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Someone Might See

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The Savill Garden is gorgeous on this warm spring afternoon, the first really hot day of the year. I’m leaning over the footbridge that crosses the upper end of the Obelisk Pond, looking at the water flowing gently past, while Justin stands behind me with his arms clasped around my tummy, his cheek against mine. It feels nice, and I don’t mind when he starts to kiss my neck, nuzzling into the nape in the way he knows I like.I purr encouragingly, and one of his hands moves further up until it makes contact with my breasts. I’m not wearing a bra, so his hand can rub directly against the soft flesh with only the thin cotton of my t-shirt between. My nipple gets hard instantly, and he tweaks it gently.He’s getting frisky, and I’m happy to let him continue, but it’s a bit public here. There are people everywhere, families and couples, all enjoying the June sunshine. No-one’s going to mind a bit of kissing, and even a casual breast-stroke, but I can’t see him settling for that.Sure enough, he nips the soft skin of my neck, and one of his hands slips underneath my ankara travesti t-shirt and starts to caress my bare tummy. Then it moves up further and the fingers stroke the bottom edge of my breasts, tickling my under-boob.“Mmm, no, stop,” I murmur. A middle-aged couple with a dog on a lead stroll past, and I pull his hand down again to tummy-level. But as soon as they’re past his hand is snaking up, further this time so his fingers can find the firm pink bud of my nipple. I can feel my t-shirt being lifted up by his arm, exposing some pale flesh.“No!” I admonish, a bit sharper this time.“Oh Annie, I want you so much,” he mutters, nibbling at my ear now.“There’re too many people here,” I complain. I know I’m an exhibitionist, but there are limits.“I don’t care,” he goes on. His hand is on my bare leg now, stroking the skin by the bottom edge of my short denim skirt, moving up just underneath and round onto the sensitive inner thigh. My skin’s tingling, I’m getting aroused myself.“Okay, a quick cuddle, but let’s go up into the woods there,” I travesti ankara concede.We break off from the path and go up the slope into the trees. It’s a bit cooler in there, but not much. I lean against a tree-trunk, and put my arms around Justin, pulling him towards me. He kisses me, our lips sliding against each other, his tongue between them into my mouth.His arms are round me too, his hands stroking my back. I feel them going back under my t-shirt, caressing my skin. One slips round the front and cups my breast inside my shirt, fondling and squeezing gently. A little moan escapes involuntarily as he flicks my perky nipple. It does feel good.I let my hands slip down his back to cradle his bum. I squeeze his cheeks, then slide a hand between his legs from behind. I can feel the round bulge of his scrotum, then the curve of his prick, already semi-hard. I let my hand slide along the length, feeling the smooth firm shape.Suddenly I hear voices, soft laughter, shockingly close. A young couple about our age come strolling round a bush, chatting. ankara travestiler We’re not doing anything too naughty, but I still jump and feel guilty, letting go of his prick. I catch their eye, try to look away, and hear them giggle as they continue past.Justin barely pauses in his attentions, though. Then he briefly lets go of me, takes hold of the bottom of my t-shirt and starts to pull it up.“Stop it!” I whisper. “Someone might see!”But he carries on, and suddenly the front of my shirt slides up over the little bumps of my 32b breasts. There they are, free in the open air, the firm pink buds of my nipples giving away my arousal. Before I have a chance to protest further, he lowers his head and kisses the pale skin of my right tit, then closes his mouth over my nipple.I can feel his tongue flicking back and forth over the bud while he sucks on it. I look down below my shirt crumpled around my neck and can see my other breast fully exposed, the areola dimpled with excitement.Despite myself, I’m very aroused. I put my hand on the front of his jeans and stroke the bulge of his cock. It feels very hard now. I fumble for the button at the top of his fly, and pop it open, then drag his zip down. His trousers start to gape, and I realise, as his erection pops out into my hand, that he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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