative self, she had talked him into it and set a time to pick him up before Adam could think of a way to weasel out of the inconvenient trip.

And now he was stuck. He wandered back into his room and flopped onto the bed, unsure of what to do with this unexpected leisure. Kerry still hadn’t emerged from her room. She’d fallen asleep on his shoulder at the tail end of their car ride, passed out from exhaustion after a day of traveling. The feelings awakened by the soft contact reminded him that he and Kerry had always shared a latent attraction but had been in serious relationships during most of college and had never been able to act on it. In the back of his mind, he’d hoped this trip would provide an opportunity for the “hook up” they’d never been able to have at school. Last night, however, Kerry had been pretty clear what the bedroom assignments were.

He told himself that Kerry was in a whole other league, anyway, and he shouldn’t have hoped their relationship would turn into anything pendik escort more than platonic. Kerry was gorgeous in an intellectual, natural way, with long blonde hair and sun-kissed California skin. She was tremendously fit from biking and swimming, and usually wore short little sundresses that showed off her strong, tanned legs. Adam, on the other hand, spent most of his time in his car or in his office, and although he was still fit from playing in his firm’s basketball league, his skin was several shades lighter than Kerry’s and his arms had shrunk somewhat since college. He suddenly felt self-conscious and wondered if Kerry had been disappointed by how he looked. I mean, she’d only gotten hotter since college; he imagined her toned arms, wavy hair, blue eyes and those incredible legs…

Lying there in the bed, Adam felt his body start to react as the sexy images of Kerry played through his head. He thought of Kerry gently pulling down the straps of her dress, easing the soft fabric past the tips of her nipples. He imagined cupping the firm breasts in his hands and helping her ease the dress down her tight stomach, past her hips and onto the floor… Adam’s body felt warm. His cock began to harden. Closing his eyes, he wrapped his hand around his dick and began to stroke it through his boxers. In his mind, he saw Kerry guiding his head down toward her hips toward her lacy red thong. He saw himself pulling the thong to one side and licking Kerry’s sweet pink slit, tasting her, and imaged her moaning for more, pleading with him to suck her clit until he obeyed and took it into his mouth, sucking and biting gently while she writhed in pleasure beneath him…

Meanwhile, Kerry had woken up and staggered out to the kitchen to start some coffee. She’d been a little disappointed when Adam hadn’t initiated anything last night. She wondered if he was really naïve enough to miss the intention behind her invitation to the cabin. Surely Adam felt the sexual tension that had lurked behind their friendship for the past five years. Now that both of them were single, Kerry had been hinting via email that they should “get together,” “catch up,” “have some coffee”… i.e., bang each other silly like they’d been fantasizing about since they were 19 years old. Finally, she took the bull by the horns and invited him for a pre-holiday get-together in a remote cabin—alone. Was he really unaware of her desire for him? Was she going to have to get him drunk and rip his pants off?

Noticing that Adam’s door stood partially open, Kerry headed toward it with a glass of orange juice. She stopped, startled, as she realized what he was doing. Adam was supine on the bed, one hand stroking his dick through his boxers. The tip of his big, hard cock was just visible through the boxers’ opening. Eyes closed, he was breathing deeply, obviously imagining someone either sucking or fucking his cock.

Kerry smiled devilishly. She somehow knew (or hoped, anyway) that Adam was fantasizing about her. She watched his strong chest heaving as his hand ran up and down the length of his rock-hard rod. Her lust growing, Kerry backed away silently, set down the glass of juice and ran into her own room to put on the sexy little Christmas maltepe escort costume she’d brought with her, just in case her plan to seduce Adam had gone particularly well.

Kerry shimmied into the tiny red skirt and tightened the soft top over her breasts. Holiday stockings, black heels and a sexy Santa hat completed the outfit. She didn’t bother with a thong or g-string. She was already so wet (and Adam clearly was already so hard) that she was eager to put as few obstacles as possible in the way of their long-overdue sex session.

Adam was now picturing Kerry giving him a sensuous deep-throat blowjob. He imagined her perfect mouth dropping inch by inch down his cock until he was buried deep in her warm wet throat, taking all of him inside her mouth and massaging the back of his cock with her tongue. He thought of her slowly moving up and down, giving special attention to the wide head and tender underside of his big, throbbing cock.

Adam’s imagination was so vivid that when he suddenly recognized the pressure of another body on the bed and felt soft, hot hands join his own on his boxers, it took him a moment to open his eyes and freeze with shock. Leaning over him, her hands already stroking his cock, her eyes fixed on his, was Kerry. She was dressed like a naughty Mrs. Claus. Her breasts peeped out of a velvety red top and her skirt was so short that he could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. The incredible legs were encased in candy-cane stockings ending in sparkling high heels. She was smiling at him, and when he started to say something, she quickly interrupted.

“Were you thinking of me?”

He nodded, spellbound.

“I asked you to come up here because I wanted you to fuck me. I used to think about you all the time, Adam.”

He gulped. “I thought about you too, Kerry.”

“Were you imagining how it would feel to be inside me?”

“Among other things.”

“Like this?” And she carefully slipped his boxers down his legs and onto the floor, lowering her mouth to his cock and taking him deep into her throat. Her mouth felt exactly as he’d fantasized it would.

“Oh, God, yes, Kerry… Just like that.” He reached down and tangled his fingers in her hair and she slid up and down on his dick. Her mouth felt hot and wet. He could feel her sucking gently, her tongue lapping against his cock with each thrust.

Just as Adam’s vision clouded and he felt as though he was going to burst, Kerry pulled her mouth up and kissed his cockhead. Looking up at Adam, she moved her head down and took each of his balls into her mouth in turn. Adam’s ecstasy increased as she gently sucked his jewels one by one.

Kerry was so turned-on by the blowjob she was giving that she couldn’t help moving one hand down to her pussy, touching herself as she licked and sucked Adam. Their long-overdue tryst was making both of them hot with lust, bodies responding to every bit of contact and eyes locked. Adam reached down and took her shoulders, pulling her toward him. Their first kiss was deep and passionate. Adam let his hands drift down Kerry’s back, enjoying the velvety top and skirt and feeling her stocking legs rubbing against his.

Neither one of them could wait. Kerry arched her kartal escort back and Adam’s cock found the entrance to her waiting cunt. Kerry buried her face in Adam’s neck as he thrust into her, burying his cock deep inside her as they both moaned with absolutely pleasure.

Adam’s cock filled her entirely. Kerry could feel him pressing against the back of her dark tunnel, pushing against her walls with insistent, delicious pressure. They held still a moment. Then Adam pulled almost all the way out. Kerry felt the head of Adam’s cock hit her delicate g-spot, hard, and gasped with pleasure as he lunged deep within her once more. The force of this second thrust took her from pleasure almost to pain and back again to bliss as his thick, hard cock found places in her no one else had ever discovered.

Adam built up a rhythm, fucking Kerry deeply as he sucked at her smooth neck. She dropped her legs next to his and tilted her pelvis forward to allow him even deeper inside of her, beginning to grind her hips against his cock with each one of his strokes. Soon she was bouncing on him and his balls were smacking against her ass underneath the Christmas skirt. They were both gasping, shouting, moaning with rapture, greedy in their lust and taking each other with savage energy that lasted for what seemed like hours.

Finally, Kerry deftly switched direction, moving her legs so she was facing away from Adam and riding him in reverse cowgirl. She leaned sharply forward so Adam’s cock found her g-spot again with every attack. They were fucking hard. Adam held Kerry’s hips and took in the incredible sight in front of him: a beautiful woman, head back in pleasure, riding his cock in a sweet little costume, smooth stockings and high heels. As he watched, Kerry’s bouncing slowed slightly and became even deeper and her low groans showed she was nearing a massive orgasm.

Kerry pulled Adam deep inside her and then out again. The friction was driving her wild. With each thrust, he was touching every nerve in her cunt and bringing her closer to complete release. She increased her pace and started moaning his name over and over again, getting louder and louder, her pussy squeezing his cock with pre-orgasm contractions. Feeling her bucking wildly on his dick, Adam felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to come inside of her.

Noises gave way to grunts of animalistic pleasure as Kerry’s pussy walls clenched and let loose a flood of gratification. Adam groaned and shot cum deep into Kerry as she pressed down against him. They ground out their orgasms, moaning with satisfaction as their bodies throbbed against each other.

Kerry collapsed next to Adam. They caught their breath together. Kerry’s hand snaked into his and he squeezed it, looking at her beautiful face and smiling.

“That was completely unexpected.”

She grinned. “You were great. Had a feeling you would be. It’s always the quiet ones.”

“You were amazing. And the outfit… Kerry… I think you’re amazing. I’ve always… We should… uh… I know we live in separate cities, but um. We should… do this again.” He finished lamely, afraid to say more.

She brought one hand to his cheek. “We can talk about it later. Let’s go back to sleep.” She closed her eyes and sighed deeply, leaving her hand on his face. Adam spent a few minutes studying her in amazement, stunned that they had finally given in to their mutual attraction, before succumbing to the deepest sleep he’d had in months.

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