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Something in Common 5

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Light sliced through the slatted window blinds like a bright knife, cutting through the room and slowly bringing me awake. I stretched my stiff arms far above my head and sighed, thinking again about what had happened the evening before. I had had one of the most powerful, body-convulsing, erotically charged orgasms of my life. But a self-provided orgasm before bed wasn’t all that unique unto itself. Countless times I’d given myself one of those.The smile on my face and the massive orgasm of the previous evening were because Khloe had watched me masturbate myself to oblivion, all while I watched her do the same from the other end of the couch. There was no physical contact between us, just a privately shared experience between two people who both needed an orgasmic release and an understanding friend. It was a first for both of us, but it was obvious that we weren’t going to easily forget this newly shared pastime. Especially since I could already feel myself start to stiffen at just the thought of again seeing Khloe massage her beautiful, wet folds to a full, body-shaking climax.Khloe and her husband, Derek, were long-time friends for me and my wife. But circumstances had it that Derek had taken their kids to his parents for a few days, that I had to stay in town for work while my wife, Carla, had taken our boys to the beach for the week, and the AC at our house had gone out on one of the hottest weekends of the year. Thus, I was upstairs in Khloe’s spare room just waking up in a borrowed bed, still mostly naked and slightly sticky from another solo round of masturbation before falling asleep the night before. Apparently, feeling Khloe’s tight nipples when she hugged me goodnight and watching her perky ass saunter into her room was enough to convince my cock it needed another round before sleep.After waking a little more and putting on a t-shirt, I made my way downstairs in my boxers, fully aware that even small movements would be noticeable through the thin fabric. The smell of warm coffee hit my senses like a welcome cloud of comfort, and I was greeted with a kind smile and a chipper, “good morning,” from a similarly clad Khloe. After yesterday’s shared masturbation, we both seemed to think pants didn’t matter much anymore. She had on a fairly tight and nearly see-through light-pink tank top that stopped short just above her navel and a pair of matching pink cheeky panties. When she turned, her nipples were quite distinguishable, and she was the epitome of sexy-cute-neighbor with her hair a bit disheveled.I smiled back, “Good morning to you, too,” and couldn’t help but glance at her attire and not-well hidden assets. Noticing my look, Khloe blushed in a moment of modesty, but then she, too, scanned me and realized that my assets weren’t any more hidden than hers. Apparently, my semi-hardon was rather visible through my boxers. We both ended up chuckling with blushing cheeks.Motioning to her breasts, she said a bit sheepishly, “I figured after how much we saw of each other yesterday, I could go more for comfort than coverage.” A girlish grin had spread across her lips and her eyes enjoyed the outline portrayed clearly through my boxers.”Absolutely,” I replied in a reassuring tone. I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to surreptitiously adjust myself, so we didn’t have another case of penis peekaboo.For a few moments, I quietly watched Khloe bustle around the kitchen and enjoyed how her ass jiggled slightly with her steps. And, I was particularly rewarded with a view of another panty shadow when she bent to put a pan away. It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who was still a little turned on.Khloe eventually made her way over to the table with two mugs of coffee in hand. Sitting one in front of me, she slid into a chair opposite with one knee propped up to her chest. After a careful sip, she sighed contentedly. Then, tucking a strand of hair behind her left ear and with a reflective voice, “So…last night…”Her tone revealed slight hesitation but was also laced with subtle curiosity. I felt my stomach tighten with unexpected nerves, suddenly not sure what she would say next. “Yeah, it was…” I replied and trailed off.Then after a slow breath, she said with warmth in her eyes, “…exactly what I needed with my friend. And oh…my…god, my orgasm was mind-blowing. Like, I laid in bed last night and was still feeling my body quiver an güvenilir bahis hour later.”I sighed in relief. “Me too!” I said, a bit too excitedly.Khloe chuckled at me, but the tension was gone, and we both breathed normally again.”In fact,” I continued more bravely than I was feeling, “after I got in bed last night, I…um…well…”Happiness spread on Khloe’s face. “Did you masturbate again?” she asked, while making a jacking off motion with her hand.I bit my lip and nodded. Despite everything that had happened, I still wasn’t used to being this open about my masturbation habits.She bounced lightly in her chair, and with obvious joy in her voice, “Me too! Me too! I was just sooo turned on and couldn’t stop touching myself.”I nodded and added, “Now, cumming the second time wasn’t nearly as powerful or amazing as when we did it together, but it definitely helped me sleep.””Same here! Watching you handle yourself: oh my god, so hot. And you watching me: such an incredible turn-on, too. I think that was the wettest I’ve ever been. But like you, my second orgasm was just what I needed to drift off.” She then giggled. “Actually, just talking about it has me rather wet again.”I glanced down at my lap with a cheeky grin, “No worries, I’m obviously turned on right now, too.”Unexpectedly, Khloe ducked her head under the table, apparently to check my story. She rose a moment later with a Cheshire-like grin, “you certainly are!” she chuckled.After our laughing subsided, Khloe continued, “Okay, since I think it’s obvious that we both want to masturbate together again, and most likely ‘will’ masturbate together more than just tonight…”I nodded encouragingly.”…then, I think we need to be upfront about something. I know that neither of us wants to do anything that would be outright cheating on Derek or Carla. So, I think we need to be adamant about our no sex, no touching rule.”I nodded my head yes. “I couldn’t agree more. Besides, and I mean no offence by this, but I actually have no desire to…to…have sex with you.””Good,” she said matter-of-factly. “I don’t want to either. That’s settled, then.” I exhaled in relief. We were on the same page. “This is purely about masturbation and friendship,” she smiled.”Precisely. But, um, what about the part when I used your wetness for lube, and when you licked my cum from your fingers?” I asked mischievously.Khloe blushed and answered in a similarly playful tone, “Well, those were right up to the line…but still indirect in my opinion…and, well…fucking amazing.” Her last words were more moaned than stated.”Ha!” I burst out in laughter at her justification, but was actually okay with it, too. “Same for me. I replayed you licking off your fingers in my mind about a dozen times last night. It was amazing.” Then, after a moment and a sip of coffee, “Ya know, if I’m not mistaken, you challenged me to an edging contest last night.””That I did!” she replied, bouncing a little more in her chair and making her breasts jiggle up and down. “So, we can both take our spots on the couch and masturbate again tonight. Then, we’ll try to get the other person as turned on as possible. Whoever holds out longest, wins. I…um…mean, if you want to.”Her hesitation was understandable; this was new territory for both of us. So, with a grin on my face, “I’m totally in, but I’ve got a few things I have to take care of today, so what time do you want to meet up for our…game?””After dinner? But…hmm…I guess the ‘get the other person turned on’ part could start any time.” As she said this, she winked at me and then did something totally unexpected. Despite our more revealing clothing, neither of us had done anything completely overt yet this morning. Until now. She slowly lifted her left hand and sucked her middle finger teasingly while pinching and rubbing her breasts with her other hand. Her nipples responded as expected, puckering into tiny buds that poked excitedly through the thin fabric of her shirt.As she intended, my gaze intensified and an involuntary warmth coursed through me.Khloe giggled innocently, “that’s a point for me.”I broke my gaze and stood up quickly. “Well, if I am going to take care of my to-do list at all today,” I said, stammering, “I definitely can’t stay here watching you play.” I winked at her.”You do that,” she chided. “Oh look, maybe that should be two points for me!” Apparently, her nipple güvenilir bahis siteleri work had more of an effect on me than I realized. My erection was fiercely pressing forward in my thin boxers and the head of my cock had even slipped out the opening in the front. “Is that a bit of pre-cum I see?” She continued teasingly. I couldn’t compose an answer in my flustered state, so I quickly pressed my dick back inside my underwear, and with a deep blush chuckled along with her.As I was heading up the stairs to get changed, and to hopefully calm my hard-on, Khloe hollered after me, “now, there’s no cheating today, Mister! No masturbating BEFORE our challenge officially begins after dinner. Got it?””Fair enough!” I shouted back, “but the same rule applies to you. No orgasms before game time!”And with that, the gauntlet had been laid.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Seven hours, three errands, a meeting with the AC repairman, and a stop at the liquor store later, I returned to Khloe’s house to find it smelling divine. It was now nearing five-thirty, and it was obvious that Khloe had decided to make dinner, and a delicious one at that.Using the key she had loaned me, I walked in the house expectantly, sat down my bag, and hollered out “I’m back!” But, I got no reply. “Curious,” I thought to myself.I went upstairs to drop off my things and to change into something much more comfortable. I shed my jeans and opted for a thin t-shirt and a comfortable pair of running shorts that were quite short and very thin. I even skipped on boxers or underwear entirely. With that, I headed back downstairs.The bottom of the stairs happened to face the door to the master bedroom, offering me a clear view of the room and its king-sized bed. Glancing in on my way past, I noticed that the door to the master bath was only halfway closed. Curiosity got the best of me, so I lightly stepped into the room. “Khloe?” I called out.Nothing still.But, that’s when I noticed the sound of running water. Khloe was showering. The desire to explore further was overwhelming, so I took a few steps toward the bathroom and carefully peered through the half-opened door.Although shielded by mostly translucent glass and heavy steam, my view was simply exquisite. Khloe was facing away from me with one leg up on a bench, passing a razor over her bare thigh. My angle and her position provided the most serendipitous perspective of her gorgeous backside. I couldn’t help but marvel at its toned, tight roundness and wonder at the hours I’m sure she had spent working it into that shape. I felt myself start to harden immediately and knew I shouldn’t be watching. But, Khloe then shifted her position.Bending a bit more forward to reach down to her ankle, she slightly raised her ass and gave me a perfect view of her freshly shaven and dripping wet pussy. Her distended labia were a rosy pink from being recently washed and shaved. The hot water that ran in rivulets down her back and into the crevice of her ass gathered along the length of her lips before dripping sensuously to the floor. Her folds simply glistened in private femininity.Stunned and terribly turned on, but coming to my senses as Khloe stood back up, I retreated before my presence was discovered and made my way to the living room to hopefully calm my obvious arousal before Khloe rejoined me.A few minutes later she walked into the room with wet hair and wrapped in a towel. She sauntered over to the stove to check on the dinner she had prepared. Then, glancing over her shoulder with a smirk, “I hope you don’t mind the towel. I really don’t like getting dressed when I’m…wet.”All I could do was gawk. My mind was reliving its earlier intimate view of the barely covered body before me. I struggled to mentally form words, but managed, “well, you wear that towel well.” She just grinned, then knowing she had my gaze, went up on tiptoes to get a plate from a high shelf. She had done this the night before, just not so brazenly or scantily clad.As intended, the towel rose well over her white cheeks, putting her bare ass fully on display – yet again. She wiggled it subtly with a knowing grin before lowering her arms. She set the plate on the counter, gave me a devious smile and on her way out of the kitchen asked in a knowing tone, “Enjoyed the view…again?” And then was gone.Thoughts flooded my mind in a wild current. Again? Was she referring iddaa siteleri to the night before, or did she know I had watched her in the shower? Either way, several things were now obvious. First, Khloe was definitely more comfortable with her body and nakedness in front of me than before; masturbating together had certainly changed that. Second, it seemed she liked being watched; knowing she turned me on was turning her on, too. And third, this devious game of hers was already afoot. Every turn and flash she had just performed was completely intentional and – my guess – an effort to turn me on so she could inevitably win our little competition. Well, two could play at this game.It was about twenty minutes before Khloe returned for dinner. By that time, the kitchen swirled with the aromas of fresh basil, oregano, and just-out-of-the-oven bread.I had set the table, checked on the delicious smelling pasta she had put together, and hatched a plan to even the playing field. While she may have a lithe body and pert breasts at her disposal, I had a few ideas of my own.With a casual, yet sexually-charged saunter, Khloe’s hips swung lightly back and forth as she made her way to join me at the table. Her hair was combed but still quite damp, and she had put on a pair of very short and somewhat see-through cotton shorts and matching tank top. She grinned as she took her seat, catching me entranced by her nipples, visible through the thin fabric. I couldn’t help myself but to look a little longer than I should have. But, it felt like her breasts were on subtle display for my pleasure – and for hers – so I continued to enjoy the view of their round and puckering tips without feeling too guilty. Looking up from her chest, I caught her eyes. They were filled with energy and a proud mischievousness. She grinned knowingly at me, so I ventured, “Well, yes….both times.”A quizzical look took Khloe’s face at the unexpected answer, but only for a moment. Her grin returned and, “So, then, you did enjoy the view,” she said with a wink.”Quite,” I returned, “both in the kitchen and before.” I hesitated, but then added, “There’s nothing quite like watching water run over a firm ass.”Her grin broke into a full smile, “I knew it! I was pretty certain you were peeking on me.” Then a bit shyly, “that’s why I bent over more. I thought you might…might like it…I know I did.” Khloe’s cheeks and upper chest flushed a light pink.Relief passed through me like a cool breath; I had worried she would be upset knowing I had looked in on her. Apparently, she was not. “It’s safe to say you put on quite the show,” I complimented. Not only did Khloe know that I saw her in the shower, but she had shown off for my benefit. “Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the warm water run over your ass,” I spoke slowly with a bit of mischief in my voice. Then seeing her smile deepen, I added a bit more brazenly – as it was my turn to play. “But even better was getting to see it run like a soft caress down between your cheeks,” I paused and wet my lips with my tongue, “and then drip ever so sensually from your pussy lips…My god, it turned me on.” The last few words came out barely louder than a whisper and were released with a deep, moan-like breath. “The only thing that would have made it better would be if I had caught you running your fingers through your soft wetness.”With that, I swear I heard Khloe whimper. Her eyes revealed an internal hunger and her breathing had turned shallow. She was hanging on my words, so I continued in a soft, intimate voice. “Actually, there are few things I find more erotic than a woman’s labia…soft, wet, slightly parted lips yearning to be played with.” I let my words out slowly, enjoying the sound and feel of each one. “Played with, tasted, touched… penetrated.”Each sex-filled syllable I spoke seemed to touch Khloe physically. Her eyes had taken on a glassy look, and while she clung to my words, she was equally lost in her own imagination. I could tell this was having the exact effect on her I wanted. That’s when I noticed that her left hand had wandered up to start softly stroking her left nipple through her shirt. I smiled.”Mmmm… And seeing your pussy drip like that… You have no idea what it does to me.” I let the idea just hang in the air.”Yeah?” Khloe breathed after a moment, “Wha… What does it do to you?”I noticed that her other hand was now running softly up and down her inner thigh, so I leaned closer and in a deliberate, slow tone, “it makes me so hard, it hurts. So hard that I want to take out my cock. So hard that I can’t help but touch myself with slow, deliberate strokes.”

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