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“SON FOR A MONTH” is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don”t care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

SON FOR A MONTH by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
written on March 11, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Dr. Nicholas Alexander 12 – SON, FOR MORE THAN A MONTH

Gabriele was sitting in his office at the factory. Alda knocked at the door and looked in: “May I?”

“Sure, Alda, come in.”

“I”m sorry Gabriele, have you had time to check out the requests of Donato?”

“Yes, they are here, with my remarks. I think all are indeed well done; he should dare a little more. One can see that Donato is used to doing everything by himself, and saving. I”m not swwaying that we have to throw money away, but if we are going to do a big launch, in my opinion, we have to do the packaging in a rather a more attractive way. Anyway, Alessandro will decide. By the way, do you know what time he will be back?”

“No, he said he had to talk to the lawyer and that he did not know how long it would take. If he is late, he promised to phone you, and just in case I will take you home. Have you solved the problem of Colucci?”

“I think so. I took your advice. The real problem is his son, poor thing. I understand that he did not feel it necessary to put him in an institution, and that he has no money to pay for an assistant for all the hours in which he and his wife are at work. So I proposed to move him to work that allows him a more flexible schedule, so that either he or his wife could always be home. He was near starting to crying, poor man. He nearly didn”t stop to thank me.”

She nodded: “Alessandro was right to say that you had to be our “wanderer”, although there has never been such a professional figure.”

“Well, assistant to the chief is more like a professional qualification, even if it is equally unusual, I think. And I like a lot… to assist him!” Gabriele said with a smile.

“It”s nice to have you back here. It”s nice to see you two together,” said the woman with a sweet smile.

“Yes, and even if it”s only a year, it seems to me I am here forever. And I”m also very fine with you, Alda. I miss a bit not to be able to call you Mom any more, you know? When we were back in Lugano, I liked it even just for that.”

“I understand you, I too was pleased. But if you call me Mom here… I”ll let you imagine how many gossips would come out!” she said giggling.

Meanwhile, Alessandro was in the office of his lawyer. He said to Gabriele that it was for a small problem that concerned the factory, but had told him a lie.

“Oh, Alessandro, sorry if I had you wait. Have a seat. So, you told me you need my assistance. Some problems in the factory?”

“No, Federico, a personal problem.”

“Tell me.”

“Is it possible to adopt an adult?”

“Yes, of course. The legislation provides for this possibility.”

“What are the requirements?”

“I should better understand, but as I recall, the main one is that there should be an age difference of at least eighteen years between an adoptive parent and the adopted, in other words if you wanted to adopt an adult, the adoptee should have no more than thirty, thirty-one years difference in age.”

“Can a single adopt?”

“Not a minor, but in case of an adult, there is no problem, the adopter may also be a single.”

“Well. Any other qualifications needed?”

“The judge has to check that the two parties are in full agreement; that the adoption will bring a benefit to the adoptee; the adoptee in addition acquires the surname of the adopter by adding it to his own and not replacing it; finally the adopted, unlike in the case of a minor, does not lose his legal ties with the family of origin.”

“What does this mean?”

“For example, the adopted person can inherit not only from the adopter but also from his family of origin.”

“Very good. Then I want you to prepare all the documents necessary for me to initiate the process of adoption of a boy who is nearly twenty years old, letting me know what information or documents you need.”

“I”ll have you get it all, I”ll charge one of my assistants.”

They talked a bit more about other details concerning the adoption, until Alessandro got the whole picture.

“Thank you. Ah… I have some haste, see to it that you make sure that the practices go forward as quickly as possible.”

“Certainly. However, in the most fortunate of cases, it will take at least six months from now.”

“Well, then do so to get us the most fortunate of cases.” Alessandro said with a smile, greeted him, and came out satisfied.

Gabriele Bettazzi-Spalleri… Alessandro thought with pleasure. Yes, he liked it. Now that he knew it was not only possible but also easy, he could talk about it to his Gabriele. He decided that he would first talk with Alda, then with Ivano, eye to eye, then to his boyfriend that same night, maybe when they were in bed.

Back to the factory, he first called Alda and told her of his project.

“Oh, Alessandro! I think you”re doing something very beautiful and absolutely right. Yes, I”m really happy for both Gabriele and for you. I really love that boy – he is even better than I already thought, and he is also taking a lot to heart the smooth running of your factory. I am very fond of Gabriele, and I”m glad he is fond of me.”

“Yes. I”m glad you approve. I care a lot for your opinion, Alda, you know.”

“You”ve already spoken to Gabriele?”

“No, I will tell him tonight at home…. Do you think that he will raise difficulties?”

“I do not think konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort so, on the contrary, I think he will be happy. See, one of the things I like about that boy is that he does not ask, not claim, not expect anything but he willingly accepts everything. Sometimes it is easier to give than to receive, because of our pride. Gabriele is as much generous in giving, just as he is easy in receiving. He is a pure soul, our Gabriele!”

Alessandro thought of that “our” said by the woman. Yes, in a sense it was true, if Gabriele was now there, if he was his boyfriend, he owed much of it also to Alda. Somehow Gabriele was also a bit “her”.



“Have you ever thought to marry again?”

The woman laughed softly: “No… not really. I do not feel the need. See, I can sound like a sentimental, but I am still married to my Gianni. I could not give myself to another man, not even for… not even for one night.”

“And would you like it if Gabriele were your son?”

Alda looked at him a little surprised by the question: “Yes… I feel him to be a bit like a son. I love him very well. Think that just before you came back, he told me that he would have liked to be able to call me mom not only during our performances in favour of Gerbini. I was really moved.”

Alessandro nodded: “Yes, we really seem to be a beautiful family, right? But… what if we really were? Without changing our relationship, I mean… without you and I will do… anything, would you accept to be my wife?”

Alda looked surprised: “You mean… you”re saying…”

“Yes, would you marry me? You know I”m not offering you to… to come into my bed. You know that it is already taken. But if you were my wife and you came to live with us in our house… Gabriele could call you mom without anyone being surprised. We could go to or invite Gerbini and no longer need to play. What would you say?”

Alda was speechless. She repeatedly shook her head slightly, then said, very quietly: “Have… have you thought it over well, Alessandro?”

“No, it”s an idea I just had. But now we have known each other for years, and I have often thought that you”d be a great companion. I never thought of you in a… sexual way, and now I know, we know, the reason. But, outside of that, I always found you delightful, I”ve always been fine with you. I”ve always loved you. Therefore, since we can in our performances be so good to make a nice family, why not become a real family for everyone and for the law?”

“Alessandro, you have caught me completely by surprise. Also I”m very comfortable with you, and I am affectionate to you, but…”

“You told me that sometimes it”s hard for you to live alone. Why then not come to live with us? And if we get married, no one can speak ill about you, about us.”

“And also about Gabriele and me.” Alda noted.

“That”s not why I asked you to marry me.” Alessandro said at once as he had not really thought about that.

“Yes I know, I know,” replied the woman with a sweet smile, “But see, you have taken me by surprise, as I told you.”

“What are the aspects of our life together that does not convince you, Alda? You, becoming my wife and coming to live with us, you may continue your life like now, I”d just be between your feet a little longer than now.”

“No, there are no aspects that do not convince me, Alessandro. And if you wanted to marry me… to make love to me, I would have said no, as I have already explained – I still feel united to my Gianni. And the idea of being called mom by Gabriele, cannot give me more pleasure. And being able to go for a walk in Bologna on your arm, tickles a little my feminine vanity, I admit. Taking care of the two of you and know that you two would take care of me, cannot but make me happy…”

“And then?” Alessandro asked, taking her hand.

“So… I told you that I needed to think a while.”

“Yes, I understand. When you”ve thought about it, give me an answer, Alda.”


“Well, there”s no rush, but I hope you”ll say yes.”

“Yes,” repeated the woman with a sweet smile.

“When you have decided…”

“I told you yes Alessandro. With this, I”ve already told you three times! I thought about it enough and my answer is yes.”

Alessandro lit up: “Can I hug you, Alda?”

“I guess that”s the least you can do, Alessandro. And if you want you can give me a kiss… on the cheek.”

The two embraced, with the joy of two old friends meeting again after so long, with the affection of a brother and a sister, and both were happy.

Alessandro had to exercise considerable self-control not to show his happiness in front of Gabriele. Back home, he called Ivano and asked him to go out with him in the garden.

“Ivano you must prepare for great changes in the coming months.”

“Yes, sir?”

“See, we have not yet set a date, but Alda and I decided to get married.”

Ivano stopped and frowned, “But… and Master Gabriele?” asked in a worried voice.

“I have not yet told him.” Alessandro smiled, imagining what was going through the mind of his faithful butler.

“You must… must prepare him very well, sir… poor boy… I think that… I fear it will be difficult for the young master… but I guess that you… you have thought carefully about it… ”

“You do not approve of me, Ivano?”

“It is not up to me to judge your decisions, sir. I”m just worried for the young master… It will be a real tile on the head, for him…” said the man, seriously.

“But no, I do not think so. Because I have also instructed my lawyer to prepare the papers to adopt Gabriele.”

Now the man was confused. But he said: “Pardon me, sir, but… I fear that the young gentleman… will refuse. It is not to become your heir he sought. The young konyaaltı otele gelen escort gentleman is really in love with you, sir. That you have decided to get married with Mrs. Alda… will make him feel… excluded. Excluded from your heart, sir, as well as… from your bed, sir.”

Alessandro laughed, and seeing the expression still more confused of Ivano made him laugh even more: “No… no… Forgive me my good Ivano, and let me start it all over again. I”m not going to change my relationship with Gabriele. He”s my lover and will continue to be my lover. I plan to adopt him, to give him stability, to guarantee him a future and, through him, also a future to my factory. He will be my son for the law, but he will remain my lover. And about Alda, everything is clear with her – she will come here to live with us, and will be my wife only for the law, and just a very dear friend to me, with no sexual aspect. As well as a mom to Gabriele, as I know that my boyfriend already feels like this, and that Alda loves him. It”s all clear now, my good Ivano?”

The man was confused, blushed, but was evidently relieved and pleased. “Forgive me, sir. For a moment I have thought ill of you, I felt disappointed. I”m just an old fool. If all three agree and are happy, I can only rejoice for you and, if I may, with you.”

“You think I”m doing well or doing wrong, Ivano. Tell me bluntly, as you have always done with me.”

“Well, sir, well! The Villa will be even more beautiful than before. I appreciate Ms. Alda very much, I think she is a great lady. I am pleased that between you and the young gentleman nothing will change . It”s so good to see you two together. Villa Serena will be really a serene place, more than it”s ever been. My congratulations, sir.”

At night, when Alessandro and Gabriele retired to their room, the boy was already in bed, naked, and waited with joyful impatience for his man to end taking his shower. When Alessandro finally emerged from the bathroom and went into the bedroom, Gabriele took the sheet off and, with a grin full of expectation, outstretched one arm towards his lover.

“Come, love. God, how beautiful you are! And today you look more radiant than ever,” said Gabriele.

Alessandro went up on the bed and hugged him, holding him tight against his nude body and making him feel his erection, “I love you so much, Gabriele.” he whispered and kissed him passionately.

Their tongues played joyfully, their hands spaced on the body of the lover. They caressed, touched, squeezed, and rubbed against each other until they found themselves united in a perfect circle of love, giving pleasure to each other with their mouths.

After several minutes of that passionate love carousel, Gabriele felt his desire was reaching to high levels, so he turned around, made his man go on top of him and offered himself to him.

“Take me, love… come inside me, my man! Become my own.”

“I am all yours,” Alessandro murmured and moved preparing to penetrate his beloved boy.

“Yes, come,” Gabriele whispered, widening up his thighs and revealing his sweet throbbing hole to the man.

Alessandro slowly descended upon him, led by the boy”s warm hand, and slipped inside him his entire hard and throbbing member, smooth as silk and hard as granite. Gabriele, welcoming him, uttered a faint and happy sigh and his eyes shone, full of joy and passion.

As the man began to move inside him with gentle force, and they looked into each other eyes full of happiness, Gabriele stroked his man”s quivering muscles, titillated his nipples, pulling his nervous buttocks to him to be penetrated more deeply with each thrust.

“Oh, Alessandro, it is all day long that I was waiting for you.”

“Yes, love.”

“It”s so good to have you in me.”

“Yes, wonderful.”

“Do not come right away. I want to enjoy it for a long time.”

“Me too, my love!”

“You”re so beautiful… so strong… so manly!”

“And you are so sweet, so beautiful, so… mine!”

The two lovers were moving in unison, in passionate harmony. Alessandro leaned over the boy and continued to move inside him, kissing him passionately. Gabriele sucked softly his tongue, moving light and artfully beneath him to increase the pleasure for them both. Both were humming softly for the increasing intensity of their pleasure.

With every coming and going, the muscular, hollow belly of the man rubbed against the hard member of the boy, gently compressed his testicles, giving him pleasure; and also his strong member rubbing against Gabriele”s prostate, made him moan for the enjoyment.

Sometimes they stopped, panting slightly, the eyes magnetized on one another”s, not to risk crossing too soon the point of no return. Then they exchanged words of love.

“God, how much do I love you, Gabriele! You”re so beautiful, so male… You”re my boy, my love!”

“You really love me? You really find me beautiful?”

“Yes, beautiful and sensual. Just watching you is already a treat. Joining you is a party, and giving me to you is pure joy. And every time you give yourself to me, you make of me a real man.”

“I would also like to die feeling you so strong inside of me. And you too, whenever you take me, make me feel more and more virile, manlier. Oh, my Alessandro… go on… go on… Give me all your passion, go on…”

Alessandro went back to move inside his boyfriend, first with slow back and forth movements, then with increasing vigour and virility. The sweet smile of the boy was accentuated with every thrust of his man. He slightly stooped until he could nibble and suck a nipple of Alessandro. The man groaned with force for the intensity of this pleasure, and applied more force to his pushes in the small, firm ass of his boyfriend, open wide to welcome konyaaltı rus escort him.

They alternated moments of passionate and strong pushes with moments of sweet and ecstatic breaks; moments of searing passion with moments of dreamy tenderness. Sometimes they exchanged words of passion and love, sometimes they let talk only their bodies.

During their breaks, sometimes Alessandro slipped out of the hot channel of his lover to devote himself with his tongue, lips, and mouth to the hard rod of his boy, and his firm testicles contracted against the root of his member. Then he dived back into Gabriele and resumed his carefree ride.

Sometimes they exchanged intimate and deep kisses full of love, tenderness, and of a desire that did not abate. The soft light of the room bathed their beautiful bodies, putting in sweet emphasis their manly bodies. Their eyes shone like precious gems on the velvet of their tender smiles.

When Gabriele felt too close to the final enjoyment, urged his man, who finally ceased worrying about retaining his desire and his own pleasure, until the strong contractions of the sphincter of his boyfriend, the vigorous darting of his penis, and the feeling of powerful warm splashes between their bodies signalled to him that Gabriele was enjoying a strong and pleasant orgasm, and this triggered also that of the man.

Alessandro pushed to the bottom in the welcoming, narrow and hot channel of his boyfriend and, punctuated with low and hoarse moans of pleasure, gave him all his manly liquor in a series of strong jets.

They relaxed, Alessandro lying on the sweet body of his boyfriend, caressing and kissing each other. When their bodies gradually returned to the golden peace of the senses, the man let out a low, long sigh.

“Gabriele, you are my happiness, my life.”

“And you mine, my love. How can every time seem to me more beautiful than the one before?”

“It is true, even for me it is so, my love. Is it not wonderful?”

“And I like so much falling asleep in your arms, after we made love, and waking up with my limbs intertwined with yours, in the morning.”

“Yes. Listen, Gabriele, there is one thing I want to ask you, all day long I desired to ask you, I would like you do something for me.”

“Tell me, love. You know you can ask me anything, that if I can I will do it, right?”

“Yes, I know, love. Well. Today I saw my lawyer…”


“I asked him what are the papers to be prepared, if you agree, so that I could adopt you, give you my name.”

“Adopt me? Make me be your son? Call me Gabriele Spalleri?” asked the boy widening his eyes and his smile.

“Since you are of age, you would add my name to yours, you will become Gabriele Bettazzi-Spalleri…”

“Yes I would love to! But…”

“But what, honey?”

“Do not ask me to call you Daddy when we make love,” said the boy with a mischievous smile.

“No, of course not, call me as you want. Call me love.”

“I would rather lose my last name, but if one can not… But, apart from legal documents, I can sign myself only as Gabriele Spalleri, right?”

“Yes, of course. So are you happy?”

“Sure, if you are happy, of course I”m happy too!”

“Another thing, I wanted to tell you…”

“Another surprise? If it is as beautiful as this one…”

“I hope so. Alda told me that you would love to be able to call her mom.”

“Yes, she is more a mom to me than my real mom. But Alda said it would be embarrassing, so…”

“But if I married her, and she came to live here… We would only be married for the law, of course, she would never be in my bed nor I in hers, we would never have sex, because for me you are the only one. But in that case, you may also call her mom in front of the others.”

“It would be nice, yes. I would love to… but Alda, how do you think she would take this idea ”

“I have already spoken with her, Gabriele, and she accepted.”

“Really! How nice! Then our performances for Gerbini, after all, were nothing more than… rehearsals. Yes, I am very fond of Alda, and I know she is of me… So, you really want to marry?”

“Yes, right after I get your adoption, we will marry. And she will come to live here with us. We will take care of each other.”

“But you”ll only love me, won”t you?”

“Of course, love. Alda too would not want to do it with me, nor I with her, so you have nothing to fear.”

“I know, my love, I have nothing to fear with you. I have nothing to fear as long as I”m in your arms! When I ran away from home I thought I had lost my family, but now, now I have found a way better one!”

“I love you, Gabriele, I love you so much.”

“Do you feel like…”

“What, honey?”

“Like telling me again how much you love me… but with that?” asked the boy stroking his man”s member that immediately started to rise again.

“What do you think? I think I heard it say a yes,” the man said with a smile.

“Even if tomorrow in the factory we may be a little sleepy?” asked the boy with a sly smile, he too once again excited and full of desire.

“Alda will provide to keep us awake – the coffee she makes is the best!”

“Ah, that”s why you marry her?” asked the boy playfully.

“Yes, just as I make love with you only not to get too bored,” jokingly replied the man.

While lying on their sides, facing each other and half embraced, Alessandro inserted his legs between those of the boy, who raised the left up to make room for them. They bowed their pelvises, until Alessandro was able to slip back into his boyfriend and they began to make love with quiet passion, with manly tenderness, mutually kissing and caressing light-heartedly and happy.

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